D&D Session 12 & 13

Happy birthday to me! I just turned 24 on August 2nd, and this past week has been a blessing and a kind reminder that I have the most wonderful friends and family.

I had the chance to go out to dinner with my fiance and family multiple times, taking advantage of free pancakes from Ihop and not having to pay for my own meals (score!) I also went to a comedy show at Meadowbrook Amphitheater to see Demetri Martin. On the day of my birthday, I woke up to find a big stuffed dog and a card left on my car from one of my closest friends. When I arrived at work, I was surprised to find balloons and streamers decorating my desk, and the task of choosing the Pandora station that we listed to. Of course, I chose Blink-182 radio.  They also left me a card, with many well wishes and lots of puns for D&D (they all know how much I adore it.)

Speaking of D&D, that is how I spent the weekend before my birthday! My friends were more than happy to grant me the gift of a two day long sleep-over session. So here is recap of the awesome sessions we had.

Session Twelve


  • Ciaran (LVL9) and Basile (LVL11)
  • Lorn (LVL 11)
  • Marven (LVL11)
  • Neebs (LVL 11)
  • Dwayne (LVL11)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 11)
  • Alkaid (LVL 10)
  • Kass (LVL 10)


In town, the group goes to sell and purchase some items. Basile goes to Xi-Long to purchase a Wand of Lesser Restoration. Dwayne sells the Sword of Life Stealing that he grabbed from the dragon hoard, and purchases a Helm of Underwater Action. Lorn sells his spell book. Meanwhile, Neebs hires people to work for Neebs Peak. Marven takes Ashisa on a flying carpet ride around town. They also sell parts of the wight dragon and other pieces of the hoard to the Fang Reserve.

Meanwhile, a heavily armored man pulls himself out of the well and dries himself off. Stormageddon – keeper of the well – and the group investigates, except Dwayne who goes to church. The Warforge introduces himself as Skor is looking for Marven. Rhaegar pretends he is Marven to see if he was an enemy to Marven, but they learned that he was hired by Marven. Skor and the real Marven go off in private to discuss designing the club.

  • Marven makes a deal with Skor for a 90,000 gold piece dungeon to hide under the club. He wants the tavern to be flame-retardant that leads to his dungeon. He also wants a “humorous defense” before a deadly defense, so Skor provides him with golems to guard the lair. Marven wants to make a life-sized chess game as a trial, but thinks it may have been done before. Skor assures him it’s never been done before by him.
  • Skor offers a doorway that will change people’s hair color, and Marven remembers the dungeon that messed with H’rathen’s hair. They discuss the several dungeons that Skor has designed within the dwarf statue that Dwavernshire is built upon. (We then realized that the dwarf statue was carved into a mountain like Mount Rushmore, not just a massive statue in the middle of nowhere.)
  • Skor also mentions a tower that he designed for a wizard to the south. Marven mentions Ebbonfire Keep, to which Skor replies, “they’re the dragon fuckers, right?”
  • Marven promises to feed him salted pork after the project is done, and asks Lorn if he will help them with the dungeon by using the spell Move Earth. Lorn agrees, if his loans to Marven are waived.

Can Tankerous welcomes a newcomer come into town. He introduces himself as Hank, the ranger, who specializes in arrows and arrow accessories. Neebs greets him and they go off to set up a place for him to set up “Hank’s Arrow Shop.”

At the Three Shepherds, Neebs tells the dragon born brothers about the wight dragon. He shows off The Holy Avenger sword to Americk. He offers them the sword for 20% of the gold they find, and if they help Adrian – the raptoran protecting Neebs – grow stronger.

Miles Buckley, one of the farmers they rescued from the slaads, comes in to find Alkaid – the Demon Hunter. He would like him to take care of a large demon that was enslaving the farmhands in the name of Thaylin the Forebearer. Alkaid recognizes him as the Shalan Staff Wizard that enslaved Alkaid in the past. The group decides to go off to help Miles with their situation.

As they are sleeping, a small turtle walks into their camp. Marven says hello to the turtle. When he looks closer, he notices a small scroll tied to it. He wakes up everyone to see the messenger turtle; which legend states that turtles are the most reliable messenger of any animal despite being slow. Marven tries to take the scroll, and the turtle constantly dodges. Everyone starts yelling about the turtle and Dwayne tries to feed it. Kass casts Mage Hand and takes the scroll from the turtle. Basile picks up the turtle and gives it to Lorn to speak with him. The turtle tells Lorn that the letter is for E. Lorn bluffs that he is E, but the turtle doesn’t believe him. Neebs suggests that the turtle sniff out E, and he identifies Basile.

