D&D Session 16 and 17

The last two sessions of D&D have been a lot of fun, but it’s unfortunately going to be a long wait for the next time we play. Approximately six weeks. Ugh, I feel the withdrawals already. You can definitely expect some additional creative content as I wait until mid-November for the next session! In the meantime, here’s the summary of what happened!



  • Ciaran (LVL11) and Basile (LVL13)
  • Lorn (LVL 13)
  • Marven (LVL13)
  • Neebs (LVL 13)
  • Dwayne (LVL13)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 13)
  • Alkaid (LVL 13)
  • Kass (LVL 12)


Upon arriving back in town:

  • Dwayne visits H’rathen to show off the Colyrut head he found in the Elemental Plane of Water. He also meets with Qyburn and Chip Whitley regarding an order for 50 Globes of Trap Spring for the Fang Reserve.
  • Rhaegar goes to the Fang Reserve to check and see if there are any bounties to collect on. He also sells the Formian remains and Colyrut metal.
  • Marven sells the Thundering Axe and Belt of Mighty Blow to Xi-Long.
  • Kass makes a new bandanna for Xylander, as the old one was burnt to a crisp when he became a thunder cat (ho.)
  • A burly man with a large nose “arrives” into town. He visits H’rathen to discuss Ysgard (it’s actually Rocky, who is looking for a way to return to the plane he had been banished to for a few seconds.) The conversation devolves into an arm wrestling match that Rocky wins.
  • Neebs visits the blind man from before and tells him that other humans were “complaining” about him and that he needs to be ejected off the statue’s forehead in order to follow the new laws set in place. OR, they can redact the new law to allow anyone to stay in Neebsenshire, including the “snake woman.” The man chooses to let the law be redacted.
  • Basile visits Levi to show him the book that Tomas wrote, and tells him that the stories are about him and his adventures. Levi make a comment about, “if you were my son, I would be so proud of you.” Basile tells him that they are going to Dis, and Levi blesses him with a Magic Vestment spell. Before he leaves, he tells Levi that “they both know who he really is, but he’d like to keep his past buried.”
  • Lorn visits Skor and orders a set of Mithril Armor for Rocky, then goes to Xi-Long to purchase two scrolls of True Resurrection. He then asks where the group can get documentation to travel back to Mechanus legally, and Xi-Long directs them to Father Teegan. Lorn and Rhaegar go to purchase the proper documents, which are written out in sapphire dust ink (fancy.)

The group goes to visit H’rathen, who can plane shift them to Mechanus. Marven and Neebs write their letters of apology. Meanwhile, Basile asks H’rathen to send a message to Tomas telling him that he brought their dad back to life. Tomas responds that he’s very excited, and accidentally slipped and mentioned that Basile was still alive. Oops.

The party divides into two groups for H’rathen to plane shift. Lorn, Rocky, Basile, Alkaid, and Xylander are in one group, while Rhaegar, Marven, Neebs, Dwayne, and Kass are in the second.

At Mechanus, the two groups find each other once again and head into the city. There, they provide their documentation and are allowed access.

  • They meet with Zett, and Lorn resurrects the two inevitables that Marven and Neebs had murdered.
  • Marven provides his letter of apology, as well as a letter requesting a law to kill anyone of the Ebbonfire family. However, he wrote his last name as Ebbonfire, and Zett informs that the law would include him as well. Marven argues if Zett would kill himself if he knew he was innocent but the law demanded it. He said that he would. With that, Marven’s law proposal backfires, and he fires Lorn as his lawyer, even though there was not much Lorn could do.
  • Neebs says that he changed his mind and would rather have the Mark of Justice placed on him instead of apologize. Zett agrees and gives him the mark that will prevent him from killing innocents. Neebs then gives Zett a law stating that Neebs and his associates are allowed to act accordingly to those who threaten Neebs, his associates, or Neebsenshire. The law is accepted, and Neebs is able to kill anyone that he sees as a threat. #lawyered

The group then leaves Mechanus and plane shifts with a scroll to Dis. They arrive to a barren and decaying wasteland. They are nearby a black river, which they recognize as the River Styx. Lorn and Basile, who have studied a lot about Dis, explain that they need to summon Charon the Ferryman to take them across to the city.

Lorn casts a Symbol of Sleep to summon Charon.

  • Charon arrives on his ferry and greets himself. He states that his payment is 500 gold, two gems worth 500 gold, or a magical item.  Neebs senses his motive, aware that there may be Charon Daemons who like to pretend to be the ferryman to attack visitors. He has the sense that Charon is lying and says that he’ll wait for the next boat and sits down. Everyone follows his lead. Charon leaves.
  • A second Charon arrives on his ferry. He greets himself and states that his payment is the same. Dwayne asks if we offer more than the standard payment if we would be more likely to cross. The second Charon doesn’t seem as trust worthy, so they group passes up.
  • A third Charon approaches, and upon sensing his motives the group decides to trust him as the real Charon. Everyone pays up with a magic item, while Basile and Dwayne pay for Kass and Alkaid, who don’t have enough items or gold to give.
  • On their way across the river (though it doesn’t seem like they’re moving at all) Neebs small talks with Charon and learns a bit more information about Dis. They eventually land on the shore of Dis and are let off.

It becomes almost unbearably hot as the group approaches the large gate into Dis. There, they are “greeted” by a guard who asks them why they wish to enter. Dwayne says that he heard that “dis is the hot spot,” and Lorn adds that they wish to buy and sell goods, and will be “disappointed” if we were turned away.

