D&D Session 24 & 25

I can’t believe that we’ve been playing this campaign for a year now! Our characters have grown, the story has been dramatic, thoughtful, and slightly stupid at times, and we’ve all become better friends. This session was a bit weird, as half the party couldn’t show up, and the main DM had to leave half-way to go to perform an improv show before returning. There was also house sitting involving a cat that MADE MY DAY. Regardless, we had a great time with a few pretty RP heavy session.



  • Ciaran (LVL16) and Basile (LVL18)
  • Marven (LVL18)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 18)
  • Alkaid (LVL 18)

After receiving an urgent message from Lorn 2.0, Lorn leaves to resolve whatever concern was happening in Neebsenshire. Rocky went along with him (and then had explosive diarrhea, says Jake.)

In the early morn, Marven and Rhaegar (who is wearing a Mask of True Seeing) goes out to check out the place where the Assassin said Lynx was located. They visit the tavern The Fearless Flumph. As they walk in, some of the patrons seem very scared of Marven. Marven asks how the salted pork it and asks for all of it. The bartender is too nervous to respond so Marven just goes to the back. The chef, Bradley, is offended by Marven barging in, but after learning that Marven dropped 20 gold he obliges. He asks Bradley to make him a steak and answer some questions. It’s the best steak Marven has ever eaten and he tips 100 gold. Marven then asks if anyone shadier than normal came around for business, providing sketches of specific emblems from his family. Bradley has never seen the Ebonfire symbol, but recognizes the personal symbol of Lynx. He says that Lynx talks to the bartender. Marven offers him a job in Neebsenshire, but Bradley is like “that place that god their asses kicked by the Commonwealth?” But Marven assures him that “rich people bought it up and now it’s safe – like Detroit.”

Meanwhile, Rhaegar sits at the bar. The bartender is confused as to why he’s wearing such a silly looking mask. Marven returns and meets Math Titansong. He asks if he ever met Lynx, and Math says he never saw Lynx. Marven intimidates him by saying he’ll buy out his bar. Lynx says that he pays the protection fees from the men who look like Marven – the Tricked Embers. Marven offers 1,000 gold to keep the Tricked Embers in the tavern the next day. Rhaegar tells Bubbles to stay under the tavern.

When they return, the rest of the group is just waking up. Marven says that he’s staying in town for a few more days. Basile clarifies that they’re all traveling north and have no reason to go back to Neebsenshire. Marven asks what Ciaran is going to do without Grape, and Basile is shocked to know that Ciaran has been sneaking into The Lair to hang out with Grape.

Marven goes upstairs to get Goa’wei, who is sleeping on a small pile of gold and gems. When Marven asks where he got the hoard, he said he plundered around to collect gold and gems – he ate a man. Marven tells him to not eat people who aren’t good. Goa’wei asks if Rhaegar is good. Rhaegar states that this is his house, and Goa’wei says it’s Jett’s house.

Everyone starts arguing about who’s house it is, and Alkaid summons six fey-creatures to join Jett and Reggie doing Yoga. Rhaegar joins them….? He’s good at yoga. They try to convince Jett to let Lucy join them, and Marven attempts to buy the house but doesn’t feel like dropping 80k on it.

The next day, they go to the Fearless Flumph and wait for the Tricked Embers. Basile is invisible in the corner with Ciaran, who is disguised as a gnome. Alkaid disguised herself and is also at the tavern.

Three men wearing Lynx’s symbol come into the bar. Rhaegar sees that the man in the middle is actually a strange dragon abomination. He tells Basile, who relays it to the group – clarifying that the man in the middle is “like Marven,” but Marven isn’t an abomination. Marven says that’s the nicest thing Basile ever said to him.

Marven introduces himself to Salsa, saying that he’d like to meet their boss. The men tell everyone to clear out of the tavern. Marven says that he has a lot to offer to “joining” their group. When the leader tells him what he’ll need to do to join the group, Marven gets bored and sleep breaths them all. Only the dragon leader doesn’t fall asleep. Marven then says that he’s actually their bosses leader and he “misses him bad.”

Suddenly, the leader stabs the two sleeping men in the neck, then clicks his heels and vanishes. Marven is all “what the fuck just happened.” Bubbles sees Salsa running away in the crowd. Marven and Basile fly out and try to find him but can’t see where he went.

A small group of guards approach the bar. Alkaid grabs Ciaran and teleports out, leaving Rhaegar with two dead bodies. Rhaegar disguises himself as a noble and says that the bar was attacked and that he was unharmed. The guards believe his story and take the golden threaded cloaks from Rhaegar.

