D&D Session 20 & 21

Despite the holiday season being super busy, we still found the time to play some D&D. Even if it meant having to have a short four hour session one day instead of our standard ten to twelve hour session. SO MUCH happened in the last two sessions as the group decides to head north to the Common Wealth.



  • Ciaran (LVL14) and Basile (LVL16)
  • Lorn (LVL 16)
  • Marven (LVL16)
  • Neebs (LVL 16)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 16)
  • Alkaid (LVL 16)
  • Dwayne (LVL16)


The group prepares for their trip to the blue dragon. On the day they leave, a Rheck – aka a rhino man – comes out from the Wizard Tower. Rocky has a new humanoid form. He questions why Marven looks like a gnome, stating that Marven needs to be a better gnome dragon now that Rocky is a better rhino.

Chip comes out to sell salves and Xylander picks him up by the neck and drags him away. Rocky explains that Marven couldn’t do that, and he must be larger. Lorn casts Enlarge Person on Marven, but Marven resists it. Rocky wants Marven to return to “normal size” and Lorn pretends to cast Shrink Person. Dwayne casts Greater Illusion to make it appear that Marven is four stories tall. People start fleeing and screaming. Rocky demands that Lorn fix this. Lorn dispels the illusion.

Rocky suggests that he and Rhaegar spar. Rhaegar declines, and Rocky says that he’s patient and can wait another day. Rhaegar makes a comment about “is this Rocky and Associates now?” and Rocky proudly proclaims, “YES! This is Rocky and Associates, featuring Dwayne the Rocky Gnome Johnson the Illiterate.”

Neebs gets on the ship to fly away. Marven also flies away. Rhaegar pulls out a turkey and Marven swerves back to eat it like a bird of prey. Everyone gets onto the ship to travel north to the Blue Dragon.

The flight is so boring, Marven chooses to spar with Neebs to practice aerial attacks. Marven angrily eats after his defeat. Xylander decides to get revenge on Marven and pounces on him. Xylander chomps on him and a spark of electricity runs through him but nothing bad happens. Marven panics and starts spitting fire everywhere. Neebs starts attacking Xylander with a lot of arrows. Rocky picks up Marven and aims him upwards. Meanwhile, Basile and Ciaran are reading books and Lorns puts out the fire. Alkaid scolds Xylander for an hour. Dwayne makes a plate of goat cheese and turns it into saganaki out of Marven’s fire.

Lorn senses that something is trying to teleport onto the ship and casts a Magic Circle Against Evil. Neebs casts Cats Grace, Rhaegar prepares a maneuver, Dwayne casts Haste on everyone, Marven finishes the saganaki, Rocky draws his weapon and prepares, Alkaid summons two selves, Ciaran casts Protection Devotion to Ioun and Basile casts Fell Flight. An older gentleman teleports into the center of the ship. He introduces himself as Henrik Claymore and is looking for Basile.

Despite Henrik being able to see through Basile’s invisibility, the group still tries to pretend that they don’t know an “Eythan Addler.” Rhaegar tries to explain that Henrik can’t come onto the ship. Henrik drinks a potion and out of his body step more versions of him. Rocky wants that potion. Henrik asks if Eythan will come quietly. Dwayne chooses to turn back time to stop him from drinking the potion.

  • Rhaegar uses Lightning Throw to throw his sword at Henrik, then returns to his hand. Henrik was able to completely dodge the attack.
  • Marven spits acid at Henrik’s ankles. The floor burns away and Henrik falls into the second level and becomes prone. He flies above the hole to watch Henrik.
  • Lorn casts Benign Transposition with Marven and Rocky, and then lets Rocky charge down onto him. They crash into the next level. Lorn steps in front of Basile and assumes a defensive position.
  • Henrik attempts to drink the position again, and Rocky smacks him with the Zephyr Blade to stop him. Henrik continues to drink the potion and the other seven clones step out and go to the second level. One of them casts Dispel Magic on Rocky. A tattoo vanishes. Three then jump up to the first level. Dwayne, Basile, and Neebs are hit by a Dominate Person but aren’t controlled. Rocky is able to determine that the spells may be divine.
  • Xylander charges to attack one of the clones, then an Alkaid clone and teleports to the front of the ship. Then casts Reality Bend.
  • Ciaran casts Lightning Bolt and slams into three of the clones. Only one gets hurt. Basile casts Eldritch Boom to deal Hellfire Acid Damage after using his Eldritch Admixture Gloves to change the type. Three of the clones begin to melt, and the one under Xylander melts away.
  • Neebs shoots chain lightning and dealing 954 damage to the first target. The lightning arcs and destroys all of the other Henrik clones, leaving just the original one.
  • Dwayne jumps down the hole and casts Power Word to stun Henrik while yelling “Jabrony!” He taps him with his elbow.

