LIFE: I’m engaged!


So the big news it out now! Eddie proposed to me on Saturday, February 18th!

It was quite a surprise, considering my best friend was recently proposed to the week before. I was not expecting him to ask me in February, though I was certainly hoping it would be come time this year!

Since everyone is asking, here is the story of how it happened:

Flashback to two Saturdays ago. I met up with my two best friends, Brianna and Nancy, at Noodles & Company. We were there to catch up and celebrate their birthdays, as they are only a few days apart. At the time we planned to hang out the next weekend, since Brianna was feeling lonely and really wanted to hang out. Of course, I was down to spend time with my friends as I never get to see them anymore. So we planned a time for them to come over for dinner.

What I didn’t know at the time was that 1) Nancy was already engaged but her ring was being sized, so she kept that a secret until she had it on Monday; and 2) they were both in on the proposal and having them come over for dinner was part of the plan.

So last Saturday comes around and Eddie comes over as planned. He asks if I’d want to go for a walk, since it was a beautiful sunny and cloud-free 60 degree day. We took a walk around my neighborhood, taking the long route as we played Pokemon Go, sang Hamilton songs, and just talked about whatever came to mind.

When we got back to my street, he said, “You know, I’ve missed you a lot lately. I really love you, you know that?”

Of course, being me, I said, “I know. You could also prove it with a little bling.” We both laughed at that, since I’ve been bugging him for almost the last year. I quickly followed up by assuring him that I wasn’t actually in a rush and that I hoped he knew that I was joking.

When we got back to the house, he hugged me and kissed my cheek, just saying how excited he is to spend the rest of our lives together. I replied, “We have been for the last four years.” That’s when he said my name and got down on one knee in front of my doorstep.

My first thoughts were: “why did he say my full name at random like that?” then quickly moved to “oh my god he’s getting down, is this a joke? Nancy just got engaged,” followed by “oh wow that’s actually real.”

When he said, “Will you marry me?” I said, “Are you serious right now? You little bitch, are you serious?!” I then hugged him for about five minutes, trying to remember to breathe while I buried my face into his shoulder.

No, I didn’t cry, but I did get misty eyed because it’s my turn to be a fiance now. 

That’s when I told him to put the damn ring on, and he reminded me that I never actually said yes. So I quickly said “Yes, of course, just get it on!”

Needless to say, it’s a perfect fit and exactly what I wanted. It was the perfect proposal.

Before Nancy and Brianna came over with their fiance and husband, respectively, we went to see my grandparents and my aunt and cousin to tell them the news, and then blasted it via text to my extended family. We made it “facebook official” during dinner, when Nancy and Brianna came in with a “Congratulations” Cookie Cake.

So, I’m now a fiance and bride to be. Finally.

If I thought my life was busy before, oh boy I have so much to do now…

AOF: Restructuring The Plot

The next upcoming months are chock-full of fun events, such as an Escape Room that my friends and I went to last week (and it was scary and gave me anxiety but we got out with 7 minutes left), several sessions of D&D coming up, and many conventions and concerts.

Yet I’m still trying to work on editing the sequel to The Art of Falling when I have down time. However, instead of editing what I’ve already written, I realized that the pacing and structure was flawed. So, I’ve been tackling the task of re-organizing chapters, writing new scenes, and editing so that everything flows well together. I’ve even written some chapters from a brand new character’s perspective!

After a few months, I finally managed to find what I hope is a comfortable plot line that no longer makes me feel like we’re rushing to the climax too soon (though the sequel is now a two-part story.) Now I can finally get back to editing the content.

Of course, I can’t say exactly what I’ve done, but to my beta readers who see the changes, I hope they like what I’ve done. Maybe once its published I will write a little blog post about the past structure vs the new structure.

Until then, all I must do is write.

D&D: Sessions 1 & 2

We played two sessions of D&D over the last week and a ton has happened to our party. I’m so excited to share the highlights with you all! Of course, while I am a writer, I will be bullet pointing the story so keep things concise (after all, this is the summary of 24+ hours of D&D).

Note: This session is mainly battle heavy, although plot and story is involved. This session is also designed for players to drop in and out depending on their schedule, so while everyone is in the same party, characters may not be active during certain sessions.

Session One 


  • Ciaran (LVL1), the nine-year old Elf, and his imaginary friend, Basile (LVL1), the Tiefling Warlock.
  • Marven (LVL1), the Dragonfire Adept Gnome.
  • H’rathen (LVL1) the Dwarven Cleric of Kord, god of strength and battle.
  • Lorn (LVL1), the Grey Elf Druid Wizard, and his mighty steed, Stormageddon.
  • Rhaegar (LVL1), the Human Warblade.
  • Neebs (LVL1), the Raptoran Archer who thinks he’s an elf.


The group’s task is to protect the merchant, Delvin, and his caravan to the town of Dwarvenshire. On their way through the woods, they are attacked by a large group of goblins.

  • Neebs, who is traveling through the trees, sees the attack first and takes out an enemy by shooting his arrow against a tree, having it bounce off and passes clean through the goblin’s forehead. It is the most masterful LVL 1 attack the party has ever seen.
  • Meanwhile, Lorn takes a stab at shooting his arrow into the fray and ends up shooting Rhaegar in the shoulder. It was the most pitiful LVL 1 attack the party has ever seen.
  • Marven took out an enemy with a blast of fire that he blew from his mouth, while Ciaran, after blowing his danger whistle, commanded Basile to attack. He proceeded to slit the throat of another enemy. These events caused everyone in the party to wonder what the hell happened with these two.

They collected the goblin ears to sell later on, and continue on their journey. They travel up a mountain path to arrive at a giant statue of a dwarf. Atop the statue is Dwarvenshire. They are greeted by Can Tankerous, the gatekeeper, and brought inside. After dropping off his goods, Delvin pays the party for their services and they explore the town.

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D&D: Basile and Ciaran

Basile and Ciaran 2

Shortly after my boyfriend and I started dating, he let me sit in on one of his Dungeons & Dragons sessions that he was running. It was always something that my friends had talked about playing with their families, but I had never had a chance to experience. As someone who hadn’t larp’d (live action role play) in a while, it was a great way for me to ease back in without getting too involved and making a fool of myself. After three sessions, I was finally comfortable to join in myself. Since then, I’ve joined a few sessions that are either dead or ongoing.

This weekend, my boyfriend is starting up a new campaign that I am more than happy to join! I’ll update with the story of my characters, Basile and Ciaran, under the D&D tag. Feel free to tag along!

Start reading the story here!

*Details may update as sessions continue.

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