D&D: Basile’s Letters [Set 1]

Last session, Basile finally received a response from his brother after several months of adventuring. I now feel that I can share the first set of Basile’s letters that he has been sending in secret. Enjoy!



I’m sorry that I haven’t kept my promise. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote you…nine years ago? I won’t recap the last decade, but instead tell you the most important parts. I have limited writing space.

I had to take on a new identity (my third…fourth?) and I’m no longer apprenticing under Pythos I’ve left to be on the road to try and find another way to become immortal. I know that you don’t approve of this, but I don’t have any other choice. An oracle told me that I was destined to die.

Don’t give me the bullshit about how “everyone dies.” I know that, I do. But I’m not ready to die just yet. I have too much left to do. I must clear my name – our name. I need to find out what and who really killed dad. I need to break this damn curse.

Right, I never told you about the curse. It had happened right after I sent my last letter to you. Pythos We had found an ancient spell that would grant me immortality if I siphoned my mortality into another being. It was an extremely dangerous spell that would certainly kill the patron who took on my weaknesses, but it was worth trying. I had just heard about the prophecy and I was terrified. You would be too knowing the end of your life was looming behind you.

So my mentor sent me to a town where he said I would be able to find the proper host.

You will hate me for this, I know you will.

I found a child.

He was abandoned in a pillaged town (no, not one that I destroyed) among the rubble. The moment I saw him I knew that he was the one. He was left behind to die just like I had been, but instead of coming to the rescue like dad, I took him as my mortality’s surrogate. No one would miss him.

He wasn’t supposed to survive. It was supposed to save me. Instead, my very life force bonded to him. Now I’m cursed to protect this child, for if he dies, I do too.

The child knows nothing. He doesn’t know about my past or that I found him. He believes I’m his step-brother, tells strangers that I’m an imaginary friend as I continue to travel out of sight. They assume he’s touched in the head, so we’re safe for now.

This is why I stopped writing you. I was too terrified to tell you. How could I? I always promised that I wasn’t a monster, and yet I had tried to do the most evil act. Now I am paying for it. You don’t have to forgive my actions. I don’t deserve such luxuries, but I do hope that you write me back.

Anyways, he wants to become an adventurer so he can grow strong to protect me like how I’ve protected him for nearly ten years. I can’t say no to him. If I do, he punches himself in the face or stabs himself in the stomach. He feels no pain, but I feel every bit of it. Damn brat. He reminds me of how you used to bug J.

Because of his childish hopes and dreams, we are now traveling with a group of adventurers to a small town. I wish I could tell you where so we could meet, but I fear that if this letter falls into the wrong hands it would be the death of me.

I will write to you again soon, I promise. I will keep you informed on my misadventures as I try to achieve the many goals piling up on my shoulders.

Do write me back soon. Send that falcon of yours to track me down south. I am eager to hear how you have been.

– E



This trip I have started has taken a sharp turn.

We have made it safely to Dwarvenshire the town I had mentioned in my previous letter. Our band of heroes (Ha! Can you imagine me as a hero?) consists of at least ten adventurers whose job is to protect the merchant and his caravan. We have a raptoran named Neebs who thinks he’s an elf, an actual elf named Lorn who is a shitty archer, but he has a horse, a

I apologize for the inconvenience of using nicknames. Again, I fear that if anyone knows the identities of the group I am traveling with we will be in danger. At least, more danger than we’re in now.

Currently we have an archer with bird wings who thinks he is an elf, an actual elf druid who rides a massive horse, a gnome with a hunched back, a bald dwarf who worships Kord almost as much as dad worshipped Ioun, and a human warrior. Oh, and of course, my brother and his imaginary friend.

We’re quite the troupe.

However, our trip was not one without danger. We were almost to town when the caravan was attacked by a large group of goblins. I was able to use my magic to tear into the throat of an enemy. It was hilarious to see the looks on their faces as a goblin was murdered before their eyes without any attacker. Perhaps it was a risky move, and I shouldn’t draw attention to myself, but it was thrilling to use my magic for good instead of evil (I know, killing someone isn’t good, but I did it to protect the group so that must mean something.)

However, the hunch-backed gnome blew a blast of fire from his mouth to wipe out the rest! To think that I was worried someone would discover my identity. We practically have a dragon in our party! I hope that everyone focuses on him and leaves me and my brother alone.

Once we were in town, we found an inn that most of the group fancies. However, my brother is fond of the druid and wants to camp outside with him and his horse. Although I can’t keep up with elves and their sleep schedule, I stay by my brother’s side and rest when I can.