Alkaid starts tracking through the crowds with Ciaran. The rest of the group catches and and starts looking. They eventually they run into him in an alley. Alkaid finds him first and approaches him, trying to make him stop running. Then Marven swoops down like a bird of prey, a pelican of sorts, and slow breaths. He then lands behind him heroically and calls the man rude for leaving. The man says that Lynx is in Glintwall. Marven tells him to send a message, then remembers that Basile can send a message. Uh oh! Now the man is useless, since the invisible imaginary half-devil can do it. The man says, “DIMENSION STRIDE,” and vanishes again.

Suddenly there is a cat in the alley. Alkaid tries to become friends with the cat and picks it up. It loves Alkaid. They return back to Jett’s house and they feed a fae-goat to Goa’wei.

Basile comes up with a safeword that the group can use as they move forward with sending messages to people, since he’s paranoid that someone knows his voice. He tells them to ask for Basile’s given name, and that the answer is Ambrosio.

Marven bargains the Fearless Flumph – a bar that he’s going to own one day – for the house. Suddenly, Lorn shows up and turns one of the goats into a sheep, then leaves. Marven manages to get the house.

Loris comes after Rhaegar shouts for him, and Loris explains that he bestowed the land to the Clegaine family. Jett says that he owns the house, and Loris asks if Ambassador Sencrux knows about him. Jett “hears Goa’wei calling” and goes upstairs. Loris shows the deed to prove that he still owns the land, and Marven tries to buy it from Loris. Rhaegar doesn’t want anyone else to have the home. Loris states that the house is for Rhaegar, since his family will stay there.

Lorn shows up again, then transforms Rhaegar’s house into a sheep. Then he leaves.

Basile sends a message to Lynx for Marven, stating, “Mivix Ebonfire wants to meet for a mutually beneficial arrangement. Please answer with time and place. P.S. don’t screw me over please. Thanks bro.”

After a moment, Basile receives a response: “Tell me brother that we can meet wherever is most convenient for him. Let me know.”

Basile replies, “Meet him in Neebsenshire at The Lair tomorrow at 9:00 PM. Thank you.”

“Brother, you know that it’s illegal for an Ebonfire to come to Neebsenshire,” Basile hears in response.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure something out,” Marven tells Basile to say in response.

“You wouldn’t want me to break the law, would you, brother?”

“Smart ass.”

The group gets ready to leave, and Rhaegar tells Jett that he has to leave. Jett denies, and Rhaegar goes to the embassy to tell on him. The embassy itself is scorching hot and Rhaegar is sweating. He goes up to the fire genasi and asks for Ambassador Sencrux. He’s told to take a number. Rhaegar pulls 70, but ooh – bad luck – they’re on 71. He was to wait for it to come back around.

Rhaegar waits for five hours, and the others come to find him. Marven asks for food, and is provided a cup of magma. Marven thinks, “I’m immune to fire damage,” and drinks it. It’s a very spicy drink that tastes like lemon and ghost peppers. He’s also given a black newt that explodes in his mouth – exploding with flavor!

Marven pulls a number and Ciaran casts Minor Image to make the number the upcoming number. The genasi sees pass the illusion, but is willing to jump them up in line for a price. Rhaegar pays 4,000 gold and get moved up in the queue.

After another hour, Rhaegar is able to visit the Ambassador. They all go into a room that looks like a dungeon. Ambassador Sencrux says that the squatters are allowed to be there, but if they are told to leave they have 30 days to do so. If they don’t leave, they are then allowed to pursue legal action.

Marven suggests relocating Jett to Neebsenshire as an Ambassador. He suggests that Rhaegar’s home be the embassy. Ambassador Sencrux teleports Jett to Rhaegar’s house. Alkaid asks Basile to send a message to Jett to say dibs when they arrive.

The group then teleports to Neebsenshire and arrives at the well. They all go to Rhaegar’s home and sees one of the fire genasi is sitting on the dragonhead. Rhaegar tells them all to leave. Jett pokes his head out of the window and calls dibs. Thrask says they’re squatting and had the right paperwork.

Basile and Levi take the Manual of Clear Thoughts to the Temple of Ioun and donates it. The Atonement spell goes off and Basile is cleansed of his sins.

Marven returns to the lair and Grape tells him to get Ciaran. He finds Ciaran at Stormageddon’s. He’s so happy to see Debbie. Marven tells Ciaran that Grape has a riddle for him and Ciaran follows him back to The Lair. Grape says, “it hatched,” and Ciaran says, “take me to her.”

