D&D Session 3 & 4

We played another 24 hours worth of D&D and boy a lot has happened to our adventurers! We had new players join in on the fray, and secrets started to finally spill!

Note: This session is mainly battle heavy, although plot and story is involved. This session is also designed for players to drop in and out depending on their schedule, so while everyone is in the same party, characters may not be active during certain sessions.

Session Three 


  • Ciaran (LVL3) and Basile (LVL5)
  • Marven (LVL4)
  • H’rathen (LVL4)
  • Lorn (LVL5)
  • Rheagar (LVL4)
  • Neebs (LVL 3)
  • Dwayne (LVL3)
  • Toth (LVL3), the Elven rogue and kleptomaniac.


They head back to town to sell their treasures to Xi-Long, but are greeted by a dragon who demands a toll. H’rathen offers Troll Gut Rope and the Crystal Skull as payment, while Marven tries to befriend the dragon.  The dragon is appeased and they manage to continue on their way unharmed.

The group spends a week in town resting up, buying more supplies, and getting ready to return through the mountain pass toward Goblin’s Peak.

  • H’rathen speaks with a human blacksmith named Harl. He tries to negotiate pricing for “adequate” full plate armor to be enchanted with Blueshine. He offers to pay most of of it up front, and then pay the rest later. The only catch is that to get the full discount, H’rathen must return with dragon hide, as he bragged how they survived the encounter with the red dragon.
  • Meanwhile, Neebs spends most of his time in town commissioning a new building called “The Neebs Fan Club.” There, people can join for 25 gold pieces. Lorn, Marven, Dwayne, and Ciaran join – despite Basile not wanting to waste gold on something so ridiculous. H’rathen and Rhaegar opts out of joining for so much gold. They also argue about who the leader is, which Ciaran explains “Neebs is the leader, because he’s always in front” – much to H’rathen’s dismay.
  • Dwayne continues to work for The Three Shepherds as a chef to earn some additional gold. Marven also makes a deal with Caelim to get a room for practically free, as he is his best customer. He meets with Delvin the merchant to pick up a Ring of Silence. He then tests it on Marven and it works perfectly!
  • At Xi-Long’s, Lorn checks to see if his special order has come in yet, but it’s still in transit. Ciaran buys a sword for Basile with Lorn’s help. Basile stays to meet with Xi-Long in person to get some information about a spell he’s trying to learn.
  • Meanwhile, H’rathen and Lorn discuss Basile’s possible existence outside, even though Ciaran is in earshot. Neebs joins in on the conversation, and Rhaegar thinks they’re all crazy for believing that Basile is real.
  • Marven complains about being hungry, so Dwayne makes him a pie out of good berries that would normally kill a man, but Marven claims that he just feels full – something he has never felt before.

Once everyone was ready, they party begins their trek through the mountain pass. Not long into their travels do they come across a Dire Bear catching salmon in the creek.

  • Lorn, as usual, tries to make peace with the bear. However, when that didn’t work, Stormageddon charges forward and kicks the bear in the crotch.
  • Rhaegar rushses in to attack, but after a Nat 1 roll, another bear bursts out of the water and attacks him.
  • With two bears suddenly on the path, Dwayne casts his sleep spell. However, the bears are wise to his magic and are able to shake off the spell.
  • Basile runs up beside Dwayne and blasts his eldritch fire at the second bear (now known as “Bear with Gun – by Van Goh.”) It is badly burned, and Dwayne takes the credit for it.
  • Rhaegar cleaves the first bear’s head clean off with his sword. It goes spiraling into the river.
  • H’rathen uses a Sonic Boom to try and stun the remaining bear, but it shakes off the effects.
  • Basile uses his new sword to attack the bear, slicing it deeply in the side.
  • It is Toth who makes the final blow, shooting an arrow skillfully through him, creating a delicious bear kabob.

After the battle is over, Marven eats the leftover salmon. Toth, H’rathen, and Marven then search the nearby cave. H’rathen and Neebs only see bear shit. However, Toth finds a red gem in the bear’s den. H’rathen notices Toth slip the gem in his pocket and tells him to keep it for himself.

Marven then sees a rotting deer carcass in the den and – after rolling poorly – decides to eat it, immediately feeling ill afterward; yet another first for him. H’rathen attempts to diagnose what’s causing him pain, but fails and – after checking webMD – determines that Marven has cancer. In a panic, Marven starts crying out for berries. Dwayne punches Marven in the stomach in an attempt to…help him? His hand bounces off and exclaims, “It’s cast iron!” Lorn casts a spell to delay his disease and his symptoms.