This led to a long list of puns including: Dissarray, Disrespecting, Dissorienting, Displeasing, and Dispose. Those who said a pun took 82 damage.

The guard tells them to get out of his city, and Lorn gets sassier by saying “who’s city is Dis? Dispater’s? Are you Dispater?” The guard shuts them out. Someone mentions that he expected the guard to get more “heated” than this and took more damage.

Neebs Dimension Door’s his way up to the top of the watch tower to talk to the guard (rather than flying, because that’s easy.) He tells the guard that they will pay to go inside, and negotiates that Neebs pay 900 gold for himself, and Lorn pays 2,4000 gold for the rest of the party.

The group is allowed inside and enter the first ring of Dis: The Slave Disctrict. The group is greeted by an imp who offers them assistance with navigating the many rings around the Iron City. They ask where Slyvra is, and he mentions that she may be in the Halls of Adjudication or in the Pits of Dispater. Neebs asks where to find a soul that is connected to a devil, but the imp laughs and doesn’t offer much advice on how to find a particular soul.

They continue into the second ring: the Bazaar.

  • Rhaegar visits a weapons stall to see if there are any interesting weapons to purchase. He purchases a breast plate. He then goes into another shop and ends up purchasing a cursed helmet that permanently changes his alignment to Lawful Neutral.
  • Marven, buys the soul of a 5 year old cripple boy, Neebs buys the soul of a soldier, and Dwayne purchases 500 souls.

While Basile, Kass, and Basile are standing back and not getting involved, a grungy-looking homeless man runs up to them and starts gurgling and shouting unintelligibly. Kass plays his Song of Freedom on his pan flute, which releases the spell on the man and allows him to speak. He introduces himself as Jonathan, and begs for them to help him save his wife and daughter, which he had lost in a bet with the devil Gluilar. The group agrees to help, as he mentions that he can tell them the location of the Blood Weeper, a hellish sword that Rhaegar is immediately interested in.

The group continues into the third ring of Dis: The Halls of Abjudication. While traveling, Dwayne notices that a group of devils are following them. He warns the group, but is hit with an Overwhelm spell that he is able to shake off. the group of devils attacks them, and more come out from the woodwork for a total of 14 devils.

  • Lorn casts Rhino Rush and Chasing Perfection on Rocky. Rocky then charges into one of the Ice Devils.
  • Marven breathes slow breath on four of the smaller devils and scares three of them.
  • The devils start to move in, and Xylander gets an attack of opportunity and rakes one across the chest. A Chain Devil attacks Alkaid with its chain, while Marven, Neebs, and Dwayne are able to dodge the attacks of other devils.
  • Neebs shoots his bow, sending off three arrows imbued with Striking Fist. The head of an Ice Devil spins off as the arrow “punches” it in the chin.
  • Rhaegar uses his Lions Roar and hits a devil with a Splinter Bolt sword. He bisects it after three clean hits.
  • Alkaid takes a few steps back and blurs himself, then shoots off three arrows with his holy bow. The arrows knock back the devil attacking Xylander, who them mauls the devil apart.
  • A Beard Devil nearby Dwayne grapples him and starts to drag him away.
  • Basile rushes up and blasts a stream of Hellfire at the devil holding Dwayne, severely burning him.
  • Dwayne uses his Boots of Dimensional Stride to teleport out of the devil’s grasp.
  • Lorn casts Telekinesis and throws swords at two of the invisible devils, impaling them both.  Meanwhile, Rocky jumps into the air (defying all physics) and lands on a devil.
  • Marven sonic blasts those who are still nearby, killing them instantly. The rest of the devils flee.

(Then, we had a brief intermission as Eddie and I left to get the keys to our house. The rest played in a battle royale to see who would win in a superfight. The fight ended when it came between Marven, Xylander, Neebs and Rhaegar, though we joked that Basile would win because he was invisible in the corner the whole time and would kill whoever was left last.)

When trying to figure out why they were attacked, Dwayne mentions that he purchased 500 souls. Figuring that he was the target, Lorn casts invisibility on him so that he can use prestidigitation on himself to change his appearance while in Dis. He turns himself into a tiefling (jokingly similar to Basile.)

Then, realizing that Alkaid is an Aasimar and probably not welcome, Rhaegar lets him borrow a Ring of Chameleon Power to disguise himself.

They continue to the Halls of Adjudication, which is filled with imps torturing souls and corpses hanging from stockades. A beard devil named Draegesh offers his assistance. He says that while he can’t lead them to Sylvra, he can take them to Byloth who can then help them find her. He also says he can take them to Gluilar for a price. Rhaegar offers to sell his brother, Sandor’s, soul as payment, saying that he can collect the soul after killing him. (Basile quietly notes how this is just as bad – if not worse – than what he did to Ciaran, which no one is letting him live down.)

Draegesh leads them into the Pits to meet Gluilar. Before they enter, Basile mind senses in the room to warn the group that four devils are inside and none of them seem to be planning an ambush. Most of the group goes inside, with Dwayne and Alkaid left outside to watch their belongings.

