D&D Session 14

We left our last session in the middle of a cliff hanger. Our party was just about to battle Torque, the Bronze Dragon, and I have been DYING to play this session. I have done a ton of brainstorming with what I’ve been wanting to do with Basile, and we were able to get it ALL DONE in this session! After a week of itching for more, here is the summary of what happened!


  • Ciaran (LVL10) and Basile (LVL12)
  • Lorn (LVL 12)
  • Marven (LVL12)
  • Neebs (LVL 12)
  • Dwayne (LVL12)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 12)
  • Alkaid (LVL 12)

The party quickly prepares to battle Torque. Dwayne casts Greater Invisibility on himself and Lorn casts Nerveskitter. Ciaran and Xylander are scared by his presence and flee.

  • Lorn quicken casts Haste, and then casts Dimension Door. The triton counters Lorn’s spell. He gets off Rocky, who moves up to Torque. He swings his horn and is blocked by Torque.
  • Torque slams his hand against Rocky and uses Quivering Touch. He then uses Stunning Fists to punch with his fists and curled wings at Rocky to try and knock him out. Then, he blows repulsion gas to force everyone to back away. Only Lorn, Rhaegar, Neebs, and Basile weren’t repelled.
  • Marven backs away and empowers his slow breath on Torque.
  • Rhaegar shouts his Lions Roar and takes a step back. He shoots four arrow at one of the tritons. Three of them hit.
  • Neebs quicken casts True Strike and takes a few steps back. He then shoots an arrow of Shivering Touch at Torque. He catches and deflects it into Rocky.
  • Dwayne casts Prismatic Mist around Torque and four of the tritons. Torque is not affected by the spell.
  • The tritons begin to move forward toward Rocky and miss their attacks. One of them tries to break the enchantments on the slowed tritons, but it fails.
  • Alkaid shoots off five arrows at the spell-casting triton as he flees. All five slam into his chest.
  • Basile runs into the room and, after keeping a safe distance, shoots a Hellfire Eldritch Blast into Torque’s wing, tearing it to shreds.
  • Lorn casts Bite of the Werebear on himself and Rocky. The spellcasting triton tries to dispell it, but fails. Meanwhile, Rocky gouges at Torque twice with his horn, then follows up with a bite and two swipes of his “claws” as he acts like a “kung fu bear.”
  • Marven, who is still running away, grabs his Immovable Rod and shoves it down his pants and shouts “snorkel!” He is unable to continue running away and then shoots off a Ray of Enfeeblement from his wand at Torque. The attack crits, and Torque immediately becomes weighed down.

  • Torque activates a Ring of Reverse Gravity and uppercuts Rocky, launching him up into the air where he float/falls into the ceiling.
  • Rhaegar attacks the triton in front of him, changing his sword into a flaming spear to stab him in the side, leg, and then finally breaking his neck with the blunt end. He throws the spear at Torque, but the dragon dodges.
  • Neebs shoots three arrows into the spellcaster in the back, but one of them is blocked. However, the second smacks into his fist, as Neebs shouts “No, bad!” The third arrow slams into the triton’s knee, then up into his chin. As he dies, Neebs says, “Now your adventuring days are over.”
  • As they die, the bodies disappear, but Lorn is unable to determine what spell is being used. Coming to the conclusion that those who die may be brought back to life, he telepathically tells Basile to not hold back and to kill Torque.
  • Dwayne continues to flee from the fight, and upon seeing the water tunnel ahead of him, he cracks open a bottle of Liquid Ice and throws it into the pool. The top freezes over, just in time for him to slide into the back wall.
  • The tritons laugh at him in response, and Dwayne makes the color spray around them turn into acid. HA.
  • As the tritons approach, Rhaegar attacks one and cuts off his arm. The tritons continued to advance, blocking the party and circling around Torque defensively.
  • Alkaid runs and slips on the ice, falling back and smacking his head on the ground. He then slides into the wall, and while disoriented fires off three arrows. The first arrow is caught by the triton, who slams it into Rhaegar, who then blocks it. As he tries to counter attack, the triton blows lightning into Rhaegar’s face, before being gouged in the ribs with Rhaegar’s spear. Alkaid’s second and third arrow knock the triton back off Rhaegar.
  • Ciaran hits the ice and keeps balance, sliding into the back wall. He then casts Fireball at Torque and the three tritons circling him, but only one of the tritons gets hit and explodes as the acid on his body ignites.
  • Basile charges up a Hellfire Eldritch Chain and unleashes it at Torque, who heard the charge and manages to dodge the blast.
  • Lorn casts Fire Wings and Rhino Rush on himself and Rocky, allowing the rhino to fly up (down?) to Torque. He then reads a Scroll of Greater Restoration to bring Rocky to full health before he charges.
  • Torque focuses his inner chi as his fists light up, then punches Rocky in the nose and sends him flying backwards into Neebs and Marven.
  • Marven “extracts his face from rhino ass” and blows an empowered slow breath on Torque and his tritons.
  • Rhaegar stabs his spear through a triton’s neck and cauterizes the wound as it dies, then refreshes his moves to use his Lions Roar once more.
  • Neebs shoots off four arrows: the first is caught by Torque and deflected to Rhaegar, and the second and third are deflected by two of the tritons protecting Torque. The fourth manages to hit Torque directly in the face, causing him to shout “God, that hurt!” Torque bites the arrow in half and spits it out before calling off the fight.

