LIFE: AlmaCon!


With the new year comes a whole new list of anime conventions to go to. I have Shuto Con in March, where I will once again be selling my work in the Artist Alley. I’m also going to be working at Midwest Media Expo in April as a photographer for the youTube channel Team Final Rush (you can check them out here.) Then, of course, I have Youmacon in November that I may or may not go to (really it all depends on my finances…)

However, I caught wind of a small college based on in Alma, MI at Alma College. This three-day con had badges for only $5! Plus, it was a charity event where all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society!

So, my boyfriend and I took a day trip to the college to go to the con! Below are a few pictures that we took, and some highlights of the events we went to! Overall it was a pretty fun con for it’s size, and they had some pretty great guests (I went to see Bryce Papenbrook to be specific.) I would recommend it to anyone who would like a day trip someplace new!



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