Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve played some Neebs and Associates. While not everyone could attend, we jumped right back in and started the next arc of our story.



  • Ciaran (LVL18) and Basile (LVL20)
  • Marven (LVL20)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 20)
  • Alkaid (LVL 20)
  • Neebs (LVL 20)

After enough time, Marven and Rocky come back from their banishment and Marven states how great it was. Lorn and Dwayne teleport away to get back to Neebsenshire to check on the old man farm and Dwayne’s shop. The rest of the group teleports there and see that the stables run by Stormmageddon. The stables are broken as the dinosaurs take up too much space.

Marven visits the Lair and he sees Neebs inside, stroking his beard and playing chess by himself as he’s tries to figure out how to beat the chess in Marven’s lair. There is a gelatinous cube chained up to the wall being chopped up for jello shots. He goes into his lair, and Neebs frantically follows him to the teleporter and asks how he gets past the chess board. He simply has to be better at Marven in chess. They then go to Castle Ebonfire to check on how everything is going. Marven then suggests expanding Neebs and Associates to more members, then Pendralar reminds him that he needs to fulfill the end of their bargain. Marven denies it. Number One punches the ground and grabs a gopher for Marven to eat. Marven tries to roast it but nothing happens. Pendralar tells him to fetch the egg, or else he’ll take more things away. Neebs get Jennifer to work on expanding the guild and they go to handle the egg problem. They go back to Neebsenshire and Neebs tells Jennifer to recruit more members to do survival tests.

Meanwhile, Rhaegar visits Loris and brings back the documents showing that Dwayne’s kingdom would pull their troops back in a truce. Loris takes this back to the Commonwealth to give the party their pardons and treasure.

Alkaid checks on her nest. As she approaches, she hears small cheeps as her baby Roc has been born. She runs into the Lair and yells “IT HATCHED!” before running out. She then sends a copy of herself to Modelheim to check on how everything is going as Ivuram.

Basile and Ciaran go to visit Mary Fogg, who had been completely forgotten about this whole time. Mary has been staying at the Phoenix. He reads her mind and can tell that she’s not corrupted by Lucifer. At first she doesn’t recognize him, but then puts on her glasses and immediately knows its Eythan. She tells him how much his family misses him and that he needs to visit them more, and gives Ciaran cookies like a grandma would. They then went to visit their family and share stories. Dahliah is avoiding Basile and feels guilty, so he lets her be.

That night, everyone goes to sleep. Rhaegar awakens and he finds himself in a stone room. Across from him is a powerful looking man wearing silvery armor with a the most bad-ass looking sword at his hip. The man unsheathes his sword at Rhaegar and attacks. Rhaegar successfully blocks him and counter attacks with Torch. However, the man blocks Rhaegar back. They continue to battle, and the man shouts that Rhaegar’s strength isn’t bad, but he wants to test his virtue. He starts asking questions to Rhaegar. First, if he and Basile were captured and convicted of a crime, would he turn in Basile for freedom or take the punishment himself? Second, if an enemy territory was going to attack in 5 days, but would be weak in 10 days, would he defend his city or wait until the enemy was weak? Third, if the people of his city became complacent and couldn’t defend themselves, would be still protect them or let them be attacked?. Rhaegar chooses to take the punishment himself, and defend his people at all times. Pleased with his answers, the man introduces himself as Roland and Rhaegar recognizes him as Roland who once owned his family sword, Durandel. Roland says that the curse on Durandel has damaged him, and they start arguing about the virtues that Durandel requires. Roland tells Rhaegar to live his life by virtues, and reveals a door and sends her to her.

Marven wakes up and sees a mirror, and sees himself reflected as a roaring black dragon creature. It is the version of himself that he never wanted him to become. He pinches himself and finds that it hurts, thinking he’s asleep. He reaches out to the mirror and the reflection reaches out and breaks his neck. Marven wakes up and finds himself back in the room. He approaches the mirror carefully and his reflection sneers at him. He lifts up the mirror, and a wave of water floods the room and he drowns. He then wakes up again in the room. He grabs fluffy and chucks it at the mirror and shatters. Vicious snakes start coming out of the wall and overwhelm him and he dies and awakens. The dragon in the mirror starts telling Marven that he’s weak, and that he could be so much better. He tries to convince Marven to embrace his bloodline. Marven kicks the mirror and breaks it, and the shards rain on him and kills him. He wakes up again in frustration and shouts, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” His reflection opens his arms and Marven breaks the glass. He continues to die and wake up until he accepts himself. Marven finally shakes his reflection’s hand and a door opens up behind him.

Neebs wakes up in his old home. His previous wife is in the room, happily cooking a meal. He remembers that she’s dead and walks up to her. She welcomes him back home from selling brooms and asks if he’s saved enough money. He tells her that she died, and she laughs in return and hands him dinner. He tells her that he’s already become an adventurer, lost his memories, gained them back and now he thinks someone is using his memories against him. With that, he goes up to hug her and tells her he misses this life, but it can’t be real. She tells him that he needs to let go of the past if that’s what she thinks. Neebs states that the past will always be a part of her and that he can’t let it go. The guilt of not being able to protect his wife and daughter, let alone avenge them, is too much. However, he will try to forgive himself. He leaves her 1,000 gold and leaves through the next door.

