D&D: Session 35

The story of Neebs and Associates is coming to a close. Let’s see what terrors they are currently facing.



  • Ciaran (LVL24) and Basile (LVL26)
  • Marven (LVL 25)
  • Alkaid (LVL 25)
  • Biff (LVL 25)
  • Lorn (LVL 25)
  • Lass (LVL 23)
  • Rhaegar (LVL 25)

As the bog rolled into town, Rhaegar returned after visiting Jubair and retrieving the ancient sword. He joined the group in the Lair and started asking what the hell happened. They fill him in, and Marven tells Lorn to locate Pendralar. Lorn casts Locate Creature, but he’s unable to find him.

Marven heads into his true lair and passes through the tunnels that lead out of the town. As he exits, he sees that the swamp stretches out for miles and attempts to suck him down. While he is unable to feel anything, his body is slowly rotting away from the black miasma in the air. Rhaegar warns Marven, who shouts for Lorn to give him oatmeal. Lorn discerns that Marven has a soul curse that can only be removed with a wish or miracle. He goes to H’rathen and asks him to cast miracle on Marven. H’rathen agrees, as it “pains” Lorn to ask him, and by the power of Kord Marven is healed. Lorn asks H’rathen if he can talk to Kord to find Pendralar, and gets frustrated with H’rathen poking fun so he decides to just cast Commune to speak with Ioun himself.

Ioun tells Lorn the general direction of where Pendralar went, and told him to say hi to Ciaran, who was excitedly waving from across the room. They then start to say goodbye to their loved ones before heading out.

Biff tells stories to the townfolk to console them. He then speaks with Kord. He asks for guidance from Kord, who says, “kill the fucking dragon.” Biff then decides to speak with Ioun instead. She says that she already spoke with Lorn about where Pendralar went.

Rhaegar visits his Margery, Serena, and Thrask. His wife and daughter are worried, and Thrask tells him that he owes Rhaegar a drink when he returns.

Marven tells Ashisa, “Baby, I gotta go save the world.” Ashisa tells him to come home safe, because he has another child on the way. Marven is thrilled that he’s having another daughter. He then activates all of his defense golems to protect the lair.

Lorn approaches Stormageddon, who assures him that he’ll guard the well while they’re gone. Lorn says that this adventure is much more dangerous, and he relieves Stormageddon of his duty for guarding the well. He makes him “the guardian of the guardian of the well.” The new guardian of the well is now a simulacrum of Stormageddon. He then finishes collecting and filing taxes with random townfolks.

Alkaid tells Xylander to stay back, since he won’t survive outside in the bog, and cuts off a piece of her hair for him to hold onto. Xylander is visibly sad and rubs up against Alkaid protectively. She then asks Basile to send a message to the time dragon that helped her family. The dragon wishes her luck on her travels.

Kass meets with his college students and passes them out handmade diplomas. He tells them, “live good, die great.” Kass also says goodbye to Xylander and pats him on the head.

Basile purchases a ring with a Pearl of Life from Xi-Long. He then visits his parents and gives them 30,000 gold to purchase a resurrection scroll in case things go south. His parents ask if he needs to put himself in more danger, and Basile says he has to. Tomas tells him to come back with more stories, and Judah tells him to be safe. Basile tells Judah and Levi to help H’rathen to protect the town, while roasting Judah about not being a good fighter before saying he loves him. He then goes to Eyrene and gives her the ring so she can know that he’s alive. She teases him about giving her a ring, and he says, “Wear it on your right hand.” With a grin she immediately puts it on her left hand. He runs and talks with Pythos, who states that he will join them. Although he can no longer speak with the universe, he believes he has new abilities that will be useful for their travels.

Rocky asks if Basile just got engaged, and Basile awkwardly denies. Rocky asks where he got the ring. Basile tells him Xi-Long and Rocky says, “It’s a magic ring that will tell her if you’re alive? That’s true love.” Kass and Rhaegar start singing and pressuring Basile to kill Eyrene since this could be the last time they see each other. Basile turns invisible as he’s uncomfortable, much to Eyrene’s delight. Rocky dashes off to buy a ring from Xi-Long. As Basile is invisible, he gives into the peer pressure of Kass and Rhaegar, and kisses Eyrene on the cheek before they head out.

The group heads through Marven’s lair and exit under the city. Upon seeing the bog, Lorn, Biff, and Basile discern that Pendralar was able to essentially erase the Material Plane and overake it with his undead realm. Kass becomes sick with the same disease as Marven, and Lorn casts Miracle himself to cure him.

Marven suggests flying, and Rhaegar asks to use the boat. The group decide that the boat is likely to crash and it’s better to fly individually. Lorn states he can’t fly, and Rhaegar says that he rides on Rocky who can fly. Basile asks where Rocky is, and Lorn says he had to give the Lady of the Lake a ring. He asks if Basile got engaged, and Basile denies again. Kass asks if he kissed Eyrene. Basile says yes, and Lorn, Rhaegar and Alkaid said they saw. Basile turns invisible again with embarrassment. Lorn gives Basile a book on “human interactions” and engagements and Basile says that he grew up human and understands how engagements work. He says that everyone he cares about dies, and Rhaegar says, “that’s married life!” Alkaid adds, “waifu is lifu.” Basile takes the book and storms off.

Marven attempts to fly and smacks back into the ground. The bog makes it impossible to fly. Lorn calls Rhaegar stupid for suggesting flying. The group starts walking through the bog.

After an hour of traveling, four massive pod-creatures with flailing tentacles. Their mouths split open into four parts with fungi growing on them.