Grape takes them to a secret door and they see a small animal with the head of a bird, the body of a horse, and the hind legs of a lion. She’s Eliza the Hipposphinx. Marven asks what the hell happened, and she explains that Grape took care of Ciaran’s egg and raised Eliza. Eliza says, “Riddle me this. What smells like blue paint and is green.” Ciaran answers, “Green paint!” and is thrilled at how smart Eliza is. Goa’wei wants to eat Eliza, but Marven admits that Eliza is cute.

When Ciaran and Eliza leave, Marven takes Goa’wei into the room past Grape’s lair and shows him his new lair. Goa’wai lays down on the gold coins in the room.

Meanwhile, Rhaegar goes to Dick Grayson to have the genasi kicked out and they’re forced to leave. Marven tells them to squat in The Lair and they agree to fight for him. While there, Marven speaks with Dick to let him know that the Commonwealth thinks that Neebsenshire is an awful place. He lets Dick know that he brought ambassadors from the Elemental Plane of Fire to stay in Neebsenshire. Dick informs Marven that Lorn has been running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Marven also checks on Regis, who says that the business has been slow. Rhaegar goes to see H’rathen, who is doing squats in the temple. He says that his sword was corrupted by Lucifer and asks for H’rathen to talk with Kord to cure it. H’rathen’s all “nah man! No way!” Eventually, he agrees to talk to Kord, who says, “well, just kill Lucifer.” So, Rhaegar visits Skor to see if he knows a way to remove curses. Skor says he’s not bad, but doesn’t have much experience. However, he doesn’t deal with cursed swords anymore. He says they can ask the person who cursed the sword to remove the curse, or kill them.

The next day at The Lair, the group waits for Lynx to arrive. Bubbles sees Salsa arrive with who the group can assume is Lynx. He is a half-elf with traits of a black dragon. Lynx joins Marven in a private room on the top floor. Marven tells Lynx that he is tired of everything and wants the Ebonfire gone. He wants to find Castle Ebonfire, and Lynx agrees to tell him where it is after they agree to split the castle. Marven also states that he wants the decanter of Pendralar’s blood destroyed to end the bloodline.

Meanwhile, Salsa sits down at the bar with Rhaegar and Basile and attempts small talk. It goes about as well as you can imagine. They talk about their unfamiliarity with Darude Sandstorm. (Kass is playing his panflute – so that’s where he’s been all this time!)

After Lynx and Salsa leave, the group decides to go after Rugen. Rhaegar goes to Xi-Long to buy a Belt of Battle. Basile goes to Levi to scry for Rugen. Levi scrys and sees Rugen sitting in a throne room, and out the window they see a courtyard.

Marven reaches into the Bag of Holding and pulls out various potions he has been carrying. Chip Whitley provides them with potions of invisibility. They then all teleport into the center of the courtyard. They arrive in the Estate of Count Rugen, which is watched over by many guards.

Marven tells Goa’wei to plunder, who then breathes lightning on the first group of guards. Most of the guards scream in fear of Goa’wei’s presence.