The group take Henrik and tie him up with rope and chains. After gathering his items, Basile – who decides to not waste his time being invisible – beings to interrogate Henrik. Henrik explains that he is there under the order of Ivuram the Frigid Death to bring Eythan home for trial. Basile is adamant that he is innocent, explaining in Henrik’s mind that he is telepathic. However, Henrik doesn’t believe that it’s a valid reason as to how he knew about the poison that killed his dad unless he did it. Marven asks if Basile will feel a cathartic release from killing him. Basile is uncertain and they decide to keep him as prisoner.

Lorn and Basile see a strange rune in Henrik’s mind. Lorn is the only one who recognizes it, but Basile senses a strange comfort from the rune. Marven suddenly decides to throw Henrik off the boat while till attached to the chains. However, the chains unravel and Henrik starts to fall. Not wanting to have Henrik die from falling to the ground, Basile activates his Fell Flight and dives down to catch Henrik. Dwayne also dives off to help, but falls past as he can’t fly. However, he uses his hook to turn into an albatross – a huge albatross because “this is before Oxygen.” As Basile catches Henrik, he gets punched in the jaw. His blood soaks into Henrik’s skin and and a golden glow surrounds Basile. Basile brings Henrik back to the boat, and Marven uses his Great Maw of Marven to steal one of Henrik’s spell-like abilities. After he sucks in the aura around Basile, in his head he knows exactly where Basile is.

Lorn tries to Greater Dispel Magic on the rune, and when he does, a burst of purple mist engulfs Lorn and he starts convulsing. Basile hears absolute silence from Lorn’s mind. Suddenly, Lorn wakes up and starts screaming “DEAD, DEAD, WE’RE ALL DEAD” and threatens to kill Henrik if Basile won’t. The two of them start to scour Henrik’s mind and memories. They see Henrik’s childhood, Eythan’s trial and conviction, Henrik taking an oath to hunt down Eythan, and Pythos attacking him and helping Eythan get away.  One memory in particular shows a human man with long brown hair and a short beard. He’s wearing platinum armor and the symbol of Bahamut, and he’s putting the symbol onto Henrik.

Basile asks who the man is, and Lorn says he’s a “displeasing” person. Thoroughly pissed off, Basile tells Henrik that he is going to kill him and that he failed his mission. Lorn levitates Henrik into the air and Basile engulfs him in Hellfire until he is roasted to death. Basile then cuts off a charred finger before Lorn then flings him off the boat to the east. Basile sends the finger and a short note back to Modelheim stating: If you want me so bad, come after me yourself.”

Lorn puts on the amulet that changes his true name and swallows his sword. He explains that the group is in grave danger, as two people who should have been dead are after him. The man in Henrik’s memories was Alexander Willard. He helped raise Lorn to be a druid and the man that turned Stormageddon into a horse. He was difficult to escape from, and unfortunately the rune on Henrik informed Alexander of every detail of Lorn’s life once it was removed. The group asks what makes Alexander so dangerous. Lorn explains that Alexander channels divine power from “some god that he doesn’t know” like H’rathen. Then Dwayne says “you were floppin’ like a fish” and ruins the tension of the moment. Neebs asks why he swallowed the sword. It was Alexander’s sword. Why not destroy it? Lorn likes the sword.

Lorn clarifies that that Alexander knows everything about everyone: their goals, weaknesses, fears, etc. Basile offers to telepathically ask Alexander what he wants. Basile asks “What do you want with Lorn and with Neebs and Associates?” Alexander replies, “You’ll see.”

The group decides to continue heading north as they planned, but Lorn is visibly concerned about the situation.

A few days later, Alkaid suddenly flips out of existence. Shortly after, she comes back shouting and grabs Ciaran. She yells at Marven to not eat Dakken, explaining that Ciaran and Alkaid were the only ones alive in the future. Marven was the worst monstrosity and he killed everyone, including Alkaid and Ciaran at the very end. Marven says he doesn’t want to eat his dad, jokingly mostly.

Rhaegar says, “Let’s go take out our frustration on a dragon! We’re on a boat with two holes and not getting shit done!” And Rocky and Neebs yell, “one hole.”