Unfortunately, it seems that the druid is also fond of me, and by that I mean he keeps questioning my brother about his “imaginary friend.” Thank the infernal plane that my brother has learned to lie so well. He can deflect most questions with ease, but he has a bad habit of looking to me for advice when he’s stumped.

Hopefully the druid backs off soon and I can be at peace once more.

– E



The druid hasn’t stopped.

He seems to be writing down every action my brother and I take, and he is casting spells to try and find me. Joining this group is certainly going to be the death of me. Is this the fate the oracle foresaw? Have I been doomed from the start?

I can’t afford to think like that. I will lose my mind.  

Anyways, we have continued the journey to a mountain called Goblin’s Peak near town where only the strongest adventurers can climb. Apparently it’s overrun with goblins. We should make quick work of them, reach fame and fortune, and move on our way before something awful happens to this town. (As you know, every town I visit ends up burning in the end…and no, it’s not always my fault.)

Unfortunately, we were attacked quickly by beetle like creatures that destroyed the warrior and dwarf’s armor. We had to turn back to repair our armor and buy more weaponry. What an uneventful start.

Ah! Which reminds me, I have met a merchant who can help me. He has items that I can wear to help conceal me (and stop that damn druid) and has promised to do some research regarding immortality on my behalf. I’m putting my life in this man’s hands.

Anyways, after we returned to the mountain pass we ran into a carbuncle – a tiny armadillo like creature with a valuable gem on his head. I convinced him to join our group in exchange for his gem. Hopefully he can continue to give us wealth as long as we protect him.

Later that night we ran into another goblin tribe. Again, the archer did remarkable acrobats to kill many of the goblins, while the druid almost hit the leader only to be thwarted with a spell. The archer eventually captured one of the goblins and forced him to be our mule. It was quite entertaining.

However, I’m using my magic more now that I’m fighting alongside these adventurers. I do hope that I can keep my invisibility up. I’m exhausted.

– E



There has been a tragic death in the party.

The carbuncle has perished.

You see, when I had made my deal with him, I had known that he could possibly cause our group trouble. Carbuncles telepathically speak to other monsters and beckon them to attack groups of adventurers like ourselves. I had hoped he wouldn’t do such a thing due to our agreement.

When I made our deal, I hadn’t realized that carbuncles enjoy causing mayhem telepathically, so he started to make us fight and argue with each other! The human warrior and the archer started to physically beat one another, and the druid’s horse started kicking people!

So what does my brother do when he realizes that Jeff (that’s the carbuncle’s name – and how that he’s dead, I don’t have to withhold that information from you) was the one causing the strife? He attacks him and starts screaming that he should die! I can’t rip the damn thing out of his hands to protect him, because a floating carbuncle would surely give me away. Thankfully, the dwarf tried to save him, but damn the kid is strong. He ripped the carbuncle out of the dwarf’s grasp and threw him on the ground. It died from fear.

No more gems for us. At least I got to keep the first one. I sold it immediately for a ring of counter spell.

Oh, the dwarf almost died, too.

No, not because our brother (yes, I feel that it is fitting that this new sibling of mine is now yours as well – I do apologize that you cannot know his name) killed him with insurmountable strength. Rather, when we camped inside a cave, a two headed snake snuck up on us and attacked. Thankfully our brother was awake and blew the whistle I had given him for emergencies (and he blows it constantly.) The dwarf was wounded terribly and near death. As the party killed the snake, I managed to drag the dwarf away to safety to keep him safe.

Are you proud of me? I risked my invisible life to protect another person. A cleric of Kord no less!

We unfortunately had to return to town so the dwarf could heal. It at least allowed me to rest properly. While Ciaran slept outside with the druid, I snuck into a room at the inn and slept soundly. I needed the rest after such an adventure.

We will attempt to conquer the mountain again in the morning.




A lot has happened since my last letter. While camping outside with our brother and the druid, a ghostly caravan came up in the middle of the night to sell us goods. I finally purchased our elven sibling his first sword. He’s almost ten now.

We also have a new gnome who is participating more in our adventures. Are you familiar with Dwayne the Rock Gnome Johnson, the people’s gnome? Or the Ebbonfire? How do people come up with these ridiculous nicknames? To differentiate him from the first gnome, I will call the fire-breathing gnome “dragon” and the new one will be known as “gnome.”

On our trip back up the mountain we encountered a few more monsters that were no challenge for us, including two massive sloths, a silvery ooze that blocked our path, and a group of quicklings. However, the most frustrating encounter was when we finally found a dungeon hidden in the mountain range. Inside was a group of goblins and a dog-like beast called a krenshar. Do look it up when you have the chance. It’s quite a terrifying beast when it roars.  

