D&D: Sessions 1 & 2

We played two sessions of D&D over the last week and a ton has happened to our party. I’m so excited to share the highlights with you all! Of course, while I am a writer, I will be bullet pointing the story so keep things concise (after all, this is the summary of 24+ hours of D&D).

Note: This session is mainly battle heavy, although plot and story is involved. This session is also designed for players to drop in and out depending on their schedule, so while everyone is in the same party, characters may not be active during certain sessions.

Session One 


  • Ciaran (LVL1), the nine-year old Elf, and his imaginary friend, Basile (LVL1), the Tiefling Warlock.
  • Marven (LVL1), the Dragonfire Adept Gnome.
  • H’rathen (LVL1) the Dwarven Cleric of Kord, god of strength and battle.
  • Lorn (LVL1), the Grey Elf Druid Wizard, and his mighty steed, Stormageddon.
  • Rhaegar (LVL1), the Human Warblade.
  • Neebs (LVL1), the Raptoran Archer who thinks he’s an elf.


The group’s task is to protect the merchant, Delvin, and his caravan to the town of Dwarvenshire. On their way through the woods, they are attacked by a large group of goblins.

  • Neebs, who is traveling through the trees, sees the attack first and takes out an enemy by shooting his arrow against a tree, having it bounce off and passes clean through the goblin’s forehead. It is the most masterful LVL 1 attack the party has ever seen.
  • Meanwhile, Lorn takes a stab at shooting his arrow into the fray and ends up shooting Rhaegar in the shoulder. It was the most pitiful LVL 1 attack the party has ever seen.
  • Marven took out an enemy with a blast of fire that he blew from his mouth, while Ciaran, after blowing his danger whistle, commanded Basile to attack. He proceeded to slit the throat of another enemy. These events caused everyone in the party to wonder what the hell happened with these two.

They collected the goblin ears to sell later on, and continue on their journey. They travel up a mountain path to arrive at a giant statue of a dwarf. Atop the statue is Dwarvenshire. They are greeted by Can Tankerous, the gatekeeper, and brought inside. After dropping off his goods, Delvin pays the party for their services and they explore the town.

  • At the “loud and rowdy” tavern called The Three Shepherds, they party meets Caelim, a friendly gnome. He provides them with meals and a place to stay. There, Marven eats seven helpings of chicken, seemingly never full. Meanwhile, Neebs tries to seduce the bar maids by telling him how well he fought against the goblins. H’rathen backs him up, claiming that Neebs is his master and that he is humbled to serve such a mighty warrior. Neebs successfully gets a free night’s stay at the inn with the ladies. H’rathen also speaks with an adventuring party and learns about the fabled Goblin’s Peak, a treacherous mountain where many fail to reach the upper levels.
  • Across the street is the “quiet and empty” tavern called The Last Call. Ciaran, Basile, and Lorn visit and meet the owner Shale – a grouchy dwarf. She provides Lorn with “her stiffest drink,” which ends up being Dirty Dishwater. While they are there, the founder of the town, Duarph Dwarfson, comes in, claiming that Shale’s place is the best tavern in town. Rhaegar tries to defend Lorn by saying that Shale served him dirty dishwater, to which Duarph crotch-shots him with a flail, leaving him with just one HP left. Ciaran praises Duarph for his weapon and skill, and gets some gold in return.
  • Ciaran eventually wanders off on his own to explore the “hoity-toity” tavern called “The Phoenix.” There, he meets the human, Helga, who gives him a glass of milk. He tries to get a cheaper room from her, but his cute charms aren’t enough to make her budge.

The party also visited The Fang Reserve, an Adventurer’s Guild in Dwarvenshire. There they met Lindural, and elf known as “The Keen Eyed.” He tells them that only the best of the best can join them. However, they’ll happily buy rare items that they happen across on their journey to prove themselves.

Most of the party decides to stay at The Three Shepherds, even though dwarves get a 50% discount – much to Rhaegar’s dismay. Ciaran, Basile, and Lorn sleep outside under a tent with Stormageddon.