  • Gluilar, the Erenyess, is sitting at her desk and is flanked by two very swol Chain Devils and a Lemure. She is the most beautiful devil they have ever seen, despite her entirely black skin and eyes. Neebs immediately tries to hit on her, and Rhaegar has to consistently tell him “down, boy.” She politely declines, saying that the people she sleeps with feel “drained” after being with her. Neebs replies quickly with, “I’m immune to energy drain.”
  • The groups asks her to release the souls of Jonathan’s wife and daughter, as they weren’t partaking in the scam that Jonathan was doing. Gluilar refuses, but then suggests that she may be able to stir the pot. (“I can stir your pot,” Neebs replies.)
  • To release the souls, the party must go back to Jonathan and cast an illusion of his family being tortured to make him suffer. Rhaegar is okay with that, but the rest of the group convinces him that torture isn’t a good thing.
  • Marven offers to give up the Zephyr Blade, but Gluilar isn’t interested. Lorn then lawyers up and states that Jonathan never had possession of the souls and thus couldn’t possibly offer them in a bet. With this, she agrees to release the souls, as her position as an Erenyess may be compromised.
  • As Basile has been translating everything to Dwayne and Alkaid telepathically, Dwayne casts an illusion to make Neebs’ pants fall down to impress Gluilar with his “lil’ Neebs.” She gives Neebs contact information, saying to summon her when he’s ready. Neebs fist bumps Dwayne on the way out.

They return to Jonathan and tell him that his family’s souls have been returned to the Material Plane. As promised, Jonathan tells them that the Blood Weeper is located in the remains of an Archon in the pits.

Draegesh leads them deeper into the pits, where the stench and heat become unbearable. Dwayne casts Prestidigitation to make his upper lip smell nice, while Lorn shrinks Rocky and Xylander so they can fit in the tunnels.

The group passes by a wounded human who just came out of a battle. He explains that his name is McGreggor, and he just got his ass kicked by a guy named Mayweather. He was 0-1 in Dis. He was expected to fight daily for the entertainment of devils. Neebs promises to help him get out of Dis (but we promptly forgot.)

Deep in the tunnel, they find the archon’s body on the ground with an obsidian sword in his chest.

  • As they approach, they hear the whispering voice of the sentient weapon in their mind. It asks why they are here, and the group asks how he arrived in Dis.
  • It was once owned by an angry half-orc warrior who thought that the gods took his wife away from him. As the warrior fought to kill the gods, the sword soaked up his hatred and grew sentience. It now seeks vengeance.
  • Rhaegar explains that he, too, seeks vengeance after being betrayed by his family. He requests the sword’s permission to be its owner so he can succeed in his goals. The Blood Weeper agrees, and Rhaegar takes hold of the hilt. Black energy rises out of the sword and crawls up Rhaegar’s arm and into the orifices of his face. Clearly it’s not a good thing – possibly worse than Sadius was.

The group then finds Byloth in the pits being tortured. Fire rats are eating at her body as she’s chained to the ground. She’s surprised to see them there, and explains how Krissa betrayed her.

Neebs offers to let her go in exchange for Jennifer’s soul. She agrees only for Neebs’ soul, or the souls of everyone in Neebsenshire. He instead offers the soul of the ancient white dragon ruling over Modelheim, bargaining that it’s equivalent of the souls of Neebsenshire. She agrees, and Marven spits acid on the chains to release her.

Byloth leads the group to the Gates of the High Places to meet with Sylvra. Upon arriving, they see that the Pit Fiend is in her chambers with eight Ice Devil guards. Sylvra scolds Byloth for bringing lowly mortals to her, and Byloth leaves.

When she asks why the group came to her, Basile steps forward (now visible) to say that he’s seeking immortality and that he was told to come to her, as she’s be powerful enough to assist him.

She laughs at him, but asks what he’s willing to offer. Basile asks what she thinks is fair. She says she wants the soul of Ciaran or his friends. Basile argues that he can’t give up Ciaran, since his soul is bound and he needs to become immortal before he tries to break their bond. Meanwhile, he doesn’t own the souls of his friends, so she will have to ask each person if they’d be willing to give up their souls.

The entire party is appalled by his negotiations as Basile asks that he and his lawyer, Lorn, read the contract. Lorn, who seems suspicious, agrees to assist.

They step forward and Lorn cowers in fear upon approaching Sylvra. Basile apologizes for his cowardice, saying that he wasn’t used to being in the presence of such powerful beings. Dwayne casts a spell (with Sylvra’s permission) to break the fear over Lorn so he can read over the contract. The contract is sound, with no loopholes to get out of the contract. If Basile agrees, he will be damning everyone.

As they look over the contact, Sylvra offers deals that would be hard to refuse:

  • For Basile, she offers the identity of his father’s murder.
  • For Dwayne, the ability to truly rule, and the strength for competition.
  • For Lorn, the power to forge his own history and be remembered as a great wizard.
  • For Marven, magical items to help him rule over the Ebbonfire, as well as dragons.
  • For Rhaegar, the chance to save his wife and child and get revenge.
  • For Alkaid, to know where his parents lay so he can say a final goodbye.
  • For Neebs, his memories.

While Dwayne, Alkaid, and Rhaegar immediately decline, Basile, Lorn, Neebs, and Marven consider their options. However, they all unanimously deny the offer. With that, Basile tells Dwayne telepathically to make the first move, and he casts Haste.