That’s exactly what it did when we entered the dungeon. None of us were frightened, except our young and impressionable sibling. He was so scared that he fled down the mountain. It took nearly ten minutes to drag him back and stop him from running off the side of the cliff and killing himself (and me in the process.) I do think he is a bit scared of all dogs now.

By the time we returned the battle was nearly over. Needless to say, I incinerated the poor sap that looked in my general direction the wrong way. It was quite impressive, and my magic and power is growing each day. Perhaps traveling with this group isn’t such a bad thing.

Actually, I take back what I said. Ciaran Our brother being frightened by the krenshar is understandable and only a mild nuisance compared to the bullshit I had to deal with next.

Inside of the dungeon we found a crypt with an apparition inside. The dwarf was frightened and fled! As a cleric of Kord, he should be the LAST person fleeing. As you can imagine, I was fed up. So, I broke my silence and spoke to the cleric in my best “Kord” voice and convinced him to come back and fight and to stop being a bitch. The fact that it worked was hilarious to me. I had to actually leave the room to laugh, unable to contain myself.  However, a small part of me worries what may come of pretending to be a god, but I did so to protect our group.

The final room of the dungeon was filled with bugbears and a troll. A fucking troll. It was one of the most dangerous battles we had faced yet. The gnome (the new one) was able to blind a few with a quick spell, while dragon (the other gnome) practically melted a few with his fire. Unfortunately, the human warrior was attacked and left for dead. Once again, I had to risk my life to drag him away and out of sight. However, I think the druid saw me – or rather, saw the unconscious body slide across the floor. Damn him and his constantly keen eye. And damn that journal of his!

Thankfully we were rewarded when we found a treasure room with more gold than I have ever seen at once. You should have seen! If we had this much gold when dad was establishing the church, we could have We carried as much as we could out of the room and headed back to town so the human could heal and so we could sell our loot.

Oh, I lied before. The troll wasn’t the most dangerous encounter. No, getting ambushed by a FUCKING DRAGON (a real dragon, not the gnome) and being forced to give up the loot we just gathered was the most dangerous. It didn’t seem nearly as large as the dragon back at home, but it was still frightening. We were lucky to walk away.

I continue to look up toward the sky in hopes of seeing a familiar falcon.

– E



I am surely going to die the longer I travel with this team.

The damned cleric bragged to the blacksmith that we survived the encounter with the dragon and now has to provide the blacksmith a dragon pelt to get a discount on his armor. And then the dragon-gnome agreed! Do they want to get us killed?

Meanwhile, the archer has commissions a fan club in his honor to be built in town. He calls us Neebs and Associates now. He actually made us pay a fee to “join” his club. I wanted nothing to do with it, but our brother wanted to so I paid. (I’m trying to be a good brother.)

Something else I must note: the gnome has started a job at the inn we’re staying at, and the dragon-gnome eats an entire town’s weight in food in a sitting! I thought I was born a freak…

Our brother has also informed me that now the cleric and the elf are discussing my existence. The human warrior still thinks our brother is insane.

I need more spells to ensure my safety.

– E.



Brother, why did I ever agree to join this troupe?

We have just finished our trek to the mountain, and I can’t believe that we survived. During our trip we encountered two wild bears in the middle of the road. The gnome tried to put them to sleep, but that didn’t work. I ran up beside him to blast one with my eldritch fire. Thankfully the gnome took credit for it and no one suspected me (except maybe the cleric and elf.) I also had a chance to use the sword I had purchased in town. Having a weapon in my hand larger than a dagger is…satisfying.

After we defeated the bear, the dragon-gnome decided to eat the leftover salmon and deer he found in the cave and started feeling ill. This man has the brain the size of a pea, I swear.

Then, suddenly, two wyverns flew down from the sky and picked up the gnome off the ground! He didn’t last long before the beast pierced him with poison and left him unconscious and dying. The cleric was certain that the gnome was a lost cause, but we continued fighting and were able to slay the beast.

In fact, it was our youngest brother to do so! How you may ask? He was able to shoot his arrow directly into the beast’s neck. He even did so by closing his eyes (I must mention that one of his eyes is covered by an eye patch, as it’s the only way to hide the mark left behind from our bond.) We quickly collected the hide. It’s not exactly a dragon, and its scales are black, but we can cast an illusion spell to trick the blacksmith.

Then we faced a pack of wild dogs. Remember how I told you our brother was afraid of dogs after the krenshar? He was quivering and hiding behind me (which doesn’t work well when I’m invisible.) Thankfully the druid was able to appease the dogs with food and we passed by without harm.

Well…almost without harm. A damn giant started throwing boulders at us from the top of the cliff. I was happy to let the rest of the group deal with the giant while trying to console our brother and his fears.