Shortly after, a crack of thunder strikes above them despite clear skies. Lightning strikes the boat and Lorn immediately casts Bite of the Werebear on Haste. Meanwhile, Marven steals the nachos that Dwayne was making.

A planetar named Ettin emerges from the lightning. He claims to be a friend of Rocky and wants him to return to Ysgard. Rocky gives reasons and excuses as to why he can’t return, specifically that he was given flowers of pinkness from the Lady of the Lake. Ettin demands that Lorn fight for Rocky’s ownership.

  • Lorn reluctantly agrees and punches Ettin in the face.
  • Ettin is thrilled and punches him back.
  • Lorn realizes that he will lose unless he uses magic. He casts Avasculate to weaken Ettin.
  • Ettin responds by casting Disintegrate.
  • Lorn then casts Splinter Bolt, and Stone Skin and all but two meet their target.
  • Ettin turned huge and punched Lorn in the gut.
  • Lorn punches back and casts Ball of Lightning.
  • Ettin counters with Break Enchantment to remove Bite of the Were Bear on Lorn.
  • With his buff removed, Lorn casts Finger of Death and sends Ettin back to Ysgard.

After the fight, Lorn heals himself up. Neebs suddenly decides to do survival tests with everyone. (I was busy with work at this point and have no notes about how the survival tents went.) Neebs was thrown off the boat and uses Dimension Door to teleport to the landing site. He also casts Silver Beard on himself for shits and giggles.

Once the boat has landed in the desert, Marven casts an evocation to make everyone immune to weather effects. They travel to where the dragon hoard was supposed to be and find a large blue dragon digging around in the sand. When the group asks where the ancient blue dragon is, the dragon says “Go away.” Marven asks the dragon it’s name. It replies, “Goa’wei.” The party senses that the dragon is uncomfortable by the party’s presence. Marven uses his Breath of Pendralar to intimidate the dragon, who is shocked and started panicking. It begins to dig faster and gesture at the ground.

A Blue Spawn God Slayer appears out of the sand. Lorn casts Bite of the Were Bear and Stone Skin on himself and Rocky. Neebs mounts Torian, his raptor mount, and Alkaid casts Reality Bend. Ciaran is scared of the idea of a lightning dragon and starts to back away.

  • The God Slayer charges at Rhaegar. Marven shouts “Halt!” and Dwayne casts Halt. However, it fails and the God Slayer knocks Rhaegar back.
  • Rhaegar uses his Wolf Climbs the Mountain maneuver and smacks the God Slayer in the dick.
  • Dwayne casts Ray of Dizziness on the God Slayer, while Basile lets loose an Eldritch Chain to smack Goa’wei and finally wrap around the neck of the God Slayer to asphyxiate it to death. Ciaran summons a Giant Infernal Centipede to assist.
  • Three Blue Shock Storm Lizards appear behind Dwayne and start to charge, lightning jumping between their horns. He attempts to quick cast Halt but it fails. They trampled over him and knock him prone as they attack Lorn.
  • Little dragon badgers called Blue Spawn Burrowers run up and ambush Ciaran and Alkaid.
  • Marven uses his Lingering Breath of fire on the Burrowers.
  • Rocky charges Goa’wei as Lorn casts Splinter Bolt at the Storm Lizards. Those that are impaled by the splinters start to smolder and burn from within before dying.
  • Neebs shoots several arrows and kills the Storm Lizards, then realizes he forgot to close one of the doors on the ship and leaves to go do that.
  • Alkaid shoots at the Burrowers and crucifies it. Meanwhile, Xylander attacks another one and gnaws on it.
  • Another God Slayer appears near Alkaid and attacks. At the same time, a massive lightning horn juts out of the sand. The ancient blue dragon pops up, attacks Rhaegar quickly, then burrows back under the ground.
  • Dwayne casts Magic Missile at Goa’wei.
  • Basile shoots another Eldritch Chain at the God Slayer attacking Alkaid and the Burrower attacking Ciaran. Meanwhile, Ciaran smacks the Burrower with his bow.
  • Goa’wei begins to flee as two more Burrowers die from the lingering breath Marven had blown on them.
  • Marven breaths Slow Breath on the remaining Burrowers and the God Slayer.
  • Rocky tracks the ancient dragon below the sand while Lorn heals Alkaid. However, the blue dragon can’t be found. Instead, a Gate Spell is activated and a Colossal Red Dragon appears onto the battlefield. Lorn instantly casts Celerity on himself and then casts Evasculate.
  • The red dragon deals 120 fire damage to Basile, Alkaid, and Dwayne, who manage to stay standing.
  • Rhaegar makes a tactical retreat and refreshes his maneuvers, getting smacked by the dragon as he sprints by.
  • Basile flies back and casts and Eldritch Blast for 72 damage while Ciaran flees from the battle in fear.
  • Marven uses his empowered Breath of Pendralar to spit acid onto the red dragon.
  • Lorn heals Marven with his stick, then uses Lions Charge so Rocky can pounce onto the dragon. Rocky turns back into his true form and mauls the red dragon, dealing 900 damage over the course of nine attacks.