  • Goa’wei charges up to the one guard that isn’t afraid of him, and mauls him to pieces. His wings clip him in the face and ragdolls the guard into the side of the castle with his tail.
  • Marven flies to the side and blows fire at two of the guards. Two scorch marks with outlines of people are all that is left after they’re incinerated.
  • Bubbles and Lucy attack three other guards near the middle of the courtyard. Rhaegar runs up to a guard and slashes into him with ease, killing him with just a few blows.
  • Alkaid sends Zapdos off into the air, who soars over the grounds and blasts lightning on the guards that are coming to the altercation. Xylander pounces on the one guard that is prone on the ground, slashing into his throat and making him seize. He then turns and rushes another guard to ruin him. Alkaid shoots off four arrows into the last two guards in the field and kill them.
  • Ciaran goes to the doors to try and unlock it, but is unable to focus on picking the lock as he sees the death around him. Basile moves behind him to prepare for battle.
  • Marven goes up to the door and spits acid to break the door. It disintegrates and crumbles. In the first room, four stone golems rise to life. Marven flies in and slow breaths two of them.
  • Goa’wei swoops in and starts attacking another of the golems near the bookshelves.
  • Lucy and Rhaegar head to the front doors, while Bubbles merges through the wall toward the back hall behind another golem.
  • Alkaid tries to shoot, but most of her shots miss. Xylander charges up to a golem and manages to scratch it. Zapdos continues to soar around the house and attack guards.
  • The golems attack Bubbles, Goa’wei and Xylander, while the fourth one lets out a mist to try and slow Marven, but he passes his save.
  • Basile draws in the energy for a Hellfire Eldritch Blast and smacks into the first golem, then chains into a second golem, then shattering off into the third. None of them fall, but they seem badly shaken.
  • Marven blasts his entangling fire at the first golem and kills it, as Goa’wei continues to attack the construct in front of him.
  • Rhaegar throws Torch at one of the constructs and slices it in half, and as it returns to Rhaegar it pierces the second. Rhaegar throws Torch again and shatters it. Lucy slides into the room and attacks the final golem by Goa’wei. However, she misses the attack. Bubbles goes through the next stone door and sees Rugen sitting on his throne.
  • Alkaid draws out her Sun Blade and runs into the room, slicing into the golem. Xylander flanks the golem and rips the gem powering it.
  • Meanwhile in the next room, Rugen started muttering to himself and saying that he won’t let us have him.
  • Basile and Ciaran dash toward the back room, chugging potions of Haste and Blurring as they prepare.
  • Goa’wei flies up to the door and slashes the lock open, and Marven flies up next to him.
  • Rhaegar refreshes his maneuvers and goes up to the door. Lucy slides toward the doors, which bubbles rips off the hinges.
  • Alkaid summons herself from the future, then jumps on Xylander so he can charge them up to the room.
  • Ciaran runs up to the door, and Basile flies into the room.
  • Marven flies into the room and lands upon a statue in the room like an edgy superhero. He then chugs a blurring potion. Goa’wei flies in and lands in the other corner of the room.
  • Rhaegar charges into the room with Lucy and faces Rugen, telling him that his time is up.
  • Alkaid rides Xylander into the room, while her clone stays by the doors.
  • Basile asks Rhaegar for permission to kill, then moves in front of Rhaegar. He unleashes a Hellfire Eldritch Blast on Rugen that scorches him and splits him in half. High Prince Rugen perishes.
  • The ground suddenly starts to tremor below us, and a Planer Portal opens up behind Rugen’s throne. A woman with amber skin and jet black hair steps through the portal. Marven knows her to be a devil called a Demoriel. She is one of the concubines for Lucifer. She was once an angel that willingly fall to follow Lucifer. She outstretches her hand and summons three Erinyes, while simultaneously casting Meteor Shower. Everyone is pummeled with meteors.
  • Marven charges up and sets himself up for a cone of slow breath. He then activates his Belt of Battle to use his Breath of Pendralar with Acid, while using his metamagic feat to maximize and linger. The Erinyes’ are vaporized. He then tells Goa’wei to exit the room as he also leaves.
  • Rhaegar coats Bloodweep in alignment oil to make it a good aligned weapon, then uses his boots of Dimensional Stride to teleport up to Demoriel. With his Strike of Perfect clarity maneuver, he swings at her but misses. He uses his Time Stand Still maneuver to swing again four more times, but continues to miss as she’s blurred.
  • Bubbles rushes up to attack but also misses.
  • Alkaid attempts to shoot with her bow but her arrows miss with the blurred effects.
  • Basile activates his Fiendish Resilience to fast heal, then flies up to Demoriel to use his Devour Magic invocation. However, he’s unable to get a hold of her to dispel her blurring effect. Ciaran peeks into the room to cast Greater Dispel Magic to dispel her blurring effect.
  • Demoriel’s Enrapture begins to affect everyone. She then casts Blasphemy on Rhaegar, Bubbles, and Basile to paralyze, weakened, and dazed.
  • Basile screams for Marven in his mind, and Marven flies back in to use his Great Maw of Marven to inhale and steals her Enrapture. Her magic essence is sucked away, leaving her in a washed out form. The lingering damage from his acid turns her into ash.

As the paralysis fades, everyone stops and looks at Marven and become enraptured once more. Ciaran uses his Healing Belt on himself to heal Basile from a distance. Alkaid uses the Healing Collar to heal Xylander.

Outside, a Calgary of armed forces are ready to storm the castle, and Zapdos is severely wounded from arrows. Marven hops out of the window and flies outside, causing all of the guards to freeze. “Bow ya shits!” Marven yells, and they are unable to move as they are so enraptured.

After looting Rugen’s body, the group gets together to teleport out of there while Rhaegar complains about not getting to loot the entire castle. While everyone else teleports back to Neebsenshire, Rhaegar stays back to take on the guards so he can loot the castle. Basile and Ciaran stay back invisibly so Rhaegar can have a quick escape.