We are finally resting for the night. We all desperately need it.




T, he managed to reveal me. I am shaken with a variety of emotions. I barely managed to get out of it.

The gnome cast a spell called See Invisibility. Thankfully, I was wearing my ring of counterspell and was able to block it. However, HE CAST IT AGAIN. I was barely able to hide behind the bushes before he saw me.

I was forced to use a previous alias of mine to throw him for a loop, since he was the only one who could see me. Do you remember my tales as Asgore, the weary and frightened traveler? It may have not always worked in the past, but it worked for me now. I begged for my life and asked to continue on my way. Thankfully the gnome was kind and let me flee and turn invisible once more. I don’t think he is aware that the traveler and the imaginary friend are one in the same.

I can only hope…



We are back in town after nearly being poisoned to death and drowning.

Let me back up. After days of traveling and fighting, we finally reached the mountain and entered the first floor of the massive dungeons.

Inside I was able to let go of some steam and kill a few of the goblin soldiers, cleverly hiding behind members of the party to disguise my attacks. Our brother also managed to slay a few of our enemies with his bow! He’s growing quite strong and learning quickly. Perhaps he will be strong enough to survive and ensure our safety (after all, my life is reliant on his.)

The thrill of battle is something I must take a moment to describe to you, brother. I know you can’t imagine it, as you would never hurt a fly, but there is something about the rush and adrenaline that awakens something inside of me. Perhaps it’s in my blood, this desire to make others bleed (if they deserve punishment, I must add.) With my bare hands, I was able to rip open the stomach of a goblin with my claws and tear out his intestines to choke him to death. Never have I felt more alive!  I’m no longer hiding in the church or under a cloak. I am in front of my enemy and conquering.

Of course, the damn gnome had to try and dispel my invisibility once again. Thankfully I had recharged my ring of counter spell to protect myself. The name of my alias rang through the dungeons. I do hope he stops doing this. I fear what may happen if my past catches up to me.

Anyways, in the next room we found a font of water and what seemed to be a portal. Further in was a doorway, which led us into an ambush. A green goblin with a flying carpet was attacking us with potions and poisons.

This proved to be a difficult battle, as we couldn’t get through the doorway without becoming burned or sickened by his poisons. The dragon-gnome was vomiting everywhere. The goblin also covered the human warrior with a substance that was surely flammable as he coerced him to walk through the flames.

Once again, I had to break my silence and scream at him to stop moving and turn around and keep fighting the enemy. I believe I said something along the lines of, “I swear to Kord I will kill you if you walk into this room, do not be a bitch,” which seemed to do the trick. I am learning more about these adventurers every day.

Oh, not to mention that the cleric was attacked and knock unconscious AGAIN. This time I didn’t have to rush out to drag him away to safety, as we managed to kill the goblin (actually, the elf’s horse did after being able to run up the walls and rip out his throat – even I won’t question such magic.)

However, when we decided to use the portal to explore the next room, we were transported to a pitch black room filled with water! Thank Kord our brother was able to swim to the surface to avoid drowning. I, however, sunk to the bottom like a rock. I had to talk telepathically with the druid so he could send one of his summoned porpoises to retrieve me from the bottom. It was an embarrassing moment I never wish to repeat.

Drenched and barely alive, we discovered we were teleported into the well in town. We are resting in town before returning to the dungeons. Wish us luck.




Please don’t panic, but I have done something awful. No one died, but I caused some extra grief on the elf I’m traveling with.

After we rested, we visited the merchant to purchase new spells and magic items. I purchased a healing belt and another ring of counter spell from the merchant. Shortly after that, the elf purchased a scroll and began to cast Greater Dispell Magic.

You can certainly understand why I panicked. With how much the elf has been keeping an eye on me, and with the gnome seeing me, I was certain he was about to reveal my existence. I quickly asked that the merchant load my ring of counter spell to repel the magic of the scroll.

It turns out that he was trying to break the curse left on his horse to turn him back into a human.

I left the room as soon as possible after realizing the horrendous mistake my paranoia had made. Thank Kord that the merchant covered my tracks and didn’t hint that I was the culprit behind the faulty spell. Of course, the gnome shouted out my alias once more. Damn him.

However, I was curious how the spell could break such a curse. I wonder if it would do the same for me and our brother. But I fear that if something went wrong, I would perish. I won’t risk breaking our bond yet until I reach immortality.

The elf has traded in his horse companion for a rhino. I continue to spend money on different Animal Messenger spells to send a new creature with each letter.

Have you been sending a different messenger as well? Is that why I haven’t seen your falcon?