Basile takes the letter and learns that it’s from his brother, who assures him that he doesn’t have to become immortal if he follows Ioun. He also explains that he saved Ciaran’s life and shouldn’t feel guilty. Neebs asks what the letter says, and he says he’d rather not share.

Then the turtle poofs.

Dwayne makes 10 gallons of soup for Marven, who was mad that he couldn’t eat the turtle. Lorn goes and finds a random turtle to feed Marven.

In the morning, the group arrives at the farm. They see five demons enslaving and whipping the farmhands. Dwayne casts Greater Invisibility on Lorn and Rhaegar. Lorn casts Haste on everyone, and turns Rocky invisible.

  • Neebs flies over one of the demons and then shoots Rhaegar with a blunt arrow. He casts Regroup, bringing him right up to the demon.
  • Lorn casts Rhino Rush on Rocky, and he charges into one of the demons. Lorn quickens Magic Missile, as well as Evard’s Black Tentacles. Two of the demons are grappled by the tentacles.
  • Rhaegar swings his dire flail seven times, but only hits twice.
  • Marven empowers his slowing breath on two of the demons.
  • Dwayne casts Magic Missile onto the demon Neebs is hovering above.
  • Alkaid takes aim at a demon and fires off four arrows, and crucifies it. One arrow splits into two so that both legs, arms, and head are pinned into the ground.
  • Kass sings his Inspire Courage.
  • The demons start to bubble and stitch together and heal back. The demon that Alkaid killed stands back up.
  • Basile invokes Chilling Tentacles to grapple three demons and two of the innocent farmers. Meanwhile, Ciaran summons a Celestial Black Bear which beats the shit out of a demon.
  • Neebs shoots three arrow down into the demon he’s flying above. He identifies the demons as Bloodreavers.
  • Lorn activates his Pearl of Power, and casts Align Fang on him and Rocky to make them good aligned when attacking. Then casts Magic Missile on the demon that got back up to knock him back down. Rocky charges through Evard’s Tentacles to attack a demon.
  • Rhaegar critically beats the shit out of a demon. He then pours a bottle of holy water onto it and disappears.
  • Marven walks and touches a demon in the face with the Zephyr Blade, then activates his Ring of Thunderclaps to deafen two of the remaining three demons.
  • Dwayne moves up and throws a vial of holy water at one of the fallen demons and poofs it.
  • Alkaid gives Kass five holy waters to throw at the demons. Kass flies 25 feet up into the air. He then tells a joke about gummy bears to Ciaran, but Lorn ruins it.
  • The demons struggle to get out of the tentacles, but are unable to escape. So they Greater Teleport. Meanwhile, the third continues fighting the celestial bear.
  • The bear grapples the last demon to try and hold him down but can’t.  Basile casts another Chilling Tentacles on top of him to hold him down.
  • Neebs shoots more arrows into the demon, and Lorn casts Dimensional Anchor to the demon to keep him in this plane of existence.
  • Rhaegar refreshes his maneuvers in a flashy manor.
  • Marven shouts at him, and his voice is so loud it scares the demon.
  • Dwayne tries to save the living farmers (the dead one is being tossed between the two chilling tentacles.)

Alkaid moves closer to interview the demon, and asks him where Thaylin the Forebearer is and if he is alive. When the demon denies telling any details, he pours holy water on him to make him talk, but starts to bleed out of his facial orifices.

Dwayne chops off the demons hands….with his own hands? Then stabs out his eyes as he tries to escape from the tentacles. When that doesn’t make him talk, Dwayne gives truth serum to Rhaeger, who mixes it with his wine and shoves it down his throat. But before they can give it to the demon, Neebs writes down a note for Thaylin the Forebearer saying that they’re coming after him. He then pins the note into his chest with a dagger. Lorn then releases the Dimension Anchor, and Basile releases his tentacles. The demon turns invisible and flees.

(We then took a cake break.)

Lorn heals the party, while Basile uses his Wand of Lesser Restoration on the injured farmers. Dwayne gives them 150 gold to help them restart their farm, and they practically worship him.

Lorn relearns the spell Scry, as Neebs attempts to use it locate the demon’s weapon and figure out his general area. Then the group walks back for the day and returns to Dwarvenshire.

