D&D Session 23

It is currently a blizzard outside, and we’ve accumulated about 9 inches of snow now? Eh, rough estimate. But that isn’t stopping us from playing D&D! Onward with our adventures in the Commonwealth.



  • Ciaran (LVL16) and Basile (LVL18)
  • Lorn (LVL 18)
  • Marven (LVL18)
  • Neebs (LVL 18)
  • Dwayne (LVL18)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 18)
  • Alkaid (LVL 18)

As chaos ensues in the house, Rhaegar tells Alkaid that she has to sleep outside as long as the missing third goat is inside. Alkaid feigns fear, exclaiming, “Oh no, what am I – a ranger – going to do out in the wildlife? Oh gosh, wow, I’m out of my element.”

Dwayne, Marven, and Neebs show up after walking through town. They take down all the wanted posters for Neebs and Associates to hang in their house. They miraculously face no consequences, for plot purposes. Though they had considered turning themselves in to collect the 50,000 gold bounty per associate. Jennifer warned them not to do that. During this time, Dwayne ordered a Ring of Silence Spell from “Ama-Xi-long” by sending a message spell to Xi-Long. “Skor-bay’s” shipping charges were too high.

Marven explores Rhaegar’s house and meets Lucy, who waves at him. Marven blows some fire, and she blows some back. They’re becoming friends already. He takes Goa’wei to the Master Bedroom. Goa’wei breaks the bed and falls asleep. Marven then looks around to try and find the third goat that everyone is yelling about, but he can’t find it. He then looks for food, and asks for a snack from the kitchen. He steals all of the potatoes. Rhaegar tells Marven to eat the goats outside, and when Marven goes out he sees a tantalizing feast of salted pork and pork drippings. He goes apeshit and shoves everything into his mouth like a train. Basile laughs as he sees past the Illusionary Feast spell that Lorn cast.

Before dinner, Neebs needs to return to Neebsenshire, but Lorn asks if Marven should get his desert first. Neebs agrees, and Lorn casts a spell to make a 40×40 foot ice cream sundae in the shape of a dragon appear. It is blowing a blast of bacon. Marven cries as it’s the happiest day of his life. Then Lorn leaves a gem behind, and he and Neebs teleport away. Marven screams as the food vanishes, and he gives 2,000 gold to a servant to buy all of the sweet snacks. Another servant picks up the gem Lorn left behind and continues his business.

Dwayne, who has been disguised as a human paladin, decides to visit the Fang Reserve to speak about the bounties. The constable tells him that Neebs and Associates are wanted for slaughtering 75 nobles. Dwayne is honestly shocked as he was out of town during the raid. Dwayne introduces himself of Sir Reginald of Rottingham.

Meanwhile, Alkaid asks Ciaran to cast Ghost Sound. He makes an echoing goat scream in the house, causing a chorus of goats outside respond. Rhaegar exclaims that he will burn down the house to find the goat, and Reggie the Faegoat is all, “what do you have against goats?”

Lorn and Neebs arrive in Neebsenshire to pick up Sbeen, and Lorn picks up a scroll of Lesser Planar Ally. They teleport back. They surprise the servant who was cleaning and he gives the gem back. Sbeen, who is now 16 feet tall and wearing a crown, has to be teleported throughout the house as he’s too tall.

Goats continue to scream behind Rhaegar, who jumps and swings at the goat. His blade almost hits a servant in the face. Neebs charges off to find the goat and ends up in a storeroom. Marven sees Sbeen and is thrilled. He sits on Neebs’ shoulder carrying a sack of grain as they search for the goat.

Suddenly, Marven, Basile, Ciaran Xylander, Dwayne, and Sbeen see the shimmering invisible outline of a goat creeping up the stairs. Basile asks Alkaid if she sees the goat, and she says it’s an illusion. They all then see a goat appear with a big number #6 painted on the side. It’s eating the couch. Marven spits fire at the goat and Sbeen attacks the goat. Sbeen grabs Rhaegar and swings him, and he goes through the goat and breaks the couch. A blast of fire then engulfs them.

At that moment, Lores Tyrel comes into the room. He asks if this is a bad time, but Rhaegar assures him that everything is fine. A servant with a wheelbarrow of sweets comes in and Marven if thrilled. He tries to feed sweets to Lucy and Goa’wei. Sbeen tries to go to the bathroom but can’t because Lucy is in there watching.

