D&D: Session 26

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Instead of going out to the bars and drinking, we decided it would be more fun to play a session of D&D and have a personalized drinking game.

Take a drink every time:
– Rocky charges
– Lorn turns into a monkey
– Neebs hits on someone
– Dwayne tries to use glibness incorrectly
– Marven uses slow breath
– Kass plays an instrument
– Alkaid summons another Alkaid (Hard Mode: one shot for every Alkaid)
– Rhaegar throws a weapon
– Basile sends a three-way telepathic message
– Ciaran summons nature’s ally

Finish your drink when
– Rhaegar Dies

Of course, I don’t personally drink and we needed some designated drivers for the night, but it was fun to watch the madness ensue: With the rules set, let’s see how drunk everyone got:



  • Ciaran (LVL16) and Basile (LVL18)
  • Lorn (LVL18)
  • Marven (LVL18)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 18)
  • Alkaid (LVL 18)
  • Kass (LVL 17)
  • Neebs (LVL 18)
  • Dwayne (LVL 17)

In town, Alkaid proposes that Lorn help her teleport Rugen’s castle to Neebsenshire. Ciaran has a pearl of power that can be used to help Lorn if necessary. Lorn declines, because stealing from the High King of the Commonwealth isn’t a good idea. Alkaid asks Neebs if “dibs” is the law, and Neebs says it’s the highest law.

Rhaegar and Lorn look around for Basile, and Ciaran says that he went out. So Ciaran, Alkaid, and Rhaegar go hunting for bears. Rhaegar is there to hunt, but Alkaid wants to befriend it. She fails, but Rhaegar demolishes him. Ciaran senses motive and sees another bear very sad that they killed a bear. Alkaid offers to hunt down a deer, and Ciaran is happier with that because deer are supposed to be eaten but not bears.

Lorn cast Dragon Eye Rune to scry Basile and sends him a message asking where he’s going. Basile insists that he just needs some space to think. Lorn is concerned that Basile isn’t watching Ciaran, and he states that he’s still alive so Ciaran is fine. Lorn will check in with him frequently to ensure that he’s okay.

Neebs cleans the ship – or instructs others to clean it – as he observes. Kass checks in on his students and the college is thriving. Marven is teaching Lili how to walk.

As Rhaegar returns into town, Lorn turns into a monkey and whispers “drink.” Then a headless bear appears before them. Marven swoops down like a bird of prey and eats it. Rhaegar hits him with the Howling to get him off the bear. Simultaneously, Alkaid summons two Alkaid’s: one to talk to Dick Grayson to discuss making a Shalan Historical Center, and one to visit the Time Dragon and speak with her. The Time Dragon is unable to provide any relics, and Dick agrees to building a historical center.

Zapdos swoops down like a bird of prey and takes the bear. Marven pursues the roc and ounces like an apex predator – as Lorn turns back to a human from being the fake bear. Rhaegar, who forgot that he is always in an anti-magic field, attempts to fly with Durendal and falls flight on his face.

Pissed off, Rhaegar goes to Ashisa to get a laxative to give Marven for revenge. He leaves it out for Marven, who smells the delicious stew and eats it. His fortitude allows him to negate the laxative.

A slightly drunk Neebs visits Alkaid and apologizes for stealing a bunch of stuff, and gives her gifts. Meanwhile, Marven goes to visit the genasi and discusses making a rift to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Lorn, who is concerned about Basile, he teleports next to him. He tries to help Basile calm down and think through his scattered thoughts. Lorn asks if he’s okay, and Basile shows him the letter, explaining that it’s either fake, as his and Tomas’ name were spelled wrong, or there is something deeper that he needs to find. Lorn states that they will leave for Modelheim in the morning, and asks Basile to rest.

When Lorn leaves, Basile messages Tomas to see if the letter is real. Tomas confirms this, and mentions that he was “attacked.” Basile let’s him know that they are coming the next day to save him and mom. As night falls, he discovers invisible ink that appears at night. He then spends the entire night trying to cipher the code, with Tomas helping him along the way.

In the morning, he arrives back in town and practically delirious after successfully solving the code. He shares it with everyone. The message states, “Do not trust the citizens. They follow the ways of The Adversary.” He calls out for his dad, telling them that they’re going back home. He gives Levi his Hat of Disguise to wear when they leave. He then frantically runs to Xi-Long to buy a Scroll of Remove Disease and Neutralize Poison, then asks Ashisa to make an antidote for Hemlock. He then sleeps in his magic bedroll for an hour.

