D&D: Basile and Ciaran

Basile and Ciaran 2

Shortly after my boyfriend and I started dating, he let me sit in on one of his Dungeons & Dragons sessions that he was running. It was always something that my friends had talked about playing with their families, but I had never had a chance to experience. As someone who hadn’t larp’d (live action role play) in a while, it was a great way for me to ease back in without getting too involved and making a fool of myself. After three sessions, I was finally comfortable to join in myself. Since then, I’ve joined a few sessions that are either dead or ongoing.

This weekend, my boyfriend is starting up a new campaign that I am more than happy to join! I’ll update with the story of my characters, Basile and Ciaran, under the D&D tag. Feel free to tag along!

Start reading the story here!

*Details may update as sessions continue.



  • Name Meaning: Eternal
  • Alias: Basile, Asgore, Ambrosio
  • Race: Tiefling
  • Class: Warlock
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6’ 2”
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Appearance:
    • Tall and slender, but strong enough to fight in close combat. Pale with gray eyes and dark peppered hair. He has two black horns, each about four inches long, that curl slightly backward. His teeth are also sharpened as a nod to his tiefling roots. His skin is also starting to develop red patches as if he is sunburned. He wears a long fur-lined cloak and carries a dagger. Hidden beneath his gloves, his right hand as a strange burn mark. The rest of his supplies are carried by Ciaran, his ward. He uses powerful magic to stay invisible and untraceable to everyone except Ciaran, whom he speaks with telepathically.
  • Personality:
    • He is brooding and to himself, rarely wanting to get involved with others. He is determined and patient, but can get easily frustrated when things go horribly wrong – particularly with Ciaran. Despite wanting to find immortality at the cost of other’s lives, he tends to follow the law and will only harm those who are a threat. He is loyal to his god, Asmodeous, who he believes saved him from death. However, he is intrigued by other gods and how they respond to their disciples. Despite his bitter attitude, he finds amusement and humor in other’s pain or stupidity.
    • He can work well with others, as long as he thinks he will get something of worth in the end. He has a bad habit of waiting to see what happens, and may put others in danger to see the outcome. However, he will help others if necessary – again, if he gets a reward out of doing a good deed. He can speak three languages fluently: common, abyssal, and infernal. He learned elven to speak with Ciaran better, but isn’t perfect in the language.
  • History:
    • At birth, Eythan was left on the steps of the Temple of Ioun, God of Magic, in the northern trading city of Modelheim. He was found by Levi Addler, the Cleric of Ioun, and his wife, Dahlia. Unable to bear children on their own, they were quick to adopt Eythan as their own.
    • Most of Eythan’s childhood was spent going to school, helping his mother tend to their farm, and assisting his father with keeping their temple to Ioun looking its best for travelers who visited. After his parents were able to conceive twins, whom they named Judah and Tomas, Eythan helped take care of them and was thrilled to be an older brother. Every night, he and his family would praise Ioun at the temple, wishing for prosperity and health, and for safety from the Ancient White Dragon that lived at the top of the mountain.
    • He was a responsible child who was no different from other children until his horns started growing in when he was ten years old. It was that moment his parents realized he was a tiefling, and Eythan learned that he was adopted. Rather than disown him, he was kept at home and away from others. His mother made him wear a cloak to shield himself whenever he was outside, and his father limited his time on the streets. He started homeschooling and training to become a cleric. Eythan often spent time hidden in the temple, praying to Ioun for guidance and strength during the lonely times, but never heard from him.
    • When Eythan was fourteen, he found his father collapsed in the temple with a sudden illness. He tried to tend to his father, but he passed away within a few hours. Eythan blamed Ioun – for his father was devout and didn’t deserve to perish. Meanwhile, Judah blamed Eythan and claimed that his demonic roots were causing him to act on murderous thoughts. Despite claiming his innocence, poison residue was found on his father’s body, and Eythan was arrested. Fearful of being put to death, he prayed to every god hoping that one would save him.
    • On the day of his execution, he prayed to the last god he dared – Asmodeous. As the guards took him away to be sacrificed to the ancient white dragon that lived in the mountains, Eythan was able to break away and flee, avoiding all attempts to attack or capture him. Word quickly spread to nearby towns that he was on the run.
    • Eythan eventually ran into a Warlock named Pythos, who took him in and taught him to use the innate magic in his tiefling bloodline. He was given a new name to disconnect from his past: Ambrosio. He was enthralled, unaware of how his bloodline could make him so powerful. Ambrosio spent several years with Pythos, learning to use his magic and studying about his ties to his demonic roots.
    • During this time, he assisted Pythos with gaining knowledge and power, traveling from town to town to rob, pillage, and destroy evidence. While he had lost faith in many of the gods, he continued to look for Asmodeous for assistance, as he was the god who he believed saved him. While he had grown cold and callous over the years, he struggled with his conscience and his father’s teachings. His horns continued to grow, and his teeth began to grow and become sharper as his tiefling blood continued to mature.
    • When he was eighteen, Ambrosio ran into an oracle, who foretold that his death would come upon him with the same swiftness and ferocity as his father’s. In fear, he went to Pythos, who said he knew an immortality spell that would save him from the oracle’s fate. He sent Ambrosio to a small town of elves, and told him to bring back a sacrifice to use as a siphon of youth needed for the spell.
    • Ambrosio traveled a week to the town, paranoid that death was around every corner. When he arrived, he saw that it had been destroyed and burned to the ground. Yet in the rubble he found a sick, young orphan. Unable to leave him behind, he brought him back to Pythos. Upon seeing him, Pythos decided to hold off on the immortality spell and focused on casting a spell to save the child’s life.
    • However, the spell didn’t go according to plan, and Ambrosio became bound to the boy. The only way to ensure his safety was to protect the child and find a way to reverse the spell and free himself. Pythos went off to find a way to reverse the spell, and sent Ambrosio off to stay safe until they met again in a town called Dwarvenshire.
    • Ambrosio took on a new alias: Basile Graywing. He named the child Ciaran and pretended to be his older brother. For the next seven years, he cast a powerful and taxing spell to keep himself invisible and untraceable. When visible, he used the alias Asgore to avoid ever being connected with the child and his imaginary friend.
    • They traveled south and eventually joined a group of adventurers. Ciaran could then grow stronger and more resilient, and Basile could try to find the necessary supplies to break the curse, gain immortality to avoid the prophecy, and finally clear his name and discover the truth of his father’s death.