The deceased tritons return and Torque ends his repulsion spell. He then asks the group how they thought the battle went as he spits out blood and stretches. Mildly thrown off by his…chipper attitude, the group tells him that it was a challenge, and that if he wants to make sure more adventurers don’t get to this point to add more traps along the way, such as industrial fans in the water room to suck people in, or a drain spell.

As promised, he leads them to his hoard, which is a pile of rust armor and weapons from previous adventurers. The group demand to know where the real treasure is, to which Torque explains that he spent all of his money building his lair and that he didn’t expect the group to make it to the end.

Neebs is thrilled by his mis-matched suit of armor, telling Torque it’s the greatest of all time! Marven has to fight against his own will to not kill Torque for “lying” to them. Ciaran happens to notice something shiny in the pile and secretly takes a gem and gives it to Basile. Dwayne chooses to not take a piece of rusty weaponry, but asks Torque if he can come again to visit safely. Torque says he would love company.

The group returns to Neebsenshire, after Captain Neebs crashes the warship back onto the shore. It fit “just like a glove.” They then shrink it again and make the trip safely back into town.

When they arrive, the group splits up briefly to do their business:

  • Marven checks in on Skor about his dungeon, and provides him with books about the Ebbonfire. Skor flips through the pages rapidly, and Marven can hear a small “click” sound as his literal photographic memory captures all of the information. He is later approached by Regis, who explains that he has a contact who will find Marven when he arrives into town.
  • Basile visits Xi-Long to appraise the gem he found and learns that it’s worth 10,000 gold.
  • Lorn and the rest of the group clean up their rusted items, and discover that they’re artifacts from the Shalan era. When they visit Xi-Long to appraise it, they learn they’re all worth about 7,500 gold.
  • Later, they all go to the Fang Reserve and learn that the hydra heads had been dropped off. The group collect their earnings.

Basile gathers everyone together at Rhaegar’s house to divulge them in his plan to rig a non-lethal fighting tournament to get the group more money. Those who are in the fight will have to go five round, and the person who took the lease amount of damage wins. His goal is to make 30,000 gold each, but he needs everyone’s help to make it go off without a hitch.

  • He asked H’rathen for permission to use the Temple of Kord as the setting, and sold the idea by saying it will be a tribute to Kord as a show of sportsmanship and strength.
  • He then asked Neebs to help spread the word of the fight around for other adventurers to join in.
  • From Marven and Lorn, he asked them to handle the bets and admission fees, knowing that they could hype up the crowd and convince them to wager more money.
  • He suggested that Dwayne enter the fight, but also capitalize on the event by selling his healing potions and salves.
  • Of course, he asked Rhaegar to join the fight, and also asked to borrow the now re-named “Amulet of Antimagic” to make sure that no magic can be used inside the ring – as a precautionary measure.
  • Anxiously, he asks Alkaid to borrow Xylander as a test for adventurers to join. Those who can’t defeat the cougar wouldn’t be qualified to continue and Alkaid could profit off the entry fees of those who failed.