Rhaegar disguises himself as a devil, and Ciaran casts Major Illusion to try and amplify it and look more terrifying. As he intimidates the crowd, half of them flee after seeing the pit fiend. Bloodweep starts to compell Rhaegar to kill the rest of the crowd as they didn’t kill Rugen, but Rhaegar is able to resist. He still manages to kill 70 of the 200 soldiers as the rest flee.

While Basile watches over the fight, Ciaran sneaks through the castle to find the vault. Once Rhaegar finishes, he and Basile fly to the vault and gather some magic items. Ciaran teleports back to Neebsenshire to get the Bag of Holding and Helm of Teleportation from Marven, then teleports back to collect as much gold from the vault as possible. After collecting 30k gold pieces, they return to Neebsenshire.

When they return, Alkaid roasts Rhaegar for being borderline evil in his actions. Even Basile agrees that Rhaegar may be taking his rage and greed too far. While they’re arguing, Eliza shows up and starts telling riddles. Basile is exasperated at the fact that Ciaran managed to get Eliza, and Ciaran brings her potatoes to eat.

Alkaid visits Xi-Long to sell her shock bow and to purchase a Belt of Battle. She then purchases enchantments for her holy collision bow. Marven picks up his shield made from Kindruntointh’s scales from Harl, then goes to get it enchanted by Xi-Long. Meanwhile, Basile visits Levi to be healed and to confess that he killed Rugen. Levi tells him that Basile is an adventurer, and killing bad guys comes with the territory and that he shouldn’t feel bad. He then goes on to praise Basile for saving the world and how proud he is. Levi then meets Eliza, and they tell dad jokes and riddles. Levi studies Eliza and writes in a book about her.

Alkaid teleports everyone back to Lahnsborough. Marven visits Math and provides him 1,000 gold. He offers Math 5,000 more gold to sell the Fearless Flumph. He also tries to spread word about The Lair’s dungeon, with Rhaegar hyping it up. Some adventurers overhear and leave to go, and Math gets offended and kicks them out. Basile cuts off Math’s belt and pants him before they leave. Alkaid has the idea to bring in rats to ruin the bar’s reputation so it is worth less and Marven can buy it later. The group returns to Neebsenshire and bring Bradley the cook.



  • Ciaran (LVL16) and Basile (LVL18)
  • Marven (LVL18)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 18)
  • Alkaid (LVL 18)
  • Kass (LVL 17)
  • Neebs (LVL 18)

Back in Neebsenshire, Neebs returns from his trip through the Commonwealth where he spoke with different nobles to explain how his group was going after Rugen and not intending to attack the Commonwealth.

  • He first visited Quinton Hammers, the high prince of Hammerhead Falls – the town built upon a waterfall. He arrives that the massive forge within the town. Neebs compliments him on his blacksmithing, and is able to gain Quinton’s alliance.
  • He then moved onto Canius Estings, who abandoned the keep and moved into the lighthouse in the bay below the town. Neebs helps him with an alchemical experiment in his lab and shows off his skills in magic, and earns his blessing.
  • Neebs continues to travel and speak with the other high princes (that we didn’t bother RPing to save time) before speaking with the High King Lohengramm, who ends up being a child wearing an oversized cloak.
  • Before Neebs can get the king’s favor, a message that Rugen was killed reaches the king. The king throws a temper tantrum about it and Neebs asks if this is a declaration of war. The king calls Neebs stupid and speaks with the other high princes to vote on if they are going to war with Neebsenshire. Neebs is allowed to state his case before the court, and is able to sway their vote to make peace with Neebsenshire. Neebs is merely fined for 20,000 gold.

Neebs demands that Rhaegar pay him back 15,000 gold, since he stole the money from Rugen’s vault. Later in the day, a letter gets slipped under his door and it’s property taxes from Dick Grayson for 5,000 gold. Rhaegar tells Bubbles to punch Neebs in the dick, so Neebs pays Sbeen 20,000 gold to punch Rheagar in the dick.

The group meets up with Lorn, who looks particularly frustrated and anxious. He teleports the group to a hot, dimly lit room in the Elemental Plane of Fire where Kindruntointh is sleeping on gold. He explains that while everyone was gone dealing with Rugen, Sandor’s Simulacrum regained sentience. Sandor managed to get into a position of power to kill Lorn 2.0, kidnapped Bitchgar and took control of him from Lorn. The two Clegaine brothers then escaped.