Neebs went to check on the dragon born brothers, but they aren’t in town. Alkaid, Kass, and Rhaegar goes to Ashisa to buy alignment oil for their weapons. Meanwhile, Marven goes to visit Regis.

  • Regis isn’t exactly happy to see Marven and hasn’t found out much. Marven threatens that he didn’t “motive” him enough. Rhaegar joins in and gives Marven some salted pork to continue “motivating” Regis.
  • Regis tells him that Krissa isn’t up in the north anymore, and warns Marven not to trust many people and promises that he won’t be safe from Krissa if they stay here.

Dwayne, Basile, and Kass go to visit H’rathen.

  • Dwayne checks on Chip to see if they sold any potions, and starts to make some more.
  • Kass asks H’rathen to commune with Kord to learn if the ‘E’ that the turtle messenger looking for named “Eythan Addler.” H’rathen confirms this, and Basile is seriously confused and nervous that they know that name.
  • Despite this, Basile asks H’rathen to send a quick (and private) message to Tomas Addler: “Tomas, this is Basile, why the hell would you send a turtle? I just got your letter! Use something quicker next time.”

The next morning, Neebsenshire seems different. A giant pair of wings is flying out behind the statue and the face looks like Neebs.

Lorn and Marven arrive at Rhaegar’s home with a man with antlers and green skin named the Lord of Lakeland. Marven uses the Teleportation Helmet to take them to Byloth’s lair. They are provided a special passage to get to Byloth quickly.

  • Byloth provides Marven with a new drafted contract regarding their previous deal.
  • Marven bring in an addendum, and Lorn negotiates to remove the bottom piece of the paper from the contract. Lorn finds no invisible inks on the contract.
  • Marven offers to sell his soul as long as Byloth completes a task of Marven’s choosing. In return, she will provide 250,000 gold and all of his friends are out of their contracts, and two levels.
  • Upon making the deal, they disappear. Lorn and Rhaegar are left. Lorn identifies the Plane Shift spell.
  • Lorn talks to one of the imps and asks where they went. He tries to get him to drink the truth serum but he refuses. He coerces the imp to bring them drinks and asks if there are traps in the room. The imp implies that there aren’t any traps. Rhaegar searches the room and finds irrelevant documents. Everything of value and worth is gone.
  • Lorn sends a message to Marven to try an get an instant reply: “This is Lorn. I will come find you. Get to safety, what plane are you on, what do you see, help me find you.”
  • Marven replies: “Shadows. Similar to our. Krissa is here. Fighting Ebbonfire. Keep if lose.”
  • Lorn realizes that Marven was sent to the Shadowfeld: a mirror dimension to ours full of undeath. He uses the Plane Shift scroll to go to the Shadowfeld with Rhaegar and Lord. Once there, Lorn uses Scry to try and find Marven. They find him in combat with a woman wielding a crossbow.
  • Andy is so desperate that he asks Eric to touch his dice so he can roll low. He succeeds and they are teleport to get to Marven.

Meanwhile, Neebs meets with Basile and talks to him. They realize part of the party is missing and run to talk to H’rathen and send a message to Lorn to see where they are. Lorn replies: “On the Shadowfeld. Getting attacked with Marven. Come help please.”

The group scramble to try and find a way to get to the Shadowfeld and visit Xi-Long. Xi-Long doesn’t have three scrolls of Plane Shift. H’rathen says to send a message to Lorn to learn more about what they see around them.

Dwayne sends a message to Chip to sell off everything that they have, and to have a party. Then sends another message to Lorn: “Hey Lorn, we’re on our way. What do you surroundings look like. This Dwayne by the way. How you doing. Hope you’re well. Okay bye.” Lorn replies with exact coordinates after Locate Creature on himself. Neebs stayed back to watch over Ciaran. Dwayne uses the Plane Shift and they go off target (because Eric had to roll the dice and rolled a nat 1/100.)

The party shifts in the air. Basile, Kass, and Alkaid start to fly to catch themselves. Dwayne uses his Boots of Dimensional Stride to land safely on the ground.

Kass casts Daylight to lighten up the area. They don’t seem to see anything familiar, but in the distance and notice a mountain that looks like Neebs Peak. Dwayne bluffs to say that they didn’t shift to the wrong area.