  • Meaning: Little Dark One
  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Rogue
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 9
  • Height: 4’
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Appearance:
    • Very short and thin; appears frail but is stronger than expected. Pale skin with soft white hair, ruby colored eyes (one of which covered by a plain black eye patch.) He carries a large pack with supplies, including a bed roll, torches, and blanket. He wears an over-sized coat and tunic, and slightly worn boots. He carries a signal whistle on him always.
  • Personality:
    • Inquisitive and curious, he will often wander off to explore. Typically, he’s quiet and to himself, but can get very talkative and excited when he has a chance to tell a great story about his adventures or about his imaginary friend. Despite knowing that his friend isn’t imaginary, he says that because he knows people will think he’s crazy otherwise.
    • He gets along well with others, easily becoming friends with anyone who he sees. This can get him into trouble as he will be friendly toward enemies, forcing Basile to protect him when he gets hurt. Ciaran aims to do good and to help others, but isn’t one to shy away from violence. He can only speak common and Elven, but wants to learn Basile’s native tongues.
  • History:
    • He doesn’t remember much of his past: only that his parents died in a raid when he was an infant, and that Basile is his only family left. He knew that he was very ill as an infant, causing his left eye to become deformed and in need of an eye patch.
    • Basile taught Ciaran everything he knew while they lived their nomadic lifestyle, and remained invisible to all except Ciaran. They communicated telepathically unless they were alone, and Basile made sure that Ciaran referred to him as an “imaginary friend” so people would either take pity on him or leave him alone.
    • While they traveled, Ciaran was often enthralled by the adventuring parties that they would meet, and he spent most of his time hearing the great stories that they shared. He would often bug Basile about joining some adventurers, which Basile adamantly denied. However, when Ciaran turned nine, he finally allowed them to join a troupe traveling to Dwarvenshire so Ciaran could learn to protect himself.
    • Ciaran put all of his faith and trust into Basile, knowing that his older brother would always protect him until he can one day become strong enough to protect him in return. He hopes to learn as much as he can on their adventures.

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