Perhaps having a few people know of my existence isn’t too dangerous.

It seems that everyone is trying to reveal my identity and prove whether or not our brother is insane. The cleric has tried to speak with his god through a bowl of water to discover me. Thank Kord (I have grown accustomed to saying this, as the cleric shouts it incessantly) that he was unable to learn much. In fact, his bowl of water shattered completely, covering himself in water. I couldn’t help but laugh quietly to myself.

The gnome must have heard me, as he crept over and tried to attack me to prove I was there. But he missed, because it’s not hard to dodge an attack when you see it coming and you’re invisible. I’m still uncertain how he managed to sense me, but he started shouting about voices in his head so I’m assuming he sensed my laughter.

I eventually left to follow the winged archer outside, as he made a slight gesture toward my general direction after the gnome tried to capture me. There, he offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. He would get the elf’s journal and destroy traces of me as long as I promoted his fan club and protected him in battles.

How could I say no?

I broke my silence once more for him, not bothering to disguise my voice. He is proving to be a faithful ally.

Later that night I was able to sneak up to the elf and steal his journal to provide to the archer to tamper. Then, while the archer was changing details about me, the elf spoke aloud while our brother was asleep. He was lucky that I was actually standing guard and not sleeping in the inn.

You won’t believe what he offered! He promised to help me stay hidden with spells as long as I revealed that I was in fact real. It’s a bit counter intuitive to make a deal with the person I just made a deal with to avoid (does that even make sense?) I couldn’t pass it up.

Now I have two allies who are aware of my presence. This may prove to be useful in the long run,.




A new adventurer has joined our ranks. He is…terrifying. Not because he is a strong warrior (he’s actually weaker than most of us) but he specializes in killing Chaotic Outsiders. Would I be considered such a thing because of my heritage? Will this new archer be the death of me? I am growing more paranoid by the day.



Why haven’t I heard back from you yet?

I’m sorry I haven’t written back in a while. I’ve been too tired to do so. I’ll be brief.

We returned to the dungeons to continue clearing out the mountain. I have learned a new invocation that allows me to fly. This was useful when my allies were under attack. However, I was unable to hit our enemy. I’m still a bit delirious from lack of sleep. However, I was able to destroy his armor and save him from the enchantments. I could have killed him, but I didn’t. I think that’s improvement.

Speaking of flying, the dragon-gnome can fly as well because he has wings! Black dragon wings! He’s not hunched back at all. I thought this would help the other focus on him and stop trying to reveal me. I was wrong.

Further in the dungeon the human warrior found a magic item that summoned an orc that attacked him. I couldn’t hold in my laughter and had to lean against Ciaran for support. It’s a good thing he’s conveniently tall enough and strong enough for me to rest on his shoulders.
We also battled a bullette, a land-shark like creature. I honestly didn’t help much. I stood back and let the other fight while I rested and kept Ciaran out of the monster’s reach.

Ah, I also spoke to the cleric again as Kord when he found a Belt of the Champion. He broke down into tears. I know it was cruel, but I needed a laugh. Plus, I encouraged him and told him that he was the chosen one.

We found another portal to led us into a room filled with skeletal creatures and frog-like aliens called slaads. They are complicated creatures, but to simplify: red slaads inject eggs into people to make blue slaads, and blue slaads beat people to a pulp until they explode into red slaads. Confusing, yes. Annoying, definitely.

Our brother kept firing arrows at the skeletal constructs while I focused on the slaads. I made one explode into goo. It was satisfying after a tiring trip. Oh, and the rest of the group did quick work on the slaads as well. They’ve very talented fighters, I must say.

Eventually we found a massive library filled with thousands of books. This was my chance to finally collect as much information as possible to try and find a spell for immortality, as well as information on my heritage. I grabbed as many books as I could, but was too tired and too much in a hurry to realize how reckless I was being. The cleric saw and cast a spell that finally revealed me to the entire group – not even the elf could stop it.

So now the secret is revealed. I’m not longer safe, but I do hope that this group of comrades that I have learned to tolerate protects me.




We found out what has been really happening in this damned mountain. The slaads are controlling all of the goblin armies to lead an attack on the town.

How did we discover this, you may ask?

We found a prison filled with lost villagers from town. The slaads were beating them and injecting their eggs into them. The cleric tried to heal them, but we needed to take them back to town immediately to save them. However, before we could, we had to clear out the room of the rest of the slaads on this floor.

Fuck, I hate slaads.

We ended up battling five of them in a cramped room. Our youngest brother stayed back and was able to kill a few, along with the new angelic archer that joined us. He can destroy them with one hit. I now see how easily he could end me.