The two groups eventually meet up. H’rathen explains that they need to rest for a night to Plane Shift them back. Basile and Dwayne offer both of their Magic Bedrolls to H’rathen so he can rest and use the Plane Shift spell sooner. Dwayne casts Seeming and makes him look like Lorn. Then uses is on Lorn to make him look like H’rathen. To help him sleep sooner, Dwayne throws an Alchemical Sleep Potion to help him.

After an hour, we all grab hands and sing Kumbayah, My Kord and then Plane Shift back. Marven starts to explain what happened, but Basile stops him in a panic and suggests they go to someplace private to discuss.

At Rhaegar’s place, Marven updates us on what happened:

He went to sell his soul to Byloth for a great deal of money and power, and to free everyone else from the contracts. However, it wasn’t Byloth that he shook hands with. Instead, he was teleported to the Shadowfeld by Krissa. Krissa fought him with crossbows as he dodged and breathed fire at her. Right as Lorn and Rhaegar arrived, he was shot with a crossbolt laced with poison and he fell asleep. Rocky charged at Krissa, but she was able to teleport away and read a scroll to capture Marven. However, her spell didn’t work and she vanished.

During the summary, Basile suddenly turns invisible. He didn’t return to invisibility on his own, but realizes that his shroud activated. Lorn warns them that someone is trying to find him or someone in the party. Reheagar used his Torc of Antimagic to protect everyone from scrying.

Ciaran, Lorn, and Rhaegar recall history that Pendralar is an extremely old black dragon that was around before the Shalan Staffs. He achieved god-level status and then disappeared. They assume that the Ebbonfire have tapped into his god-like powers and will stop at nothing to get Marven back. Krissa is one of the weakest, and Marven expects her to come back. The party promises that they will stand by Marven to fight and protect him against the Ebbonfire.

They decide to stay in town to prepare and fight on their own turf. They each take turns leaving the protection of the Torc of Antimagic to see who may be getting searched for. It seems that they are safe for now. Dwayne casts Nondetection on Marven as they drop the shield of magic. Marven turns invisible, and the bottle of Krissa’s blood that Rhaegar has shatters and burns. Lorn spell crafts and identifies Clairvoyance.

That night, everyone goes to the Three Shepherds.

  • Marven walks in all pissed and finds Regis. He casts Geas on him and will speak nothing but the truth for twelve days. He demands to know if Regis knew that Krissa was so close. When Regis’ men start to get up, Marven intimidates them to sit back down.
  • Can Tankerous comes to see what’s the problem, and Regis calls Marven a “gnome, dragon, midget.” Marven demands that Regis find out as much information about those taking a large bounty against him. Regis reveals that there is a hefty bounty for the “wife murderer Rhaegar.”
  • As everyone starts shouting about everything that’s being revealed, Marven unleashes his frightful presence out of anger. Half of the tavern flees. Regis goes to leave to do as he was told.

Marven goes to visit Ashisa. He gives her magic carpet and told her to stay at Neebs Peak for a week to stay safe. She was distraught and promised that she was going to make something for him within the week. He then goes to the Fang Reserve to warn them of the oncoming attack, and tells them to not take on any major jobs for the week.

Meanwhile, Dwayne and Ciaran turn invisible. They, as well as Basile, to play pranks to try and lighten to mood. They use ghost Sound to make people fart, like Lord. Lord talks about how much he likes everyone, but says Rhaegar is awful and walks away. Rhaegar is too drunk to care. Dwayne uses alchemist sleep on him, and then gives Caelem lobster bisque and it’s the best damn thing they ever ate.

Three days into their week, a gray Pit Bull named Odin walks into the temple of Kord and says that he will spread the word of Kord. He is a very intelligent dog. He reveals that Lorn imbued him with intelligence. Anytime he sees Ciaran in town, he chases after him and tries to be friends by telling jokes and being cute, but Ciaran just runs away in fear.

A gnome comes into town. He is wearing official looking white robes with the arms exposed. He is the Hulkster, one of Dwayne’s spies that was put into his brother, Farooq’s, ranks. His brother sent the Hulkster to kill Dwayne, but he warns him to not come home just yet. He asks to take something back to pretend that he killed him. Dwayne tries to convince him to stay, but the Hulkster declines. In the meantime, Dwayne changes his name and appearance to stay hidden.

At the end of the week, nothing else of importance happens. The group decides to go to Torque’s lair. Before they leave, Alkaid purchases a holy enchantment for his bow. Dwayne gives Odin something to eat, but he declines as it has things that he can’t eat such as onions and animal bones.

