D&D Session 27

Since last week didn’t turn out well for D&D, we got together to play this week! I was very pleased with how everything went (although, I still feel the desire to write out some of the behind the scenes RP between Basile and his family.) It’s been a while since I last wrote something. I might just have to do that…



  • Ciaran (LVL16) and Basile (LVL18)
  • Lorn (LVL18)
  • Marven (LVL18)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 18)
  • Alkaid (LVL 18)
  • Neebs (LVL 18)

With Ivuram’s lair before them, the group collect the spoils of their battle (including Dwayne’s old body) and slowly make their way into the cave. They fly down into the chasm several hundreds of feet. At the bottom, they see a mist floating over the floor.  Basile can detect that it’s magic, but can’t figure out what it is.

Alkaid summons a sheep and drops it into the mist. It hits the mist and the group stops hearing the cry of the sheep. Ciaran casts Gust of Wind to blast through the mist, and the group shoots through before the mist closes – but they get the feeling that something is in the mist wanting to eat them.

They reach the bottom of the pit, and see the blackened and frozen sheep carcass on the floor. The ground seems to be a sheet of ice, there are several tunnels within the walls of ice, and there is a huge waterfall near the back. The pool of water appears to be magical, that Ciaran recognizes it as an evocation. Rhaegar suggests bottling some of the water to check out later. As they approach, they sense the temperature drop.

Alkaid summons a pig to drop in the water, and its entire body freezes over as it hits the water. They decide not to mess around with the water. Instead, they attempt to track down the correct tunnel that will lead to the dragon’s hoard. One of the path’s was visited more often, so they decide to venture forward. At the end of the tunnel and see the glitter of gold and blue flames lighting the room. There is an unholy aura within the smaller cave and they see an ancient wooden archway. It’s painted red and rests against the wall. Nearby there is an altar made of ice and stone, on the head of which sits an obsidian idol of a devil. Basile and Ciaran don’t recognize it as a devil they’ve experienced in Dis.

Neebs is already in the room (magically). As they cross the threshold into the room, Basile turns visible. He’s unable to turn invisible, and Neebs pushes him out of the room and he’s able to turn invisible again. Neebs checks a knowledge arcana to determine that it’s an unhallowed room. Neebs approaches the idol to try and determine if it’s sentient, as its eyes seem to follow them in the room. In front of the idol, he finds a sacrificial dagger and a heart.

As he gets close, the head glows purple and a wave of magic engulfs the room. Only Basile is safe as it stops by the door. Rhaegar feels a sensation of his tongue changing, but resisted the curse. Nothing seems to happen to Neebs, but Alkaid and Zapados become blind. Ciaran sprouts tentacles out of his body. (And since Marven, Rocky, and Dwayne are “technically” there, they all get cursed: Rocky’s tongue turns into a spiked slug, a second head sprouts of Marven’s shoulder and starts shouting at everyone. He attempts to eat his own head off.

Rhaegar approaches the pile of gold and sees two imps. They start attacking and let out an unholy screech. Basile, Alkaid, and Zapados feel a shiver run up their spine and they become stunned.

  • One of the imps bites Rhaegar and makes him lose two levels. It then blasts a stream of white soul energy that it stole from Rhaegar at Neebs.
  • Rhaegar uses his Ancient Mountain Hammer and slashes at the imp.
  • Ciaran casts Hold Monster on the imp that attacked Rhaegar, but it shakes it off.
  • Neebs shoots of twelve arrows charged with Prismatic Ray into the imps. One of the imps turns into stone, and the other simply took damage.
  • Lorn casts Panacea to cure Alkaid and Zapados of their blindness.
  • Alkaid draws her bow and rapid shoots at the remaining imp with a holy, splitting ice arrow. Zapados shoots a blast of lightning at the imp, but hits Rhaegar in the process.
  • The imp screeches, but everyone is nearby Rocky and are not affected by the sound. No one is stunned. The imp then bites Rhaegar again and makes him lose another four levels. It blasts at imp shoots at Neebs again.
  • Rhaegar uses his Mountain Tombstone Strike and swings, but he misses. He then uses his Belt of Battle to use his Time Stand Still stance to attack again.
  • Ciaran casts Protection Devotion on everyone, and Basile blasts at the imp.
  • Neebs fires off another twelve arrows into the imp, and dimension hops him away several times. It then dies from the damage.

