D&D Session 22

The struggle to get everyone together to play D&D has been a huge struggle, which has been killing me inside since I am so damn attached to Basile and Ciaran. But with everyone catching the cold or flu, it hasn’t been ideal to get everyone together. No one else wanted to get down with the sickness (ooh wah ah ah ah).

Bad puns and memes aside, it’s been a long time since everyone has been together. Unfortunately, this session was the same as more people were either working or sick. But the show must go on (or else I’ll lose my mind.)



  • Ciaran (LVL15) and Basile (LVL17)
  • Lorn (LVL 17)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 17)
  • Alkaid (LVL 17)
  • Kass (LVL16)


With the white portal formed in front of them, the group heals themselves before going following Rhaegar in. They appear in a large cave that is well furnished like a bunker. In the back of the room there are four caskets. The portal dissolves behind them.

A disembodied voice speaking Shalan asks who disturb the slumber of Watari. Lorn and Alkaid remember Watari as one of the Nine Staves who once ruled over the wizarding world. He was interested in opening gateways to elemental planes, and it is said that he locked himself away ages ago.

Lorn speaks out and tells Watari that we come with good intentions, but there is no response.Alkaid introduces herself as someone from the Shalan era, and a purple mist starts to emanate from the caskets. Lorn casts Bite of the Werebear as four elementals before them: air, fire, earth, and water.

A pillar of black rock erupts from the first casket, with three jagged arms sprouting from the top. Then, the wind starts to blow until a funnel with humanoid features appears. A tall human shaped creature engulfed in flames materializes, while a rush of muddy water filled with bones explodes out of the last casket.

  • Rhaegar uses his Lightning Throw to throw Bloodweep at the water elemental. However, it manages to morph out of the way and avoid the attack.
  • The earthelemental charges at Kass, and Lorn casts Baleful Transposition on Kass and Rocky to switch places. It tries to attack Rocky but misses.
  • The wind elemental also rushes up to Rocky and throws a punch, leaving several cuts on the rhino’s hide.
  • Lorn examines the water elemental and uses Knowledge Nature to recognize it as a Water Veiled Assassin. In particular, it is an avatar representing Olhydra, the Prince of Water Elementals. Lorn then casts Entangling Splinter Bolt to slow it down, while Rocky and swings at the earth elemental with horn, claws, and a bite.
  • While Ciaran takes a defensive stance, Basile casts an Utterdark Blast and chains it between the water and fire elemental.
  • The fire elemental flies up into the air and shoots a Bolt of Fire at Rhaegar.
  • Kass begins to sing and boost everyone in the party.
  • Alkaid fires off ice arrows into the earth elemental as Xylander charges and attacks. Zapdos the Roc flies into the corner and Basile tells Alkaid that her bird is a dumbass. Alkaid defends him by saying “he’s new.”
  • Rhaegar uses his Lions Roar takes several swings at the water elemental – eight in total.
  • The earth elemental attacks Xylander three times and knocks him down.
  • All of the air from inside the air elemental flares outwards. Everyone except Lorn, Xylander, and Rhaegar were able to resist being flung across the room. Everyone else got pushed back, with Ciaran, Basile, Alkaid, and Kass getting thrown into the water elemental. Rocky also smacked into Alkaid.
  • Rocky uses his Horseshoes of Fire to flies to charge into the air elemental. Meanwhile, Lorn casts Haste and uses his Telekinesis to fling his fifteen great swords into the fire elemental.
  • Now inside the water elemental, Basile uses his Eldritch Doom and invokes it with his Utterdark blast. While the water elemental doesn’t take damage, his hellfire overwhelms the fire elemental and snuffs him out. Ciaran grabs Basile, who grabs Alkaid, who grabs Kass. Lorn casts Alter Fortune to help Ciaran ensure that they teleport safely to the other side of the room. Once they’re safely out, Basile attacks again and blasts the water elemental. This time, his hellfire engulfs it and makes it evaporate. Rhaegar yells, “That was my kill!” Basile shouts back, “Get good!”
  • Kass shoots his sonic scream bow at the earth elemental, with Alkaid following with more arrows to the earth elemental. Xylander, who is “pissed as shit,” and claws at the earth elemental until he dissolves into kitty litter. He then pees on it.
  • The air elemental flies over everyone to attack Lorn, who had turned himself into a monkey, before going into another corner.
  • Lorn attempts to cast Rhino Rush and Sound Lance at the air elemental. Rocky then charges around the air elemental to create a cyclone in the opposite direction to negate the air elemental’s power and make him vanish.

