D&D Session 31

It’s the time again! Finally, some more Neebs and Associates. While we had to cancel a few weeks ago, we’re back for some more devil slaying.



  • Ciaran (LVL18) and Basile (LVL20)
  • Kass (LVL20)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 20)
  • Alkaid (LVL 20)
  • Neebs (LVL 20)
  • Lorn (LVL 20)

As the associates heal and comfort the people of Modelheim, they notice that they are angry that Ivuram didn’t come and save them. They ask Kass, Alkaid, and Ciaran if they are adventurers and if they can kill the dragon. Meanwhile, Neebs, Kass and Rhaegar notice that the devils they slain haven’t returned back to Infernus. As Neebs and Kass study the devils, Rhaegar loots the bodies. He stabs one through the neck with his sword, and a puff of purple smoke in the symbol of Lucifer blasts in his face. It explodes, setting off a chain reaction that make the other devils explode. Rhaegar, Kass, and Neebs get hurt in the small explosion. Additionally, everyone’s magic is dispelled, causing Basile to become visible in the middle of the crowd.

Everyone starts panicking again and Basile tries to turn invisible again but it doesn’t work. The crowd pushes out one of the carpenters who asks why they’re working with devils. The associates try to defend Basile, who is frozen in place and can’t handle being seen. He tries to slip away but Neebs grabs him and holds him in place.

In the chaos, Eyerene steps forward and calls out Basile as being Eythan. The crowd starts whispering and Basile feels a lot of guilt wash over the crowd. However, some of the younger crowd realizes they’re the characters from Ash Crimson. People are asking Ciaran for his autograph, and Ciaran is in the lime light. He is now claiming it’s Ciaran and Associates, and Neebs and Kass make him a banner.

Eyrene asks if Basile remembers her but Rhaegar angrily intimidates her. She falls down in fear, and Basile snacks Rhaegar with the blunt end of his glaive. He then helps Eyrene back to her feet, and gets the sense that she feels guilty. Kass starts playing “Kiss the Girl.” She seems curious about Basile looking like a tiefling and touches his horns. Neebs encourages Basile, but Basile is visibly embarrassed. She then asks the associates to help them kill Ivuram. In a panic, they try to lie and say they have their “top men on it” and Alkaid summons more Alkaid’s to “return” and bring back Ivuram’s scales. Eyrene doesn’t believe them.

During all of this, Alkaid summons a second Alkaid to speak with Daedalus to sell Modelheim since Ivuram is going to officially die. Daedalus accepts.

Before everyone returns to town, Lorn casts spells to encase the portal with iron and then puts a sigil of persuasion on it to ward people from trying to break through. Neebs asks Kass to help him to see if the sigils work. It doesn’t work on the associates, so they test it with Bubbles and it works on him. Lorn tweaks the symbol so it gives those affected a happy memory.

Everyone else returns to town. Rhaegar apologizes to Eyrene, who calls him Gaydar. Rhaegar and Basile goes to the Temple of Ioun. They have a conversation about their dreams with Ioun and learn that of them struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide. They make a pact to support each other. Basile then collects some items from his childhood home to take back to his family.

Later in the night, Neebs notices that he has a headache and asks Ciaran to heal him. Ciaran is happy to help, but his spell doesn’t seem to work. Ciaran notices he has a headache too, as well as Kass, Alkaid, and Basile. Everyone seems concerned except Basile, who always has headaches. Rhaegar gives Neebs 50 proof alcohol to make the headache go away, then says “survival test.” Neebs dimension hops Rhaegar 1,680 feet into the air. He uses Durendal to float back down.

They notice the weather starts to change and get gloomy. It starts snowing, so Rhaegar makes Lucy keep them warm. Neebs drunkenly says that “a storms a brewin” and Basile explains that the last time a storm came, Neebsenshire was attacked by undead. Rhaegar suggests bringing Torque to watch the town. Alkaid sends another Alkaid to go get Torque, realizing it was so much smarter to get him than Daedalus.

Neebs asks Ciaran if they should worry about the storm, and Ciaran says they should always worry about storms. Neebs flies up, sees it’s just normal snow, and comes back. Until Lorn returns, Neebs and Rhaegar play chess and drink. when Lorn returns, their headaches get a little bit worse. Lorn goes back to the room to open up the room. Nothing changes. He recloses the room. He then uses an obscene amount of items and spells to do a knowledge check to figure out what’s causing the headache. With a 116, he is able to hypothesize that something might be wrong with the weave of magic in the world.

