LIFE: Halloween House Warming!

This year has been filled with many big life changes. Eddie and I got engaged in February and have been wedding planning,  I recently got a new job in the Social Media Department at GM, and Eddie and I purchased our house in August.

We officially moved in at the beginning of October, right as I was starting training for my new job. Eddie was able to take a week off work to start the long painting process, and I would come home after work to assist.

When we first moved in, the house was a lot of beige and green colors which reminded me a lot of my parent’s house. They LOVE those colors, and while they were nice, we wanted to make it look like our place. So, we went with a cool gray color, along with a bright blue and pale yellow to lighten up the rooms. I love how they turned out, especially the rooms where we had some fun with the walls. My favorite space is definitely the family room, where our mosaic/geometric design really steals the show. I also love the color of the gray and teal stripes in the office, and the light purple and cream of the bedroom. If I had to change on thing, I probably would make the guest bedroom a lighter color. The peach that we were going for turned out a bit pink, and a little brighter than we expected.

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We were ambitious to try and get everything done in a few weeks, since we wanted to have a Halloween House Warming Party. However, we managed to pull everything together! We live on a corner lot, so there was plenty of parking space for guests. And while it was a tad too cold to utilize our private backyard, we were able to comfortably fit all of our closest friends and family inside. Our friends visited to wish us good luck with our new house, providing some much needed gifts to help us out. We had great food, fun conversation, and plenty of space upstairs and downstairs for everyone to sit and relax.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did hosting our first party in our new home.

I can’t believe that we’re officially homeowners, that Eddie and I have a place for ourselves where we’re going to grow together as friends and as husband and wife.

Now that house hunting is over, it’s back to wedding planning in full force. Only seven months until the big day!!

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