  • Sylvra thrusts out her hand and casts Meteor Swarm. Four meteors launch out at everyone. Lorn attempts to counter the spell but it fails. She then casts Mass Hold Person, and everyone except Neebs, Rhaegar, and Rocky become paralyzed.
  • Neebs quicken casts True Strike and imbues his arrows with an Inervation Ray. He fires off ten arrows in rapid succession, over half of them firing straight into Sylvra. As they hit her, her energy weakens until the final arrow catches her in the throat and she disappears from existence (taking 24 negative levels in one hit.)
  • Now free from her spell, Lorn pulls out a stick and strikes it against his chest to heal himself from the meteor shower. He then activates his Belt of Mighty Blow and reads his Scroll of Align Fang on Rocky. Rocky charges up to one of the Ice Devils and slashes it with his horn.
  • Marven blows slow breath on them, then uses his Belt of Mighty Blow to fly up into the air and slow breath four more.
  • Basile turns invisible and moves to make an attack, but feels a sudden punch in the stomach that knocks the breath out of him.
  • Rhaegar runs up and slashes a devil with Blood Weeper, then uses his Ancient Mountain Hammer maneuver.
  • Basile, recomposed, charges up his hellfire and uses Eldritch Claws to slash open one of the devils in the corner, narrowly dodging when it tried to attack back.
  • The Ice devils press in. One hits Rhaegar, who counters, while another stabs him with a spear. Another devil hits Dwayne, while a fourth his Lorn. Rocky takes the damage for him.
  • Alkaid drinks a health potion to heal from the meteor shower, then Xylander attacks the Ice Devil near Alkaid.
  • Dwayne casts Haste again to remove the slow effect on everyone (though my notes don’t clarify when we were slowed to begin with???)
  • Neebs flies up into the air and uses Striking Hand on an Ice Devil, knocking it back into the wall.
  • Lorn quicken casts Magic Circle Against Evil, then activates his Circlet or Rapid Casting to use Entangling Magic Missile and Bite of the Were Bear. Rocky kills a devil by smashing it into a wall.
  • Marven uses his Sonic Breath on the slowed devils, as Rhaegar uses his Lions Roar. He swings his Blood Weeper three times into a devil, slashing it at the ankles and then slamming the hilt onto its head to kill it. He tries to cleave a second devil but misses.
  • Basile continues to slash up the Ice Devil into ribbons. As he kills the devil, he feels something bite into his shoulder.
  • All of the devils try to attack, but miss.
  • Alkaid rapid shoots three arrows with his holy bow, as Xylander bites and claws the Ice Devil attacking Rhaegar.
  • Dwayne casts Magic Missile, and (since it was late and the DMs knew we would just chip away at everything) all the devils died. Yay!

As they regroup and search for loot (there isn’t any), Basile’s Death Ward Armor flashes green. Lorn and Basile realize that something bad is happening to Ciaran. Dwayne tries to send a message to H’rathen, but there is no reply. Lorn immediately tries to use a Plane Shift Scroll to return home, but it fizzles and fails.

Not wanting to risk using their last scroll, they reach out to Byloth and ask/demand that she teleport them back home. She tries to plane shift them back, but it fails. They try again by asking her to plane shift them to Neebs Peak.

This time it works, and the group is taken to Neebs Peak. They teleport closer to town, and see a dark, shimmering cloud over Neebsenshire. Lorn recognizes that it’s an extremely powerful spell.

Suddenly, Basile feels like his back is being carved into strips and blood starts spilling. He takes off his armor, and the words “Undead Attack. Help” appear on his back.



  • Ciaran (LVL11) and Basile (LVL13)
  • Lorn (LVL 13)
  • Marven (LVL13)
  • Neebs (LVL 13)
  • Dwayne (LVL13)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 13)
  • Alkaid (LVL 13)


Lorn starts hatching a plan to prepare us for battle and to get back to town as quickly as possible. First, he activates his LVL 2 Pearl of Power and grabs bones from his bag. He then activates his Circlet of Rapid Casting and turns the bones into arrows to give to Alkaid. Finally, Lorn turns himself into a cat. He casts Familiar Pocket on Rocky’s saddle and slips inside with Basile’s magic bedroll and takes a cat nap.

(Side note: Dwayne gives him some food, and cat Lorn knocks it away. Rhaegar gives him milk, and Lorn hisses.)

While Lorn is napping, Dwayne decides to test out his hook, shouting Humuhumunukunukuapua’a for a random spell. He hits Rhaegar with Confusion. It works, yay!

When Lorn wakes up, he successfully teleports the group an hour closer to Neebsenshire. The closer they arrive, a dark and ominous feeling comes over them. Everyone makes a will save, and Xylander is the only one to fail and loses a level.

Dwayne casts Haste and Lorn casts Mass Fly on the group flies up the side of Neebsenshire. Meanwhile, Lorn buffs Rhaegar with Bull Strength and Fires of Purity to make him more formidable. He also casts Bite of the Were Bear, Death Ward, Chasing Perfection, and Firewings on himself and Rocky. Finally, he casts Magic Circle Against Evil. Lorn is a spellcasting machine.

They arrive at Rhaegar’s house on the shoulder. His home seems protected after Lorn made it hollowed ground.  Dwayne casts Greater Invisibility on himself, and uses Lorn’s Rod of Meta Magic to double the duration. Alkaid summoned a second version of himself from another timeline.

With everyone spread out while still keeping within Basile’s telepathy, they fly overhead to see what is happening in town from above.

Death and devastation has ravaged the city. Several landmarks have been burned down, including The Fang Reserve and The Three Shepherds. There are packs of slowly moving creatures in the streets. The front gate has been broken and pushed over.

Everyone has to roll another will save. Lorn, Rocky, and Rhaegar pass, and everyone else loses a level. Lorn actives his LVL 5 Pearl of Power and casts Death Ward on everyone to make them immune to negative levels. They notice that the rain falling from the sky rolls off them and they aren’t quite as hurt.