As lorn Sherlock Holmes’ his way around the tavern to figure out what’s happening, Basile visits Eyrene to speak with her some more. While there, he asks her vague questions to figure out how much of an influence “the adversary” has. He uses Sense Motive and sees she’s not really affected. Some others, including Saul the carpenter, Agnes the stable keep, and Raulin the longshoreman seemed be acting strange when Krause was around, but not as much anymore. Basile confides in her everything happening with Lucifer and offers to take her family to Neebsenshire for safe keeping. She is thankful for that and they return to tavern.

Lorn makes Basile stand in a weird position for 13 minutes. He states there is something wrong with the weave of magic. The group teleports back to Neebsenshire. Over the night, their headaches grow in intensity.

In the morning, Basile receives a message from Pythos, stating that he needs them to go to Mechanus. Before he is able to explain, the message cuts off an everyone gets hit with a splitting headache and collapse. Basile is visible once again and Lorn’s heart starts beating again. They go to visit Levi to be teleported to Mechanus to meet with Pythos.

He Plane Shifts and they see Mechanus has been destroyed. The sky is black, the gears are broken, and the world is silent. A tiny modron crawls toward them, then shuts down and crumbles. They notice that their magic seems to come back, and Basile immediately sends a message to Pythos to try and find him. Pythos gives him a location and warns them about the Legionaries. They teleport to Pythos, who appears to be beaten up. He states that he fought the Unholy Crusade and they need to drive them out. Lorn pulls out his sword to start filling out paperwork to cast Greater Lesser Resoration. However, they are attacked before he can complete the spell.

Four pit fiends swarm down around them, along with the archduke Xaphan. He helped Lucifer construct the nine hells and nearly killed Asmodeus in the uprising. He was eventually cast out alongside Lucifer. They all wear the symbol of the Unholy Crusade.

  • Xaphan grins evilly and a ring of black fire forms around him. As the party looks over at him, everyone except Neebs, Lorn, Rocky, and Alkaid are affected. He then wades into the crowd, his fire burning Ciaran (in turn, Basile) and Neebs. He slashes his sword at Neebs and Ciaran. Two of his strikes slam into Neebs, and one swings over Ciaran’s head but the second catches his shoulder. As he quicken casts a spell, Lorn casts Solarity to cast Reaving Dispel to steal the Finger of Death spell to redirect to the pitfiend in the middle of the group. The pitfiend didn’t die.
  • Lorn casts Otto’s Irresistible Dance on one of the pitfiends, who starts dancing. He then casts Bite of the Werebear on himself and Rocky. Another pitfiend swipes at him and hits. He then casts Haste on the party. Rocky then attacks with his horn, bite, and armor nine times into a pitfiend next to him and rips through him. It explodes as it dies.
  • Basile and Ciaran experience their blood starting to boil within their body. Basile blasts Xaphan with hellfire. He then activates his Soul of Immortality. Ciaran runs into the middle of Pythos, Lorn and Rocky for cover.
  • Neebs asks Xaphan to talk, and when that doesn’t work, then uses his Belt of Battle to dimension door away. He aims and fires off four arrow into each of the three pitfiends. The spell disintegrate doesn’t seem to affect them, but the dancing pitfiend dies. It explodes and Lorn gets injured.
  • Rhaegar runs up to Xaphan and swings with Ancient Mountain Hammer, then uses his Belt of Battle to use Strike of Perfect Clarity. Meanwhile, Rocky casts Greater Solarity to attack the pit fiends.
  • Alkaid moves back, summons herself, and unleashes the firing squad of silver arrow into Xaphan from a safe distance. With twenty split strikes, four of them crits, she does 576 damage. The arrows form a constellation, and as he dies he smacks his hands together and explodes. Lorn grabs Pythos and teleports them away before they’re hit. Ciaran, Xylander, Kass, and Rhaegar are struck. Ciaran and Basile don’t take damage, but they become exhausted, dazed and fatigued as their immortality fades. Basile uses his wand of lesser restoration to heal them.

Pythos explains to them that Mechanus controls the laws of the planes, everything is starting to break down. Rhaegar wants to know where the hammers Law and Order are, and when Basile sells information that he took Eyrene and her family to Neebsenshire, he is able to locate the hammers in Mechanus. He leads them into the city and come across another legion.