On the road, the party sees the caravan coming toward them. A woman is driving it and greets them. She says that they’re looking for Rhaegar, and when Rhaegar (who disguised himself as an orc) denies knowing him, men start to jump out of the cart to attack. They wear the Crest of House Tyrel.

  • Alkaid fires off two arrows at a mage.
  • The scout moves forward and shoots off an arrow at Rhaegar.
  • The rogue drinks a potion and turn invisible.
  • Marven empowers his slow breath and hits the scout, wizard, barbarian, cleric, and fighter. He then uses his Ring of Thunderclaps to touch the scout, but he misses.
  • The wizard moves back and summons an ice storm. The chunks of hail hits Rhaegar, Rocky, Lorn, Dwayne, Alkaid, and Ciaran.
  • Lorn casts Flame Strike between the attackers, but misses. He activates a Wand of Rhino Rush and quicken casts splinter bolt but it fails. Rocky charges at the wizard and knocks her 600 feet into the air with his ass.
  • Rhaegar uses Lions Roar to give everyone a boost and activates his Torc of Antimagic to protect Rocky. His disguise disappears, and he swings at the scout but misses.
  • Dwayne cast Mass Whelm, but was unable to keep concentration through the ice storm.
  • The warlock shoots an eldritch blast at Lorn and sickens him, before moving back further.
  • The fighter swings his dire flail around to hit Rocky and misses.
  • The cleric summons an earth elemental next to Dwayne and slams into him twice.
  • Kass plays his Inspire Courage song, but it doesn’t help
  • Basile rushes up and slashes the barbarian across the chest. Ciaran steps out of the ice storm and is unable to string his bow fast enough to shoot off an arrow.
  • The sorcerer casts a fireball that hits Ciaran and Kass.
  • The barbarian swings blindly and manages to strike Basile with his Thundering Great Axe. Basile is knocked out unconscious and bleeding and deafened.
  • Alkaid shoots off two arrows at the sorcerer, and the second arrow is faster and splits the first arrow, so the three tips go through her eyes and forehead.
  • The scout swings at Rhaegar, but he manages to block it.
  • Neebs then swoops in next to the warlock and shoots two arrows into their shoulder’s and pins them into the ground.
  • The rogue moves around to prepare and sneak attack Rhaegar when the antimagic field falls.
  • Marven steps out of the antimagic field and gets hit by the scout. He uses his Ring of Mystic Fire and casts Flame Strike with the Zephyr Blade on the cleric and fighter.
  • Lorn wildshapes into a Rhino and quicken casts three Scorching Rays at the cleric. Rocky  attacks the fighter twice.
  • Rhaegar lowers the Torc of Antimagic and attacks the scout three times, shoving Torch through his gut and burns him from the inside.
  • Dwayne uses Boots of Dimensional Stride to move 60 feet away and near the cleric. He casts Dominate Person on the barbarian, but he passes the will save.
  • The fighter swings at Rocky and misses again.
  • The cleric steps back and swings at Dwayne, who is trying to talk to him, and misses. The earth elemental moves closer to the group, but Dwayne Halts him.
  • Ciaran glitter dusts the rogue to make him visible.
  • The barbarian threatens to kill Basile if anyone makes a move.
  • Neebs quicken casts Regroup to try and save Basile before the barbarian hits him, but he slams down and kills Basile. Basile is moved closer to Neebs. Neebs also casts Regroup on Ciaran and Dwayne and move them near Basile. Neebs shoots one arrow very  slow, then one fast, allowing them to splinter and kill the barbarian. He then tells Kass, “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. Always with flare!”
  • Ciaran heals Basile and manages to bring him back to life.
  • The rogue jabs his rapier into Rhaegar’s neck after Rhaegar was unable to predict his attack. Rhaegar is able to block it before it pierces, and counters.
  • Marven sleep breath and knocks out fighter.
  • Lorn casts Cure Major Wounds and heals Basile through the grass. Then activates Rhino Rush and charges the earth elemental and shatters him. Rocky rolls over the cleric to scratch his back and crushes him.
  • Rhaegar stabs the rogue through the stomach and lights him on fire.

They tie up Loris Tyrel and start to loot the bodies.