  • While they’re camping, Lorn tries to learn more about Basile, as he is intrigued by the magic that Ciaran is using. Ciaran simply states that Basile is his only family left as they travel around to be the best adventurers ever.

The next morning, they begin their journey to Goblin’s Peak. On the mountain passage, they come across two massive Rust Monsters.

  • The beasts destroy Rhaegar’s sword and H’rathen’s armor. Marven is able to defeat them with a powerful blast of fire from his mouth. The party takes their antennae to later sell at The Fang Reserve.

With their armor and weaponry damaged, they have to return to town to purchase more supplies from the merchant, Xi-Long. As they continue on their journey up the mountain, they meet Jeff the Carbuncle, who has a brilliant Ruby Gem on his forehead. He greets them, and the party tries to convince him to give them his gem. However, he is uncertain because it is “his gem and the best gem ever.”

  • Basile speaks with him telepathically, bargaining that he can join their party and be protected as long as he gives them the gem. Jeff agrees to this and gives Basile the gem, which seemingly disappears as Basile turns it invisible and slips it into Ciaran’s pack.

With Jeff traveling along with them, they are ambushed by another group of goblins from the Tribe of the Bear.

  • Lorn is able to critically attack the leader, who stands atop the cliff, but his shot is blocked by an invisible force field. Sucks to be him.
  • Neebs is able to climb atop a large boulder to stay out of reach of the goblins, effectively tumbling around them and avoiding any attacks.
  • H’rathen also helps Neebs reach the top of the cliff by enlarging himself. He knocks out the leader by smacking his bow against his head.
  • On the ground, Basile uses his Eldritch Blast to blow up another goblin.
  • At the end of the battle, Neebs captures Grunk, the last goblin who surrenders. He is brought along with the party on their adventures.

Suddenly, Rhaegar picks a fight with Neebs. They began to punch each other silly as the rest of the party wondered what the hell was going on. Stormageddon also kicked people in the nuts, adding to the chaos.

  • Ciaran asks Basile what is happening, and the Tiefling explains that Carbuncles enjoy fighting and arguments and will cause fights between people. Ciaran demands that Basile stop Jeff before someone got hurt. Deciding that keeping a Carbuncle with them was probably dangerous for Ciaran, Basile attacks Jeff with his dagger, but Jeff flees.
  • H’rathen catches him, but Ciaran – determined to kill Jeff – is able to overpower him and rip Jeff from his hands. In terror, Jeff commits suicide. Everyone stops arguing with each other, while H’rathen mourns the loss of Jeff and Ciaran is proud that he saved the party.
  • Rhaegar wears Jeff’s armadillo-like shell as a helmet.

The party continues on and finds a cave to stay in for the night. While they are sleeping, a two headed snake called the Amphisbaena attacks them.

  • While H’rathen battles the snake, the rest of the party struggles to wake up. Ciaran blows his whistle loudly to get everyone to wake up, but H’rathen is struck by the snake and is badly wounded. Unconscious, he manages to stabilize. Ciaran and Basile move him away from battle with no one noticing. Stormageddon eventually defeats the snake by smashing their skulls in.

With H’rathen too wounded to continue on, and woozy from nearly dying, they head back to town to heal fully, as well as sell their items to The Fang Reserve. On their way back, they encounter four Buckawns.

  • Rhaegar attacks one of them, but is unable to stop it from summoning a swarm of locusts that surround him. He is able to slice through the cloud of locusts, but Neebs assists by critically hitting them and shooting a single arrow through the heads of every single one.
  • Stormageddon blocks the path with his massive body so no one else can do much.

Back in town, they heal and rest, and sell their goods to Xi-Long and the Fang Reserve. When everyone goes back to the inns to rest, Basile unshields himself and speaks to Jii-Long regarding any magic items or spell books regarding immortality.

Session Two 


  • Ciaran (LVL1) and Basile (LVL2)
  • Marven (LVL2)
  • H’rathen (LVL2)
  • Lorn (LVL2)
  • Rhaegar (LVL2)
  • Dwayne (LVL1), the Rock Gnome Johnson, Beguiler and cook extraordinaire. 