Rhaegar starts to shovel gold into his bag and starts to visibly weaken as he continues to curse himself. Lorn casts Telekinesis to pull out magic items from the hoard. He finds a crystalline disk made of diamond. Rhaegar takes the shield and a red glow emanates.  His soul becomes bound to the shield and he’s unable to set it down. Lorn casts Analyze Dweomer to discern how to use the magical items in the hoard. He determines that the gold is greater cursed, and the altar is unhallowed with invisibility purge. The disc is an ancient artifact item that he’s never experienced before.

Lorn asks Rhaegar to give him everything that he owns that’s magical and tells everyone to leave the room. Rhaegar is guided to stand in front of the pile of gold, but far enough away from the idol. Lorn casts Mordenkainen’s Disjunction on Rhaegar to remove all of the magic around him. He then removes the curse on the Rocky

As Neebs takes gold, everything converts into silver. He sets the silver down and picks up more gold. That turns into silver. He then picks up the first pile of silver. It turns into copper. He thinks that he’s magic and Lorn tries to remove the curse on him. Neebs resists the curse being removed. Lorns throws a golden cup at Neebs, but it doesn’t turn into silver. So Lorn converts all of his gold into cups and gems so he can carry them.

Lorn puts on his cursed ring to document and cast the resoration spell to remove the negative levels from Rhaegar. Neebs takes the stone imp and Lorn makes sure that it’s dead by disintegrating a hole into the neck. He also casts Mass Death Ward on everyone.

As Marven’s second head continues to berate everyone, Basile inspects the archway and finds an inscription written in infernal that reads: May He Forever Be Trapped In His Own Hell. Lorn continues to inspect the idol and notices that there is a ritual involved with the idol that will open the portal to Lucifer. The ritual included:

  • Sacrifice an archdevil and sacrifice its heart.
  • Say the correct incantation: “From when you came you shall remain, until you are complete again.”
  • Offer 500,000 gold worth of items.
  • Blood of the descendant of Lucifer on the altar.
  • The key to Infernus.

Lorn tells Rhaegar to approach the gate with the disc, and they see that one of the locks opens. Rhaegar steps away and it locks again. They realize that the disc is the key to Infernus. He tells everyone to leave the room and casts Waterbreathing and Cold Immunity. He casts Wall of Magma above them to melt all of the ice and flood the room.

They successfully leave the cave, and Rhaegar asks if they can return to Dis to restore his soul. Neebs agrees, as he wants to kill Dispater to collect his soul. Basile, Lorn, and Alkaid aren’t comfortable going to Dis at this moment, stating that we can’t guarantee that traveling to Dis is safe at this time.

Basile sends panicked messages to Pythos asking what else he knows about the portal, as well as one to Judah to make sure he’s okay. Pythos says that they need to leave Modelheim immediately, and Judah says that’s in jail. Basile asks everyone to help release Judah.

Meanwhile, Alkaid goes to the bard college to paint the scales from the dragon and is disguised as Ivuram. Rhaegar argues to let Bubbles release Judah, but Basile argues against it to try and find a way to avoid Judah as a a fugitive. Neebs suggests finding evidence that he was evil.

The group goes to Krause’s house and Neebs opens the door. Rhaegar then knocks it down. Most of the group looks for evidence against Krause, but Neebs looks for evidence to free Basile of his charges. Between them all, they find documents detailing that Krause was embezzling town funds into an enterprise. They didn’t find anything related to the crime against Levi and Basile.