Lorn messages Skor and requests a Tomb of the Wyrm for when they fight the Frigid Death. Once everyone is ready and in their human disguises, Lorn reads Basile’s memories of the tree from his childhood’s home. Immediately sirens start going off and Basile yells for Tomas to open the door. He’s bedridden, so he yells at Judah to open the door. Judah has no idea who’s talking to him and Basile bangs on the door. Everyone barges in as Judah opens the door.

Guards arrive at the door and Judah tells everyone to become invisible and go upstairs. Everyone flees as Judah opens the door. The guards apologize for interrupting and leave as Judah tells them to leave. Judah then fixes the window, as everyone argues about what to do about the guards. Rhaegar wants to have Bubbles follow them, but Alkaid doesn’t want to cause more trouble. Judah says, “thanks for the warning!” and says that he had been expecting a message from Basile.

Basile goes upstairs and finds his mother and Tomas in their bedrooms. Levi immediately goes to her side as Basile reads the Scroll of Cure Disease. Lorn then starts to heal her further, as he realizes that she’s been bedridden for months. He casts Bears Endurance on her.

The others visit Tomas, and he’s shocked to see everyone there. Marven realizes it’s “the writer” and gets pissed about being a whale. Tomas says that he’s a killer whale, and Marven is better. Lorn puts him to sleep so he can heal faster.

Downstairs, Rhaegar interrogates Judah about why there were magical wards. Judah explains that this is a trading port town and has been growing. They can’t kill the dragon, as he protects the town from being attacked. When Judah asks why they didn’t warn him they were coming, Basile snarkily states that he told Tomas. Judah mentions that he had been poisoned with Hemlock and that he developed an antidote.

Basile shows himself and talks privately with Judah, who explains that after their dad died he tried to look into it further. He eventually read in one of the books in the temple about poisons and discovered Hemlock. He made an antidote that saved Tomas.

As Judah leaves to get more food, after telling everyone to stay here for the night until he gets them paperwork, Neebs makes the suggestions to kill the dragon, put someone else in charge and name them Daedalus. Neebs goes upstairs and yells, “Wake up Tom!” Lorn explains that Tomas needs to sleep.

When Judah returns, Neebs asks if they can find a person who is a sheep they can control. Judah is confused, as people aren’t sheep and Basile explains the story with Jenifer. Neebs gets offended.

A woman comes into the house and Basile immediately turns invisible. Neebs and Marven immediately start drooling. Lorn introduces himself as Barnabas as the woman introduces herself as Charlotte. Lorn gets lawyer vibes from her. Neebs puts all of his thoughts of Jennifer into a Thought Bottle to hit on her. Everyone yells at him to stop. Charlotte states that she needs to prepare for Mary Fogg’s trial, and Basile is surprised that she is still alive. Basile, Lorn, Charlotte, Alkaid’s clone, Kass, and Judah go upstairs.

Meanwhile, Marven, Rhaegar, Neebs, and Alkaid leave the house to explore. They visit The Courageous Otter, the only tavern in town. Before they get there, guards stop them as Marven isn’t disguised in any way. After explaining that they aren’t there to cause trouble, they enter the tavern and see a plump human bartender named Arthur Underhill. Marven buys all of the salted beef, and the bartender doesn’t seem concerned. Another bartender named Linet, comes up to talk to them about their travels until Arthur returns. Linet explains that Arthur has been bitter since his wife died in an accident. Neebs leaves to resurrect his wife as Rhaegar drinks with Arthur to learn more about his wife. He gets super drunk and leaves Neebs in the graveyard. Marven tries to buy out the bar.

Rhaegar, who is belligerently drunk, starts shouting about something, and Alkaid survival tests Rhaegar by teleporting him away. Neebs shoots him with an arrow. Rhaegar resists teleporting, and Alkaid temporal displacement’s him. Neebs and Rhaegar drunkely teleport back to Neebsenshire to drink in The Lair. They help her try to find the genasi. Dwayne, who is still in town, joins them and they successfully make it in with Ciararn’s advice. They start to drink and play dice. Stone golems start to attack, specifically Rhaegar, but they beat them. They continue into the next room, which is a giant chess room. As they play chess against massive pieces, Neebs gets knocked unconscious. Marven enters the playing field and attempts to teleport in close to the opponent’s king.

When Tomas is awake, Basile asks Lorn to read Tomas’ thoughts to see if his memory has been altered in any way. Tomas is happy to finally meet Lorn and says that he’s “an open book” for Lorn to read. Lorn notices that Tomas’ memories had been altered.

