AOF: Restructuring The Plot

The next upcoming months are chock-full of fun events, such as an Escape Room that my friends and I went to last week (and it was scary and gave me anxiety but we got out with 7 minutes left), several sessions of D&D coming up, and many conventions and concerts.

Yet I’m still trying to work on editing the sequel to The Art of Falling when I have down time. However, instead of editing what I’ve already written, I realized that the pacing and structure was flawed. So, I’ve been tackling the task of re-organizing chapters, writing new scenes, and editing so that everything flows well together. I’ve even written some chapters from a brand new character’s perspective!

After a few months, I finally managed to find what I hope is a comfortable plot line that no longer makes me feel like we’re rushing to the climax too soon (though the sequel is now a two-part story.) Now I can finally get back to editing the content.

Of course, I can’t say exactly what I’ve done, but to my beta readers who see the changes, I hope they like what I’ve done. Maybe once its published I will write a little blog post about the past structure vs the new structure.

Until then, all I must do is write.

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