Lorn attempts to send a message to Ciaran asking where he is. Ciaran responds that they’re in the bunker of Alsbeth’s General Store, and asks if they’re still surrounded.

There is a flash from inside the storm, and Rhaegar is hit with Chain Lightning. However, it doesn’t link to anyone else as they’re just far enough away. Rhaegar drinks potions to heal.

Everyone flies toward the General Store, and one of the groups below notices them. The group sees that the creatures below are rotting humans and bugbears. Lorn tries to get a closer look, and Marven swoops down like a bird of prey and eats one of them. (Thanks Steve for texting “I swoop down and eat whatever they’re talking about” randomly.)

At the General Store, they are unable to open the front door. Basile finally hears Ciaran and makes sure he’s okay and then asks him to open the door if it’s safe to. Dwayne uses the hook once more to cast a random spell: Etherealness. He grabs Rhaegar, Basile, and Alkaid to shift into the Ethereal Plane to enter the door. Lorn casts Benign Transposition twice to trade places with Dwayne so everyone can get inside, as Dwayne continuously fazes through the door.

Inside, there are a bunch of items piled in front of the door to barricade it. The shop has been ransacked and there is a rug flopped over and a trap door in the middle of the floor. Down in the bunker, most of the town is safely inside. However, there are some notable people missing, including: members of the Fang Reserve, Taim the Librarian, Hank the Fletcher, Father Teegan, Xi-Long, H’rathen, and Ashisa.

Ciaran runs up and hugs everyone, thankful that they’re all okay. He informs them that Lindurall died fighting an undead bugbear, and that Toxil was overwhelmed and eventually was killed by his brothers after becoming reanimated. He doesn’t know where the other missing people are, and is visibly upset that H’rathen, Xi-Long, and Ashisa are missing (he really likes them a lot.)

Rhaegar asks if Levi can help consecrate the ground, but it’s too far out of his spell range. “I’ve been dead a long time,” Levi reminds him.

After telling everyone to stay safely inside, the party (now including Ciaran) leave the store. Lorn turns himself into a rat to squeeze under the door, then uses Baleful Transposition to help Rocky get out of the bunker. Outside, a group of undead bugbears and zombies rush at them.

Dwayne casts Silent Image to create a wall between them and the hoard. They all stop at the wall, seemingly running into nothing and trying to climb over it. Meanwhile, Basile flies up to go over the line of undead. At that moment, green rain starts to fall down from the clouds and the wall disappears. Lorn uses spellcraft and senses Dispel Magic. Rhaegar uses his Lion’s Roar and runs up to attack one of the bugbears with Torch. He swings again and cleaves off its head. A blue rune on the undead’s chest glows and it explodes.

  • Lorn casts Scorching Ray into an undead bugbear and it explodes. Rhaegar and Dwayne are hurt from the explosion. Rocky charging into an undead and it explodes.
  • Rhaegar steps up to a zombie and hacks into it, making it explode. He then drinks a potion to heal.
  • Dwayne retreats into the stormclouds. As he flies up, he takes constitution damage and is slowed. The weight of the clouds is bearing down on him.
  • Ciaran casts Opportunistic Piety to turn 18 hit die worth of undead. Two of the undead explode, and another starts running away. Basile uses Eldritch Chain with Hellfire. It chains from the first undead into two others. However, they don’t explode (bummer.)
  • Two of the undead that Basile hit rush up to Rhaegar. Rhaegar dodges the first, but ducks right into the second attack and is slammed in the side of the head. The zombie’s chest flashes with a new symbol in white.
  • The two Alkaid’s uses his holy bow with the bone arrows, and rapid shoots toward the zombies. As ten arrows pin-cushion into them, they explode. Xylander dashes to the last fleeing zombie and plays with him like a dead mouse. It explodes.
  • Dwayne flies back down from the cloud.

Rhaegar draws the rune he saw for Lorn, and Lorn recognizes it as the Draconic Rune for Copy. However, he doesn’t know what spells it could be used for.

Dwayne gives Basile a Globe of Trapspringing. Rhaegar asks what broke down the door, and Ciaran explains that a “shit ton of undead.” Lorn tells him to watch his mouth, and Ciaran is all “you’re not my dad.” Basile reminds him to be polite.

From the rooftops, a swarm of bats fly at them and detonate. Everyone gets hit, and Basile falls unconscious from taking double damage. Ciaran alerts everyone that Basile has collapsed and points to his invisible body. Rhaegar gives Ciaran good berries to feed him (but not gently.) Ciaran still does it gently. Lorn also pokes Basile with a Spell Staff and revives him to full health, pretty much shocking him back into consciousness.

Ciaran prays to Ioun and casts Protection Devotion on everyone to help boost them for any oncoming attacks. As they continue to fly, they hear “for Kord!” from below as H’rathen Flame Strikes Rocky and Lorn – confusing them for enemies. Lorn activates his Hammer Sphere and creates a spiritual hand and sack taps H’rathen in response.

As they shout to tell H’rathen not to attack them anymore, more zombies, bugbears, and an undead troll start approaching.

Before they zombies get closer to the Temple of Kord, Basile shoots an Eldritch Chain of Hellfire onto the troll, which links to a bug bear and two zombies. Alkaid summons a second self. Rhaegar moves towards H’rathen to assist him. Lorn turns undead and explodes the bugbear and zombie, while the troll flees. Rocky charges up to a zombie and as he hits, a new symbol glows in red and Rocky takes half of the damage. Dwayne casts Phantom Battle, where ghostly warriors flank several of the undead to confuse them and gain their attention.