The party continues down the path when two black wyverns dive bomb from the sky and attempt to grab Neebs and Toth. Toth is able to slip out, but Neebs is carried away; “Everyone will hear about this in the Neebs Fan Club Newsletter.”

  • Lorns casts Bite of the Wererat on himself, Stormageddon, and Nergal. He then chases after the wyvern that is carrying Neebs away.
  • The remaining wyvern then turns on Dwayne and grapples him. He manages to grab him and starts to fly away.
  • Basile quickly tries to attack but misses. However, Ciaran takes up his bow and quickly fires an arrow into the wyvern’s leg.
  • Rhaegar starts to shout at the wyvern loudly, as he is a melee fighter who can’t attack long range. His taunts do nothing, because the wyvern already has a meal.
  • H’rathen casts the Command spell to tell Dwayne to scream, assuming that the wyvern would carry him away, and that if he screams continuously they can follow him.
  • Dwayne, still trapped in the clutches of the wyvern, screams and tries to attack; instead, he is stabbed by the wyvern’s poisonous tail and is knocked unconscious.
  • Meanwhile, down the road, Lorn casts Master Air, which gives him and Stormageddon wings. They fly up to the wyvern and tell Neebs to use his wings to fly away. Neebs still doesn’t believe that he has wings, and tries to discern Lorn’s motives for saying such a thing. However, he realizes that Lorn is telling the truth; yet he still chooses not to believe him.
  • Rhaegar takes H’rathen’s crossbow and angrily shoots at the wyvern, catching it in the side.
  • H’rathen scrambles to figure out what he can do to help, he admits that Dwayne is probably doomed. Everyone then asks why he can’t just command the wyvern to drop Dwayne or fall to the ground. He does just that, and the wyvern begins to fall to the ground.
  • Ciaran, wanting to take deadly aim, closes his eye – now blind with his eye patch – and fires an arrow. The arrow drives right through the wyvern’s neck. Dwayne rolls out of his grip, still wounded.
  • Nearly 200 feet away, stormageddon knocks Neebs out of the wyvern’s grip and kills the wyvern. Neebs falls to the ground, his wings catching the air and gently guiding him down despite him being unaware that was happening.

With everyone safely back on the ground, they skin the wyverns and cast Prestidigitation to turn the scales red – just in case H’rathen needed to bring back the hide of a red dragon. After everyone is relatively healed, they continue their journey through the mountain.

They come across a large pack of giant wild dogs. Rhaegar immediately wants to tame one of the dogs, to which Dwayne explains that they are feral.

“You were feral too until someone loved you!” Rhaegar argues.

Meanwhile, Lorn walks forward and starts feeding them chunks of bear meat to appease them so the party can safely pass by without an encounter.

However, not too long later, a giant boulder comes crashing down and lands next to Lorn. Atop a cliff is a giant with a sack of boulders.

  • H’rathen charges up from the back of the party, bitching about how he’s always in the back, and shoots his crossbow at the giant.
  • Rhaegar climbs up the cliff and makes it to the top, just in time for the giant to kick him off.
  • H’rathen uses Shatter to make the cliff crumble, knocking the giant off the ledge and onto Rhaegar and Stormageddon.
  • Rhaegar cleaves his sword into the giant, and Stormageddon suddenly becomes double jointed long enough to squish the giant’s head between his front hooves. He then happily trots over its body.

That night, the group split into two night watches: elves and non-elves. The non-elves kept watch first. Dwayne then decides he’s going to try and solve the mystery of Basile once and for all. He cast See Invisibility, which was dispelled by the Ring of Counter Spell. However, Basile was expecting Dwayne to cast See Invisibility a second time.

In a panic, he rushed toward the bushes and tried to hide, but only managed to barely disguise himself behind the bush before Dwayne saw him. When Dwayne asked who was hiding, he telepathically told Dwayne that he was a “weary traveler named Asgore who was staying in the area when the group startled him.” He begged for his life. Dwayne decided that it wasn’t Basile and let him go on his way.

When the rest of the group asked what Dwayne saw, Neebs went on a hunting spree to kill the invisible man and ran around in the woods with H’rathen and killed many a squirrel and bird.

H’rathen also decides to use his Glyph of Holding on Rhaegar’s pillow to check if spells were being counter spelled by another person, but it wasn’t countered. However, Rhaegar did make his save and was able to resist the spell on his own.

(Then, out of game we discussed how the laws of D&D say that if you don’t need a Nat 20, you will roll one. The group then proved it by having three separate people roll a Nat 20 in a row.)