I had to protect the human from being beaten by slaads, and nearly was hit myself. I couldn’t seem to dodge, let alone attack. I’m still weary from lack of sleep and my non-stop invocations to keep myself invisible. I could drop my invisibility, now that everyone knows. But no one in town must see me, and I am able to better attack the enemy with this talent.

We also have a bard now who can play a pan flute to encourage us all. It’s strange, this tingling sensation that courses through us and pushes us forward despite our exhaustion. It allowed me to rip the heart out of the salad and destroy it in one fell swoop.

Eventually we found another portal to return us back to town. Before hand, we found a desk with blueprints describing the plans I had mentioned at the beginning. Our brother also tried to open up a secret door and sprung a trap. A 30 foot pit with spikes opened up. Thank Kord I have the ability to fly now and was able to catch him with the help of the dragon-gnome. If he had hit the bottom, I surely would have died in his place…

We are now back in town as I write this. We took all of the prisoners with us and began the weeklong process to heal them, as well as the cleric and human who were infected from the fight. I have to rest for a moment, but then I need to meet with the merchant to see what information he has discovered for me.

There is a party tonight. Turns out, one of the prisoners we saved was the brother of the owner of the inn we’ve been staying at. I’m glad we were able to bring his family home safely. He deserves to have this triumph. While everyone wrestles and drinks, I will sit with our brother and read more books. I am learning so much about the Infernal Plane and where I may have come from. Nothing yet on immortality, but I will find an answer. I know it.




Why do I bring death and pain wherever I travel?

The owner of the caravan we protected when coming to this town was murdered. I had no involvement.

We learned that the dragon-gnome is actually a direct ancestor to a Black Dragon (shit). His sister was the one to murder the caravan owner on her way to track him down. It turns out I’m not the only one fleeing from my past. I can sympathize with Marven the dragon-gnome now. I will protect him as well.

Tomorrow we return to the mountain to conquer it. Wish us luck, brother.




The merchant gave me a spell for immortality that I would never survive long enough to cast. In the process of gaining this information, he had lost his leg. I have never felt such guilt and debt to a person before. Do I deserve his help? Do I deserve this chance at life?

I haven’t received any letters.

Do you still have faith in me?



Brother! You will never believe this selfless tale I am about to share.

I have learned yet another invocation that allows me to sense the presence of a person near me. This proved useful when we returned to the mountain. I could sense a being in a locked room in the dungeons.  As I am the only invisible one, I offered to let the archer (who still thinks he’s an elf…I can’t understand how he’s so full of himself yet so blind to the obvious) shoot me with an arrow that would teleport me into the room to open the door for the others. My first selfless act in this narrative.

In the room was a dining hall with the Goblin King of the Wolf Tribe inside. We offered to help him kill the rest of the slaads. Unfortunately, it turned out that he too was a salad: a green sladd. These bastards can shapeshift.

I must admit that I was still fatigued from the invocations I am constantly using and was unable to fight my best. I could barely avoid being attacked, such as when the King Green Slaad shot a fireball at all of us. Thankfully I am immune to some fire and was only mildly burned. I am more thankful that Ciaran is such a nimble child. He and the druid’s rat (have I mentioned that the druid has a rat friend that travels with him?) were the only two to avoid being hurt.

As you know, every time our tiny brother is in battle I grow worried. If he takes too large of a hit, I doubt I would survive. However, traveling with the team is proving beneficial. He is growing to be a damn good shot. The archers in our group of teaching him well.

Despite my anxiety, I allowed Ciaran to fight for me and accepted my role as supporter and protector for my friends  my companions my allies. I rescued the cleric, who took quite a beating from the slaads, and dragged him out of the fray. Selfless acts number two and three!

The bard that has joined us was able to get the cleric back on his feet to heal himself properly. I have saved this man’s life too many times. I worry that his brazen attitude and colossal faith in Kord will get him killed.

Unfortunately, the bard wasn’t the only spell-caster. The King Slaad must have been aware of my presence, as he started to recite the spell I have grown accustomed to reading on one’s lips. I rushed up to attack him to stop him and succeeded.

Then, the slaads cast a spell that brought upon so much darkness even I couldn’t see with my enhanced vision! Thankfully, I was able to sense the location of the King Slaad and serve the final blow. The rest of the team cleared the room of enemies.

We did find the true Goblin King trapped in another room, as well as a portal that led to a different plane of existence. The group all went in, however I held Ciaran back. I have taken too many risks and need to rest. I trust that our team will return for us. I am not envious of their adventures, and pray that Kord protects them.




You will never believe what happened to the team while they were in the Astral Plane.

