LIFE: Midwest Media Expo and #NotCon2017


This weekend I was going to be attending Midwest Media Expo in Dearborn, MI, another anime convention near me. It would have been my first time attending, and while I’m wasn’t holding an artist alley table to sell my work, I was going to be working with YouTuber Team FinalRush as a photographer. I’ve had the pleasure of being in a few of their videos, and have done many commissions and art pieces for their channel!

Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and we’re no longer attending. You can read more about what happened here.

However, the team at Midwest Media Expo created a Fan Appreciation Event in Farmington Hills, MI called “NotCon2017.” This was a FREE event that allowed us to still see the celebrities that we were hoping to interview and photograph at Midwest.

Below are a few photos I took from the con:



D&D: Tomas and Judah

Lately I haven’t been able to do much regarding my novel and editing (I’m just stuck in a block and life has been too busy to slow down and focus.)

However, I’ve been OBSESSED with our D&D session and all I’ve been wanting to do is play and develop the backstory of my characters, Basile and Ciaran.

So, what I’ve been doing in my free time is developing Basile’s siblings: Tomas and Judah. They aren’t characters I plan on playing (although, if Basile and Ciaran die I will take on the role of Tomas) but they’re important to Basile’s backstory and it gives me something creative to work on while I wait for the next session (ugh, three more weeks…)

*Details may update as sessions continue.

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D&D Session 5 & 6

Yet another exciting session of D&D! We had a new player join, and one character’s backstory is finally revealed! (Special thanks to Sam, who took notes for me while I was away at Easter Mass!)

Note: This session is mainly battle heavy, although plot and story is involved. This session is also designed for players to drop in and out depending on their schedule, so while everyone is in the same party, characters may not be active during certain sessions.

Session Five 


  • Ciaran (LVL4) and Basile (LVL6)
  • Marven (LVL5)
  • H’rathen (LVL5)
  • Rheagar (LVL5)
  • Neebs (LVL 5)
  • Dwayne (LVL5)
  • Alkaid (Lvl 4)
  • Kass (Lvl 4) – the small, pan-flute playing Raptoran Bard.


After revealing Basile’s identity, Kass finally caught up with the group, and Lorn returned to Dwarvenshire to help Stormaggedon with his stable and doing research on stuff. (Or, in an alternative timeline, Lorn pulled a book off the shelf and it Scooby Doo-ed him behind the bookshelf, revealing Kass as a new player.)

The party returns into the mining room, where Dwayne casts a spell to make an illusion of a rhino in memory of Rocky. Everyone except Rhaegar can tell it’s an illusion.

H’rathen talks with the ghost miner and tells him that he has spoken with his employer and was told that he can take as long as he needs for his break. With the miner free, he disappears through the wall.

Marven walks up to the stone door at the front of the room and tries to kick it down, and instead ends up kicking himself backwards onto the floor. Dwayne uses the spell “knock” to open the door with ease. On the other side of the door is a prison, with a dozen starved and beaten prisoners locked in cages. Several look like they have lost all hope, and one is very ill.

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LIFE: 11 Writing Questions

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1.) How many works in progress do you currently have?

Currently I have The Art of Falling completed and in the process of publication, and I’m currently working on the sequel. I have the rest of the The Age of Mythos saga in my head, just not written down.

2.) Do you/would you write fanfiction?

I wrote fanfics when I was younger, with most of them being done when I was around 16. They were Durarara!! fics mainly, and one became very popular (and still gets new readers, which is shocking to me.)

3.) Do you prefer real books or e-books?

I prefer real books. I’m on a computer for tons of other things. I want reading to stay special.

4.) When did you start writing?

I was in elementary school when I started writing. However, I didn’t start seriously writing until high school.

5.) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

I brainstorm with several of my friends, two of which helped me create the world that my novels take place in. However, my fiance is the one who reads every draft and edits.

6.) Where is your favorite place to write?

I prefer writing in my room, or on my downtime at work.

7.) Favorite childhood book?

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis, and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. And anything by Lemony Snicket.

8.) Writing for fun or writing for publication?

Both! Publication is the dream that I want to achieve so I can continue to write for a living, but I love writing for fun as well.

9.) Pen and paper or computer?

Laptops for pretty much everything. However, I love printing out and editing by hand on paper.

10.) Have you ever taken any writing classes?

I’ve taken several Creative Writing courses in college, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and screenwriting.

11.) What inspires you to write?

The characters themselves. I have to write their stories. I feel empty if I don’t.