Lorn asks why they don’t want Ivuram to die. Tomas states that he protects them, and no matter how Lorn phrases it, Tomas stays convicted. Basile asks if they would still trust the dragon if he had been killed. Tomas says that would have been the fault of the town, not the dragon. That’s why Charlotte become a defense attorney. Basile asks about Mary Fogg, and Tomas explains that Krause is going to be prosecuting and that Charlotte has never won against him. He also discusses how Krause developed the Council that runs the town.

Basile tells Tomas to trust him when they say someone is poisoning everyone. Lorn dispells any evil spells that might be on Tomas. Lorn then casts Protection from Evil, Foxes Intellect, Chasing Perfection, Panacea, Detect Scry, and Dragon Eye Rune.

That night, they go to speak with Charlotte. Lorn offers his services, but Charlotte says that she can handle her uncle well enough. As Basile learns that Charlotte is Krause’s niece, he takes his hate of disguise from goes off to find Judah to yell at him about it. They argue about Krause, and Judah says that Basile was “real smart” by sending Henrik’s finger back. He also mentions that the whole town knows Eythan is alive because of it. Basile admits it wasn’t his smartest move.

A guard comes to the door and mentions that Marven is eating everything. Judah angrily tells them to handle Marven, and Alkaid makes a comment about how Judah didn’t support Basile in the past. Judah storms off and Alkaid goes to track down Marven.

She is able to easily track down Marven’s trail of destruction and finds him eating a cat. Xylander charges into Marven’s stomach and forces him to vomit all over Alkaid. He starts eating it all again.

After speaking with Lorn about everything that had happened, Basile admits he’s overwhelmed by everything. He says that he ruined his reputation further. Lorn states that he can read Krause’s mind to help Charlotte and Basile says he will talk to her again.

Kass messages Basile and lets him know that his mom is awake. Basile goes to visit her. She is terrified when Basile comes into the room, and he tells her who she is. He says that people are being poisoned and she thinks he’s doing it. He calls for Levi and Judah, and they all reunite and it’s very sappy. They then go speak with Charlotte and convince her to let Lorn and Basile feed her information from Krause during the trial.

The next morning, Basile sends a message to Neebs and Rhaegar to tell them to come back to Modelheim for the trial at 9AM. Lorn tells him to say “signal,” and has to explain that they need to wait for a second signal to fight the dragon.

A crowd has gathered in the middle of town. Mary Fogg is in the stockades in front of everyone. Lorn and Basile starts to read minds of everyone in the crowd. Charlotte’s father, Sayres Marlowe, comes forward and overwatch the trial. Krause comes up to the pulpit and begin his prosecution. As Lorn reads Krause’s mind, he sees a flash of Lucifer’s mark on him.

  • Charlotte moves forward with her defense, and Krause moves forward to state that Mary Fogg is proficient with herbs and that the poison was found to her. Lorn objects and provides Krause his paperwork. Krause calls out Judah, who states that Lorn is an outside herbalist to help save his mother. Krause allows it, and after Lorn proves that he is a secondary lawyer for Mary Fogg, they continue.
  • Charlotte brings up various witnesses to defend her, also bringing up Lucilia Alpert – the mother of Benji – as the star witness. She says that during the time Benji had died, Mary was with her. When Krause states that she is the only one who could have made the slow-acting poison, Mary states that she had some of her stores stolen.
  • Krause pressures her to ask why she didn’t report. Lorn and Basile tell Charlotte to say that Mary will always look guilty, so it would be easy for someone to incriminate her. Krause asks if Mary had her cat killed by Benji. She says it’s true, but that she wasn’t upset. Lorn tells Charlotte to mention that Mary would have saved time reporting the crime, which sways some of the public. However, Krause brings Linet to the stand and asks about her take on the story. Linet says that Mary was very upset about her cat dying. Charlotte mentions that Linet has spread gossip that wasn’t true, which discredits her story.
  • Lorn calls Dwayne, a self-taught alchemist, to the stand and counter argue. Krause argues that alchemy and poison aren’t the same. They argue against it, and Krause says learning alchemy must be hard. Dwayne says he’s a “certified idiot” who learned alchemy and is very skilled. So, it wouldn’t be hard for someone to steal the supplies and successfully make a poison.
  • After the final arguments, Sayres asks the jury for their verdict. They find Mary Fogg guilty of Benji’s murder. She is to be executed by feeding her to Ivuram.

Basile, Rhaegar, Dwayne, and Neebs follow after as Ciaran, Kass, Alkaid, Marven, and Lorn stay back in town.