He asks if anyone is a werewolf. Sbeen turns into a werewolf, then says it’s a joke. Lorn explains that druids that can draw their power from the moon have an edge against Lucifer. Alkaid mentions that there was once a moon druid named Andromeda and Lorn gets very excited. Alkaid explains that she was her mother, and Kass remembers ancient songs about a Shalan town in the woods called Centarus, where the finest of foods and wines were made. Nature, magic, and civilization mixed together in harmony. Rhaegar remembers from his history classes that it was a city to the far south, not too far off from where Neebsenshire now sits.

Lorn asks Alkaid to take a trip to him, and they teleport away, leaving everyone else in the box. Rocky asks if they want to play cards and they all start.

Lorn and Alkaid arrive in an icy taiga in front of a mountain. Lorn introduces Alkaid to Vernierdigar the Ice Tyrant, and the mountain shifts to reveal himself as a white dragon. Lorn explains that he went to speak with Vernierdigar to learn how to defeat Lucifer and Willard. Vernierdigar is pleased to have Alkaid in his presence, stating that Lorn earned him 20 points. Alkaid is majorly confused, and Lorn explains that he now protects Vernierdigar’s hoard and they are now friends.

After slightly altering Alkaid’s memory to make it that the dragon was only an old man, they teleport back into the room. Bubbles and Sbeen immediately punch Lorn in the dick, as Rhaegar and Neebs made an alliance to mess with Lorn. Lorn casts Solarity to summon a wall of force around his groin – the Diaper of Force.

Lorn asks where Andromeda is located, and Alkaid explains that her mother is most likely dead as it has been several centuries. They all teleport back to Neebsenshire and the group attempts to find a way to find Centarus.

A man from the Bard College named Rosario Cappellini comes up to Kass. He shows off a sketch of a beautiful woman, and Alkaid immediately recognizes it as her mother. Alkaid asks how he knows her. He explains that he went to a beautiful landscape and fell off a cliff and was saved by an Avoral. He was taken to the angelic woman and drew her. He agrees to take them to where he met the woman, and Kass gives him a good grade on his drawing.

The group follows him about a mile down the road from Neebsenshire and begins studying some flowers. He continues to do this as they try to reach Alkaid’s mother, as he doesn’t realize the urgency. Sbeen practices sketching from Rosario. After about two days of travel, they arrive at the cliff. Down in the valley, they see a beautiful woman playing the lyre in the valley. Around her, there are strange shimmers as time is altered to her music. Alkaid recognizes her as her mother.

Sbeen jumps off the cliff and doesn’t get too hurt, but Rosario – who was in his hand – is dying from the fall. Lorn swan dives off, notices nothing is coming to save him, then turns into an owl to survive the fall. He then heals Rosario.

Everyone else makes their way down the cliff and approach the woman. They all feels a strange sensation wash over them as they are affected by the music. Alkaid calls out for her, but she doesn’t respond. Lorn asks her for her name, and she stops playing and answers, “I am Bygan,” and explains that she once met a friend here named Andromeda. Bygan takes the form of Andromeda as tribute, who saved her after “a red” attacked her to take her territory. Alkaid says that she is Andromeda’s daughter, and asks who Bygan is. A silvery Time Dragon appears as Bygan rearranges her shape. Bygan explains that Andromeda was murdered by Thaylin, and is saddened that Alkaid never had a chance to say goodbye. Bygan teleports them back in time for a day.

The group finds themselves in the valley, where the large forest has now vanished and changed into a grove with marble buildings surrounding them. Islands floats above them and water and air elementals walk about.

Rosario and Sbeen sit down and start drawing everything. Alkaid sees an air elemental that she remembers named Windston. He tells her that her father is at home but Windston doesn’t know where Andromeda is. He’s also confused as to who the rest of the group is and what they’re wearing. Alkaid says they’re experimenting with fashion – the fashion of the future.

Lorn sees one of the trees that Ashisa was growing in town, and Lorn tries to take some seeds. An elf named Lindor scolds Lorn, but Alkaid manages to convince them to take one seed.

Alkaid sees Hershey, a half-elf that Alkaid used to know, and asks what the date and time is. Hershey asks if Alkaid was hit in the head before explaining that it’s the Twelve Age, Year of the Crescent Moon, Fourth Summer Night of Temto. This calendar roughly translates to 1800 years into the past.