With the red dragon defeated, Alkaid attempts to attract the blue dragon to emerge, but fails. The blue dragon, named Sandrakarius, pops up and casts Otto’s Irresistible Dance on Rocky, who starts to bring it around town. She disappears under the sand again. Rhaegar rejoins the group and refreshes his Lions Roar maneuver. Basile uses his telepathy to taunt Sandy about how she had to summon a bigger dragon because she’s can’t handle the group. He offers a parlay, threatening to come after her unless she brings up our hoard for us to take an item for each of them. Lorn receives the bracers that he had been searching for, as everyone else gets an item to use.

Marven, who eats the red dragon meat – which tastes like curry and gives him a huge boost in power – immediately asks for Goa’wei as his thrall, and she agrees. Goa’wei crawls out of the sand to become Marven’s servant.



  • Ciaran (LVL15) and Basile (LVL17)
  • Lorn (LVL 17)
  • Marven (LVL17)
  • Neebs (LVL 17)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 17)
  • Alkaid (LVL 17)


As the group returns to the boat and begins travelling north, Lorn sends a message to Xi-Long. Marven, Rhaegar and Neebs all say “HI,” and as Lorn runs out of words to send in his message, he asks Basile to message Xi-Long for him. Lorn’s Clone provides money to have an Orange Prism Ioun Stone made for him. Ciaran is excited because he and Lorn will be Ioun buddies, pointing at his own Ioun Stone. Lorn offers to trade Dwarven Thrower Warhammer for a rush order.

Marven asks Basile to send a message to Harl to make a shield out of the red dragon scales they collected. As Basile is distracted by everyone’s thoughts and requests for messages, Neebs whispers Survival Test in Basile’s ear and throws him off the boat. Basile uses Fell Flight to fly back up to the boat. Neebs attempts to coax Xylander off the boat with meat. Xylander dives off the boat, grabs the turkey and then turns into lightning and shoots back onto the boat.

Marven and Lorn decide to just teleport to Neebsenshire to talk to Xi-Long and Harl. Lorn spits up a chunk of dragon scales for Harl to use, who asks if they can be washed first. Marven visits Ashisa and Lili (wink wonk) before they teleport back to the ship.

The boat, which is lower to the ground as Neebs planned on throwing Ciaran off the side of the boat with a rope so he could catch dinner (?), starts to sink as it leaves the desert and flies over a forest. Basile tries to fly off the boat but can’t activate his invocations. Lorn goes to cast Wall of Force, his spell doesn’t go off. Neebs attempts trying to fly under the boat to keep it aloft but it fails. Lorn then starts to vomit a ton of shit from his belly hoard. Rocky drops the anchors to try and…slow it down? Ciaran has the idea to ride Goa’wei, who carries everyone to the safety of the treetops in pairs. Meanwhile Rocky, who is too heavy to carry, wears a captain’s hat and steers the boat from the helm. His horn is stuck in the wheel, but that’s okay. He will go down with this ship.

The ship crashes through the trees. Neebs goes to the ship to check on his magical room, but when he opens the door he sees nothing. He sighs sadly.

Basile realizes that his telepathy still works, and Marven tests his breath weapon. Lorn is unable to shapeshift into an animal, despite it being a supernatural effect. Lorn realizes that in a forest without magic, they can’t be located. He offers to have them all stay there since they’re safe from ever being found. Basile’s down with that, but he needs to take Levi home. Neebs tries to lie and say Modelheim was destroyed. Levi says Basile talked to Thomas yesterday and doesn’t believe him. Jennifer and Rhaegar get into an argument, and Jennifer says that he’s bothering her. Neebs fights Rhaegar. Marven makes a comment not knowing Jennifer wasn’t dead when he ate her. Basile says Marven if horrible, jokingly, Marven calls him a child killer and father killer. Jokingly?