Marven then shows Sbeen Goa’wei, who tries to wrestle him. As Goa’wei tries to explain that he’s not in the mood to wrestle, Sbeen yells “SNEAK ATTACK” and pounces. He successfully grapple Goa’wei. Lightning starts building in Goa’wei’s mouth and Sbeen starts yelling “IT’S BROKEN” and he dives through a window and lands in the courtyard. A blast of lightning comes out the window.

The group finally calms down enough and goes to the dining hall. Sbeen wants to eat Marven’s feast, and Marven says that he will share by giving Sbeen the greenbeans. Sbeen hates greens and throws them to the side, nearly hitting Rhaegar. They have a second eating challenge and Sbeen wins.

As Sbeen and Marven fight over the food, Rhaegar attempts to continue the meeting with Lores. But a goat screams in the distance. Lores explains that it is a common joke in Bard College to release animals in to the house, and Dwayne explains that it’s easy to cast illusionary sounds.

Lores explains that Rhaegar needs to prove his innocence, and Neebs adds that he was initially hired to kill Rheagar’s wife and daughter. They consider legal ways to overthrow Sandor. Neebs says they can burn down the commonwealth. Lorn says that Rocky the Lord of Lakeland can challenge Sandor to a friendly competition. Once Sandor is in public, Rhaegar could challenge him for his honor. They devise a tournament with Rhaegar’s famous sword, Torch, as the prize. Plan B is to make allies with any towns in the north who aren’t against Neebsenshire. Plan C: burn down the Commonwealth. They decide that they have a month to prepare.

Sbeen fixes Rhaegar’s house, shoving trees into holes and taking walls from other parts of the house to repair the other holes. Lorn helps by magically fixing it, and in return Rhaegar owes him a favor.

Dwayne decides to send a message to Agnak the giant and thanking him for killing the hydra, in hopes to keep him an ally. He also visits the Fang Reserve to speak with the constable to explain that he heard that Neebsenshire was only protecting itself. He also says that Torch is captured and on its way to the town.

Neebs, Jennifer, and Sbeen begin traveling to try and make relations with the other small towns, as Lorn returns to Neebsenshire to prepare. He makes a simulacrum of the colossal dragon. His name is Kindrundtointh the Eternal Fire, and he provides Lorn with the location of his hoard. Lorn gives him gold and summons Rhaegar 2.0, whom is called “flesh monkey.” Lorn also picks up Dwayne’s ring and visits Ashisa for Marven.

Lorn returns to suggest they go to get Kindruntointh’s hoard, stating that it is located within a volcano on the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Rhaegar goes to Lucy to talk to her, now that he can speak her language. He asks why she’s trapped in the bathroom. She says she’ll burn everything down, and is surprised that they don’t burn everything. He offers to help her leave and visit the Eternal Plane of Fire as a guide.

Before they leave, Marven goes into town, disguised as a halfling by Dwayne, and starts spreading rumors that Ragnarok is breathing fire and may be an heir to the Ebonfire. While Marven is away, Dwayne plays dice with the genasi.

Lorn casts Mass Fly on the group before they Plane Shift to the Elemental Plane of Fire. The group arrives in the volcano above bubbling lava. Marven, who is immune to fire damage, touches the lava. He jumps into the lava. Lorn and Dwayne start dispelling the glyphs of warding that are around the hoard. Lorn also casts Energy Immunity Fire on the group. They swim down and find the hoard of gold and items. Lorn casts telekinesis to bring the hoard to the surface.

Within the hoard are many magic items and gold, but Basile is shocked to see that a +4 Tome of Clear Thoughts is in the hoard. He immediately claims it. Rhaegar gets a Stone of Controlling Earth Elemental. He summons one and names it Bubbles, then tells it to pick up Dwayne. Dwayne casts Meld with Stone and becomes one with Bubbles.

Marven and Lorn return to Neebsenshire, and Marven is introduced to Kindruntointh. Marven asks if he knows about Pendralar or the Ebonfire, and he’s familiar but never met Pendralar. Marven then sells the miscellaneous items to Xi-Long.

Ciaran gets scooped away by the Mage Guild, and is told that he is very strong for his age. He is warned to not use his magic unwisely, or else they’ll have to deal with him. Ciaran asks if that’s a threat, and they reply that it’s a promise. “Just because it’s a promise doesn’t mean it’s not a threat.” A giant tortoise comes into the room and drops a scroll for the mages from Lorn. Ciaran is then teleported back to the group, much to Rhaegar and Alkaid’s worry. Basile seems unbothered that Ciaran had vanished again. Rhaegar says Basile needs to watch him better, and Basile shoots back that he’d like to see Rhaegar try. They agree to let Rhaegar watch him for a week. Ciaran immediately turns invisible and runs away.

