LIFE: Camp Update: Week 3

Three weeks of Camp are over, and I’m still right on schedule. It’s been tough, mainly because I’ve been wanting to edit more so than write new content but I’ve been managing. I definitely had a few days where I just didn’t write at all, but I would push myself and catch up. Less than a week left to crank out what’s left!

In the meantime, let’s have one more contest! Here are your clues:

  1. This character takes their job very seriously.
  2. This character is best friends with an “Art of Falling” protagonist’s mentor.
  3. This character has bad luck around children.

Leave a comment below, and whoever guesses correctly first will win a custom sketch!

Last weeks winner was a Facebook user by the name of Edd! Here’s his winning sketch for guessing Etoile correctly! He simply requested that I draw his favorite characters, who happens to be the greed demon.


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