Two knightly looking figures approach the guards after four hours of walking. They have a sigil of the Frigid Death on their armor. They trade off Mary with the knights and she is continued to be carried off. Basile sees a guard protect themselves with an anti magic field. Basile warns everyone, and Lorn teleports the rest of the group to meet up.

After another two hours of walking, they take her up to the edge of the cliff. A hidden path appears and they lead her down. Rocky starts to charge to knock Mary out of the anti magic field. Dwayne casts Gate under Mary as she falls to bring her away from the fall, then Neebs uses the Helm of Teleportation to take Mary to Neebsenshire.

  • The guards sense Rocky and throw Mary off, then simultaneously shout, and the guards throw off Mary and simultaneously shout “Five-Shadow Creeping Ice Enervation Strike” as they swung at him. they seriously damage Rocky and block his attack.
  • Marven flies up closer to the fight as the guards shout “Feral Deathblow” and attempt to hack away Rocky’s neck.
  • Rhaegar runs up and throws Torch, shouting “Lightning Throw” and smacking into the guard with the torc of antimagic.
  • Ciaran attempts to shoot with his arrow but misses. Basile activates his fiendish resilience to spark his fast healing.
  • Alkaid studies the guard with the torc of antimagic, then points to him and says, “YOU.” She activates her belt of battle and fires an Origin Strike. It strikes the guard, who disintegrates and into water. Rhaegar’s ring finger vanishes from existence as Rhaegar 2.0 dies. (Everyone had to finish their drink, it counted)
  • Rocky swings at Sandor 2.0, and Lorn casts Heal Rocky and himself. He then activates his belt of battle and regenerates Rhaegar’s finger.
  • Kass sings to inspire the group.
  • Dwayne casts Haste on everybody, then moves back.
  • Marven takes a defensive stance.
  • Sandor guzzles a potion, and Rocky bites him. Sandor then teleports away, but Dwayne Gates Sandor back.

Dwayne commands him to drop his weapons and surrender. Sandor obliges and drops to his knees. The group interrogates him, and they learn that Ivulram and Krause are working for Lucifer, and that Mary has to die because she knows too much. However, Sandor doesn’t know what she knows. Basile asks if the same person who killed Benji tried to kill Tomas. Sandor confirms, and states that Tomas knows too much to the scion, but he’s unable to clarify what that means. Basile lastly asks who killed Benji, Tomas, and Levi. He confirms it was Oskar Krause.

Lorn takes his sword and kills Sandor to avoid Rhaegar from giving Sandor’s soul to Dragaesh. Basile tells Judah what he discovered and warns him to keep an eye on Krause. The group continues down into the dragon’s lair.

Basile doesn’t receive a response from Judah and gets anxious. Alkaid has the thought to check on Basile’s family and summons another self to teleport back home. She finds that the home has been broken in and Judah is missing. Basile immediately asks Lorn to scry for Basile, and they find Judah getting his ass kicked by Krause.

Basile immediately sends a message to Charlotte, “Hey, it’s Eythan. Krause killed my Dad and tried to kill Tomas, and now he’s attacking Judah. Do I have your blessing to kill him?” After some confusion and further explanation, she sort of gives her blessing.

Dwayne uses his last Gate for the day and brings Oskar Krause to them. Krause immediately casts True Sight and Foxes Cunning.