Dwayne takes a moment to teleport to his razorwing farm to check on the chicks.

A month later, they are ready to hold the tournament. Lorn casts Zone of Truth on the arena. Ciaran wants to fight, but Basile won’t let him. Rhaegar states that he’s Ciaran’s guardian. Basile can’t disagree, but warns that he’s going to get hurt. Lorn calls on his favor for Rhaegar and becomes Lorn’s guardian.

Rocky, Ciaran, Rhaegar, Dwayne, and Sbeen enter the competition, along with eight other competitors. Meanwhile, Marven looks for anyone from the Ebonfire that he may recognize. Sandor is in the ring.

Rocky is in a human form as the Lord of Lakeland. Dwayne is disguised as Reginald. Rhaegar is wearing a helmet and has his Chameleon Ring in case of an emergency. He is named Razak of Highever. Sbeen has a fake mustache and removed his wings, and is known as Doraleous. Ciaran is disguised as a human named Ohmbryn, and his eyepatch is off. The symbol of Asmodeous has vanished and it’s now the symbol of Ioun.

Dwayne sees a man who looks to be half black dragon like Dwayne, who is holding the Klegaine family sword, Durendal. He calls out that the dragonman is in disguise, and Sbeen says, “who’s in disguise? Cause it sure it not me.” Or at least, he tries to, but the Zone of Truth makes him say, “It sure is me.”

Lores announces the Tournament of Lord Lakeland, and that the prize is Torch. He calls for a clean fight and begins the battle.