The next day, Marven wakes up with his stomach feeling ill. Lorn makes him a bowl of oatmeal made with healing berries to stop the symptoms. With everyone packed, they continue and finally make it to Golbin’s Peak!

They enter in the front door, and are greeted by the Tribe of the Wolf’s Iron Legion. With Dwayne taking the lead, he walks in, proclaiming what a tough day he had and, “oh look, Color Spray.”

  • Dwayne successfully Color Sprays two goblins in the training arena, blinding and stunning them. However, he wasn’t prepared for a well trained army of 25+ goblins in the room.
  • Rhaegar follows in after him to continue attacking the stunned goblins, killing them both with one blow.
  • Basile slipped in behind him and uses an eldritch blast to attack another one coming toward them. Meanwhile, Ciaran shoots another arrow while closing his eyes and pins another goblin to the wall, killing him instantly.
  • H’rathen uses a Sonic Burst to kill another goblin and stun two more.
  • Neebs insta-kills a hobgoblin with an electrified arrow, shocking him until smoke and lighting exploded out of every hold in his body.
  • Lorn casts Magic Missiles to attack the hobgoblin leader, but the leader grabbed a small soldier and held him up like a shield to protect him from the attack.
  • Dwayne casts Blinding Color Surge to blind another goblin, then turned invisible to get out of the way.
  • The goblins, no longer surprised by the sudden attack and the loss of several soldiers, they begin to regain formation and attack. They throw nets onto Marven and H’rathen, entangling them.
  • H’rathen cuts through the net with the help of Nergal chewing through the ropes, while Marven blasts the net away with fire.
  • Neebs kills the leader of one troop by shooting an arrow off the ceiling and having ricochet into the top of the leader’s head with ease.
  • Stormadeggon smashes through the crowd and crushes a goblin’s head while Lorn shoots more Magic Missiles.
  • Dwayne uses Color Spray once more to blind and stun ten more goblins, allowing Rhaegar to slash two in half, and then cleave a third and killing him after chopping him into thirds at the knees and neck.
  • Thriving on the rage of battle, Basile rips open the stomach of one goblin with his eldritch claws and rips out the intestines. He then wraps them around another goblin’s throat and strangles him.
  • H’rathen casts Sonic Blast for a measly 1 damage, when he really should have done more damage – since he attacked the group of ten stunned goblins.
  • Marven picked up the slack by blasting them with a cone of fire and effectively melting four of them.
  • Some of the goblins are wearing straps with glass bottles of Alchemist Fire, which are being thrown left and right. Neebs shoots and arrow into one, causing a chain reaction that causes one goblin to explode.
  • Lorn shoots and arrow at a goblin, and the tip of his arrow nicked the forehead of his enemy for one damage. It was enough to kill him.
  • Then, suddenly, in the middle of a heated battle, Dwayne casts See Invisibility to try and catch Basile. His spell is blocked, and he screams “ASGOOOORREEEE.”
  • Three of the remaining goblins flee.

Shortly after the battle ends, Neebs suddenly realizes that he has wings and says that he has had them all along – confusing everyone.

They continue onward and come up to a door with a trap. H’rathen then asks the group,” Does anyone know what this symbol is? BECAUSE I SURE DO.” He then proceeds to tell the group that the symbol on the door is that of The Tinkerer; a famous magic item artificer who disappeared hundreds of years prior.

Lorn summons a monkey to break the spell on the door. With the passage now open, H’rathen leads the way. However, there was still a spell cast that caused H’rathen to suddenly grow a full head of hair with the words: “Gnimsh was here.” Horrified, he began to try and shave himself with a sword.

In the next room there was a portal with a pedestal for some sort of object. The group continued forward into the next room where they saw a fountain with a pool of water. Ciaran noticed something shimmering inside, but before he could reach in, H’rathen decided it was a good time to wash his face.

He was instantly attacked by a hidden ooze in the pool. His clothing is burned away as it begins to eat him.

  • Neebs shoots another electrified arrow into the pool, which electrocutes the ooze…as well as H’rathen.
  • A second ooze attacks Rhaegar and misses. Ciaran shoots an arrow and nearly kills it, and Lorn makes the final blow with a Magic Missile.

With the pool now safe, Lorn dives into the pool and retrieves a blue orb. Meanwhile, Neebs and Rhaegar explore a nearby tunnel that leads them outside of the caves. Marven and Dwayne check the next door up ahead and hear bubbling and cooking inside.