While I caught up on sleep, they had battled Astral Sharks, discovered an island with treasure, defeated a group of Astral Pirates, and were in the presence of a Planetar! Thank Kord I did not join them, I am certain the angel would have vanquished me on the spot.

Thankfully, the troupe returned through the portal – much to our brother’s excitement. The bard was quick to relay the tale to us. We are now back in town to rest before moving onto our next adventure: finding a magic sword. The archer has a map that will lead us there. However, we will be one adventurer short.

You see, the cleric had died.

I knew that his bravado and ego would get him killed! According to the bard, he had jumped off the mast of the ship while in the Astral Plane and died upon impact with the ground. Somehow, he was able to be resurrected. I’m uncertain how, but I am deeply intrigued with the idea that perhaps I could be resurrected if our brother were to ever perish. (Note to self: I must speak with the archer and druid. They will certainly know something.)

Moving onto more entertaining topics, I must tell you of one of the best con acts I have ever seen! Our brother and I have practiced this ruse many times, but I have never seen such a gullible husband and wife eat it up so easily.

You see, he went in to buy a sheet of lead. The elf advised that it would be smart to have on hand, as it may help protect me from being detected by beings such as the Planetar.

When the blacksmith asked why such a young child would need a sheet of lead, our brilliant brother insisted that he needed the lead so he could carve out toys and figurines to sell on the streets, as he is an orphan with an imaginary friend traveling to be a fighter. You should have seen the looks on their faces as our brother laid out the sympathy cards. They were so distracted by trying to help him, I managed to steal a sheet of lead and some gold in the process.

I honestly have no idea what the others are doing currently, as I am back with my nose in a book that I have stolen from the library in the mountain. These are marvelous documents. You would enjoy reading them.

What books have you read lately, brother? Do give me suggestions. While I enjoy these educational texts, I need a good work of fiction.




I went to speak with the merchant for information on immortality. I was relieved to see that he has crafted a bionic leg to replace the one he lost. That guilt will no longer gnaw away at me. However, he has given me a lead to speak with a devil a person who can possibly grant me immortality.

It’s a dangerous mission, but one that I’m willing to take when the time is right.

I will tread as carefully as I can.



In the last few days we have met the strangest people.

First, we met a trio of dragon-born brothers. They look just like dragons, but are strangely humanoid in appearance. They are quite enamored by our group and amazed at the tales we have told them. They still have no idea that I exist.

We then met another cleric and his giant companion, who are traveling through to establish way stones. They aren’t fond of the archer, which is no surprise to me (honestly, I’m amazed he even has a fan club.) Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous letter that the team had brought back the ship from the Astral Plane and have erected it at the front of the town to establish a…church? Honestly, I’m not sure what it is.

We then met a snake-like woman who was establishing a flower shop. I am familiar with her kind, and I know that she may not be one to trust. However, I do not feel like she means anyone harm. However, she can create potions and poisons. I plan on speaking with her as soon as I can to see if she can help me determine what poison killed Dad. It will be one step closer to learning the truth.

Lastly, we met the Lady of the Lake. There are only three words that I can conjure to describe her: beautiful, wet, and a total pain in the ass.

First, she constantly butchered our names (how she knew us all to begin with is impressive though, and I worry word may be spreading…) She gave our brother The Zephyr Candle (hint: it’s just a candle) and then gave me nothing (other than the nickname Tomato-Basil.) Although it was funny that she called the dragon-gnome “Starvin” as he’s always eating (she gave him a Zephyr Rabbit). She also called the human warrior “Gaydar” and gave him the Zephyr Biscuit. 

Note: I have no qualms towards those who like the same sex, but it was amusing that the warrior didn’t even try to defend himself. (Wait…)

Anyways, she sent us on a mission to give us the true Zephyr Blade. We had to take a man that she pulled from the lake (don’t ask…) and leave him in a field by a tree. We did just that, but it turned out that the tree was a Gallows Tree and immediately started to eat him. We did our best to save him, but it was too late. I had bigger things to worry about, such as the human warrior being smacked six times by the massive branches of the tree and left near death. I tried to drag him away – as it is my role in this party – but the tree somehow knew I was there! It was the first time I’ve been hit since we’ve began this adventure. Not that I want to get hit often, but it made battle a bit more exciting. While he was eventually ripped from my grasp, I was able to kill the vines pulling him away and drag him back to safety while the others attacked the tree. I spent most of my time tending to him, feeding him as many potions and good berries as possible to make sure he didn’t die. 

I must also be a good older brother (you would know if this is true) because when the tree blew out toxic spores at our brother, he was quick to hold his breath, just like I’ve taught him. I do hope that I was able to pass along good advice to you and J. 