Rocky stays at the crowd to observe as the group is at Krause’s place. Judah’s biggest supporter is a younger red-headed woman named Eyrene, while his biggest detractor is one of the men who dragged away Mary Fogg, named Uriah.  Lorn storms up as a lawyer, stating that Judah needs his rights. Rhaegar starts calling everyone a hoser and they put him in jail. They ask Rhaegar to leave, and Neebs dimension hops Rhaegar away to avoid a conflict. Lorn provides Uriah and Eyrene of the documents of embezzlement and they decide that if Krause deserved it.

Meanwhile, Alkaid disguised as Ivuram with Basile disguised as a a dragonborn stand in the crowd. When they determine that Judah was innocent, “Ivuram” speaks up and says that Krause was in fact guilty and has been eaten for his crimes. The town accepts this and pay Alkaid gold as tribute. Alkaid then declares that those found guilty for the hemlock poisonings were innocent, as Krause was the guilty one. The crowd is terrified of Ivuram and agree.

Basile disguises himself as a human and goes into the Symon Daring’s Daring Emporium to purchase a resurrection scroll. Symon doesn’t have any resurrection scrolls for sale. Lorn bargains for a cheaper scroll of Raise Dead, asking if “Sage” (Basile’s sudden new alias) if that’s okay. Basile agrees. Lorn also purchases Goggles of the Golden Sun for Dwayne. Neebs sells his Dislocator Composite Longbow, and when he’s paid gold, Neebs starts pulling out silver. He manages to swindle Symon of his Ioun stone for less money.

They then go to the blacksmith and find an old man rocking in a chair. He says that they don’t need to wonder where their god is, because he’s right there and he’s fresh out of mercy. He’s clearly senile and Eyrene walks out. Rhaegar asks if he can buy her grandfather as he spouts out random nonsense. Neebs wants a crazy old man on his porch, too. Lorn steals some hair and tries to figure out a way to clone him.

With the proper scrolls, they go to the mausoleum near the Temple of Ioun and resurrect Benji. They help him get out of his casket and Tomas comes down to help. Benji recognizes Basile but Basile brushes it off, lying and saying he’s never been this far north. They also resurrect Arthur’s wife while they’re there. Neebs and Rhaegar take her to the tailor named Karyn for a nice dress, and she’s shocked to see that Andrea is alive. Alkaid summons six giant white rocs that happen to be Zapdos’ babies. Now that Arthur and Andrea are reunited, Lorn is able to buy the bar from them to sell to Marven.

With everything settled, Basile goes to get his family to convince them to leave Modelheim and go to Neebsenshire. Judah is hesitant, saying that he needs to stay for the town. Basile convinces him that Modelheim isn’t safe, and to come to Neebsenshire until they can fix everything. Judah finally agrees, with Tomas and Levi’s support. Basile’s mother is anxious to go, since it’s Basile, but she agrees.

Back in Neebsenshire, Neebs goes to Neebs’ Peak. Lorn goes to his basement to start growing old senile men. Alkaid goes to check on her rocs. Ciaran gets Basile’s vampiric glaive enchanted with Holy by Xi-Long. Basile also purchases various items to boost his and Ciaran’s safety.

Later that night, Basile goes to speak with Pythos. He asks why they went to Modelheim and alludes that it’s very dangerous for Basile to go there. Rhaegar continues to argue with Pythos until the point that he confirms that Basile is the scion to Lucifer. Basile asks Pythos for advice regarding summoning a devil, and Pythos tells them that there is an immediate kill order to anyone associated with Lucifer.

The group decides to send Rhaegar to Lorn’s secret room while the others summon Dragaesh to give him Ivuram’s soul and Bloodweep. They enter Lorn’s home to prepare the summoning circle, and Lorn summons Dragaesh. As soon as they give Dragaesh the items, they banish him back to Dis. They then return to the secret room to pick up Rhaegar, and while there Lorn creates a casing for the Lucifer Key made out of the sheet of lead Ciaran carries around. They then slip it into Rhaegar’s bag for holding.