As soon as the group opens the door, they are attacked by a blast of alchemist fire. Fire and a cloud of toxic gas filled the doorway, and inside they saw a bright green goblin wearing purple robes floating on a magic carpet holding a handy haversack filled with vials of potions. Inside the room are the three goblins that fled from the first battle.

  • Marven, who is in the doorway, immediately feels nauseated and panics, shouting for more oatmeal. He then staggers into the previous room and vomits acid into the pool.
  • The Green Goblin throws a potion into Stormageddon’s face, causing him to lose strength.
  • Basile squeezes his way up to the front, but not too close to the fire or fog, and shoots a blast of eldritch fire up at him.
  • Rhaegar charges in, managing to will past the nauseating gas, to attack the goblins that fled.
  • Dwayne stands in the doorway to cast Glitterdust and blind the smaller goblins.
  • As the Green Goblin throws a bottle of alchemist fire at Rhaegar, he tries to catch it. The glass shatters in his hand and weakens him. Covered in some sort of accelerant , the Green Goblin convinces Rhaegar to walk back through the fire.
  • Panicked, Basile immediately speaks to him telepathically – not trying to disguise his voice – shouting, “I swear to Kord I will kill you if you walk into this room, do not be a bitch, Rhaegar!” Snapped out of his stupor, Rhaegar charges back in to attack the goblins, shouting, “Who called me a bitch?!”
  • Lorn casts Spiderclimb and Bite of the Wererat on himself, and charges in with Stormageddon despite his nausea and vomiting. Nergal also starts vomiting and thinks that he’s a disgusting animal. Stormageddon, however, doesn’t feel as sick and continues to battle by kicking the Green Goblin at the back of the head.
  • Rhaegar, who is carrying a bottle of alchemist fire from the first fight, decides to throw it at the Green Goblin – as its his only ranged attack. He misses.
  • Neebs spends time flapping his wings to blow away the smoke. As soon as he clears the air, he shoots arrows at one of the smaller goblins and kills them.
  • H’rathen attempts to use Command to tell the Green Goblin to fall, but it doesn’t work like it did with the wyvern.
  • Dwayne uses Dancing Lights to try and bling the Green Goblin, but he pulls out sunglasses to protect his eyes (like a bitch.)
  • The Green Goblin throws lightning in a bottle at H’rathen and knocks him out cold. Basile immediately starts groaning about the idea of dragging his ass out of danger AGAIN.
  • The blinded goblins on the ground start throwing bottles in the air, and end up throwing them straight up and landing on themselves. Gas escapes and they are put to sleep.
  • Then the floor became greased – somehow.
  • Rhaegar scoots over to H’rathen and feeds him soup to heal him back into consciousness.
  • Neebs commands Grunk, his goblin servant, to feed H’rathen berries – which end up doing nothing. Neebs then flies into the room and starts shooting arrows at the sack of vials on the Green Goblin but misses.
  • Ciaran and Basile copy Neebs, shooting eldritch blastd and arrows into the sack, but they miss, too.
  • Dwayne, in a moment of brilliance and stupidity, turns the Green Goblin bright pink with Prestidigitation. Pissed, the now Pink Goblin throws a potion at Dwayne. Suddenly, Dwayne is unable to breath and is suffocating. He was also touched with idiocy.
  • Lorn climbs down from Stormageddon, no longer nauseous, to heal H’rathen. Meanwhile, Stormageddon charges around the walls of the room and lunges at the Pink Goblin, ripping out his throat and killing him.

With the battle over, Rhaegar goes for the magic carpet, while H’rathen – now awake – diagnoses Dwayne’s sudden illness the result of Aboleth Mucus. He dragged Dwayne to the fountain and dunked his head under the running water, allowing Dwayne to breath until the symptoms passed.

Once everyone was no longer ill or wounded, they rested for a night before deciding it was time to travel through the portal. They placed the blue orb on the pedestal and go through the portal and end up in a pitch black room completely submerged in water.

Session Four 


  • Ciaran (LVL4) and Basile (LVL6)
  • Marven (LVL5)
  • H’rathen (LVL5)
  • Lorn (LVL6)
  • Rhaegar (LVL5)
  • Neebs (LVL 5)
  • Dwayne (LVL5)
  • Alkaid (Lvl 4) – the narcoleptic Aasimar Ranger.


Suddenly submerged under water in total darkness, the party starts trying to swim up to the surface where they see a light shining.