  • Sandor is the first to move and immediately beheads the contestant next to him. All of the blood is drained out
  • Sbeen clicks his heels together and walks over to the dragonman, picks him up, and chucks him out of the arena.
  • Ciaran backs up and fires off an arrow into one of the contestants. Rhaegar berates him for the weak attack.
  • Lorn casts Last Breath on the man who was beheaded, and he is reincarnated as a half-elf. Rocky breathes fire in a line to hit two of the contestants, but Sandor is able to dodge.
  • Rhaegar runs up and throws Bloodweep at Sandor while using Lightning Throw.
  • Alkaid tries to find where the dragonman landed, but he seemed to vanish.
  • Dwayne casts Timestop. He casts Greater Invisibility, Displacement, Great Mirror Image, and Phantom Battle. Lastly, he casts Haste on his allies.
  • Marven walks through the crowd to look for any suspicious activity as the battle ensues. He notices the invisible dragonman coming toward him with a dagger.
  • The other contestants charge up to each other, Sandor, and Rocky. A young and inexperienced knight tries to hit Rocky but misses terribly.
  • Sandor stabs the man who came at him, and all of the blood soaks into his sword. With a manic look in his eye, he snaps his fingers and the resurrected man’s eyes turn red.
  • Sbeen smacks his hammer into a man’s chest, caving his chest in. All of the blood in the man’s body is drained out and collects into Sandor’s sword.
  • Ciaran casts Hold Person on Sandor as Basile sends a message to Sandor: “Your time is up, Sandor Clegane. You are a disgrace to your family, for you stole the lives of innocents for your own gain and put the blame on your brother. For that you will suffer in the nine layers of hell. You may try to deny the crimes that you committed, but Asmodeous knows the weight of the sins on your soul. Devils eagerly await your death so that they may torture your soul for eternity, and you will perish knowing that Rhaegar is far from dead, young Clegane- and the ‘Demon of the Commonwealth’ desires your death far more than the devils who wish to torment you.” Sandor replies, “I fear no spawn of Asmodeous, for I serve a higher lord.” The glowing red on his sword dims and washes over him, and the Hold Person breaks.
  • Rocky walks past another contestant and says, “MOVE.” He successfully intimidates the contestant and breathes fire on Sbeen and Sandor. Sandor is able to dodge, so Rocky thinks “THIS IS NOTHING PERSONAL” as he blasts Sbeen. Lorn sees that the man he resurrected is dead.
  • Rhaegar moves up to Sandor and uses his Ancient Hammer to attack, but Sandor blocks the hit.
  • Alkaid sees the invisible dragonman sneaking through the crowd toward Marven. She attempts to fire off an arrow at him, and hits the empty seat in front of him. He jumps and takes it as a warning shot.
  • Dwayne sees a weird black aura surrounding Sandor. He casts Major Image to create a figment of a demonic god and repeats the words Basile said. He also calls out the Ebonfire Assassin in the stands. Sandor doesn’t seem to engage.
  • Marven approaches the assassin and slow breaths him.
  • The contestant that Rocky intimidated is so frozen in fear, he doesn’t see another contestant coming up to kick him in the face.
  • The assassin attempts to flee and blend in with the crowd. Everyone but Dwayne sees him.
  • Sandor shouts Mountain Tombstone Strike and swings at Rhaegar, who attempts to block it. Sandor is still able to hit him and knocks him back.
  • Sbeen “rage quits” and sits down at the edge of the ring.
  • Ciaran casts Scorching Ray on Sandor, but it appears that he has no physical reaction to the damage. Basile flies down and uses his Wand of Lesser Restoration to heal Rhaegar.
  • Rocky moves up to Rhaegar and heals him, as Lorn summons Nature’s Ally to have a monkey heal Sbeen.
  • Rhaegar slashes Bloodweep into Sandor, and Bloodweep enervates him.
  • Alkaid fires off more arrows, one of which slams into the seat behind the assassin The others slam into him and pins him into the stands as ice freezes him in place.
  • Dwayne casts Power Word Kill but it doesn’t work as he has too much health.
  • Marven shouts at Alkaid, “you just had to kill him!” as his flail tries to eat the assassin. He inspects the body and finds a poisoned dagger. He is wearing the sigil of Lynx, so Marven get’s more pissed and leaves before the guards come.
  • The one contestant continues to beat down on the other and avoids the rest of the fight.
  • Sandor changes stances and looks more feral. Rhaegar recognizes the stance as Immortal Fortitude. He swings and shouts, “Irresistible Mountain Strike!” Rhaegar feels something try to root him in place but it able to resist it. Then he suddenly seems to take all of the damage he had been dealt.
  • The monkey tells Sbeen that people could die. Sbeen runs up to the two contestants fighting each other and breaks them apart saying, “you could die!” They struggle to fight but can’t do anything.
  • Ciaran attempts to casts Hold Person but it fails. Basile swoops down and heals Rhaegar again.
  • Rocky wails on Sandor with the Zephyr Blade. Lorn heals Sbeen some more through the monkey.
  • Rhaegar swings at Sandor with perfect clarity, critically hitting him and slicing through his neck. However, Sandor continues to keep fighting. Dwayne mocks him for slowing down.
  • Alkaid teleports to a different part of the arena, as Marven sits down and watches unsatisfied.
  • Dwayne casts Power Word Kill but it doesn’t work.
  • Sandor clenches his fist and the two men Sbeen is holding shrivel up and die. He then charges at Dwayne and attempts to hit him, but he slashes one of the illusions. The aura on the sword washes over him and Dwayne can tell that it is protecting him.
  • Sbeen, with a tear in his eye, rages and grapples Sandor. He shouts, “stop killing people! You could actually die in this tournament!” He throws Sandor out of the arena and off the cliff.
  • As Sandor flies by, Basile shoots him with an Eldritch Blast and Ciaran casts Magic Missile.
  • Lorn jumps off the cliff after him and magically whips him with a Wrathful Castigation. Sandor passes the fort save to die, but is dazed and stunned as he continues to fall. Rocky pushes Rhaegar over.
  • Rhaegar gets back up and pushes Rocky over.
  • Alkaid pulls out her sun sword and sings “We are the Champions” to cheer on her allies.
  • Dwayne casts Dominate Monster on Sbeen and makes him charge Rhaegar.
  • Marven grabs a fistful of gold and purchases all of the food that the vendors in the stand are sharing.
  • Sandor shakes off the Wrathful Castigation and shouts “Durendal.” The sword starts to fly him up toward the coliseum. Lorn casts Solarity and then casts Wall of Force. Right before Sandor gets to Lorn, he slams into the wall. Sandor states, “For the sake of the wicked one,” and refreshed his maneuvers.
  • Sbeen grapples Rhaegar and throws him over the wall at Sandor.
  • Ciaran casts Fly on Rhaegar, and Basile heals him with his healing belt as he continues past.
  • Rocky breathes a cone of fire at all of the Dwayne clones to see the real one. Lorn then releases the Wall of Force to allow Rhaegar to attack Sandor.
  • Rhaegar calls Sandor weak, and Sandor calls him a Stonebrained Fool. They argue, as Basile telepathically translates it to everyone of importance at the tournament. Sandor calls Rhaegar as evil as he is, and tells Rhaegar to take his best shot. Rhaegar charges up and critically hits him, with Bloodweep telling him that this is their moment of revenge. Sandor delays the damage.
  • Alkaid flies up to watch Rhaegar and Sandor’s fight.
  • Dwayne uses his Boots of Dimensional Stride. He then commands that Sbeen to grapple Rocky and throw him to Lorn.
  • Marven purchases more food from the merchant. He then feeds fluffy some food.
  • Sandor shouts, “Revitalizing Strike,” but Rhaegar is able to block it. He counter attacks and slashes Bloodweep into Sandor. Sandor then says, “If I die, the Clegane name dies with me.” He stabs himself with Durendal and explodes as he grabs onto Rhaegar. His soul then goes into the bottle Drageash provided, but it shatters and his soul escapes.