  • Rocky looks down into the cavern and sees a seemingly bottomless pit. Lorn casts Anti Dragon Aura, and shouts out all of the crimes that Krause is guilty of: pre-meditated murder, attempted murder,
  • Rhaegar uses his Time Stand Still and attacks eight times in a flurry. However, everyone sees Rhaegar kills Dwayne.
  • Basile, who can’t do anything through an anti magic field, just yells at Rhaegar for killing Dwayne like an idiot. The spell over Rhaegar’s mind lifts and he realizes what he did. Basile prepares to attack the moment the anti magic field drops and asks Judah if he’s okay. Judah confirms, and Basile asks if he can kill Krause. Judah is happy to oblige.
  • Kass fires off two arrows and slams them into Krause.
  • Marven readies a Breath of Pendralar nearby Basile.
  • Alkaid and her summoned self fire off six splitting arrows, twenty four of them pin-cushioning Krause.
  • Krause casts Demise Unseen at Rhaegar, but he’s able to survive the attack. He then punches him in the face and knocks him thirty feet.
  • Marven and Basile combines forces with two Hellfire Eldritch Blasts and Breath of Pendralar. Together their blasts sear Krause but he’s still standing.
  • Lorn flings 15 Great Swords at Krause and uses Telekinesis to hit Krause will all of them. He casts Rhino Rush on Rocky, who charges into Krause. He then smacks Dwayne with Lorn casting Last Breath through Rocky to restore life to Dwayne to come back to life. Dwayne is reincarnated as a gnome (and everyone celebrates)
  • Rhaegar uses Lightning Throw to fling Bloodweep at Krause.
  • Dwayne casts Boots of Dimensional Stride to teleport 45 feet away.
  • Ciaran casts Summon Planer Ally and summons a Celestial Dire Lion, while Basile fires off two Utterdark Eldritch Blasts.
  • Kass flies over Krause and boops him on the head. He casts Otto’s Irresistible Dance. Krause starts dancing. He hears Basile mocking him in his head and scowls.
  • Marven unleashed a second Breath of Pendralar on Krause, yet he continues to stay standing (and dancing.)
  • The Alkaid’s fire off another set of 36 arrows into Krause. He looks very hurt, but he’s still up.
  • Ciaran’s lion attempts to attack, but Krause’s dancing manages to make him miss.
  • Xylander, Alkaid, and Lorn are struck with a fear attack. Alkaid and Xylander starts to flee as Ivuram flies up out of the cavern. A beautiful woman wearing a black and gold dress is riding him. Across her face is a horrible burn mark, and Marven recognizes her as his sister, Ember. Basile, Rocky, Marven, and Ciaran’s lion. Rocky is the only one who can dodge the oncoming breath of ice. Rocky says it is like a “wyrmling taking its first breath.” Marven is then “nailed to the sky” as Ember casts a spell on Marven. Lorn counters the spell, which annoys her so she does it again. This time Marven is able to resist it a second time. Ember snaps her fingers and gleaming chainmail appears on her.
  • Lorn casts Lions Charge, Rhino’s Rush, and Rocks charges. Ember casts Solarity, and Lorn counters Solarity to allow Rocky to hit Ivuram. He does enough damage to “swim” through the dragon and kills it. Devilish magic starts to resonate on Ivuram, and he resurrects. The scars are red like lava are him, and he grew black barbs and spikes. All of his scales turned black and corrupt.
  • Rhaegar moved and refreshed his maneuvers.
  • Dwayne casts Power Word Kill on Krause and snaps his neck. He then backs up.
  • Ciaran casts Evard’s Black Tentacles, and she casts “Get Off of Me” to break away. Basile casts Word of Changing on Ivuram and successfully turns him into a goat (with a nat 1.)
  • Kass casts Greater Shout at Ember but she’s able to shake it off.
  • Marven flies up to her and spits Maximized and Lingering Breath of Pendralar. She devours it and spits it back. Marven uses his Belt of Battle and uses his Great Maw of Marven. He then flies up closer.
  • The three Alkaid’s turn around after fleeing and shoot her. Krissa casts Rebound and Peripity to have the arrows strike Alkaid.
  • Ivuram runs up to try and attack Kass, Lorn, and Ciaran with a spell. Lorn casts Solarity to Evasculate, and while he’s not distracted he loses half of his health. Instead, Ivuram breaths a hellish green gas over everyone. They all become confused. Ember’s hand becomes devilish and she strikes Marven’s chest. He is struck with Damnation, and he vanishes into the Abyss. He is unable to leave for twenty hours and he believes that he deserves to be in hell.
  • Rocky is able to shake off the confusion and runs up to Ivuram. Lorn uses a Pearl of Power 4 to Dimension Door himself away and Rocky up to Ember. He swings at her.
  • Rhaegar uses Lightning Throw to toss Bloodweep at Ivuram.
  • Dwayne casts Gate to bring Marven back. He returns with a flaming whip and sword.
  • Ciaran, who is confused, runs up to Kass and swings with his sword but misses. Basile casts Utterdark Blast at Ivuram.
  • Kass flees from the goat as fast as possible.
  • Marven uses Greater Teleport and cackles next to Krissa, showing off his vopral blade. He then drinks a potion.
  • Alkaid commands Xylander to attack the goat and shakes it apart. As it dies, it slowly turns back into a colossal dragon and dies.
  • Ember teleports away, like a bitch. Lorn casts Solarity to stop her, then she casts Solarity to Greater Teleport.

With the fight ended, the group heals up and determines what to do next. Marven eats as much of Ivuram as he can. Rhaegar is able to successfully capture Ivuram’s soul within the soul bottle to provide Dragaesh.


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