The group decides to travel through to find Alkaid’s parents. Many people recognize Alkaid, as no one has seen her in a long time. She explains that she’s on an urgent message to see Orion, her father. They find Alkaid’s house, which is an open-air temple in the middle of town. Neebs looks around and finds an old wooden toy of a bird and takes it. Ciaran’s cloak sees him, but Ciaran doesn’t tell anyone.

Alkaid calls out for her father, who comes around the hall and sees Alkaid. He is in awe and rushes down the stairs to embrace her. Alkaid tells him how much she has missed him, and asks where her mother is. Orion asks where Alkaid has been, and she tells him that Thaylin captured her.

Orion leads them all into the kitchen, where Neebs is looking through the cabinets. He takes a mithril bowl with a carving of a family. Orion takes another bowl and fills the bowl with food. Everyone eats, and Orion swears that Thaylin will not take Alkaid again. He leads the group to find Andromeda, who is planning to offer herself to a greater power to save Alkaid.

Meanwhile, Neebs is upstairs and finds two intricate ceremonial daggers in the bedroom. He snatches those as well.

The group goes outside and Orion meets Rocky, who speaks in Common. When Orion doesn’t respond, Rocky speaks in rhino and Orion finally understands “an animal that speaks common sense.”

Everyone heads out to the woods. As they search for Alkaid’s mother, they hear large stomping in the distance. Rocky and Ciaran see a massive T-Rex come out of the bushes. Alkaid runs up yelling, “Mister!” and hugs the T-Rex. Sitting atop the T-Rex’s head is a leopard. Upon seeing Alkaid, the leopard pounces on her and they crash into the bushes. The leopard turns into Andromeda, who gushes over her daughter. Orion joins them and the family is reunited.

Alkaid explains to her mother than Thaylin captured her. Andromeda then notices the group and Lorn states that they are traveling doctors. Alkaid explains that they are only staying for a day, and that Lorn needs Andromeda’s assistance.

Lorn explains that he needs help from a druid who has the Blood of the Moon. Andromeda asks of Lorn knows what the Blood of the Moon does, and when Lorn admits that he doesn’t, she states that it helps obscure people from the gods. She also explains that she was going to sacrifice herself to perform the ritual to block the sight of the gods. Lorn asks if it would be possible to use the blood to separate just one man from a god, and asks her to come with them to “the east.” Andromeda is hesitant, as all of Centarus would be in danger if she doesn’t perform the ritual.

Lorn asks Basile to ask Alkaid how bad it would be if she knew he was a wizard. Alkaid replies, “have you ever tried to fight a moon druid and a fighter/ranger at once?” With that, Lorn asks Andromeda to cast Tongues on her so everyone can understand her. Neebs drops the bomb, “I made Lorn my Court Wizard,” and Andromeda pauses. Neebs tries to say, “it’s a joke.”

Andromeda states that they need to speak with Cassiopeia, one of the magistrates of the area, to discuss if they can find another person to perform the ritual. Andromeda can’t guarantee that they can meet Cassiopeia within that time frame. Neebs suggests that they just do what they want and worry about consequences in 18 hours. Andromeda says that another moon druid named Scorpius may be willing to sacrifice himself.

They go to find Scorpius, and Andromeda explains the situation to him. Scorpius agrees to participate as long as Lorn can bring him back to life. The group returns to the pool in the middle of the grove and prepare for the ritual. Orion goes back to the house to retrieve the ritual daggers, and Neebs casually drops it on the ground, stating “wow you must have dropped it!”

Once the preparation is complete and the vessel is ready to catch the blood of the moon, Orion takes the knife and plunges it into Scorpius’ neck as the moonlight shines on them. Once all of Scorpius’ blood is drained, Lorn reaches out for him and casts Cocoon. He then reads a resurrection scroll to bring Scorpius back to life. Before the spell can be completed, everyone hears a whispering “Memento Mori” and Andromeda drops dead.

A man wearing a cloak walks in from the woods. Orion draws his sword and charges, shouting “Thaylin!” Thaylin levitates Orion and crushes him into a ball. He then uses telekinesis to pull Alkaid’s parents toward him.

Basile attempts to read his mind and is immediately overwhelmed. Lorn casts Solarity, but the man casts Solarity and Mass Reeving Dispel. Many of Lorn’s spells were dispelled, including one of Neebs’ magic tattoos.

In response, Lorn casts Evasculate on the man. He stares down Lorn and he looks identical to Alexander Willard. Rocky immediately charges but misses and shouts, “Punishing Stance!”

Alkaid uses her Temporal Displacement skill to protect her parents from being touched.