As Durendal falls away, Rhaegar is able to retrieve it in his offhand. He hears a voice in his head asking, “Do you swear to the Lord?” Rhaegar asks who the Lord is and Basile warns him to not swear to anything. The sword whispers, “I have searched your soul, and you are not worthy” and fades away.

Insert Steve saying, “This guy is such a fucking boss, he’s so much cooler than everyone in our party.”

Rocky asks Dwayne if he wants to win in return of a favor. Dwayne “picks up Rocky” as Rocky activates his boots to fly. As Dwayne “tosses him,” Rocky grabs Sbeen and drags him out of the arena, leaving just him and Ciaran.

Instead of fighting, Dwayne shows Ciaran how to do some wrestling moves. Ciaran shoots an arrow at Dwayne, who splits it into two with his fist. Dwayne plants his sword into the ground and plows Ciaran into the ground. Ciaran casts Scorching Ray and Dwayne casts Ray of Dizziness, and the two beams clash. They both fall over “unconscious” after the beams rebound. The match is a draw and no one wins Torch.

Lorn sees the symbol that was in Henrik’s mind carved into the hilt of Durendal. He struggles to figure out a way to bring Sandor back to gather more information, while Marven wants to get more information off the assassin. Basile tells Loras that they need the assassins body to speak with the dead. The group heads back to the house.

As they approach, they see a zoo of woodland creatures in the backyard including a tent with Avandra’s tent. Rhaegar asks Bubbles to stop the animals from getting inside. Bubbles turns into a wall.

Marven examines the sword and he gets a splitting headache. He hears Pendralar growling as the sword asks for his oath. However, Marven is unworthy and the voice vanishes. He asks Pendralar why he was afraid of the voice, and if he recognized the symbol on the sword. Pendralar doesn’t know, but assures Marven that the entity in the sword was powerful and a true threat.

Rhaegar asks Levi if he can remove the curses on Durendal, but Levi says it’s out of his power. He asks Basile to speak with Dragaesh, and asks why the bottle broke. They ask if Dragaesh knows who might be the wicked one or a high being than Asmodeus, but he doesn’t know.

Meanwhile, Lorn is searching Sandor’s house (invisibly??) to try and find something physical of Sandor to make a simulacrum. When he comes back, the group goes to Loras and asks for the body of the assassin. Loras says that he heard Basile tell him to burn the body. Basile is angered by this and turns visible, ensuring that it wasn’t him. Lorn reads Loras’ memories and recognizes that it was a near perfect impression of Basile’s voice. Loras apologizes for the misunderstanding. Basile takes the ashes and goes to the crematorium to look for bones.


As Lorn is so distraught about not being able to make a simulacrum of Sandor and alludes that he has one of Rhaegar. He swears on his “druid god” that he doesn’t have a simulacrum of Rhaegar, but Rhaegar doesn’t believe him. “You have to find it first.”

Marven is looking for meat from Goa’wei and he finds a white goat with a #3 on the side. He approaches the goat and it flees. Marven slow breaths and it faints. He feeds to Goa’wei.

When Basile returns, he hears the argument and tells Alkaid to summon selves to bring a piece of Sandor from another timeline. Alkaid is able to successfully bring a pinkie back from the past. She goes to give it to Lorn, but Rhaegar takes it and argues with Lorn about how he wants to know everything and making clones. As they argue, Ciaran slight of hand’s the pinkie away.