We returned to the Lady of the Lake after defeating the tree, and she gave us our second and third task: to plant a sapling in the center of town and bring back ten men to her. Damn fae, this is why you can’t trust them. First she tricks us to sacrifice a man to a killer tree, and now she wants us to plant a tree and bring back more people. 

I have grown attached to this town. I don’t want to see it or its people destroyed.




It has been around three months since we first arrived in town, and there are many things that I am uncertain about.

I do not know how much longer I will travel with these new friends companions comrades friends I have made. Yes, friends. I have scribbled this word out before, but I must make alliances if I want to ensure my safety. (However, don’t tell anyone that I have called them that. I am still the brooding invisible warlock that mustn’t show signs of softening.)

Yet another thing I am uncertain about.  I do not know how close I am to my prophecy fulfilling and ending my life, or if this child I have stolen will perish with me. Yes, that was the original motive, but now I’m even uncertain if I know what I want.

Worst of all, I do not know if you are receiving my letters, finding them in the spot where we used to play capture the flag. I have asked my animal messengers to bury these memoirs up in the knot of the oak tree outside our home. Remember, it was where you always used to put your flag. I would pretend I didn’t know, allowing you time to scurry around the temple to find mine.

Are you still living at home, with mother and J? Are you still alive?

That thought terrifies me. How am I to return home and clear my name if my sole supporter is gone?

Please send me a sign.




It’s about time that I put more trust in you, and more faith that my letters are reaching you. I must believe that you will not betray me if I indulge you with details I have been too fearful to share.  

My current alias is Basile Graywing, and our brother is named Ciaran. I gave him that name after our souls were bound together. I think you would like him if you were to ever meet him. Perhaps one day when everything is said and done and I am no longer on the run you will have the chance.

I would hope that one day you can meet the others as well. To better prepare you, here is a better depiction of them:

First is Lorn, the elf druid that has proven to be one of my closest allies. At first, he was a pain as he constantly tried to pry into my secrets. However, he watches over Ciaran and protects him whenever I am not around. He has a level head on his shoulders, and I trust him to keep our brother safe. His horse’s name was Stormageddon, but he now owns a rhino named Ragnarok as well as his rat friend named Nergal. Stormageddon, now human, runs the stables in Dwarvenshire (that is the town we have been staying at.)

My second closest ally is Neebs, the archer who believes he’s an elf but actually a raptoran. He is considered our leader, and has founded the Neebs and Associates (and his fanclub.) He is conceited, reckless, and probably the best archer I have ever seen. He is teaching Ciaran everything he knows, and I trust that he will not lead us into unnecessary danger (although he’s not one to back down from a fight.)

Someone who will back away from a fight is Marven, the dragon-gnome I have told you so much about it. He is quite wise despite having the IQ of, well, a gnome. After all, he believed that he had cancer after eating rotten deer carcasses. However, he has a heart of gold (and a ton of gold in his sack I’m sure). He is invaluable to our team.

The other gnome in our party is Dwayne “The Rock Gnome” Johnson, the people’s gnome (yes, I must introduce him with his full name.) He’s the chef and beguiler of our team. He is also quite smart and can charm his way through any situation. However, he sometimes gets sidetracked with unimportant details, such as trying to reveal my existence numerous times. I’m sorry, Dwayne, but I’m just not that important.

Then we have Rhaegar, the human warrior who is even more reckless than Neebs. He will actually fight any man that looks at him the wrong way, and can tend to be gullible. I do believe that he has a bounty on his head as well. Regardless, he is an outstanding fighter and not someone to mess with. Although he grates my nerves, I know he’s strong enough to protect us.

Alkaid is the name of the ranger that I fear. I do not know why, but I feel like he is my natural enemy. He is trained and skilled to slay others like me, and if he were to ever discover of my tiefling roots I believe he may kill me. However, he is such a gentle soul that a part of me believes he may spare me.

The bard is named Kass. He, too, is a raptoran, but he doesn’t think that he’s an elf or any other creature. Kass is a quiet individual who speaks more through his music than with words. I have never seen such a talented young avian. He prefers to play the pan flute (which he also shoots darts out of!) While a new fighter, he can inspire us with such courage and strength that we will surely win every battle.

Lastly, H’rathen is the name of the cleric that I have saved so many times. Although Neebs is the figurehead of our group, H’rathen was truly the leader. However, he has been called upon Kord to retire from adventuring and to establish a church in Dwarvenshire. A cleric with a church. He reminds me so much of Dad…I fear history will repeat itself…

I do hope that you’re enjoying my tales, brother. I look forward to one day seeing you again, in this plane or the next.

– Basile


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