AoF: Newsletters and Shuto Con Update

map crop

It’s almost time again! I’m going to be at Shuto Con from March 16 – 19th selling my art in the Artist Alley. Check out the map above to come find me easily!

While I’m there, I’m also holding a special giveaway to help promote The Art of Falling. What’s the giveaway, you ask? Well, the answer will be in the exclusive newsletter that I’m going to be sending out next week!

That’s right, I’m starting up a new “monthly” newsletter¬†that will have exclusive news and details when available, hence the tentative schedule. I’ll keep readers updated on giveaways, exclusive short stories, deleted scenes, and character backstories that won’t be shared with the public. I’ll also make announcements for events like Shuto Con, eventual book signings and readings, and writing tips.

Signing up is easy! Simply click this link and submit your e-mail. That’s it! Then, feel free to share it with others so they can join, too. The more the merrier!

Hope to see your name added to the list of readers, and that I see you at Shuto Con!

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