Alkaid wakes up to figures staring down at her angrily. She realizes that they’re all ghostly figures of origin struck enemies, and she remembers them all. She summons three more of herself and the enemies come closer. She shoots at Thaylin, and a bone chilling scream echoes in the room. The words “your fault” are whispered as Thaylin vanishes. She tries to shove them away, part of her vanishes in a cold sensation. They all start shooting and making them vanish. However, four new beings she doesn’t recognize appears and move toward her. She asks them who they are, but they don’t respond. She tries to teleport out of the room to Neebsenshire, but it doesn’t work. So, she shoots them and they vanish while whispering, “the choice.” Her vision then goes dark and when her vision returns, the room shifts and she’s sitting atop a throne.  In front of her is a powerful looking angel with a man on his knees. The angel asks if they should execute the man. Alkaid looks around the room and sees two hieroglyphics in the world and sees an eagle and scorpion in battle. She studies the man, and sees that he was a hunter who resorted to thieving to get his family out of debt. When he was caught, he stabbed the man to death. She makes the choice to lessen the sentence, and the eagle on the wall comes to life. Across the way, a door appears.

Basile and Ciaran are together as they wake up in a room surrounded by disgusting looking creatures. As he looks at them closer, he notices that they all share his face, but eacvh one is slightly different. He recognizes them as his aliases and can sense the negative emotions within them: Depression, Jealousy, Anger, Fear, and Self-Loathing. Without thinking, he blasts at the one directly in front of him. As he destroys the image of Ash Crimson, his jealousy shatters and whispers, “You know the Addler’s never loved us. They only loved their true children more.” The other voices chip in, shouting how he’ll never get the fame of his friends, and that he’ll never be able to show himself. As they all berate him, Basile is able to push past the negativity. He turns to attack his Depression, and the young face of Eythan cries, “our family abandoned us and gave us to a dragon.” Ciaran starts shooting at them and shouting about how they’re wrong and don’t know anything. Another jealousy monster appears with Ciaran’s face and tells him that everyone else has real families, and Ciaran starts covering his ears and tells him he’s a liar. He casts Magic Missile, and Basile blasts it away. He runs into the middle and shouts, “ENOUGH!” He explodes and shoots out a wave of eldritch blast that kills the rest of the monsters. Fear as the image of Asgore whimpers, “What if we become evil? What if we go down the same path as Lucifer?” Ambrosio angrily shouts, “We never asked for any of this, we just wanted to live our lives like a normal person!” Finally, Self-Loathing – who looks exactly as Basile is now – states, “you don’t deserve to live, you should just kill yourself.” With them all destroyed, Basile feels more at peace with himself as they rush through the door.

*Edit: Lorn wakes up in his bedroom in the mage tower. He’s at his desk, one of his tomes open in front of him. He realizes he must have fallen asleep while studying and sees he was reading about the Nine Staves and time magic. Curious, he asks Alkaid to visit him and starts to ask her about her time based abilities. With her help, he’s able to go back in time to the Shalan age. However, he’s unable to return back as Alkaid didn’t go with him. His life seems to fast forward as he works to control time himself, and he eventually joins the Nine Staves. There’s another skip in time as Alkaid and his friends kill him in a battle. A strange dwarf rescues him and brings him into the future. Suddenly, he finds himself in a grove where a younger version of himself is standing in front of him. Lorn talks to himself, and is surprised when the boy calls him Alexander. In that moment, Lorn realizes that he can continue to pursue power and knowledge and eventually become the man he despised, or he can change his destiny and stop the cycle. Lorn decides to turn and leave the grove, and finds a door standing in the middle of the grass. He decides to walk through it.

Everyone finds themselves in the same room. It’s an office with a woman at a desk in the center of the room. She’s reading a book and eating baklava. The group remember her as Ioun, and realize she came to them in other dreams. She looks at all of them patiently, and Ciaran excitedly raises his hand. She takes a book off the shelf and hands it to him. The light enters Basile and Ciaran, and they gain the knowledge to activate their Twin Souls. Rhaegar then raises his hands, and she gives him a book that unlocked the Tiers of Durendal. Neebs takes a step forward and is handed a book that gives him Wisdom of Jennifer. Ioun gives Alkaid a book that provides her Glorious Servitor. Marven is given the Aspect of Pendralar and can turn into an adult dragon once per day. Lorn is granted the title Chosen of Ioun to change the path of his destiny.

Rhaegar asks Ioun if the other gods are on our side against Lucifer. She nods her head, and Neebs asks if she’s not talking because her voice is awful. She shakes her head. She pulls off another book and lays it on the table. She’s grave, and as Alkaid opens it, an overwhelming sense of danger comes over them. She puts down another book, and the group sees a flash in their minds of an icy plane In the plane, they see people mining at the ice while devil taskmasters force them to continue. They recognize Modelheim, and with a wave of her hand, Ioun wakes them up.

Everyone meets together at Marven’s to talk about their collective dream and figure out what to do. Pythos comes up to them and lets them know that he has to go fix some things, and tells Basile that they need to go to Modelheim. Basile warns his family and they teleport into Basile’s old home. The entire town is deserted, and the group carefully move toward the caves were the town people are being tortured. They see four donkey-headed devils shuffling around. Neebs identifies them as Ghaddar.

  • Neebs casts Cats Grace on himself and gives Alkaid some of his silver tipped arrows, then circles around the area to try and find the best way to attack.
  • One of the civilians falls over, and one of the Ghaddar (Purple McGee) gets angry and eats him.
  • Marven swoops down like a bird of prey and uses his Breath of Marven at Purple McGee and Doggy Donkey. He steals their regeneration and energy drain.
  • Alkaid shoots off four of the silver arrows, but only one penetrates their thick hide.
  • Rhaegar runs in to grab civilians and carry them away from combat. He then uses Lightning Throw on Doggy Donkey. He then has bubbles grapple Purple McGee.
  • Basile flies up and Eldritch chains between all of the Ghaddar twice, while Ciaran casts Dimension Door to get civilians out of the way.
  • Neebs shoots off several arrows with Chain Lightning and kills off all the Ghaddar.

With the enemies slain, Basile and Rhaegar take their healing salves and go around healing the civilians who were hurt.


Session 29 <—                                               —> Session 31

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