REVIEW: The New Hunger, Warm Bodies, and The Burning World

issac marion

A few months ago I entered a contest to win a signed copy of The Burning World by Isaac Marion. For those who don’t know, this is the sequel to the very successful novel Warm Bodies, which became a blockbuster hit that I adore. After forgetting that I even entered, I learned that I actually won the contest and just a few days ago received my copy! As I haven’t reviewed Warm Bodies yet, I figured I would do a general review of both of these novels and give them the love they deserve.

As a preface, it’s been a while since I read Warm Bodies. I first read it back in 2011 when Borders was going out of business. I stumbled upon Warm Bodies sitting alone on the shelf and thought the cover looked amazing. So I bought it and then spent 5-6 hours binge. It instantly became one of my favorite novels of all time.

That being said, I re-read back when I purchased the prequel, The New Hunger. That was a few months ago and my memory of these novels are fuzzy. However, I will do a brief review of both of these novels before diving into The Burning World, which is freshly in my brain.

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LIFE: Shuto Con Update


Kaiden and I at our artist alley booth at Shuto Con 2017!

Last week I attended Shuto Con 2017 and had a wonderful time! Here are just a few of the highlights from the weekend:

  • I spent the weekend with my fiance, two closest friends, and a new friend.
  • I shared my booth with Kaiden, and had a blast selling our work, tag-teaming commissions, and sharing my book with those who stopped by! You can check out some of my favorite commissions from the weekend below.
  • While I didn’t cosplay, I saw many amazing cosplays (and didn’t take as many photos as I would have wishes, but that’s okay!)
  • Two photographers also came up to our booth and took photos of us, which was pretty awesome! (I wonder where some of the photos ended up…)
  • I went to the Mystery Skulls concert and panel, and had my print signed by both Mystery Skulls and Mystery Ben! I also had a photo with them and gave them each a print.
  • Best of all, I made quite a few new friends and had dozens of new readers sign up for my newsletter to stay updated with me novel! How exciting!

Overall it was a busy weekend that seemed to fly by, and I had a great time. I can’t wait until July where I can apply again and, hopefully, have a chance to sell my book at the booth!



D&D Session 3 & 4

We played another 24 hours worth of D&D and boy a lot has happened to our adventurers! We had new players join in on the fray, and secrets started to finally spill!

Note: This session is mainly battle heavy, although plot and story is involved. This session is also designed for players to drop in and out depending on their schedule, so while everyone is in the same party, characters may not be active during certain sessions.

Session Three 


  • Ciaran (LVL3) and Basile (LVL5)
  • Marven (LVL4)
  • H’rathen (LVL4)
  • Lorn (LVL5)
  • Rheagar (LVL4)
  • Neebs (LVL 3)
  • Dwayne (LVL3)
  • Toth (LVL3), the Elven rogue and kleptomaniac.


They head back to town to sell their treasures to Xi-Long, but are greeted by a dragon who demands a toll. H’rathen offers Troll Gut Rope and the Crystal Skull as payment, while Marven tries to befriend the dragon.  The dragon is appeased and they manage to continue on their way unharmed.

The group spends a week in town resting up, buying more supplies, and getting ready to return through the mountain pass toward Goblin’s Peak.

  • H’rathen speaks with a human blacksmith named Harl. He tries to negotiate pricing for “adequate” full plate armor to be enchanted with Blueshine. He offers to pay most of of it up front, and then pay the rest later. The only catch is that to get the full discount, H’rathen must return with dragon hide, as he bragged how they survived the encounter with the red dragon.
  • Meanwhile, Neebs spends most of his time in town commissioning a new building called “The Neebs Fan Club.” There, people can join for 25 gold pieces. Lorn, Marven, Dwayne, and Ciaran join – despite Basile not wanting to waste gold on something so ridiculous. H’rathen and Rhaegar opts out of joining for so much gold. They also argue about who the leader is, which Ciaran explains “Neebs is the leader, because he’s always in front” – much to H’rathen’s dismay.
  • Dwayne continues to work for The Three Shepherds as a chef to earn some additional gold. Marven also makes a deal with Caelim to get a room for practically free, as he is his best customer. He meets with Delvin the merchant to pick up a Ring of Silence. He then tests it on Marven and it works perfectly!
  • At Xi-Long’s, Lorn checks to see if his special order has come in yet, but it’s still in transit. Ciaran buys a sword for Basile with Lorn’s help. Basile stays to meet with Xi-Long in person to get some information about a spell he’s trying to learn.
  • Meanwhile, H’rathen and Lorn discuss Basile’s possible existence outside, even though Ciaran is in earshot. Neebs joins in on the conversation, and Rhaegar thinks they’re all crazy for believing that Basile is real.
  • Marven complains about being hungry, so Dwayne makes him a pie out of good berries that would normally kill a man, but Marven claims that he just feels full – something he has never felt before.

Once everyone was ready, they party begins their trek through the mountain pass. Not long into their travels do they come across a Dire Bear catching salmon in the creek.

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AoF: Newsletters and Shuto Con Update

map crop

It’s almost time again! I’m going to be at Shuto Con from March 16 – 19th selling my art in the Artist Alley. Check out the map above to come find me easily!

While I’m there, I’m also holding a special giveaway to help promote The Art of Falling. What’s the giveaway, you ask? Well, the answer will be in the exclusive newsletter that I’m going to be sending out next week!

That’s right, I’m starting up a new “monthly” newsletter that will have exclusive news and details when available, hence the tentative schedule. I’ll keep readers updated on giveaways, exclusive short stories, deleted scenes, and character backstories that won’t be shared with the public. I’ll also make announcements for events like Shuto Con, eventual book signings and readings, and writing tips.

Signing up is easy! Simply click this link and submit your e-mail. That’s it! Then, feel free to share it with others so they can join, too. The more the merrier!

Hope to see your name added to the list of readers, and that I see you at Shuto Con!