The group stays in Neebsenshire for a month as they wait for Xi-Long to make magical items. During this time, Basile takes a moment to talk with Tomas and apologize for putting him in danger as he is the scion. Levi comes up to the group and states that he heard a story from Tomas about them visiting a demon. He asks the group to join hands, and he atones them. They are finally released from their pact with Byloth. The group has to pay 5,000 gold each as repentance.  Marven is the only one who doesn’t, despite Ciaran sobbing and begging him too, stating that he needs leverage in case Pendralar starts getting “uppity.” During this time, Lorn secretly casts Heart of Stone to replace his heart with a stone heart. He then locked his heart in a Force Chest and hid it in a bag of holding on Rocky.

At the end of the month, Marven’s second head grows back. He continues to berate the general store, Lorn, H’rathen, and everyone that Marven meets. H’rathen eventually removes the curse because he’s too sensitive about retiring.

Marven asks Basile to send a message to Linx: “Do you have the information, this is Marven by the way. I hope you’re having an all right day. Holy shit, I have seven words left!” Linx replies: “Give me a minute.”

Linx shows up to The Lair and gives Marven a box with a spyglass. He states that this is what they need to find Castle Ebonfire. Marven gathers the group together. They take the warship and head west. After several days of traveling, they head over a marsh where the castle is supposed to be. Suddenly, lightning strikes the boat and makes it crash. Everyone is able to land safely.

They continue to walk through the bog. During their travel, Lorn sees a massive tangle of roots and insects holding construct scorpions ahead of them.

  • The monsters throw twelve four-foot long scorpions at everyone, mainly surrounding Rocky and Rhaegar.
  • Ciaran casts Haste and Basile runs into the fray to stand next to Rhaegar. He then casts Eldritch Doom to kill all of the scorpions around him.
  • Rheagar uses Lightning Throw with Torch into one of the monsters, and then sends Bubbles to attack.
  • Alkaid rapid shoots the monster creating the scorpions.
  • Lorn casts Greater Flameburst on himself, as well as on Rocky. The scorpions burn up to a crisp.
  • Marven casts slow breath, but the monsters were immune to it.
  • The monsters begin attacking Bubbles and Marven, slamming into them and swinging scorpions.
  • Ciaran casts Fireball but it doesn’t seem to work. Basile fires off two eldritch blasts, but only one hits.
  • Alkaid shoots off some arrows, but they all seem to deflect off. Frustrated, she casts Temporal Displacement on one.
  • Rhaegar uses his Ancient Mountain Hammer maneuver to charge at the remaining monster alongside Bubbles.
  • Lorn teleports Rocky off to the side to allow him to charge into the monster with Rhino Rush. He then identifies the beast as a Scouring Construct, particularly a Scouring Slinger.
  • Marven maximized lingering fire breath, but the construct was able to resist it.
  • The construct then strikes at Marven again and slams into him.
  • Basile shoots off another blast, as Ciaran casts three Scorching Rays into him.
  • Rhaegar continues to hack into the construct.
  • Alkaid continues to shoot more arrows, but most seem to deflect off. However, one strikes in its core and turns it into ice. As it shatters and melts, most fall on Rhaegar. It’s very cold.
  • Before the other construct returns, Basile casts his chilling tentacles in the spot where it appears. Lorn also summons tentacles. However, as it appears it is able to break away. Marven breathes three flame barriers at it.
  • Lorn casts Benign Transposition with Bubbles and Rocky. He also heals Marven of his damage.
  • Marven breaths fire in a line at the construct.
  • The construct swings at Rocky and hurt him a bit, but we never worry about Rocky’s health.
  • Basile shoots another blast, and Ciaran follows up with a Shatter spell. The sound resonates at the exact frequency of the construct and it vibrates until it shatters.

The group recovers and continue their walk. Rhaegar accidentally steps into a deep hole. As he sinks, he feels something attached to the back of his throat to start choking him. Bubbles helps pull him out, and the group sees a gray leech engorged in his mouth. Lorn identifies it as a throat leech.

Marven walks up to him and blows fire into Rhaegar’s face to burn the leech, knowing that he’s immune to fire. Marven pulls it out of his throat and when Rhaegar can start breathing, Marven eats it. It’s a very gross experience.


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