D&D: Undead Attack

I’m not sure how many people can say this, but I love spoilers.

This is true for practically every aspect in my life. When I go to a concert, I google the setlist so I know which songs area going to be performed so I can make sure I know the lyrics. When there is a movie that I’m interested in seeing, I’ll look up the plot synopsis. Even when I read, I find my eyes drifting toward the last page of a chapter before I’ve finished. While I do enjoy surprises and will hold back so I can go along for the ride, I think I enjoy being “in the know” more.

Because of this, I had an absolute blast during the last D&D session. Since Ciaran was left behind in town during the undead attack, I had a chance to know what was happening even though Basile and the rest of the party didn’t. While we were all in Dis, I was also rping via Facebook chat with Eddie to determine what was happening back in town.

To top if off, Eddie asked me to write up a summary of the events that took place before Neebs and Associates could come to the rescue.

Of course, a summary isn’t good enough. So, here’s a short story of the events from Ciaran’s perspective:

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D&D Session 16 and 17

The last two sessions of D&D have been a lot of fun, but it’s unfortunately going to be a long wait for the next time we play. Approximately six weeks. Ugh, I feel the withdrawals already. You can definitely expect some additional creative content as I wait until mid-November for the next session! In the meantime, here’s the summary of what happened!



  • Ciaran (LVL11) and Basile (LVL13)
  • Lorn (LVL 13)
  • Marven (LVL13)
  • Neebs (LVL 13)
  • Dwayne (LVL13)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 13)
  • Alkaid (LVL 13)
  • Kass (LVL 12)


Upon arriving back in town:

  • Dwayne visits H’rathen to show off the Colyrut head he found in the Elemental Plane of Water. He also meets with Qyburn and Chip Whitley regarding an order for 50 Globes of Trap Spring for the Fang Reserve.
  • Rhaegar goes to the Fang Reserve to check and see if there are any bounties to collect on. He also sells the Formian remains and Colyrut metal.
  • Marven sells the Thundering Axe and Belt of Mighty Blow to Xi-Long.
  • Kass makes a new bandanna for Xylander, as the old one was burnt to a crisp when he became a thunder cat (ho.)
  • A burly man with a large nose “arrives” into town. He visits H’rathen to discuss Ysgard (it’s actually Rocky, who is looking for a way to return to the plane he had been banished to for a few seconds.) The conversation devolves into an arm wrestling match that Rocky wins.
  • Neebs visits the blind man from before and tells him that other humans were “complaining” about him and that he needs to be ejected off the statue’s forehead in order to follow the new laws set in place. OR, they can redact the new law to allow anyone to stay in Neebsenshire, including the “snake woman.” The man chooses to let the law be redacted.
  • Basile visits Levi to show him the book that Tomas wrote, and tells him that the stories are about him and his adventures. Levi make a comment about, “if you were my son, I would be so proud of you.” Basile tells him that they are going to Dis, and Levi blesses him with a Magic Vestment spell. Before he leaves, he tells Levi that “they both know who he really is, but he’d like to keep his past buried.”
  • Lorn visits Skor and orders a set of Mithril Armor for Rocky, then goes to Xi-Long to purchase two scrolls of True Resurrection. He then asks where the group can get documentation to travel back to Mechanus legally, and Xi-Long directs them to Father Teegan. Lorn and Rhaegar go to purchase the proper documents, which are written out in sapphire dust ink (fancy.)

The group goes to visit H’rathen, who can plane shift them to Mechanus. Marven and Neebs write their letters of apology. Meanwhile, Basile asks H’rathen to send a message to Tomas telling him that he brought their dad back to life. Tomas responds that he’s very excited, and accidentally slipped and mentioned that Basile was still alive. Oops.

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REVIEW: New Light

Annette Gilson is a master of fiction. She has spent several years perfecting her craft, and it shows in her novel New Light.

It’s not exactly a romance, nor is it a philosophical or scientific work. It’s not fantasy, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s based on reality. New Light is a hybrid of a myriad of genres neatly woven together to create a whole new kind of novel.

Gilson takes on the awe-inspiring task of taking a mysterious and otherworldly subject – visions – and explores what makes it so fascinating by using a blend of scientific and poetic language. If any other author tried to do so, I’m sure it would have become a muddled mess, but Gilson does so with ease. She is able to perfectly balance her vivid images with scientific jargon that overwhelms and pacifies the reader into understanding.

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ARTICLE: The Visions of Oakland University’s Director of Creative Writing

The time has come. I am officially a graduate of Oakland University. This final article as Photo Editor (and occasional reporter and blogger) for the Oakland Post marks the end of an era of learning my passion in life: creative writing. I have met many people on my journey to getting my bachelors, but one person who has helped me the most is the one and only Annie Gilson.

I had Gilson as a professor for my Advanced Creative Writing course about a year and a half ago. My good friend and fellow author Adrian Schirr was joining me, and I felt prepared to take the class by storm. However, I was not at all prepared for the intensity that is professor Gilson and her teaching.

To put it simply, she is a powerhouse of creative writing. Her energy was never less than 150%, and her passion for writing was even higher. She didn’t hold back with her critiques, and I admit that I left class with tears in my eyes after having some of my work ripped apart. However, it was the critiques I needed to hear, not the critiques I necessarily wanted to hear. That was one of the most important values I learned after taking Gilson’s course. I needed to develop a thick skin when it comes to revising and critiques. My writing isn’t perfect, and I need to know and not let my feelings get hurt when someone says “this makes no sense!”

The best part is that Gilson applies everything she teaches to her students to her own writing, which I learned when I interviewed her about her novel New Light, which was first published in 2006, and reprinted in 2010.

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