  • Lorn and Ciaran are able to swim up toward the surface. Meanwhile, Stormageddon, Rhaegar and Basile sink.
  • Basile, relieved that Ciaran will make it to the top, asks H’rathen telepathically how deep they are. H’rathen holds up his fingers to indicate forty feet. Basile then speaks with Nergal and tells him to ask Lorn to do something about this.
  • Nergal tells Lorn that “someone told him that he should do something,” to which Lorn face palms and summons two porpoises to help him and Stormageddon up to the surface.
  • Neebs casts Dancing Lights to illuminate the area, and they see that they are at the bottom of a well.
  • Marven blows a blast of fire to help propel him upwards toward the surface, cutting his oxygen supply in half. Meanwhile, H’rathen summons an Octopus named Ted to help Dwayne, who is sinking like a rock, up to the surface. Rhaegar hits to the bottom of the well and kicks off, able to use the momentum to start swimming upwards.
  • With Neebs, H’rathen, and Ciaran at the surface, Ciaran begins to panic and shout that Basile is drowning and they need to help him.
  • At the bottom of the well, Basile looks around with his Dark Vision and sees that there is a lab at the bottom, with a table and beakers set up. There is an empty bottle knocked over on the ground. He picks it up and feels that something is pouring out, so he covers it with his hand. He tells Nergal to ask Lorn to identify what the bottle may be filled with; however, it’s Nergal who is able to tell him that it is a Decanter of Endless Water.
  • To that, Lorn replies, “Who am I speaking with?” Basile replies “Noneya.”Lorn then asks where he is, where Basile explains he’s drowning at the bottom of the well and would really appreciate it if Lorn could send his porpoises to get him to the surface. Lorn sends them to the bottom, where Basile grabs on and is brought up to the surface. Basile then hands Lorn the bottle and goes to tend to Ciaran, who is still freaking out a bit.
  • Dwayne casts Spiderclimb and begins to climb the wall with Ted the octopus still attached. He reaches the surface and H’rathen jumps back in with Ted to go help others who are sinking.
  • Ted goes to help Rhaegar reach the surface, while H’rathen notices a portal at the bottom similar to the one they walked through.
  • With the bottle no longer spilling, the water drains away, leaving everyone safely at the bottom of the well.

The group explores and finds a small silver key and a red orb. Up above, Dwayne had spiderclimbed to the top and tosses down a rope long enough for everyone to climb out. As they reach the top of the well, they realize they’re back in Dwarvenshire.

Back in town, the group decides it would be best to rest and recover before using the portals to return to Goblin’s Peak. In town, they return to Xi-Long to sell their loot. The exotic items are sold to the Fang Reserve, the they learn that applications for the guild will open in a few weeks for those who make it to at least floor two of Goblin’s Peak.

  • H’rathen stops by the blacksmith to pick up his Blue Shine armor, and provides the wyvern hide as payment.
  • At Xi-Long’s cart, Basile purchases another Ring of Counterspell to avoid someone using see invisibility on him twice. However, he panics when he hears that Lorn had purchased a Scoll of Greater Dispell Magic. He charges his ring to counter that spell, much to Lorn’s dismay as he tries to cast it onto Stormageddon. Realizing he made a big mistake, Basile flees while Dwayne shouts “Asgore!”
  • Xi-Long realizes what happened, but plays it off by performing the spell once more with Basile out of the room. At that Stormageddon suddenly turns into a human, revealing that he was once a man turned into a horse. (Dwayne, H’rathen, and Rhaegar argue about what came first, the horse or the man.) Xi-Long also provides Lorn with his special order: A massive rhino companion which Lorn names Ragnarok, or “Rocky” for short.

Meanwhile, Alkaid, who has been staying at The Three Shepherds, finally wakes up from their very long nap, and joins the group. Marven is there eating 17 servings of salted pork, which he suggest Alkaid try. However, Alkaid decides to try and salmon that Dwayne is cooking while he’s there. Rhaegar orders a live chicken.