Session Thirteen


  • Ciaran (LVL9) and Basile (LVL11)
  • Lorn (LVL 11)
  • Marven (LVL11)
  • Neebs (LVL 11)
  • Dwayne (LVL11)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 11)
  • Alkaid (LVL 11)

As the party loots the bodies and collects their belongings, Lorn sees the Zephyr Rabbit. He teleports to it and stares down at it. He casts Speak with Animals and speaks with it. The Zephyr Rabbit licks his hand. Lorn tries to be his friend. The Zephyr Rabbit complies. They continue to stare each other down. Lorn offers to have the rabbit join them, but the rabbit doesn’t want to get eaten. Marven then swoops down like a bird of prey, a pelican of sorts, and eats him.

The town turns around to head back to Neebsenshire to heal and recover. Rhaegar takes Loris into his house. Rhaegar wakes him up and Loris offers them 20,000 gold to be released. Rhegar explains that he was born into the house of Clegane, and Count Rugen’s men came in and killed Rhaegar’s wife and daughter.

When Loris remains convinced that Rhaegar did it, Neebs reveals that he was originally hired to kill Rhaegar’s wife and child and frame him but denied the offer. Rhaegar provides Loris with a letter that he had found on the body of one of the soldier’s that was sent to kill him. Loris realizes that he had been duped. Neebs releases Loris and allows him to leave and bury his comrades and look into this situation further.

After splitting up and selling items, they find a diary looted from one of the men. The book is magical, and Lorn dispells it. But there is nothing of worth in the diary.

While in town, a gate of white light appears next to Lorn and sucks him inside. Lorn later returns inside the temple of Kord through another gate. He thanks Ioun for the trip and explains that he needed to be returned in a lesser place of worship to H’rathen.

Marven runs up and asks him if he’s okay. Lorn assures them that 1) he was only speaking with friends, and 2) he’s not Krissa when Marven asks. He then goes to Xi-Long to get a dire tortoise to send a message. His name is Hubert.

That night, Dwayne invites everyone to the alchemy shop. Alkaid, Basile and Ciaran go to visit, and are given various gifts.

Neebs purchases a War Ship to use to travel to the islands where Torque lives. However, they don’t have a crew. Marven goes to visit Skor to purchase golems for the ship. When that proves to cost too much, Skor shrinks down the ship and puts it into his bag to be worked on.

After a week, they meet Skor at the river at the base of the statue. The ship is returned, and they see that it has been turned into a ghost ship. Neebs names it the N.I.S Neebs at Sea. The group (sans Kass, who chooses to stay back) takes the ship down the river toward sea.

On the way, they see a large and rocky outcropping and a cove with a large pyramid in the middle of the land. However, Neebs is so into how he looks as he sails the ship, he doesn’t see that they are hitting a coral reef. As everyone stumbles and falls, he doesn’t even flinch.

The group makes their way off the ship onto the land, and Torque greets them. He will follow behind to observe and see how the group handles the challenges. They make their way up the path and go to the front door.

Dwayne casts Sanctuary on himself before they step inside. Neebs flies around to see if there are any fake entrances. Instead, he finds sea lions mating. He shouts that he found the entrance and brings everyone over.

Back at the front door, Ciaran searches for traps but doesn’t seem to find any traps. Marven, Neebs, and Rhaegar push open the door. Then Marven pulls open he door. Torque asks Ciaran what he was doing, and he explains happily that he was checking for traps. Torque writes down eagerly into his notebook.

In the front room the part sees a a hideous and rotting humanoid feature wearing a jester suit. In the room there is a large pool of water. Overall the room feels very creepy. The jester will allow them to pass if they answer his riddle: what is my name?

Lorn tries to sense the jester’s thoughts and can’t make out what his name is. Dwayne casts prestidigitation on the sheet of paper that the jester wrote his name on, but it doesn’t change. Rhaegar asks to see the card, and the jester throws it at him. The card hits Rhaegar and all of his magic items disappear.

  • The jester takes out a mace and lets out an eerie cackle. Lorn becomes panicked and flees. Rocky attacks the jester as it moves in to hit Marven and then….

The jester throws a second card from his deck. The card smacks into Rhaegar and forces him to lose 10,000 XP and draws a second card. It hits him in the eye as he looks down and sees that there is a short bow. Lorn casts nerveskitter to ensure that he goes first.