When Marven asked how they could be sure that someone from our party won, Basile explained that he planned on having Ciaran enter. Since he couldn’t feel pain or get hurt, Basile planned to sit back and drink health potions so Ciaran could keep fighting. Marven was impressed by the plan, and Lorn offered to stay with Basile and assist him with healing.

Over the course of two weeks, the group plans the event and starts to spread the word. During this time, Dwayne is sucked away through a portal similar to the one that took Lorn, and he returns after some time unscathed.

At the time of the tournament, Lindural and Can Tankerous decide to join the fight, as well as Roger Lord Mortimer. A new adventurer comes into town to participate: Krom the Barbarian. From Neebs and Associates, Rhaegar, Neebs, and Dwayne enter the fight. Ciaran, who is supposed to join, is nowhere to be seen. Lorn creates a Rope Trick and surrounds himself and Basile in a Zone of Silence as the challengers face against Xylander and succeed. Some other unworthy opponents are unable to handle the cougar.

The first battle is between “The Demon of the Commonwealth” Rhaegar and “The Scaled Fury, Unchained Calamity, and the Grand Armageddon. Lord of the Eternal Bog and what lies beneath. He who lies in wait…and the Heir to Armageddon” King Neebs.

  • Round 1: Rhaegar uses his Lions Roar to boost himself, then punches Neebs in the stomach. Neebs response by frothing at the mouth and then grunting. He then punches Rhaeger three times: first with his right fist, then his left fist, and then up with his knee into his face.
  • Round 2: Rhaegar stumbles back and then launches forward punches Neebs three more times, twice in the chest and once across the jaw. Neebs retaliates by jabbing him three more times.
  • Round 3: Rhaegar continues to lay it on heavy, punching Neebs even more. However, Neebs kicks out his foot and trips him. He then gets on top of him and pummels him in the face.
  • Round 4: Rhaegar knocks Neebs off and gets up to his feet carefully, stepping back. However, Neebs trips him once more and kicks him in the side.
  • Round 5: Rhaegar is unable to get back up as Neebs continues to kick him and trip him.

Neebs is declared the winner, and the entire town cheers for their King.

The second fight is between “The Lord of Champions” Roger Lord Mortimer, and “The Spawn of Asmodeous.” Ciaran steps into the ring with a haughty swagger, wearing a freshly skinned Jackal hide and black clothes. From under the hood, his normally covered eye is glowing bright, and Lorn recognizes the symbol of Asmodeous in his pupil. He immediately tells Basile they need to talk afterwards

  • Round 1: Mortimer jabs his knee up into Ciaran’s chin, knocking him back before slamming him down onto the ground. Ciaran barely flinches as he wriggles around and punches Mortimer in the dick, earning a bunch of boos from the crowd.(Meanwhile, Lorn heals Basile with his wand, keeping him at full health.)
  • Round 2: Mortimer continues to grapple Ciaran, but he is able to escape and bounce away, heckling Mortimer.
  • Round 3: Mortimer throws a wild swing and misses. Ciaran dashes forward and punches him in the dick again, using his short height to his benefit.
  • Round 4: Mortimer is able to land another punch on Ciaran, who seems to deflect it with ease. Ciaran ducks away from another hit and kicks him in the shin.
  • Round 5: Mortimer tries to hit Ciaran one more time, but the child is able to slip past and kick him in the rear.

Ciaran is declared the winner of the fight, much to the towns dismay. The plan seems to be working as Ciaran bows and soaks it all in.

The third round is between “The Bloodrager” Krom and Dwayne “The Dragon Steamboat” Johnson. Dwayne is wearing glittering tassels and glove with red gems. He approaches Krom and tells him, “I have no intention of winning, let’s just put on a good show.”

