D&D Session 11

Session Eleven


  • Ciaran (LVL7) and Basile (LVL9)
  • Lorn (LVL 9)
  • Marven (LVL9)
  • Neebs (LVL 9)
  • Dwayne (LVL 9)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 9)
  • Alkaid (LVL 8)
  • Kass (LVL 8)


Dwayne decides to draw from the deck of many things after seeing that Neebs had returned and was fine after drawing The Void. Testing his luck, he draws The Key and is gifted a major magic bow. He gives it to Alkaid to test out. He shoots an arrow at the tree and they see it’s electrically charged. Marven identifies it as a bow that can immediately kill demons and will create thunderstorms if shot enough. Dwayne thanks him and pays him in salted pork, but after he uses prestidigitation to make it taste rotten.

The group then breaks off to go through their errands before deciding what adventure to go on next.

Marven spends most of his time in town working on his tavern, which he wants to make into the best (and only) nightclub in town:

  • He, Dwayne, and Lorn get together to start their plans. Lorn offers to do Marven’s books, and Dwayne is already hired as the chef. Marven tells them that he is looking for a special “item” that he can give to guests to make them feel “really great, almost euphoric or ecstatic” when they visit. Lorn is actually familiar that frogs may have secretions that have those effects, and offers to help. Plan “Lucy in the Sky with Dragons” is a go.
  • As they split off, Marven goes to visit Ashisa, and asks if she will make drugs to give his patrons, explaining that he wants them “not super addictive, but just strong enough to help them have a great time.” She reluctantly agrees?
  • Finally, he goes to see Seabright to begin updating The Last Call, which he will rename at a later date.

Lorn helps Ciaran read the many devil books they had borrowed, and determine that there are dozens of contradictions and loopholes in the convoluted laws. Meanwhile, Basile sneaks off to find the waystone that Rhaegar had told him about. He spends an hour desecrating it, blasting it apart with his eldritch fire, and writes “Kord Rulez, Avandra Droolz” in the dirt to make it look like some kid did it.

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LIFE: House Hunting

With the wedding coming up now in LESS THAN A YEAR, Eddie and I have to start house hunting. We currently live at home with our respective parents, and while we live within a mile of each other (seriously, how had we not met sooner when we lived so close?) we would like to have a place of our own before we get hitched.

So, that’s where the stressful task of house hunting begins and all of my hopes and dreams of a perfect house are chopped into bite-sized bits.

My ultimate dream house includes:

  • A library
  • A turret
  • A basement
  • A wrap around porch
  • A nice yard
  • A third story floor
  • A safe neighborhood

Something like this:

Image result for third story houses wrap around porch turret

Look at that beauty.

Of course, this type of home is impossibly out of budget – unless it’s a fixer-upper we can’t afford to flip. (We actually did find this type of house in our price range, but it needed some serious remodeling and I’m not about that life.)

So, we have to prioritize a bit and find out what really is the most important thing for us. This shortens the list to:

  • A library
  • A turret
  • A basement
  • A wrap around porch
  • A nice yard
  • A third story floor
  • A safe neighborhood

Narrowing it down, this actually isn’t too bad of a list! We have actually found homes in our price range that have an extra bedroom that we can turn into an office/library, a nice yard that’s perfect for parties, and a basement!

However, these homes are not located the area we would prefer to live. Rather, they’re in a not so great area that my mom is 100% NOT a fan of. Knowing that she would prefer we don’t live there makes it hard for me to even consider a home, even if it looks like it might be a good fit for us.

Currently I’m very frustrated that there is nothing in a safe area that is in our price range. It feels like we’ll never find a place to call home! Of course, no one said that house hunting would be easy.

Thankfully, we’re working with a great realtor who is more than happy to do the grunt work and find us a home in  safe neighborhood that meets our preferences and our budget.

For those who have purchased a house in the past or are currently looking for a home, leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the situation! We are always open to some good advice.

D&D Session 10.5

We were going to play D&D this weekend, but had to cancel when most people weren’t available. So, Eddie had some people over to play video games and board games. At the end of the night, me and the two other guests (who all play D&D) decided we wanted to “play D&D.” So here’s our filler “beach episode” session featuring Basile, Ciaran, Marven, and Dwaye the Rock Gnome Johnson – the People’s Gnome. (Thank you, Eddie, for humoring us.)


  • Ciaran (LVL8) and Basile (LVL10)
  • Marven (LVL9)
  • Dwayne (LVL9)
  • Theoretical Nick

It is a beautiful and sunny day in Dwarvenshire, and the Neebs and Associates are spending a day to relax and not deal with all of the typical bullshit. Dwayne, Marven, and Ciaran decide that they want to go to the beach to the south. Marven and Ciaran, with the help of Basile, can fly there. However, Dwayne is unable to.

Dwayne comes up with the idea to ask Lorn if they can borrow Rocky for the trip. But instead of just asking Lorn if they can borrow Rocky, they decide to perform Grand Theft Rhino. Basile uses one of Dwayne’s Alchemist Sleep bottles, but that doesn’t work. So Marven finds a tire iron and smacks Lorn over the head. With a hypothetical Nat 20 that doesn’t matter, he kills Lorn. Rocky is sad.

The quartet rides him to the Lady of the Lake to see if she wants to join them at the beach. On the way there, the DM asks to roll a D12. Theoretical Nick rolls a 12 and something awful appears to fight Neebs; Sadius is pleased.

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LIFE: Bachelorette Party!

My maid of honor and best friend Nancy is getting married in a few weeks! She will be the second one in our trio of middle school besties to be getting hitched, and we are so excited to be a part of it!

This weekend, Brianna and I threw her a bachelorette party just for the three of us to celebrate like the mature, sophisticated adults we are.

Meaning we made jello jigglers and a massive rice krispy treat statue in the shape of, well, you know. We also had donuts that were not phallic shaped, so we weren’t completely inappropriate.

While we didn’t go out to celebrate like we did with Brianna’s bachelorette party last year (where we went pole dancing before eating at Olive Garden and finishing up the night watching Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL) we had a relaxing time that was much needed. Nancy has been scrambling to finish up the details of her DIY wedding, and sometimes all you need is to lie around, eat carry out from Coney Island, and talk about life.

In addition to that, we saved some extra money by skipping the wood sign painting class and doing it ourselves! Brianna’s family owns a construction company, so they had a ton of stains in the garage. I brought over my collection of acrylic paint, and we spent a few hours staining and painting signs in the backyard.

With Nancy’s party focusing on relaxation, and Brianna’s focused on strippers, I can only wonder what the two of them will plan for my bachelorette party next year.

I have a larger bridal party that includes a few of my younger cousins, so I will definitely need to help plan an event that they can all be included in. Perhaps Painting With a Twist, or Bowling. However, for our private party for the three of us, I can only imagine what they will need to come up with to top the craziness we have done for them.

Good luck, girls! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!