After everyone stops fighting and losing their mind, Rhaegar remembers that they’re in the forest that sits outside of the Commonwealth. Jennifer isn’t aware that a magic field was here before. Between the group, they are able to determine that something is sucking all of the magic from the area. Neebs flies up and sees a stone structure in the distance. Rhaegar tries to argue to not go explore the stone tower for clues, the rest of the group disagrees.

They arrive at the ancient structure after walking for a few miles. There is a larger garden surrounding the Mayan Temple and as they enter the garden the group feels their magic spells returning. Rhaegar makes a line in the ground to mark where the barrier ends. In the garden, there are red, blue, and yellow statues depicting elemental outsiders. Shalan texts carved into the ground denote this as The Laboratory of Elemental Planar Discovery.

Basile spots a rusted bear trap on the ground and manages to avoid it. He warns the other of the traps and Alkaid threw an Globe of Trapspringing to set it off. Lorn senses that something is trying to teleport into the area. He casts Magic Circle Against Evil, while Ciaran casts Protection Devotion and Neebs cast Cast Grace. Alkaid also casts Reality Bend.

Purple portals appears above them and drop down large bear skeletons. Two of the bears attack Marven and Ciaran, while Alkaid dodges an attack.

  • Rhaegar smacks at a bear skeleton with Torch four times. Two of the hits glance off the beast, but as an Ancient Mountain symbol projects behind Rhaegar and slams down and fractures the bones.
  • Rocky charges up to the bear attacking Alkaid. He gores the beast with his horn, while Lorn swings his sword but misses. However, the Splinter Bolt spell goes off.
  • Ciaran casts Turn Undead and the bear next to Ciaran starts to flee. Basile attempts to stab at the bear with his glaive but it slips through the exposed ribs and doesn’t do any damage.
  • Neebs casts Knowledge Devotion and commands Torian to jump over Xylander. He then yells “THUNDER CAT FUCK YOU” and his bow turns into a quarter staff. He jumps off Torian and attacks the bear. He brings the quarter staff down on its head and then swipes it across and knock its head off. He then blows a kiss at Jennifer.
  • Marven, who can’t be outdone by Ciaran and his fearsomeness, he yells “RAWR” and blows fire on the last bear. He calls on Goa’wei to swoop down and attack.
  • Alkaid shoots off four arrows from her Holy bow, three of which strike into the bear. It explodes into dozens of shards.

They approach the door and Marven listens for any activity behind the door. When he hears clicking, he tries to push the door open. It doesn’t work. So he tries to kick it down while shouting “I’M A DRAGON.” Rocky attempts to charge the door. He cracks it but it remains locked. Neebs shouts “KNOCK KNOCK BITCHES,” and shoots an arrow at the door. He does 900+ damage and obliterates it. Rocky tries to make it look like he was the one who opened the door. Marven believes it.

They enter the temple and see that there is a cloud of dust in the room. Rhaegar sees that the ceiling looks like a gelatin substance of multiple colors: one is on fire, another is glowing red, and the third is a bone-white color. Marven spits a test fireball at the ceiling.  The ceiling jiggles in response but doesn’t seem to stay on fire. Ciaran recognizes them as some sort of ooze or pudding. The one on fire is a Conflagration Ooze. Alkaid helps to identify the glowing one as an Ethereal Ooze. Neebs casts Knowledge Devotion to determine that the bone-white ooze is a Bone Ooze – which steals their vitality and will try to rip the bones from the enemies it engulfs.

  • The Bone Ooze squelches down from the ceiling and attempts to roll over Basile, Marven, Rhaegar, Lorn, and Rocky. Everyone fails their saves and are absorbed inside. Basile notices a bronze key floating inside.
  • Neebs looks at Marven and gives him a thumbs up and Jennifer and Torian walk away. Neebs flies around and quicken casts Dimension door to get inside of the room. He fires off ten arrows at the Ethereal Ooze and casts Disintegrate. Six arrows sink inside and quickly kills it.
  • Lorn uses his wand of Baleful Transposition to trade position with Rocky. Rocky then flails around to hit with his spiked armor and smacked around with his horn.
  • Marven winks at Rocky, then uses his Breath of Pendralar to breathe fire into the ooze. While everyone is safe except the ooze and Rocky, they are still not killed from the attack. Marven does it again. From the outside, the ooze begins to bulge. The ooze explodes and shoots fire and bone everywhere.
  • Basile, who was at first complaining about how he “can’t breathe in this god damn jello” while trying to swim for the key, is thankful he didn’t die from Marven’s breath weapon. He then heals himself with his Wand of Lesser Restoration and quicken casts an Eldritch Blast. Ciaran casts Ice Storm around the ooze and screams that it’s weak to Ice. Basile thanks him for yelling.
  • Alkaid shoots off several ice arrows while Xylander moves into the dungeon.
  • Rhaegar uses his Lightening Throw to toss Bloodweep at the ooze and recalls the blade to him.
  • The ooze tries to move forward, but Lorn casts Wall of Ice to stop it. The group then decides to go ham on it and destroy it with ease.