  • Round 1: Krom grabs Dwayne by the waist and grapples him, then pile drives him into the ground. Dwayne gives him a thumbs up and then tells him to back up, waiting for him.
  • Round 2: Krom doesn’t back up, and instead picks up Dwayne by the shirt and tosses him over his back into the wall. Dwayne tumbles and parkours off the wall to land on the ground. As he lands, the gems in his rings spark and sets the pit on fire. The crowd boos as they call him a cheater.
  • Round 3: Krom rages and powerbomb’s Dwayne into the ground, critically wounding him. Dwayne tumbles out of his grip and flips up onto Krom’s shoulders. Then he slams his hands down like a double axe on his head. He then tries to grapple him.
  • Round 4: Krom barely flinches and yanks Dwayne off him and punts him across the room with a “this is Sparta” flair. Dwayne hits the wall, but uses it to jump off and cross body slam onto Krom.
  • Round 5: Krom wraps his arms around Dwayne and bearhugs him, making it impossible for him to escape as he crushes him.

Krom is declared the winner, to the crowds immense enjoyment.

Round four is between Lindural and Can Taknerous, and we didn’t RP this out because who wants to see two NPC’s battle. In the end, the lithe and agile Lindural is able to outfight the bullrushing Can Tankerous and is declared the winner.

Meanwhile, Marven is approached by a man with dark skin, slicked back black hair, and golden tattoos. He introduces himself as Pythos, and bets that The Spawn of Asmodeous will win the entire tournament, and reveals that he is the contact Regis sent for Marven. To prove his immense knowledge, he tells Marven that Neebs isn’t what he seems, and provides him with Glasses of True Sight to prove that Neebs is actually a doppelganger.

The first round of the semifinals is between Neebs and Ciaran.

  • Round 1: Ciaran charges forward and uses his inspiration to boost up his strength and knees Neebs in the dick. Neebs shoves Ciaran to the ground and starts to strangle him. (Basile turns blue and starts screaming telepathically at Lorn to save him. Lorn shoves a chest tube into Basile to help him breathe, and starts flipping through his spell book.)
  • Round 2: Ciaran is able to escape from Neebs’ grip and punches him in the side of the head. Neebs trips Ciaran onto his butt and stomps on his balls. (Basile crumples and wheezes, wondering if this is what childbirth is like.)
  • Round 3: Ciaran gets up carefully, but Neebs grabs him by the arm and tries to rip it off. (Basile feels his shoulder pop out of place and Lorn starts throwing out spells to heal him faster than his wand normally could.)
  • Round 4: Ciaran knees Neebs in the stomach, and Neebs forces him onto the ground to pummel him in the face repeatedly. (“LORN I NEED OATMEAL”)
  • Round 5: Ciaran headbutts Neebs in the teeth. Neebs then grabs Ciaran by the head and nearly rips it off as he enters into a foaming rage. (Basile is now black and blue and thinks this was an awful idea.)

In the end, Ciaran is declared the winner for walking out unscathed. He brushes himself off and shrugs. As he leaves the pit he kicks Xylander (to really sell his persona, not because he dislikes cats) which causes the crowd to hate him more. Marven hypes up the crowd to hate on Ciaran, saying “I’ve heard that he eats children.” All according to plan.

While the second semifinal starts, Rhaegar and Dwayne start to argue, and somehow Dwayne ends up in the well and Rhaegar threatens to piss on him. A rat-faced man comes up and tells them to take their business elsewhere, as Master Lorn put him in charge of protecting the well. They realized that Nergal was turned into a human.

The second semifinal is between Krom and Lindural. Krom, who is overwhelming larger and stronger than Lindural, is able to beat him down hard. However, Lindural is trained to fight with his fists, so every hit causes lethal damage. In the end, Krom is able to grapple Lindural to the ground and twist him arm to force him to tap out.

The final round is between Krom and Ciaran. Basile starts begging Lorn to not let him die, as Lorn casts Bear’s Endurance, False Life, Deathward, Greater Vigor, and Stoneskin. Marven starts to hype up the crowd for Krom, spreading rumors that “The Spawn of Asmodeous” drowns puppies in wells and Nergal agrees that he’s seen it.