  • Marven asks Caelim about the dragon on the mountain, which he learns is named Gruthend the Scary. He explains that he wants to talk to the dragon, adding that he could kill him. However, everyone in the tavern laughs at the idea. At that moment, H’rathen comes in and shows off the second wyvern hide that they had, shutting everyone up. Marven threatens that he’s going to stay at The Pheonix due to the ridicule Caelim started, and earns a free night’s stay and 30 free meals – which Marven ordered to eat in one sitting.
  • With everyone at the tavern, H’rathen gathers them around and casts divination into bowls of water. His first divination spell, he asks Kord if the red orb will take them to a “fiery hellscape,” since the blue orb took them to a well. The answer was No. He then asks what stopped Lorn’s spell from working at Xi-Long’s shop, causing Basile to become very nervous and slowly back away from the group. The answer received is “the fear and apprehension of another.” Lastly, H’rathen asks who was feeling fearful while they were there. At that moment, images of hundreds of people flash in the water and the bowl shatters.
  • With H’rathen calling over the barmaid to clean up the mess, Lorn tries to cast a spell to find Basile, but is countered. So, Dwayne casts “Sense Thoughts” to find Basile, and is able to sense that someone is laughing nearby Ciaran. He sneaks over and tries to grab onto whatever is there, but misses, cursing Asgore again. Basile leaves, causing Dwayne to shout, “I know someone was there! But the voices are gone!”
  • Lorn does a Knowledge Religion check to ensure that it isn’t an evil spirit or ghost.
  • H’rathen tries to turn undead, and ends up blinding the barmaid. A fight nearly breaks out in the bar, but Rhaegar yells at them all, saying they’re idiots for thinking that someone is actually there, and calls Ciaran crazy for the bagillionth time.

Outside, Neebs follows Basile’s aura and calls out for him, offering a deal to keep him hidden. Intrigued, Basile agrees and speaks with Neebs for the first time. They make a deal that Neebs will edit Lorn’s notebook and try to make it seem like Marven is the one behind the invisibility tricks, and in return Basile would try and promote Neebs’ fan club and protect him in battle; with the stipulation that Basile is not a “servant,” but a wingman.

Once everyone has calmed down, they regroup to determine what they’re going to do for the night. While Lorn heals Marven of his “cancer”, which they realized was Botulism, Basile steals his journal and gives it to Neebs to alter.

H’rathen, Neebs, Dwayne, Marven, and human Stormageddon decide to go visit The Hell brothel, and bring Rocky the Rhino along with them.

  • Dwayne casts an illusion to think Rocky sees a prostitute rhino – and he believes it.
  • H’rathen uses the spell Augury several times to determine if any of the women at the brothel are “clean”, and the group spend the night with their respective ladies – with Marven barely getting through the night without blushing, and Stormageddon desperate for anything.

Meanwhile, Lorn and Ciaran sleep outside in the tent, with Basile keeping watch quietly. After Ciaran is sleeping, Lorn speaks out to Basile and offers to make a deal to keep him safe. Even though he just made a deal to protect his identity from Lorn with Neebs, he decides to make another deal with Lorn. He speaks to Lorn directly and makes the suggestion that Lorn keeps his Rings of Counterspell charged at all times, and to try and stop any spells from revealing him. Lorn agrees, stating that proving he is real is payment enough.

The next day, they all meet up at the well, and Lorn casts Water Breathing so everyone can dive back into the well, which they refilled with the Decatur of Everlasting Water. At the bottom, they put the red orb onto the portal pedestal and pass through, leaving Stormageddon to watch the orb and stay in town.

They are sent back to the portal room near the pool. The blue orb that they put on the pedestal is missing. From there, they head through the tunnel to reach the outside edge and begin to climb their way up to the second floor of Goblin’s Peak.
Lorn and Neebs make it up first, with Neebs flying with ease and Lorn using Spiderclimb on Rocky. At the top they see a man with a campfire, and several dead bodies around them. When the man sees them, he looks relieved to see people there and suddenly jerks up and starts attacking Lorn.
  • Hearing the sudden commotion, Basile casts Fell Flight and flies up to the edge, throwing an eldirtch blast over Lorn and Neebs quickly, but missing his target and instead hitting the fire, causing the flames to roar; Neebs and Lorn look at each other and say “Basile’s here.”
  • H’rathen enlarges himself and starts to climb up the wall, with Rhaegar, Alkaid, and Marven heading up as well.
  • As they climb, a large gust of wind blows by and knocks Marven’s cloak away, revealing that he has large black dragon-like wings. H’rathen notices and loses his shit for a moment before Marven flies up to the top.
  • After being attacked by the man, Rocky pins him to the ground. Basile identifies the armor her is wearing as Animated Armor. Instead of killing the man, he decides to be merciful and attack the armor itself with an eldritch blast, destroying it and freeing the man from his captivity.

The man passes out and H’rathen heals him as soon as he reaches the top. The group leave him with rations and continue onto the second floor.

Inside, Ciaran “helps” Dwayne unlock the door by throwing a lock pick from a distance like it’s no big deal. On the other side, they see a treasure chest guarded by a floating monstrous head with four eye stalks. H’rathen identifies it as beholder-king, but isn’t sure exactly what it is.