The group searches the caskets and find gold and magic items. Lorn casts Analyze Dweomer to determine the magic items. The group finds a door that leads to another teleportation circle and returns them to the stone building in the forest. Lorn deactivates the anti magic field and the group returns to the boat.

The boat is stuck in the swamp and needs repair. Lorn plans to cast Mending to repair the boat, and Ciaran has the idea to shrink the boat and mend it like a toy boat, then make it big again so it’s easier to fix. Lorn says it’s actually not a bad idea and casts Shrink on the boat. The boat sinks to the bottom of the lake. Lorn uses Telekinesis to bring the boat back.

Lorn puts it into a bottle, fixes the boat within the bottle, then breaks the bottle and enlarges the boat. He then fixes the bottle. In the meantime, Alkaid suggests that they sneak into the Commonwealth as a circus. Basile says that they will recognize Rhaegar, and Alkaid suggests clown make up. Rhaegar uses his Chameleon Ring to turn into Alkaid and mock her pretending to be a boy. Lorn is shocked to learn this (as Marven was also surprised to learn that Alkaid was an Aasimar and not an elf.)

As they fly to Lhansborrough within the Commonwealth, Lorn asks how they’re going to approach. Alkaid demands a flying circus, and Basile suggests making the boat invisible. Lorns says it’s not a bad idea. Slave Lorn concentrates on Major Image to make the boat look invisible during the two day trip.

Meanwhile, Rhaegar asks if Lorn can return to Neebsenshire to teleport home and bring back his wife and daughter. While there, Lorn sells off the loot that Ciaran appraised with Xi-Long.

In the distance, a dark gray whale is flying through the air toward the boat. It swims under the boat and slams into the bottom, cracking it in half.

  • Lorn recognizes it at a Stygian Leviathan, then casts Mass Fly. Rocky casts Haste.
  • Ciaran goes to protect Levi, who isn’t used to flying, while Basile flies off the boat to find the whale and blast at it.
  • The whale rounds up over the edge of the boat and bites Lorn, swallowing him whole. He then Great Cleaves and eats Rhaegar, Xylander, Kass, and Rocky. All of them get swallowed. Rhaegar and Xylander become feeble minded.
  • Rhaegar, now as smart as a lizard, he smacks at the inside of the whale with Torch and crit twice. His Splinter Bolt goes off as well, and the whale splits open. Rhaegar escapes the whale.
  • Alkaid backs away from the whale and spends her turn studying the origin of the whale. Xylander angrily cuts his way out from inside the stomach.
  • Kass attempts to swim and cut his way out with a short sword but is unable to escape.
  • Lorn and Rocky are able to keep their head above water and concentrate enough to pull out his stick and heal himself. Rocky beat up the whale from inside, but chooses not to escape so Lorn and Kass can stay afloat on him.
  • Basile charges up a Utterdark hellfire blast and fires it at the whale, but as it’s about to hit, Rhaegar flies in the way and takes the 70 damage. Ciaran backs up and shoots a Fireball spell.
  • The whale swallows Rhaegar and Xylander again.
  • Rhaegar continues to slash his way out of the whale, and manages to strike it in the heart. As the whale dies, he manages to cut a way out of the whale for everyone to escape.

For RP reasons, Lorn stops Marven from eating the whale carcass and Dwayne cooks it (rolling a 8 + Dwayne) successfully.

The group flies to Lhansborough and parks the boat a mile away. After everyone gets off, Lorn shrinks the ship and hides it into a bottle. The group then walks up to the town carved into the side of the mountain. It’s a large city, running between 30-40,000 residents. a large waterfall and river cut through the middle of the city into a canal. There are three districts: waterfall, hill, and pyre. Many Genasi live in the town, as well as humans and half-elves.

Rhaegar uses his Chameleon Ring to look like a dwarf. Lorn turns into a monkey again and polymorph’s Rocky into a halfling. Basile makes himself look human with his Hood of Disguise in case his invisibility drops at any time. Kass and Alkaid simply disguise themselves simply with clothing. Lorn teaches Ciaran how to cast Alter Self, and Ciaran turns himself into a human. Xylander is disguised as a white tiger.

Basile uses his telepathy to speak with Loras and let him know that Rhaegar has brought his wife and daughter home, but receives no reply. The group continues to head to the castle to find Loras.

As they walk through, a man stumbles out of an alley and falls into Kass. He is drunk and asks for gold. Rhaegar gives him 5 silver to go away.

A large woman shouts out at Alkaid and tries to sell her groceries. Alkaid aims her bow to shoot the trout out of her hand as a trick and freaks out the woman. The woman shouts for the guards and Basile steals Alkaid’s bow to turn it invisible and avoid anyone seeing her weapon. A guard comes and Alkaid lies, saying that it was an illusion and she made it disappear. The guard lets them move on their way. Rhaegar buys the trout and swings it at Lorn the monkey, who was yelling at him. Lorn dodges it, poops in his hand, and throws it at Rhaegar.