After healing for a few days, the party is ready to continue their adventure. Neebs stays back to woo the ladies, and they are joined by an additional adventurer who helped them protect the caravan – Dwayne. Lorn befriends a rather intelligent rat which he names Nergal, who joins them as a companion.

Inside the tavern, a sleazy looking priest walks up to them and introduces himself as “Father Teegan.” He is somewhat offended that they hadn’t visited his “gentleman’s club.” H’rathen asks if the women are clean, to which Father Teegan replies, “the cleanest.” H’rathen sensed motive and figured out that Father Teegan doesn’t know shit. The party promises to visit sometime after a long conversation filled with innuendo.

While others are in the tavern, Ciaran and Lorn camp outside and meet the Midnight Peddler.

  • The Midnight Peddler sells them weaponry and provides them good advice. Ciaran purchases a long sword, while Lorn buys a dagger. They learn that the fastest path through to Goblin’s Peak is under the mountain. Basile telepathically asks the Midnight Peddler for more information on how to get underneath the mountain, to which he responds with an annoying riddle about drinking a lake or something.

The party returns to Goblin’s Peak, and their first encounter for the day is against two Dire Sloths sleeping in the middle of the path. Unable to get around them, Lorn tries to befriend them with berries, while H’rathen tries to strike fear in them.

  • Stormageddon attacks the sloths and knocks one out cold with a well aimed kick to the head. However, the second digs its claws into Stormageddon’s chest and clings on. Rhaegar comes to the rescue and chops the sloth’s arms off with “precise precision,” killing it. Lorn takes the unconscious sloth and moves it to a safe place – as he does not want to kill an innocent creature.
  • Dwayne also casts Dancing Light in the middle of the day, so nothing happens.
  • Rhaegar cleans the pelt and wears it.

While traveling, they decide to make lunch. Rhaegar suggests eating the sloth meat, which everyone declines – even Marven, who eats everything. Dwayne offers to cook it and burns it. However, he skillfully made a light salad with a raspberry vinaigrette while on Stormageddon’s back.

Further down the path there is a silvery puddle of water blocking their path. Unable to cross it, Lorn creates a floating disk to travel over it. However, the ooze reaches up and devours the disk, rearing up in a massive wave to attack.

  • Marven shoots a fiery blast of Entangling Breath, slowing down the ooze.
  • Lorn shoots an arrow into the ooze, causing some damage. It creeps fifteen feet closer, causing everyone to move fifteen feet back in response.
  • Basile then shoots an Eldritch Blast. The ooze creeps fifteen feet closer again, causing everyone to step back one more time.
  • Dwayne casts Dancing Lights, doing absolutely nothing of use once again.
  • Eventually, H’rathen shoots an arrow from his crossbow at the boulder at the top of the cliff and knocks it out of place, causing it to roll onto the ooze and knock it off the cliff. It was the fastest the ooze had ever moved in its life.

As they continue farther up the mountain, they are ambushed by a small group of Quicklings, a fast type of brownie that vibrate. The party struggles to hit them due to their speed. However, Dwayne casts Color Spray and successfully stun the Quicklings. Unable to move, they disappear from sight – as they turn invisible when they aren’t moving. 8In fear, one of the brownies stops moving and become completely invisible until the coast is clear to flee.

Ciaran then sees a hidden doorway up ahead and helps Dwayne defuse any traps and open the lock. They open the door to see a pitch black room. Basile, however, can see that it’s filled with more goblins and a Krenshar. Before anyone can go inside, Dwayne closes the door again, then re-opens it, as if that’s going to make a difference.

  • The krenshar screeches upon their arrival, striking fear into Ciaran. He flees from the scene, screaming and blowing his whistle as Basile chases after him and wrestles him into submission until he calms down.
  • Meanwhile, Stormageddon charges inside and slips and stumbles, but then smashes a goblin’s head into the wall, killing it.
  • Dwayne dashes in and casts Hypnotism, effectively causes one of the goblins of the Fox Tribe to be fascinated and useless. He also casts Sleep and puts three more goblins to sleep.
  • Marven blasts a cone of fire into the room, killing several of the goblins, as well as the Krenshar.
  • By the time Basile and Ciaran return, only one meager goblin is left standing. Pissed off and ready to kill, Basile shoots of an overwhelming Eldritch Blast and completely disintegrates the goblin until nothing is left. Lorn senses the motive of the sudden blast and senses that it’s extremely angry.