  • Rhaegar walks into the room to speak with the beholder-kin, and learns that it is protecting the treasure from those who want to steal it. The Tinkerer made a pact with the beholder-king to protect it, and it is super bored, hates its job, and wants to leave.
  • Everyone offers some sort of way that may be able to free it from its job, such as offering to simply pass by with no harm, take over its position, or talk to the Tinkerer himself.
  • Dwayne casts Mirror Image to try and make the treasure look like it’s gone, so the beholder-kin could leave. However, it notices the spell.
  • H’rathen tries to blind it, but the beholder-king notices that spell as well, and counters it so H’rathen blinds himself.
  • Lorn reduces his size and Rocky’s, and comes in with Nergal – who blows a tiny bit of fire but doesn’t do much else.
  • The beholder-kin shoots out four rays from its eye stalks, hitting H’rathen, Rayar, Lorn, and Ciaran. H’rathen becomes fatigued, while Rhaegar is wounded. Lorn is able to shake off the effects, and Ciaran is compelled to rush in and start trying to pull H’rathen away while shouting that it doesn’t want to fight anyone.
  • Basile rushes in after Ciaran and blasts the beholder-kin, and is followed up by Alkaid, who rapid shoots it twice in the eye.

With the beholder-kin dead, Rhaegar goes up to the treasure and opens in. A cloud of smoke billows up and surrounds him. He backs away as Neebs and Marven blow the gas back and away from he treasure. Inside, they find a shit ton of gold.

Meanwhile, Lorn makes a comment about how weird it would be to be born a dragon, and tries to sense Marven’s motive. However, Marven seems to have no reaction to it.

As the group cuts open the beholder-kin, they find a few items: one of which is a strange horn. Rhaegar blows into it, and an orc is summoned and starts shooting infinite arrows at Rhaegar. He is able to dodge every attack with ease, while everyone around them starts laughing. Even Basile is unable to contain his loud laughter.

After Rhaegar manages to kill the orc, they move on into the next room. Ciaran opens the door and inside they see a room with a table lined with different sizes beakers. As they walk in, the two exits are blocked by sudden walls of flame. There is a riddle on the table with the beakers, and the group works together to solve which beakers contain poison, nettle wine, or the potion to escape.

After struggling for a while, they are able to determine which beaker contains the potion, and Rhaegar drinks it and ends up taking some damage. Then, Neebs reads the riddle again and determines that the fire must be an illusion and walks through. He is unharmed, although to others he seems to be burning alive. However, everyone eventually walks through – some of the them dragged – into the next room with ease.

The next room is filled with massive holes that sink ten feet into the ground. Suddenly, a bullette – a land shark like creature – bursts out from one of the holes and attacks Marven and then disappears into the hole.

  • Marven breathes fire into the hole, but the bullette isn’t there.
  • Dwayne casts Dancing Lights to go into four of the holes, lighting up the caverns.
  • Neebs shoots into one of the dark holes, but his arrows hit the floor.
  • The bullette bursts out of another hole and attacks Rocky, who shakes him off with ease.
  • Rocky charges into the hole to attack the bullette, while H’rathen casts Sonic Burst int the hole.
  • Marven blows entangling fire onto it, forcing its movements to slow down. Dwayne casts Magic Missile and does little damage.
  • Neebs flies down through another hole to see down the tunnel at the bullette, and Rhaegar drops a bottle of alchemist fire into the hole where the bullette is trapped.
  • Lorn and H’rathen, in a moment of pure twin power, do the exact same spell for the exact same damage.
  • The bullette rushes down the tunnel at Neebs and attacks him, starting to eat him alive. Rocky jumps into the hole and charges at the bullette, using his horn to gore it and rip it open. As Neebs falls out of the bullette’s mouth, Lorn catches him and heals him.

Inside the Bullette, the group find the Belt of the Champion, which is given to Kord’s mightiest disciple. H’rathen immediately takes it and puts it on, and Basile – in a moment of pure trolling – speaks as Kord once more telepathically to H’rathen, stating, “My faithful follower, you have been chosen.” H’rathen collapses in tears.

In the tunnels, they find another portal, as well as a green orb and orange orb. The first try to use the orange orb in the portal, which leads them right back to the bullette tunnels. They then try to use the green orb, which takes them to a room filled with skeletal miners and a red slaad.