  • Alkaid fires off seven arrows into the crowd: two arrows explode a bugbear, two more into a zombie to decapitate time, two more into another time to crucify him, and one last one into the shoulder of the one Basile blasted. Xylander rushes up to finish the job. As his claws sink into him and it explodes.
  • Lorn casts Combust on an undead near Rocky and lights it on fire. It melts away and explodes. Rocky charges forward to another undead.
  • Rhaegar uses Lions Roar and shoots with his bow into the zombie’s dick. He explodes. He fires off another two arrows into another zombie.
  • Two of the zombies glow with a purple symbol meaning Hellfire and hit Rocky and Rhaegar.
  • Dwayne fires off the most electrifying magic missile: he hits the troll with two, and three zombies. It was the most German magic missile, as all of the damage was nine.
  • Basile Eldritch Chains with Hellfire into the troll, and links to two of the undead. They all explode, and Basile shouts, “That’s how you use Hellfire!” As they all explode around Rocky, the rhino takes 19 strength damage.

Lorn and Basile heal up Rocky with their wands. H’rathen informs Dwayne that Chip was “torn asunder” and didn’t make it. He said he’ll bring him back to life if Chip wants to come back. Rhaegar asks if the Temple of Kord is hallowed. H’rathen says he wants the zombies to come so he can fight them FOR KORD. 

The group asks if H’rathen can commune with Kord to learn what caused the undead attack. H’rathen says he used most of his spells for the day fighting undead, but suggests the group go to the library to meet with Skor. He may be able to assist them.

Neebs swoops down like a bird of prey and joins the group again. Those who are still missing from town, including Ashisa, are at Neebs Peak. Most of the city was able to evacuate. However, Xi-Long is still unaccounted for.

They all go to the library and meet Skor. Around it is a large magic circle that has been drawn into the floor and glyphs of warding on the walls. Skor tells them to say Bippity Boppity Boo as you walk through. Everyone repeats those words exactly and enter safely.

In the library, it’s a gruesome sight. Next to the table is a ripped apart body. The group assumes it’s Taim. Skor is surprised to say that Neebsenshire is a very tolerant city, as Taim was a Cleric of Tiamat, the five headed dragon god. He points into the back room and it leads to a shrine. Neebs bans undead, but not Clerics of Tiamat. Clearly, Clerics of Tiamat didn’t cause any trouble.

Skor informs them that the undead are coming from the south east, but he doesn’t know who could be causing it. He says that the stormclouds over the town are extremely powerful, and the magic is is probably being caused by a magic item.

During the conversation, they also learn that Skor thinks hair jokes are the best (as he’s the Tinkerer who caused H’rathen’s hair to grow when they were first exploring Neebs Peak.) So, Dwayne casts an illusion to make everyone bald. Xylander starts to growl with lightning, and Neebs demands his mullet back. Lorn says it’s against the law to remove Neebs’ hair and gives him an afro instead. Neebs digs it.

Dwayne sends a message to Xi-Long, asking if he has any items to quell the storm. There is no response from him. Several members of the party start to wonder if Xi-Long has anything to do with the attack.

Upon realizing that Neebs was the one who killed the church grim to allow the undead to rise, and didn’t get guards for the city and only for Neebs Peak, Lorn drafts a law saying that it was Jennifer’s fault and has Neebs sign it. Basile calls him out on it, but doesn’t stress it too much.

Basile and Lorn go to check out the backroom and find a cult-like shrine. There is a statue of Tiamat made out of precious metal. They take the statue to sell later.

The group cleans up the rest of the zombies in the town, as H’rathen is being a bad ass wiping them out. Lorn casts Fire Brand, just to prove his fire columns are better than H’rathen’s. Dwayne also casts Flame Strike.

Neebs makes Rhaegar the King’s Guard, and Lorn the Royal Fletcher. He also wants to make Marven the Hand of the King, but Marven doesn’t want it. Lorn casts an illusion of a badge with his name on it saying he’s the Hand of the King. He tries to take it off, then realizes it isn’t real. But he’s still the Right Hand of the King regardless.

Lorn makes Alkaid and Ciaran more bone arrows. He also gives H’rathen a bone sword, and uses Telekinesis to rip off H’rathen’s cod piece to sack tap him.

Dwayne casts a random spell from his hook: Telekinesis. He now can move objects with his mind. He tells Ciaran to throw him a rock and Dwayne makes it float. Lorn tries to counter spell but it fails. Dwayne tries to lift Rhaegar and Neebs, but they both resist the effects. He tries to lift Xylander, and is able to get him off the ground before the spell wears off and Xylander is dropped onto him.

Later that night when everyone is resting, an eagle swoops down from the sky and takes Marven’s food. Marven puts his face into its path and inhales, trying to swallow him. The eagle (who is actually Dwayne) is struck by lightning. He turns back into a gnome and eats the pie.

In the morning, the party finds handwritten letters in their belongings from Basile. As per his father’s advice, he apologizes for previous actions and wishes for their acceptance, forgiveness, and friendship (except Alkaid, as he’s still salty around him for pretty much being a racist.)

This comes across as a farewell or suicide letter for several members of the party – oops. Alkaid uses Xylander to search out Basile but he can’t seem to track him down. Lorn asks Ciaran where Basile is. Ciaran informs that he’s with his dad at the library.

