LIFE: AlmaCon!


With the new year comes a whole new list of anime conventions to go to. I have Shuto Con in March, where I will once again be selling my work in the Artist Alley. I’m also going to be working at Midwest Media Expo in April as a photographer for the youTube channel Team Final Rush (you can check them out here.) Then, of course, I have Youmacon in November that I may or may not go to (really it all depends on my finances…)

However, I caught wind of a small college based on in Alma, MI at Alma College. This three-day con had badges for only $5! Plus, it was a charity event where all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society!

So, my boyfriend and I took a day trip to the college to go to the con! Below are a few pictures that we took, and some highlights of the events we went to! Overall it was a pretty fun con for it’s size, and they had some pretty great guests (I went to see Bryce Papenbrook to be specific.) I would recommend it to anyone who would like a day trip someplace new!



LIFE: I joined iAuthor!

Sorry for the short blog post in advance! Life has been busy lately, and I haven’t been able to do much reading or writing other than thinking about what I want to edit while I drive to and from work or looking at all the books that I need to read.

However, as part of the Dragon Moon Press group on Facebook, I was invited to join a website called iAuthor. There, I can create a profile, share all of my published works, and follow other readers and authors in the community!

So far, it looks like a great place to meet new people who enjoy similar genres, and to promote my work. If you want to keep up to date with me there, please feel free to join here! It’s completely free (and I just signed in with Facebook.)


REVIEW: “The Orange Moon” Series


A brief disclaimer: the books in The Orange Moon series are not intended for children. They are adult oriented romantic novels that include steamy erotic scenes that might make you blush. You’ve been warned.

The first book in the series is Under the Orange Moon, which follows Ben McKenna, a boy who has struggled with a difficult past, and Dylan Mathews, a bright and artistic girl who is suffocated by her four older brothers. The book highlights their relationship and what happens after Ben returns home after leaving Dylan for five years.

The second book, Beyond the Orange Moon, follows Charlie Mathews, who has suffered a terrible hardship, and Lucy Dalton, who has witnessed that hardship first hand. This novel shows their relationship build from the bottom up, and how easily it can come crashing down once a huge secret is revealed.

Never fear! Both stories end happily, as most romance novels do. However, don’t let that safety net fool you. You will become so absorbed in the story that you will forget that there is a light at the end of the long, angst filled tunnel.

I don’t want to spoil too much about what happens in either, so I will instead focus my review on Frances’ writing ability.

To put it simply, she has a ton of it.

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ARTICLE: Under the Golden Sail


When Adrian Schirr isn’t working on her own books, she is a writing consultant in the Writing Center at Oakland University.

I’ve met a lot of writers over the years. Most of them I met through creative writing workshops. I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Schirr in my first creative writing workshop at Oakland University. We were in Professor Dawn Newton’s class. My first impressions of Adrian were that she was very friendly and knew a lot about writing and editing. We instantly became good friends through that class, and then later took our advanced creative writing course with Professor Annie Gilson.

We’ve learned a lot together over the last couple of semesters. She even helped me out with my own manuscript outside of class, when I would visit her in the writing center located in Kresge Library. Every week, we would read aloud a chapter or two and she would point out the flaws and make suggestions on how to improve. Honestly, the only time I ever went to the writing center was to see Adrian.

It was no different when I met with her to talk about her own book series. We met on Wednesday, August 26th outside of the writing center. We caught up after not seeing each other for several months. She told me about her boys, and I told her about my own progress with my novel – and that I planned on coming back to the writing center to have her read over the sequel. It was a laid back and quiet atmosphere to have our interview. Unlike the other interviews I’ve done with OU authors, there was no book reading for me to go to. It was just me and Adrian, and the two books sitting between us on the table.

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