  • Without hesitation, Lorn casts Scorching Ray onto the slaad. One of the skeletons attack him in return.
  • Rhaegar slips by and attack the skeleton, while H’rathen attempts to turn undead. However, they are not destroyed, and the group learns that they are constructs.
  • The slaad summons another sladd, which Dwayne casts Vertigo on. It sways on its feet, but is able to shake off most of the effects.
  • Neebs flies up into the air majestically, and drops his bow in the process.
  • Grunk, who everyone pretty much forgot about for most of the time, is attacked by a construct and knocked out cold. Another construct attacks Alkaid but misses, and Rhaegar continues to attack the construct fighting him.
  • Rocky bites through the chest of one construct and destroys it, while Nergal breathes a tiny amount of fire and misses. Lorn also hopes off Rocky to avoid being hit again.
  • Rhaegar uses Iron Wind to attack two of the constructs at once, slashing them into pieces and stabbing them both with his sword, disintegrating them with fire.
  • H’rathen grabs a construct by the face and casts Inflict Wounds, then quickens Silence between the two slaads so they can’t summon more of them.
  • The first slaad breaks out of his vertigo and charges Rhaegar, but Rhaegar is able to block every attack and fight back. The second slaad lets out a loud croak, causing Neebs and Marven to become stunned and unable to fight.
  • Dwayne casts an illusion that Shadow Binds the first slaad with shadow-like ribbons that slows him down.
  • Meanwhile, Ciaran keeps shooting arrows at the construct that attacked Grunk, while Basile shoots blasts of eldritch fire at the slaad and constructs fighting Rhaegar. Alkaid also helps them by shooting arrows at the construct attacking him.
  • Lorn uses the Wand of Prayer that they found in the dungeon to help everyone in their battles. Rocky smashes through another construct and gets it stuck on his horn.
  • H’rathen stabs a construct with his speara, while Dwayne casts Magic Missile for a second time on the slaad, and once again does little damage.
  • Basile attacks a slaad and makes it explode into a spray of goo.
  • Alkaid and Lorn attack a construct while Rocky bull rushes the slaad.
  • The Slaad attacks Rhaegar and slashes him with his claws, but no affect seems to take place.
  • H’rathen used his morning star to bludgeon the last construct to death, while shouting “For Kord!”
  • Dwayne casts Magic Missile one final time, and hits the last slaad for maximum damage!
  • Neebs and Marven finally break out of their stunned state and attack the slaad. Neebs shoots an arrow in its groin for 42 damage, and Marven melts it in a blast of angry fire.

With the room filled with dead carcasses, they loot the bodies and try to figure out how they can get back to where they need to go when the orbs go missing. Dwayne tries prestidigitation to turn the orange orb blue, but it doesn’t work. Instead, they move forward into the dungeon and come into a room where they find several suits of armor lined up among the wall. In the corner, a ghostly miner is hacking away at the wall.

Marven asks the ghost if he has ever heard of the Ebbonfire, to which the ghost replies he has, and Marven low-key shits himself. The ghost, named Rudmick Brownview, tells them that he has been working non-stop, and doesn’t seem to realize that he’s dead. Dwayne notices a hidden doorway, and the ghost explains that you have to kick the suits of armor in the dick in order to open the door. Lorn punches one and is immediately shocked with electricity. Basile follows suit, also getting shocked. Eventually, Lorn finds the correct suit of armor and the door opens.

The party walks into a library lined wall to wall with books. In the middle is a desk with a magical book sitting open to one glowing page.

Neebs inspects it and see that it’s the Book of Pooter and the page describes a magical sword called The Zephyr Blade. They also find many blue prints describing impossible devices, such as a teleportation library, a robot, and a jerry-rigged crossbolt.

While most of the group of looking at the artifacts, Marven sneaks around and steals books off the shelves. Basile also gets too excited and starts madly stealing dozens of books as fast as he can, with Ciaran helping as he stuffs the books into his bag.

H’rathen turns and see books vanishing from the shelves, and decides that enough is enough. He casts Invisibility Purge. Lorn attempts to counter the spell to protect Basile, but is unable to (by one point) and Basile is revealed mis-theft.

Dwayne recognizes him as Asgore and shouts out at him, and H’rathen asks Ciaran if this is Basile, to which Ciaran panics and says “no.” However, with the cat out of the bag, Basile scolds H’rathen, explaining that it takes a lot to stay invisible for so long, and Lorn casts invisibility on him once more – but not before sketching a portrait of Basile in his notebook.

After clearing all of the books from the room and shoving it into the handy haversack, Basile tells Neebs telepathically that he needs to get Lorn’s book and destroy the sketch. Neebs simply salutes and says, “consider it done.”

Session 1 & 2 <—                                          —> Session 5 & 6

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