Lorn pokes himself, Rocky, and Marven with his Rod of Bodily Restoration. Basile heals himself and Rhaegar, while Ciaran finds the bronze key Basile was looking for. Alkaid finds a golden key and Rhaegar finds a silver key. They inspect the next door and see a lock that has locks that correspond to the keys. The three of them unlock the door. Ciaran collects the locks and Rhaegar demands that Ciaran give him his. Ciaran says, “you’re not my dad,” and Lorn and Rhaegar scold him. Alkaid kindly asks so Ciaran gives her the lock. When Rhaegar asks nicely, Ciaran gives him the lock.

They go into the next room and see that it’s circular. A dais with a beacon shining at the next room. There is stained glass next to the dais: red, yellow, and blue. There are symbols written in Shalan, Aquan, Ignan, Oran, and Terran. Lorn translates it as “By Sea, by land, or by air, let Your Burning Ambition carry Your Dreams to your Mind’s Greatest Ideal.” Neebs inspects the pedestal and sees a crystal that is built into the ground. Rhaegar takes the red glass and holds it over the beacon. The words “By Land” on the door glow. A red portal opens up in front of them and inside they see a large Earth Elemental. The group goes into the room, leaving Rocky behind as he can’t fit through the door. Goa’wei uses a spell to make himself smaller so he can follow inside. He appears to be challenging the group.

Neebs steps inside and mimics the elemental’s fighting stance. The elemental runs after him to grapple Neebs. The elemental sweeps up Neebs and holds onto him tightly. However, Neebs has his Ring of Freedom is Movement and can slip away. Basile senses that the elemental is confused. Neebs slaps his elemental’s belly and tries to knock him out of the pit. He uses Dimension Hop to knock him out and it disintegrates. All that is left is a red gem that Neebs takes.

Rhaegar replaces the red glass with the blue glass. The words “By Air” start to glow and a new portal opens up to the Elemental Plane of Air. Inside is a raging thunderstorm and they see a Thunder Roc carrying a blue gem. Alkaid steps into the portal with Xylander and begins to chase the roc. Xylander jumps sixty feet into the air with Alkaid on his back and grapples the roc to the ground. Alkaid attempts to grab the gem and is struck by lightning. She attempts to tame the Roc by casting Charm Animal and Wild Empathy. Lorn assists to help tame the beast and feeds it good berries. He’s struck by lightning as well.

Rhaegar replaces the blue glass with yellow, but nothing happens. He put the blue glass back to create a green portal. A frozen lake with hut greets them. Basile and Ciaran walk in, much to Rhaegar’s dismay – who wanted to fight something. Basile sense animals below the ice. In a couple of the huts, he sense curious “Canadian blubs.” Basile and Ciaran don’t know how to fish, but Lorn teaches them and Ciaran catches a huge blue and white fish. Basile chops its head fish and Lorn helps them clean the fish. The water genasi rush after them and Lorn casts Anti Cold Aura to protect them. Ciaran finds the gem and they leave. Basile realizes he killed their deity and feels a little bad but not really.

Rhaegar puts in the yellow and red glass to make an orange portal appear. Inside, a brass dragon sits inside. Marven goes inside and bargains with the dragon for the gem. The dragon wants to be entertained and asks for Marven’s name. Marven lies about being Pendralar and the brass dragon puts on tiny lenses to look at him closer. Rocky comes in and asks if Fahrenheit isn’t entertained by the size and tiny legs of Marven. Basile senses that Fahrenheit likes puns and tells everyone. They all try to tell puns and jokes.

Lorn eventually tells a joke about a bronze dragon coming in third place, and Ciaran casts Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on him to make him laugh. Lorn summons a pie to smash into Lorn’s face, and it offends the dragon and everyone leaves.

Rhaegar tries making a purple light with the red and blue glass to make a purple beacon, as well as a black beacon with all three pieces of glass. No new portals open, so the group puts all of the gems into the dais to open up the final door ahead of them.

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