  • Round 1:  Krom rages and grabs Ciaran, grappling him and pinning him down. Ciaran wriggles and punches at Krom, trying to do any damage possible.
  • Round 2: Krom slams his fist into Ciaran in the face three times, and Ciaran reaches up to poke at Krom’s eyes. (Basile is guzzling potions as Lorn casts spells.)
  • Round 3: Krom tries to gouge out Ciaran’s glowing eye, but it feels like he’s pressing on concrete. Ciaran rapidly kicks his feet up into Krom’s dick as fast as possible. (Basile, however, feels immense pressure behind his eyes and clutches his face.)
  • Round 4: Krom grabs Ciaran by the arms and starts to pull them apart, trying to tear them off. Ciaran starts to laugh as maniacally as he can to sell his role as invincible, shouting “is that all you’ve got?!” (Basile’s arms actually rip off and he collapses, thinking “no THIS is what childbirth is like.” Lorn uses a regeneration spell on him before he bleeds out.)
  • Round 5: Ciaran spits in Krom’s face, who then bites into Ciaran’s neck in retaliation.

However, Ciaran walks out without a scratch and is named the champion. As Basile is carried off invisibly by Rhaegar to his house, he asks Dwayne to make Ciaran invisible so he can get out safely and get rid of his costume before people try to attack him. Dwayne obliges, just in time for Neebs/Sbeen and Krom to get together to try.

“Did I fight you in the tournament?” Sbeen asks.

“No,” Krom responds.

“That’s what a kid would say.”

The two decide to team up to try and find “the boy” who feat them in the tournament.

  • They run off to the bar, since that’s where a child would go, and confront Caelim, demanding if he’s the child. He runs off in fear, and the two bump into Alkaid at the Temple of Kord.
  • Alkaid tries to throw them off Ciaran’s trail, literally as they find Ciaran’s scent from the arena, by saying that the Spawn of Asmodeous wasn’t a child, but a halfling named Regis. However, they catch him in a lie. Alkaid tries to warn Basile telepathically they they have his scent, but Sbeen manages to hear it and confronts him. Alkaid is forced to help them, and is dragged by his new “friends” toward Rhaegar’s house.
  • On the way, they run into Marven, who had just finished meeting with Pythos and giving him his share of the winning bets. He sees the distress on Alkaid’s face and is able to convince Sbeen and Krom that Ciaran is in a different direction. He convinces them to head to Cantankerous’ post.
  • Can Tankerous tells them to put Alkaid and Marven down, and agrees that The Spawn of Asmodeous had to be a halfling. As they are all distracted and trying to figure out who it was, Alkaid backs up and runs back to Rhaegar’s house.

During all of this, Basile lies in the middle of the main room of Rhaegar’s house. Ciaran is sitting next to him and tells him excitedly about the fights. “Yes, I know, Ciaran. I was there.” He hears Alkaid’s warning and asks Dwayne to cast Misdirection on Ciaran to protect him. He then listens to Neebs’ thoughts and hears “I’m Gonna Be” by The Proclaimers on repeat.

There is the first of many knocks at the door: Rhaegar opens it and a hooded figure is there. He asks who it is, and the figure says he’s looking for Basile. Basile tells Rhaegar it’s fine, and introduces Pythos to the group as his old mentor.

  • Pythos prepares a strong tonic that smells like hot chocolate for Basile to take to ease his pain. Basile immediately relaxes and become more laid back than ever.
  • Rhaegar discerns that Pythos works with Regal – though it’s clear Pythos thinks of Regis as lesser than him.
  • Meanwhile, Dwayne asks about the golden tattoos, to which Pythos replies that they are ritual markings for warlocks.
  • Lorn tries to barter information with Pythos, causing Basile to chuckle in response. Lorn tries to give Pythos information on Basile, but he brushes it off saying that he knows everything about Basile. He then offers the location of “a rare artifact” to which Dwayne panics and silences Lorn, thinking that it’s the hook. However, Lorn shakes off the spell and explains that he knows the location of the Deck of Many Things. Pythos accepts and enters a deep meditative state, then tells Lorn that the Thrax family is safe and that the people he was concerned about have not been seen in a long time. Lorn then tells him that the Deck of Many Things is with the group.

There is a second knock on the door, and Rhaegar opens it to see Marven, Sbeen, and Krom.