  • Lorn jumps off Rocky and lets him charge into the jester. He then casts Haste on the party, and quicken casts a Magic Circle Against Evil.
  • The jester cackles again. This time, Ciaran is the one panicked and turns to flee. The jester throws a card at Rocky. He gets a +6 bonus to diplomacy and a small keep. He is now Lord of Lakeland. He then whacks Rocky with his mace.
  • Marven empowers his slow breath onto the jester. He is shaken and slowed.
  • Alkaid shoots off five arrows with her holy bow, but only one slams into the chest of the jester.
  • Rhaegar charges up and smacks the jester with Torch. He also uses Lions Roar.
  • Outside of the room, they hear incorporeal creatures wailing and passing through the crowd. Neebs recognizes them as phantasms. They have the ability to possess the party. They move in closer to Marven Rocky, Rhaegar, and Neebs. Neebs is able to dodge, but the rest take damage and lose a level.
  • Neebs shoots arrows at a phantasms’ hands so that the arrows pierce and make them hit in the face. “Why are you hitting yourself?”
  • Dwayne backs into the circle of good. He then casts Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere around the jester.
  • Ciaran runs away and is halted by Dwayne, so he drops to the ground and sobs. Basile eldritch blasts a phantasm in the face, and his blast jumps to two other target through Eldritch Chain.
  • Rocky swung his horn into a phantasm, and Lorn casts Magic Missile.
  • The jester states that he has to play with himself a little bit, and pulls out a card for himself. He draws a card but nothing seems to happen.
  • Marven uses his Ring of Thunderclaps, and then uses the Shout spell at one of the phantasm. He then hits them with the Zephyr Blade.
  • Alkaid shoots off another five arrows. Three slam into one phantasm and destroys it into a vape cloud. The other two impale into a second. Rhaegar follows up and swings Torch twice into a phantasm.
  • The remaining phantasms move to attack Rhaegar and Rocky. They both lose levels and take damage.
  • Neebs fires off an arrow and a Scorching Ray into the phantasm that looks the strongest. He annihilates it with 82 damage. He then shoots another arrow at one of the weaker phantasms and also makes it poof away.
  • Dwayne casts and illusion of Kord’s symbol appears in front of the phantasm. He shouts, “in the name of Kord, you are dismissed from this plane!” He casts Magic Missile into the final phantasm and explodes it. Before he drops the shield, Neebs explains that he is a Red Jester, which are thought to be the remains of court jesters that were put to death for bad puns, or jesters of demon princes who are sent to “entertain” mortals. If hit with its mace, you burst into laughter.
  • He channels the evocation Wind Wall in front of the jester, drops the wall and yells “YOUR NAME IS MARTIN.”
  • Basile shoots of a hellfire eldritch blast, and Lorn Rocky charges forward to impale his horn into the jester’s wrist up into his chin so his. The jester’s mace flips up into the air and lands on Rocky. He chuckles.

Lorn casts Guidance on those who lost levels and heals everyone’s damage. Torque asks them what they thought of the room. The group explains it was fairly difficult and good for a first room. Ciaran is still crying.

Before they continue, Lorn asks for Torque to prove that he is a true dragon and not Krissa. He agrees to turn his finger into a claw to prove that he is. Lorn decides it’s safe enough to continue. (Alkaid borrows Torque’s pen to write “Kass was here” on the wall.)

Hesitantly, Ciaran searches for traps on the next door and doesn’t see anything. They open the door and they see that the water level of the room is starting to rise as they move up. Wading in the water they see a figure. In the center of the room there is a lever. Lorn uses his Baleful Transposition to bring Rocky into the room.

  • Dwayne asks the specter what is wrong, but she just sighs. Dwayne casts Swift Etherealness to try and cheer her up. She pokes him and says “well done.” She introduces herself as Karis.
  • Basile and Marven walk in to look at the caskets that are in the room. Marven finds out that the open casket belongs to the specter, and her husband in the other casket. They move over to the lever. Basile checks the floors for other levers, while Ciaran looks around for any holes for water to come in.
  • Neebs recklessly goes to pull the lever and his hands go through it. Marven asks her to pull the lever, but she thinks it’s too much of a hassle. Dwayne casts Etherealness again and is able to pull the lever.

The party tells Torque that it’s a clever room, but they suggest that having water fill the room would make it more dangerous. They then go into the next room and see that it is empty except for a pool of water. The pool goes down 120 feet and then seems to turn. Marven bets Neebs he can drink all the water. He tastes it and it’s saltwater, so he calls off the bet. That’s fair.