  • Lorn quicken casts Haste on everyone. Rocky charges up to Thaylin and gores him with his horn. Lorn then casts Anti-Magic Ray, and Thaylin counters it and throws it back at Lorn. He cast Dancing Chains, and seven chains fly out and attack Thaylin. Three of the chains hit and wrap around him.
  • Thaylin waves his fingers around and the chains shatter. He then casts Memento Mori at Lorn. Lorn casts Alter Fortune and then Moment of Prescience to avoid dying. Thaylin casts Mass Drown, and Lorn casts counterspell and then empowers it.
  • Rhaegar uses Lightning Throw with Bloodweep and flings it at Thaylin. It smashes into Thaylin, then returns to Rhaegar’s hand. He then runs up to Thaylin with his anti-magic torc. Bubbles bullrushes Thaylin and shoves him. But then Bubbles crumbles away the moment he touches Thaylin.
  • Ciaran steals some money from Basile’s pouch and uses it to cast Stone Skin on himself. Basile then shoots his Eldritch Blast, but it misses. He quicken’s a spell-like ability to shoot another Eldritch Blast and hits him.
  • Neebs shoots off 24 arrows, but Thaylin pulls out an orange veil around himself. The arrows slam into them protection around him.
  • Lorn casts Solarity and casts Gust of Wind on the veil, which blows it away and allows Neebs’ arrows to hit. He does 1,083 damage, but Thaylin doesn’t drop dead.
  • Alkaid studies Thaylin and then uses his Belt of Battle to shoot Origin Strike Splitting. Her arrow splits into two and they both strike Thaylin, but the Origin Strike fails.
  • Kass starts to whistle to empower the group, but Thaylin pulls out a Melophone to blow an interruption countersong. Kass is unable to complete his song.
  • Lorn casts Bite of the Werebear, uses his Belt of Battle to cast True Sight, and then readies an action to counterspell Thaylin. Rocky moves to charge up and Thaylin draws three more veil – purple, indigo, and orange. Rocky continues to rush into him regardless, taking some acid damage but still reaching Thaylin. He gores and slashes into him, and almost critically misses. Lorn casts Alter Fortune so Rocky can hit nine times. One of Rocky’s armored spikes unleashes a splinter bolt.
  • Thaylin pulls out scrolls for Memento Mori, and Lorn casts counterspell. It fails, so he casts Alter Fortune to ensure that he doesn’t die. Thaylin pulls out another scroll and casts Ultima. Rocky, Rhaegar, Lucy, and Neebs are hit with the spell. Lucy, Rhaegar, and Neebs drop dead.
  • Ciaran casts Bestow Curse on Thaylin to prevent him from attacking. Basile attempts to blast him twice but misses from Thaylin’s blur.
  • Alkaid shoots a splitting Origin Strike and confirms a critical hit. The Origin Strike is successful, and the magic starts to disintegrate him away. A portal opens behind him and stout and ugly looking dwarf steps out. He says, “Now’s the time, Alex!” and Thaylin is sucked through the portal.
  • Everyone forgets that Thaylin ever existed, but they witnessed the birth of Alexander Willard.

After a minute, the spell on Alkaid’s parents ends and they return to reality – still dead. Lorn casts Cocoon on everyone who died, then resurrects everyone. However, Lorn is unable to resurrect Rhaegar has his soul is owned by Dragaesh.

In Dis, Rhaegar tries to explain that Lucifer is back in the game and that he needs to be resurrected. Dragaesh doesn’t believe him, but states that he will bring this to Dispater’s attention. In the meantime, he allows Rhaegar to be resurrected.

After resurrecting Andromeda, Alkaid explains that she will still need to sacrifice herself to perform the ritual so Lorn has the Blood of the Moon to stop Willard in the future. Andromeda agrees, and after saying goodbye to Orion and Alkaid, performs the ritual.

With everything settled, the Time Dragon comes back and returns everyone to the present time. The group teleports back to Neebsenshire. Rocky asks Rhaegar for assistance with learning stances, as Sandor and Bitchgar were teaching him previously before going rogue.

Later on, Kass teaches Rhaegar how to play the ukulele and Ciaran teaches Eliza new tricks. A messenger wolf arrives into town and sniffs around, before sitting down in front of Basile with a letter attached to his collar. Basile takes the letter and is surprised to see that it’s from Judah. In the letter, Judah apologizes for the past explains that he needs Basile to return home because their mother is dying. Basile isn’t sure how to handle the news and goes off on his own to think about what to do.


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