A group of children run up and mock Rhaegar, and one tries to grab Lorn. Lorn smacks his hand to get away. They want to play with the monkey and Rocky says, “no.” He then intimidates the children until they flee.

The party arrives at one of the large walls separating the pyre district from the hill district. Two guards protect the gates. Just outside there is a whore house and the women oogle at Rocky. The woman catcalls at Rocky, who says that it’s not the time, and that his monkey says they have things to do.

The guards asks for the fee to enter. Rhaegar pays for his family, and says that the monkey has been throwing shit. Rocky pays the guard 5 gold to ignore the monkey, but Alkaid has a hard time getting Xylander in. She tries to say he’s a war general, but they clearly don’t believe it. But they do manage to believe that Xylander is a tiger and not a cougar. Lorn, as a monkey, shove the tiger into his . Rocky says, “they’re circus performers!” and Lorn spits out Xylander, then casts Greater Invisibility.

The guards let them all pass through because shit is too wild. As they enter the hill district, they see several taverns on the street: The Hearthkeep built for small-folk and the Sleeping Dragon. There is a book store selling the Ash Crimson sequel. Rocky buys a copy for himself and his monkey. Lorn eats the book. Ciaran buys three copies for himself, his imaginary friend, and his dad. Further down they see a Fang Reserve and the Court of Idols, which has a shrine to the prime deities of the Commonwealth.

The next gate is even more protected than the first and guarded by royal guards. 50 gold is required to pass through, and everyone pays.

Lush shrubbery and garden adorn the gardens, with fountains and brick and mahogany buildings throughout the area. There are two castles and a brass embassy to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

They continue forth to Beltine Keep, the newest castle where Loras Tyrel is expected to live. Basile sends a message to Loras, who replies, “So I wasn’t just hearing things?” Basile confirms and asks for his presence.

After a small part of time, Loras and guards approach them. Rhaegar explains that we’re “old friends from Neebsenshire,” and Loras recognizes them. He rushes over to embrace his sister and niece, then invites them into the keep, offering to keep their identities secret. Loras explains that news hasn’t been good about associations with Neebsenshire after the battle. He doesn’t have many details on Sandor or Rugen, and is confused as to why Rhaegar returned with a bounty on his head. Rhaegar divulges that he plans on killing Sandor, stating that his wife and daughter will be able to prove his innocence. Loras swears his alliance to Rhaegar in any political maneuvers he wants to make. He provides the group a token to allow them passage back into the waterfall district.

They decide to go to the secondary castle where they will be staying, and Ciaran picks open the lock. Everything inside is covered in dust after being abandoned. Rhaegar opens up the door into the foyer and sees a light in the next room. He asks Basile to listen inside, and the tiefling hears the thoughts and feelings of revelry and drunkeness. They open the door and see Fire Genasi squaters playing dice in the middle of the foyer.

One of them sees Rhaegar and goes,” Oh shit. What are you doing in my house?” Rhaegar argues with them about who has the deed. They offer pipeweed to them, and after everyone declines, Rhaegar lets them stay in the house if they don’t make any trouble. They warn to not disturb Lucy – a fire elemental.

Basile explores the library and scours the shelves for anything useful, while Kass checks out the tapestries and paintings in the castle. Alkaid goes out to the back to the garden and sees old archery equipment. Rhaegar goes to the Master Bedroom and passes the bathroom with Lucy. He sees a tiny whirlwind of fire in the bathtub. In the bedroom, it looks like it’s well-kept and that someone had been living there.

Alkaid, Ciaran, and Kass attempt to tame goats to get them into the castle. All of them run to Kass and Alkaid almost gets bitten. They keep running away from Ciaran as he walks, and they figure eight around the yard. Xylander “shaq wiggles” at the goats, then sneezes. A bolt of lightning shoots out and scares the goats. They manage to summon a fey-goat and collect three other goats.

Rhaegar is like, “the goats can’t go inside.” Alkaid says, “they’re already inside.” The goats are roaming and start goat screaming. They’re climbing up the walls or chewing on the upholstery. They are wearing shirts with the numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5. The third is nowhere to be seen. Rhaegar intimidates one of the goats, while the fey goat goes downstairs and smokes the pipeweed. Rhaegar gets rid of the goats except number 3. He keeps the fey goat and names him Reggie. He spends 20 minutes searching for the last goat. He makes the help look for the goat as they clean, and they can’t find the third goat.


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