REVIEW: ZXk Adversary


A few years ago, my old friend from high school, Jayne Auva, published her debut novel “The ZXk Adversary: Dark Matter.” This was my first attempt at a book review EVER, which is why it is very sparse. It’s a bit embarrassing, but everyone had to start somewhere.

The Division is a secretive group of aliens that kidnap children to harvest intelligence and power for an unknown motive.

Lilly is a quirky teenager with a wild imagination and a belief that aliens are real. However, life isn’t as easy as she wishes it could be. She has few friends, and her family is critical after the death of her older sister.

Jeremiah Fleming has just moved into town. He is a determined young man who is on a quest to protect the town from the aliens that kidnapped his sister and damaged his hand and eye.

Jeremiah and Lilly are both starting school, unaware of how entwined they are in the Division’s plans. They are both dragged into the crazy world of aliens, and with the help of their extraterrestrial friends, they must try to save their town from the Division.

I really enjoyed reading this story! It had me hooked from the beginning. I could connect with both Jeremiah and Lilly easily. Every chapter added another layer of tension and drama that kept me wanting to read more!

I must admit there were a few moments where I just couldn’t believe what was happening, due to cliche concepts or large stretches of believability.

However, for Auva’s first novel, I think this was a pretty good story! Definitely can’t wait to see the next installment to see what happens to Lilly and Jeremiah.

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