Lorn explains that Alexander Willard killed his aunt – the most powerful druid in his grove – and that’s why he’s so concerned about why Alexander is showing up. Rhaegar decides to give the pinkie and sees that it’s not there. Ciaran gives it to Lorn, and Basile explains he tried to warn Lorn that Ciaran had the pinkie and he didn’t have to reveal parts of his past. Lorn says it’s okay and contacts Lorn 2.0 and Rhaegar 2.0. Lorn starts making a simulacrum of Sandor.

Basile brings the bones to Levi and asks if this would work to speak with dead. Lorn says, “it’s a dead crowd,” as a dad would. Unfortunately, he’s unable to speak with dead with just a bone. Lorn casts Regenerate on the bone to make enough of a corpse to speak with the undead.

Levi casts the spell, and an ethereal figure rise from the body. Marven asks where the boss is. The ghost says he’s at the hideout in the city of Lhansborough on Orland’s street. However, he doesn’t know if the boss is still there. Marven asks why the assassin was following him. The assassin says that he recognized Marven and that he was going to bring him outside of the city. Marven’s last question is how Lynx contacted the assassin, who reveals that Lynx didn’t contact him and vanishes.

Once Sandor’s simulacrum is completed, Lorn casts Modify Memory four times on himself to hide the facts that he has a dragon simulacrum, he doesn’t know about Durandel’s power or the being inside, he doesn’t know he was able to get Sandor’s pinkie, and he doesn’t know anything about the assassin. He then activates Sandor 2.0 (and the Windows 64 start up plays.)

Rhaegar asks who the wicked one is, and Sandor explains that he only knows him as the wicked one and that he appeared in a dream. He says that he has always heard the wicked one’s voice and has met other followers of the wicked one, but he only remembers Count Rugen. Lorn asks why he entered the tournament. Sandor explains for glory and to get Torch. He clarifies that he sold his soul to the wicked one and that they are all his agents. Sandor says that the wicked one will come back through his scion, but he doesn’t know who this person is. Lorn asks Sandor if he recognizes Alexander Willard, but he doesn’t. Lorn pulls out a sketch of a dwarf and Sandor recognizes him as Glugnut. Lorn allows Lorn 2.0 to teleport Sandor 2.0 to his home.

They try to determine what to do with the sword. Rhaegar wants to cleanse it, but Lorn wants to keep it as it to have a connection to the wicked one. Rhaegar isn’t sure if the wicked one is even in the sword. Basile takes the sword and hears the voice, and recognizes that the entity is within the sword, but that it is a cursed item being used as a medium to talk through.

Lorn sends a message to Kindrundtointh the Eternal Fire asking if he knows anything about the wicked one. He doesn’t know, and Lorn asks him to ask other ancient creatures if they have heard of it. Basile sends a message to Fahrenheit, and the dragon says they cheated the last time they came to tell jokes. The group tells jokes until he is satisfied and they ask him if he knows the wicked one, but he doesn’t.

After exhausting their resources, Lorn suggests Pythos. Basile communes with him and asks for information about the wicked one. He explains the situation with Henrik and Alexander Willard, and Pythos warns him not to read people’s minds. Basile asks for information, and Pythos explains that he can’t give information away for free. Basile says that the life of him and his friends are in danger, and Pythos says that’s why he needs to keep his friends list low. Basile assures that he is safer with the group and needs to assure their safety.

Lorn tells Pythos about Alexander Willard and how he killed Olivera, Basile explains that Alkaid is somehow connected to the Shalan Era and is able to travel through time. Lastly, Dwayne offers the command word for the hook, saying that something random will happen. Pythos explains Dwayne doesn’t have to hold the hook to say the word, but Dwayne says, “oh, but I will.” He says the command word and casts Secret Page. He changes a blank paper to a map of his homeland.

Pythos tells the group of the wicked man: who was the first devil who fell from the heavens and constructed a plane called Hell. He reigned supreme, but one of his lieutenants decided to overthrow him. Asmodeus coveted hell and used his powers of persuasion to promise the other arch devils against the wicked one. During the Great Uprising, Asmodeus and his allies successfully cast out the wicked one from hell.  Needing to recover and plan his revenge, the wicked one built Infernus from his own blood. However, Asmodeus locked the gates to Infernus to keep the wicked one trapped. From his keep, Melfecta, he waits for the day he can challenge for the throne of Hell again. To gain power, he sends his agents to the eternal plane to corrupt good people, and only the blood of his scion can open the gates to release him. The wicked one is known by many names, including the Prince of Lies, Prince of Darkness, the Adversary, and the Prince of Light. Most famously, he is known as Lucifer.


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