Four more pitfiends stand in a line, and behind him is a winged tiefling floating in the air. He has strange tear streaks on his cheeks that are similar to Basile. He floats closer to the group and he gazes at Pythos. His eyes flash gold as his eyes sweep over, and as he looks at Neebs he reveals Sadius. Two black swords and a black rod join him and float around him. He then raises his hand, and seventeen arrows from Sadius fire at Pythos. Basile immediately unleashes a blast of hellfire at the tiefling as Pythos fades away from existence.

  • Sadius flies off to fight Neebs. Meanwhile, the tiefling aims all of his weapons at Lorn. The rod shoots out a red spray at Lorn and attempts to steal his soul, but Lorn resists it. He then casts Firestorm, but Lorn uses his ring to dispel it. He uses his Belt of Battle to repeat his action, and Lorn uses Solarity to dispel again. He quickens the spell again but Lorn is able to dispel a third time. Frustrated, the tiefling swings at Lorn with his sword.
  • Lorn jumps off Rocky and runs into the middle of the party, then casts Haste. He then activates his Belt of Battle to read a scroll of Mass Align Weapon to turn everyone’s weapon into good aligned weapons. He then casts Bite of the Werebear, quickens Rhino Rush on Rocky. Rocky flies up into the air to attack the tiefling. As he attacks, he is hit with the tiefling’s rod and hears the word “obey” in his mind. He’s able to resist and gores him.
  • Rhaegar sprints forward to stand alongside the line of pit fiends. He throws Torch and uses Lightning Throw down the line.
  • Alkaid’s clones start firing at the pitfiends. One of them explodes from the damage. Meanwhile, Alkaid uses Reality Bend and begins studying the tiefling. She’s unable to see his origin as he blocks it from her view, almost mocking her. He then teleports away. Lorn warns the group that he’s returning soon and to prepare.
  • Kass flies off to the side of the battlefield and starts singing his song.
  • Basile blasts Eldritch Chain at the pitfiends and kills two of them. Lorn tells Ciaran to cast Telekinesis and throws his bag of swords at him while casting Solarity and Chained Magic Weapon on the swords. Ciaran flings seventeen swords at the remaining pitfiend. Then of them pierce into the beast and it explodes.
  • While the tiefling is still gone, his weapons are still flying around the field. The rod flings over to Rhaegar and attempts to cast Trap the Soul on Rhaegar, but he’s able to overcome it. It strikes again at Rhaegar but he misses. It turns on Ciaran and strikes him. He hears “Obey: Run from this fight as quickly as you can.” Ciaran is compelled to flee from the fight.
  • Lorn uses Telekinesis to scoop up his swords and brought them near Rocky. He calls Rhaegar to come over and he listens.
  • Alkaid takes aim and shoots at the rod and temporarily displaces it.
  • Kass casts Greater Heroism on Alkaid.
  • Ciaran continues to flee, and Basile chases after him. Lorn tells Basile to cast Chilling Tentacles to try and grab the rod, which he casts haphazardly near Rocky. The tentacles are unable to grab the weapons.
  • Lorn senses Force Cage being cast near him, which encircles Rocky. He then senses an invisible Wall of Force appear between the rest of the group from Alkaid. He attempts to find the tiefling, and is able to spot a very well hidden eyeball watching the battlefield.
  • Rhaegar waits for the tiefling to attack as Alkaid teleports to the other side of the invisible Wall of Force to join the others.
  • Kass moves away from the chilling tentacles in front of him. Ciaran continues to flee and Basile trails behind him, shooting a message to the others that Ciaran is running and he’s following.
  • The tiefling reappears next to where Alkaid once was. With her no longer beside him, he casts Slay Living on one of the Alkaid clones. She is able to resist it.
  • Lorn senses a spell called Burrow being cast near him. He realizes something is under the ground fighting them as well.
  • Way off in the distance where Basile and Ciaran are fleeing, another version of the tiefling appears next to Basile. He grabs at him and attempts to teleport them both away, but Basile (with his nat 20) resists and shoves him off.

With the battle over, Lorn casts Analyze Dweommer to inspect the rod and swords that were left behind. They determine the Lesser Rod of Infernus is an artifiact, and the swords are Obsidian Mage Bane Greater Dispelling Greatswords – their first epic weapons. Lorn discerns that the rod can only be wielded devils or descendents of Lucifer, but keeps that to himself. He telekinetically puts the weapons into the bag of holding. With Basile and Ciaran missing, and Neebs off fighting Sadius, Rhaegar continues on to find Law and Order. The group follows him, successfully find the hammers, and then run off to find the others in the destroyed expanse of Mechanus.

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