Neebs dives in with a rock to sink to the bottom faster, and Lorn wildshapes into a hippo. (According to Jake: More people turn into hippopotamus a year than any other animal.) He then summons four dolphins to help people swim through.

As they swim deeper into the tunnel they run into four huge jellyfish-like creatures called Seawasps. Dwayne casts displacement to bring Rocky and Lorn up to the front. At that moment, a flash of red surround them. All of the dolphins disappear, Basile becomes visible, and Lorn turns back into his  normal form. Dwayne, Basile, and Ciaran breathe in water and start to drown. Basile tries to warn Lorn that he and Ciaran are drowning, but all of the voices in his head are gone and he realizes his telepathy is silenced.

  • Rhaegar starts to swim towards the Seawasps as Lorn points in that direction. Neebs follows after him and is able to swim past the field and is able to breathe again. However, the Seawasp swings a tentacle at him but misses.
  • Lorn pulls out 100 feet of rope to see if he can get the end to float toward those who are drowning. They swim out of the anti magic field.
  • Alkaid backs away into the original tunnel to get out of the anti magic field and to stop Xylander from drowning.
  • Marven tries to swim but can’t. Basile starts to sink and Ciaran swims over to the rope but it breaks apart in his hands. So he starts to swim toward the edge of the field.
  • Dwayne pulls out a vial of Holdfast, and a cloud of liquid just dissipates. He tries to swim for the rope and can’t grab it.
  • The Seawasp smacks Neebs, but he was able to resist the poison.
  • Rhaegar uses his Ring of Chameleon power to appear to be hidden as he swims through the anti magic field. Now able to breathe, he tries to swim past the Seawasps. They take a swing at him and smack him.
  • Neebs continues to swim through the chamber and is attacked by the second Seawasp.
  • Rocky and Lorn hold their breath and swim back into the anti magic field for those drowning can grab him.
  • Alkaid and Xylander hold their breath and start to swim back through the field as fast as possible.
  • Marven continues to not be able to swim and grabs Rocky. Ciaran swims toward the field and helps Basile grab onto Rocky.
  • Dwayne holds onto Rocky and pulls out four vials of Freeze Powder to throw at the Seawasps.
  • The Seawasps touch Rhaegar and Neebs and stings them with a tentacle.
  • Rhaegar tries to attack one of the Seawasps with his sword, but the flames fizzle out. He still manages to slice into one.
  • Neebs and Alkaid continue to swim through. Meanwhile, Lorn and Rocky carry everyone out of the anti magic force field.
  • Marven maximizes and spits sonic breath at the Seawasp in front of them.
  • Ciaran summons a celestial porpoise for Basile and Ciaran to hold onto and swim past as fast as possible. The Seawasps swipe at the porpoise and it disappears halfway down.
  • Dwayne throws out the vials of Freeze Powder but they don’t fly far enough to reach the Seawasps.
  • The Sea Wasps attack Rhaegar, Ciaran, and Neebs. It pokes Rhaegar in the eye. Ciaran takes come con damage, but Basile is shocked instead. Neebs dodged.
  • Rhaegar swings again at the Seawasp and kills it.
  • Neebs continues to swim and starts up toward the exit.
  • Lorn and Rocky move back into the magic field and try to open up a secret door that he noticed. He pulls the lever and the anti magic field shuts off.
  • Alkaid and Xylander continue to swim toward the exit.
  • Marven starts to swim toward the exit. Ciaran tries to summon a celestial octopus but gets smacked by a tentacle and can’t swim. Basile drags him along toward the end.
  • Dwayne casts Mass Whelm, and in retaliation the Seawasp smacks Basile across the chest.
  • Rhaegar slices another of the Seawasps into pieces. Once Neebs is at the end of the tunnel, he quicken casts True Strike and shoots a blunt arrow with Regroup at Ciaran. Everyone in the group is summoned to his location.

They come out to a pool of water where they can climb out. In front of them they see a large stone and gold door. Torque dives back into the water as they approach. Lorn turns into a crocodile to try and follow, but he can’t keep up, so he comes back. Ciaran checks the door for traps, and then opens the lock after a few moments.

Torque is on the other side in his full-sized dragon form with six tritons lined up behind him. He’s standing on two legs and he’s ready to fight. Lorn realizes that he’s a monk as Torque tells them to “bring it on.”


Session 11 <—                                                —> Session 14


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