LIFE: Five Years with Eddie, Eight Years of Youmacon

Last weekend I celebrated my five year anniversary with Eddie. It’s crazy to think that we’ve been together for five years, since it feels like not much time has passed.

For those who aren’t familiar, Eddie is my best friend and husband-to-be. He’s a Pisces, a youmafan of football, reading, D&D, and anime. While we grew up only a neighborhood apart (him going to Chippewa Valley and me going to L’Anse Creuse), as well as having several mutual friends, we didn’t meet until our paths crossed in the Creative Writing Club at Macomb Community College. Eventually he convinced me to join his Improv Comedy Club, and while I didn’t actively play any of the games, I was a committed audience member. Our first date was at the local mall, where we walked several laps, drank lemonade, and had our first kiss. Our second date was at Youmacon, where we spent the entire time roaming the convention (while I was dressed up as Danny Phantom.) Our courtship lasted a few days, and we were officially dating within the week.

Since then, we’ve been through so much together and have grown as individuals and as a couple. I’m very blessed to have him as my partner, and I can’t imagine a life without him in it.

Now, enough with the sappy stuff and onto Youmcaon recap! This year I had the pleasure of working Press with Team Final Rush to take photos with some other photographers. While they focused on cosplays in the halls, I focused on the cosplays that participated in the Masquerede Contest. Below are a few of my favorite shots taken from the night:


Oh! And I had some commissions done by fantastic artists, which you can check out. This year, I allowed each artist to draw whichever character from The Art of Falling interested them. A lot of people really liked Jackal and Persephone, but some other minor characters got some love, too. Be sure to check out their websites for more amazing pieces.

Oh, and then we finished off with a .5 D&D session. Here’s the nonsense summary:

It’s a boring day at Neebsenshire. Ciaran decides that he wants to go swimming in a hot spring, which he’s heard about while traveling. He knows they have to just heat up water, so he, Alkaid, Kass, and Basile ask Rheagar is they can borrow Torch. Rheagar declines, so Xylander eats him and they steal Torch.

Ciaran asks Skor to build them a pool of water over Torch. Ciaran offers him a little bit of money to complete it. Instead, Skor somehow surrounds Neebsenshire in a large bubble of water. Basile sinks, because the boi can’t swim, but Ciaran, Alkaid, and Xylander are just fine. As they attempt to swim to the surface, they are swallowed by a whale.

Inside the whale, they check to make sure that they can breathe (yes) and if they can see (yes.) Alkaid searches and finds bayleen and a tongue. He also sees the zephyr rabbit. Before he can catch it to bring back to Marven, Xylander eats it.

Ciaran searches for a trap and actually finds one. He disables “the trap” by shooting a man wearing a dress in the knee. Meanwhile, Basile is fed up with being stuck inside a whale and shoots an eldritch blast into the guts. The whale whines. Alkaid feels the whale’s feelings and determines that it feels “like a whale.”

They decide that they’ll go deeper into the whale. Inside, Basile sees a man with a light saber up ahead. He’s swinging it around and Alkaid trades him an Everburning Torch for the light saber, which turned out to be a +5 Brilliant Energy Long Sword.

Kass speaks with the whale and asks them to bring them to the surface. The whale tells Kass that they’re already above sea level. Alkaid forces the whale’s mouth open and it stops angrily. Ciaran falls onto his butt, because whale tongues are slippery.

The group escapes the whale and start swimming outside again. A group of sharks are having a tea part, and Kass asks if they can join. Ciaran summons a celestial shark to show off, but he’s an asshole of a shark and makes the tea party sharks sad. Alkaid summons a platypus and the sharks explore out of confusion. They can’t comprehend such a creature.

Ciaran doesn’t want to be outdone, so he summons a horsefish, and it’s a creature with a horse body and fish head. It sinks. Ciaran summons a fishhorse, which is the body of a fish and head/legs of a horse. It can swim, so that’s better.

They mount their summoned creatures and swim up to the surface. Alkaid is poisoned by riding the platypus, and Basile laughs at him. He throws the platypus at Basile, and it magically turns into a spear and hits him with a quack. Basile shoots him with an eldritch blast. Alkaid summons a future self to bring an iPhone but it looks like a Picasso painting. Then a “too violent” Alkaid appears to attack Basile, who casts Darkness to hide. It looks like a giant censor bar. Finally, Alkaid summons a Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Marven swoops down like a bird of prey and eats the dragon.

The end.

Bonus: Basile and Alkaid’s insult smack down

Alkaid: Being invisible suits you, Basile.

Basile: Thanks. Being in a different timeline suits you.

Alkaid: You’re looking less like a child murderer today.

Basile: Your breasts are less noticeable in that outfit.

Alkaid: It’s a good thing you have horns, or else your head would be too far up your ass.

Basile: Is your cougar compensating for something, pussy?

Alkaid: Good thing that we have Xylander. Otherwise, you’d be the biggest pussy in the party.

Basile: If it weren’t for Xylander, you would still be a half-ass archer without any real skill.

Alkaid: At least my parents loved me.

Basile: My parents are still alive.

*Dwayne tumbles into the fray, then tumbles out*

Kass: Look, Ciaran. We have two more children on the team.



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