  • Sbeen is reading from a piece of paper that says, “Dear Sir or Madam. We apologize for our behavior earlier, and promise to not threaten people again.” Marven explains that this is “Sbeen” a doppelganger that took Neebs’ place for some reason.
  • Pythos offers them “the best drinks they’re ever had,” and mixes them up a similar drink to what he gave Basile. He makes it taste like their favorite foods: Blood and Kobolds. They drink it and start to feel very sleepy, failing their will saves. Rhaegar takes them to rooms in the back to rest. They eventually return briefly to take Alkaid and Marven to cuddle.

Basile asks Lorn to run to Xi-Long to buy a True Resurrection Scroll, which piques Pythos’ curiosity. He asks who Basile plans to bring back, to which Basile replies, “who do you think?” Pythos warns that Basile should let the past go before heading out and telling to meet him in private once he feels better.

Lorn returns with the scroll, as well as A TON of other items and orders from Xi-Long. Shortly after he arrives, there is a third knock at the door, and Ashisa is there to tell them that the tree they planted has finally provided fruit. Lorn sends a message to Duarph to ask him which fruit he wants: strength or wisdom. Duarph requests for the strength fruit, and the group decides that Lorn should eat the wisdom fruit.

Once everyone not a part of the Neebs and Associates party leaves, Basile reads the Scroll of True Resurrection to revive Levi Addler. He appears in a flash of white light, naked, and very confused. Rhaegar gives him some pants to wear.

  • Basile asks him if he remembers who he is, where he’s from, and any details about the morning he died. Levi remembers that he’s from a northern trading town called Modelheim, and that he’s a Cleric of Ioun with a wife and three sons. However, he doesn’t remember much about dying except that his son Eythan was there trying to help him. He explained that he was praying to Ioun to keep his family safe instead of trying to save himself.
  • Lorn offers to read Levi’s surface thoughts to see if he can find any more details about the day he died, but as he enters he realizes that his memory had been wiped from the moment he woke up that morning until when young Eythan found him in the temple.
  • Basile provides Levi his cloak, saying that Tomas gave it to him to hold onto. Levi asks Basile if he knows more about his family. Basile explains that his wife and children are safe, and that Eythan went missing after being convicted of Levi’s murder. He assures Levi that Eythan is safe. Lorn also confirms, saying that Ioun must have put people in Eythan’s path to ensure his safety, giving a long look at Basile like “I got you.”
  • Rhaegar and Alkaid also put together that Basile must be the Eythan Addler they’re heard about, and that he must be Levi’s son. They start to pressure Basile telepathically into telling Levi, as well as begging to know more. They are desperate for Basile to just admit it, but he continuously shuts them up and says he’ll explain later.
  • Levi wants to leave to return to Modelheim, and Lorn offers to take him back whenever he wants. Basile asks him to stay just for a bit until they’re ready to leave, not quite explaining that he wants to get a bit stronger before facing the Frigid Death and his family. Marven picks up on Basile’s unease and convinces Levi to stay for a while to rest up. Basile thanks him privately in his head.

The evening wraps up as Krom and Sbeen bring in ridiculous amounts of alcohol to party, and Basile tells Levi they can talk some more in private. Levi seems to understand, and heads back to a room to rest. When Lorn and Basile are alone, Basile finally tells Lorn everything about his past from his conviction, to his prophecy, to how he and Ciaran were bound.

In response, Lorn tells Basile that he needs to stop keeping secrets and that he will help break the bond between Ciaran and Basile. Basile doesn’t want to break it just yet, knowing that Ciaran is safe as long as Basile is alive, but Lorn is adamant that Ciaran needs to be free. Lorn also warns that getting involved with Asmodeous is dangerous, but also suggests that the gods never listen to anyone anyways. Before they part, Lorn tells Basile that he needs to tell his dad who he is. Basile plans to reveal the truth in the morning.

* There were A LOT of shenanigans that I missed from Krom and Sbeen’s adventures, such as fighting Rhaegar with dire flails, Sbeen being pregnant (?), and Dwayne sneaking into the house inside of a beer keg. Rhaegar’s door also broke down so they stole more doors from town to replace it, and Cantankerous got mad.

**Oh, and Marven left at night to go have fun with Ashisa (insert winky face and air horns)

***Click here to read a short story from Basile’s perspective about after the tournament!


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