The party continues through the door and walk into a large room. There is a statue of Heironious with his arms outstretched. Circling him is a script written in dwarven about one of the Fabled Six – a dwarf named Tomryis. The circle inscribes part of the poem about her trials in the Feywilds, the Streams of Silver, and her fight against the Wolf Man. Marven and Ciaran explore and find bars of Adamantine, Mithril, and Cold Iron, while H’rathen finds the hilt of an old sword. They determine that they need to create a sword to give to the statue, but are unable to determine the amount of which metals to use, and which order to put them into the forge in the room.

Before making the sword, they decide to continue exploring for more clue. They find a hidden pathway that leads down into the catacombs, where they face an evil Apparition.

  • The Apparition stares down Lorn and tries to make him believe the illusion that he is suffocating. He is able to shake off the hypnotism and warns the group of her actions.
  • H’rathen casts Turn Undead to try and defeat the apparition, but instead blows up two of the creatures within the coffins in the room. With the undead destroyed, Dwayne decides to explore the coffins and finds a Crystal Skull and a bag of money.
  • Melvin blasts fire at the Apparition, while Lorn shoots arrows. Rhaegar charges in and attacks the apparition with his sword, managing to hit her.
  • However, she sets her sights on H’rathen and manages to make him flee from fear. Pissed off that people keep running away, Basile breaks his silence and telepathically speaks to H’rathen, telling him to “be strong and face your fears, for I – Kord – will give you the protection and strength you need to help your comrades.” H’rathen is able to shake off the spell the Apparition put on him and rushes back into battle only to find that the party has managed to defeat her.
  • “Thank God for Kord”, quoth H’rathen, nevermore.

With nothing left to explore downstairs, they head back upstairs to create the sword out of two bars of Mithril and one bar of Cold Iron, as the Cold Iron would defeat a Fey, and the Mithril is the closest to the Silver Streams and Bane of the Wolf Man. They successfully create the sword and H’rathen gives it to the statue, which grabs it and sinks into the floor. As it disappears, a giant door at the other end of the room is unlocked.

They continue through and follow the dark hallway down to another door where they can hear creatures grumbling on the other side. Knowing that they will need to defeat whatever is inside, Lorn makes Stormageddon charge in – but not after Dwayne walks in and says “Hey guys, what a day. You won’t believe the stuff I had to fight to get here. Oh, by the way, here’s a horse.” Or something along those lines.

  • Stormageddon charges in and attacks one of the bugbears inside. Two more rush forward, while the last three hide behind a table. Sitting on the throne is a Troll, which rushes over to attack.
  • Dwayne blinds and stuns several of the bugbears with Color Spray, while Rhaegar and Lorn attack them.
  • Basile, unable to get into the room without bumping into someone – as they are all blocking the damn entrance – skillfully shoots an Eldritch Blast between Lorn and Rhaegar, killing it by blasting it in the head.
  • H’rathen commands everyone to move out of the way and Enlarges himself before charging in, attacking another bugbear that isn’t stunned.
  • Meanwhile, Rhaegar is attacked by the troll and knocked out and left for dead, with only a few HP keeping him stable. Basile drags him away toward Dwayne who can heal him. However, Lorn – who is out of the room to protect Ciaran – sees and is intrigued.
  • Marven manages to slip inside and finishes off the bugbears and the troll with a cone of fire that melts them away.

After healing Rhaegar, they find a treasure room filled with magic items and thousands of gold pieces. They separate the magic items between each other, with Ciaran taking the Cloak of Elemental Protection.

They head back to town to sell their treasures to Xi-Long, but are greeted by a dragon who demands a toll. H’rathen offers Troll Gut Rope and the Crystal Skull as payment, while Marven tries to befriend the dragon.  The dragon is appeased and they manage to continue on their way unharmed.

—> Session 3 & 4

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