Dwayne visits H’rathen to revive Chip, as he “collected” the body parts that he thinks belongs to him, but H’rathen says he needs a diamond to perform the spell (this is all taking place while H’rathen is in the bathroom and Dwayne is shouting from of the other side of the door.) Dwayne goes to the General Store to see if Alsbeth sells diamonds. She has one left until the miners come back. He purchases the diamond for $4k, then gives the diamond to H’rathen to cast Raise Dead on Chip. Lorn sews the body back together and puts the Ring of Regeneration. Chip is brought back to life and is in constant pain (yay?)

Meanwhile, Neebs visits Dis so he can have sex with Gluilar, as Basile advised to not summon a devil to the Material Plane in his letter. When he returns, Neebs find Basile at the library and thanks him for the advice. Lorn also asks Basile if he’s coming with them, to which Basile says, “yeah, of course, why wouldn’t I?”

In the back room, Marven is sitting in the pentagram of the Tiamat shrine, and it feels weird. Lorn goes to find him and when Marven turn around he has five heads – four of them are zombie heads. Such a good joke. He starts hearing Pendralar’s voice telling him to get out of the circle unless he wants Tiamat to find him. He continues to ignore Pendralar until his body is temporarily taken over and forced out of the room.

Lorn teleports everyone to the cemetery, and gives them resistance to fire, electricity, ice, and acid. He also casts Death Ward and Mass Fly on everyone. Dwayne casts Haste as they enter the cemetery, and he also casts Greater Invisibility on Neebs.

Where the morgue and shrine of the Raven Queen once stood, there is now a giant decrepit keep. Marven senses that it’s magical. Ahead are several spooky scary skeletons that send shivers down their spine.

Marven flies over to fly-by and blow fire, but smacks into an invisible wall. He spits a drip of acid to test the wall, meanwhile the ground starts to shake. Everyone is able to keep balance except Basile and Ciaran. Neebs shoots an arrow into Marven to try and Dimension Hop him past the wall but it fails.

After getting up, Basile decides to walks through the gate carefully to see if the skeletons will sense him. He hears feed, kill, grow from underground. Neebs, who is also invisible, joins him. The voice says find them, kill them.

So, Basile starts up a surprise attack and shoots and Eldritch Chain with Hellfire onto three of the skeletons inside. Alkaid follows up with three arrows into a skeleton and shatters it. Xylander rips out the spinal bone and starts chewing on it. Marven flies in and spits fire in a line to hit two skeletons. Neebs walks over next to Xylander and casts Kelgore’s Firebolt into four arrows. All the while, he stares down Xylander – as he had a bad dream about being beaten in a fight. The skeleton heads get knocked off and fire incinerates them. Rhaegar shoots the skeleton in its pelvic bone and it now has an arrow dick. Dwayne casts Haste on everyone.

Marven looks around the area and it seems too quiet. Basile and Ciaran go up to the door, and Ciaran finds an Incendiary Cloud trap. Neebs offers to disable the trap, so Basile and Ciaran back up far enough away.

Near Rocky, a massive worm-like creature bursts out of the ground and attacks.

  • The worm grabs Rocky and tosses him and Lorn into the air, then swallows them whole. Basile hears “This is fine, how are you?” from Lorn. “Mortified.” “But do I look cool?” “No.” Then Lorn takes a ton of con damage from poison. “This is still fine.”
  • Lorn casts Freedom of Movement on himself and Rocky, then quicken casts two Greater Fireburst. A fifteen foot hole rips into the side. Rocky slashes into the beast’s side with his horn and walks out of the hole they made. The whole heals itself. “Oh, that was cool,” Basile replies.
  • Alkaid rapid shoots off three arrows, one of which hits Rocky. The other two soar into the worm. Xylander moves off to the side.
  • Neebs uses Knowledge Devotion on the worm, and learns that it’s an Ulgurstasta. He then fires five arrows across the walls, with the third arrow hitting the trap on the door. A cloud of smoke and hot embers rolls out from the door.
  • Dwayne casts Flame Strike on the Ulgurstasta.
  • Marven breathes empowered fire and manages to dodge most of the attack.
  • Ciaran attempts to cast Halt Undead but it resisted the spell. Basile Eldritch Blasts him in the mouth.
  • Rhaegar went to shoot with an arrow and the beast grabs Rhaegar and swallows him. He then uses Torch as a war hammer with Splinter Bolt to smash his way out.
  • The Ulgurstasta vomits up acid and Rhaegar, who is dead and reanimates as an undead skeletal knight. Everyone is hit with acid, but Alkaid, Basile, and Ciaran are far enough away to avoid it. Additional skeletons are also spit out and start attacking. They all miss, except Rhaegar, who wields Blood Weep and casts Crushing Despair at Neebs, Dwayne, Lorn, and Rocky.
  • Lorn shoves one of his bones for turning and turns Rhaegar. He starts to flee, but Rocky swings and hits him with his horn. Lorn follows up with a swing of his bone sword. Rocky charges up to the Ulgurstasta and rushes through the hole and out the other side, killing it.

The group manages to clean up the rest of the skeletons. Lorn grabs Rhaegar’s body, chops off his head, and saves the body inside the bag of holding to resurrect later. He also takes the cursed helmet off Rhaegar. Marven starts screaming Lorn’s name repeatedly for oatmeal. Lorn and Basile heal everyone of their con damage.

Lorn leaves the force field and sends a message to Xi-Long, asking where he is and if he has a Scroll of True Resurrection for Rhaegar. Xi-Long actually replies, saying that he’s on the Quasi Elemental Plane of Magma collecting resources. He teleports the scroll over to the group, after Lorn promises to pay him back.

After receiving the scroll, Lorn casts Eagle Splendor and Prays to Ioun so Basile can read the scroll to resurrect Rhaegar without messing up. When Rhaegar is alive, the group fills him in on the details and provide him with clothing. Marven takes off his armor and recalls it to his body to show off how his armor is better.

***Technically, Rhaegar should have not been able to come back, as his soul is owned by Dragaesh. However, he wants Sandor’s soul, so he let Rhaegar return.

Basile says that Rhaegar’s decision to sell his brother’s soul is valid Rhegar goes to thank him, then realizes the tiefling it saying it out of spite, since they’re constantly reminding him of his actions.

Lorn also tells Rhaegar that he took the helmet off, but sadly informs that he’s still cursed. Rhaegar wants to put the helmet back on to revert his alignment back, because two negatives make a positive. (Or, he can just do the smart thing and have the curse removed and be normal again.)

After the trap dissipates, Rocky charges through the main door. The party enters into the keep and see a large foyer with three staircases. The group decides to check out the foyer first before going to the stairwell that heads straight.

  • Rhaegar find 25 gold in the rubble, as well as small white worm crawling around. Rhaegar burns them with Torch.
  • Alkaid and Xylander find 50 gold and some rotten meat in a pile of bones. Xylander smacks his paw on the worms.
  • Marven finds an extremely faded insignia of an eagle in the wall.
  • Basile and Ciaran find 50 gold and a rusted black key in the rubble. As Basile is looking around, Ciaran notices a worm trying to crawl up Basile’s arm. He smacks it off Basile’s arm and stomps on it.
  • Lorn refers to his book to try and figure out what the symbol was on the wall Marven was looking at, but can’t find anything about it. Lorn also sees a faint runes hidden under dirt.
  • Dwayne sees more of the maggots and 25 gold. He doesn’t kill the worms, but avoids them.
  • Dwayne, Alkaid, Rhaegar, and Ciaran recognize the worms as Ear Seekers. To be cautious, they let Marven burn them off with fire. Dwayne tries to catch one in a vial, but his vial breaks.

Dwayne recognizes the eagle symbol on the wall as the insignia of an ancient hero by the name of Razak. He sacrificed his life to defeat a great evil.

They go to the first hall way and Dwayne throws his “botchee ball” aka Orb of Trapspringing. No traps set off, and it bounces back and hits him in the head. Lorn and Marven hear the sounds of someone cleaning on the other side of the door. Ciaran searches for traps on the door and sees nothing. He unlocks the door and lets Lorn walk in first.

They see a young boy named Jacob sharpening a sword on a wetstone and shining leather armor. He tells Ciaran that he’s going to be a knight someday, and asks is Ciaran wants to be a knight. Ciaran asks if he can be a knight, so Neebs agrees and Marven and Lorn knight him officially. Rocky demands to be knighted as well. Upon learning that Rocky is a lord, the boy tells them that the land Rocky owns is owned by Ba’alamon. He had failed in his duty and turned into a death knight, and was eventually slain by a hero.

Marven examines a statue of a powerful knight and pokes it to determine that it grants buffs to those who provide offerings. Rhaegar offers the shell of Jeff the Carbuncle as an offering. He is granted Bull Strength. Jacob is excited that they gave an offering to his master, and explains that he’s going to fight Ba’alamon soon. Marven asks if he’s heard of the Ebonfire, but he doesn’t recognize it.

The group continues down the stairs into the next hallway. Dwayne throws his bounce ball and doesn’t spring any traps. Lorn listens for thoughts and hears something but can’t make it out. Ciaran doesn’t find any traps on the door. Rhaegar opens the door and they see two death giants and two devourers with imprisoned creatures inside their ribcage.

Dwayne throws the pebble down the stairs into one of the giants. The giant catches it and growls in response.

  • Lorn jumps off Rocky, casts Rhino Rush and then uses Baleful Transposition to switch Rocky and Rhaegar’s position. As Rocky charges up, the death giant swings at him with a great axe. Rocky retaliates by slamming into him.
  • Marven blows slow breath on the giant in the center.
  • Basile Eldritch Chain with Hellfire but his attack misses, while Ciaran casts Protection Devotion from Ioun on the group.
  • The giants cast Greater Dispel Magic on Rocky to remove his resistance to fire and electric, as well as his death ward. The second giant swings his great axe at Rocky and misses all five times. The two devourers run up to Rocky and shoot Rays on Enfeeblement.
  • Rhaegar Lions Roars then shoots some arrows, but they miss. So, he throws Torch into the giant in the front. It embeds into the giant’s chest and then is recalled.
  • Alkaid summons another self from a rift in space time. Xylander retreats.
  • Dwayne casts Phantom Battle around the giants and devourers.
  • Rocky slams his horn into the giant in front of him. Lorn casts an entangling ice storm around the giants and one of the devourers.

Not wanting to waste spells on monsters that were clearly not causing the storms, Lorn casts a wall of ice then appears in the doorway to seal the enemies inside.

Ciaran carves a Sepia Snake Sigil on the stairs and Dwayne oil slicks the stairs. They all nope the heck out of there and head upstairs to the top floor.

*Click here to read more about what happened during the Undead Attack!

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