  • Lorn casts Meteor Swarm onto the monsters. One gets pummeled with several meteors and the others get damaged from the explosion.
  • Basile summons his twin soul to make himself and Ciaran immune to damage. He then fires off two eldritch blasts into one of the monsters. Ciaran utilizes the Soul of Experience to copy Basile and shoot two eldritch blasts of his own.
  • Biff recognizes them as Muspores – colossal living plants that cough burrowing spores onto people. They have blindsight and are immune to acid. Biff then uses Enflame the Righteous to cast a divine shield around everyone.
  • Rhaegar commands Bubbles to run up to one of the monsters to attack. As he swings, he gets grappled. As Rhaegar throws Torch, the flames ignite a pocket of flammable gas explodes.
  • Lorn casts Solarity and Time Stop as a reaction. To protect the others near Rhaegar, he casts Wall of Force between them. He then sends Rocky a scroll of resurrection. During the Time Stop, Alkaid summons three of herself and blur herself. Chronos moves forward on the field.
  • When the Time Stop ends, Torch slams into the creature grappling Bubbles, and a blast of fire slams into him. But they forgot they were all immune to fire. As Rhaegar tries to call Torch back, Torch struggles and is stuck inside.
  • Alkaid uses Command Plants to try and tell one to leave, but it doesn’t obey. Her copies sling arrows into them in response.
  • Kass begins singing to inspire courage into everyone and embue them extra fire damage.
  • Marven takes a deep breath and unleashes a Breath of Pendralar. Two of the Muspores takes 1,000 damage, and the other two take 900 damage. All four are obliterated as a beam of pure energy explodes from Marven’s mouth as though an atomic bomb went off. Torch is destroyed as it finally returns to Rhaegar.
  • A shadow goes over the ground and as the group looks up to see a vision of Pendralar drop a sludge nuke on them. Basile and Ciaran withstand the attack, but Biff and Alkaid die. His Ring of Nine Lives brings him back to life.

Lorn calls everyone together. He holds out his hands, and a small flower blooms and mass heals everyone. He also brings Alkaid back to life before they continue.

In the meantime, Rocky teleports to the lake to speak with the Lady. He gives a ring he purchased from Xi-Long to her and says, “We are now engaged.” She says, “You’re a rhino.” He replies, “You’re a lady.” He then turns into his fae-form. The lady says that she will marry him if he presents the Zephyr Rabbit. Rocky receives the scroll from Lorn and resurrects the rabbit. They are officially married, but at the moment, Marven sprints forward jumps into the air, flips over, snatches the rabbit, sits down in perfect indian style and eats it.

Rocky is awestruck and dumbfounded, and the lady pulls out a sword and says it’s a Zephyr Rabbit. With Rocky back with the group, they continue traveling for another three hours. They then start to feel a frightening presence as they approach a clearing. They see an emaciated dragon with dull, golden scales heaving in pain. It is covered in a clear, viscous liquid that shimmers as it drips onto him from a point in the air.

The group discerns that this must be the ancient gold dragon Velerax, Pendralar’s greatest rival. He was considered a spawn of Bahamut who led the Amber Flame. His crusade failed against Pendralar’s forces. The liquid appears to be flux slime – a non-toxic substance that emits a anti-magic field as it devours magic energy. If the slime is destroyed, it will release a burst of magic that will permanently transmute those in the explosion.

Lorn asks the dragon if it’s Velerax and introduces him as enemies of Pendralar. Velerax asks if they are illusions, and can smell Pendralar on them. Lorn tells Velerax that he can free him. The group backs 60 feet away as Lorn’s eyes grow white. He takes several deep breaths, and on his last exhale a silver fire floats through the air toward Velerax. The dragon is engulfed in flames as the ooze is dissolved. As the slime explodes, Velerax becomes cursed, then he becomes metallic with iron, and then becomes ethereal.

Velerax slumps to the ground and crawls closer to the group within the Ethereal plane. Although Biff tries to calm him, Velerax is enraged by Marven’s presence. Marven dumps out his bag of holding to show Dakken’s body, but he doesn’t fall out. Marven explains that he wants to destroy Pendralar, and Velerax senses no deceit. Marven offers to carry Velerax’s soul within him to assist with defeating Pendralar, and boops him with his nose. Velerax’s body crumples, and an amber flame erupts in Marven’s mind as Velerax introduces himself and bestows him the Amber Flame.

Lorn decides that he will take Verlerax’s body someplace safe after Biff is unsuccessful in retrieving a scale. The group moves forward with their adventure, eventually arriving to the shattered ruins of Ebbonfire Keep. Perched atop the castle is Pendralar. The black dragon lazily lifts a claw and laughs as he flicks it, and two lifeless bodies drop to the ground before them. Yulia and Dakken, Marven’s parents, are animated. Pendralar mocks the group, making a jab at Alkaid for absorbing her energy when she died. He gives them the chance to leave, and Biff leaves to draw a circle on the ground. The rest of the party declines and Pendralar slinks off the castle to face them.

  • Bubbles rushes up to Yulia and swings, but she blocks the attack. Chronos rushes up to Dakken to remove him from existence for a short period of time, but Dakken resisted. Rhaegar throws Durendal at Dakken.
  • Basile and Ciaran activate their twin soul and fire off four eldritch blasts in unison into Yulia. He then tells Pythos, “If you know what your new powers are, please use them and don’t die.” Pythos assured him that he will be fine and starts making various hand signs.
  • Dakken and Yulia slash their claws at Chronos and Bubbles. Chronos is ripped apart as cold saps away his strength until he dies, and Bubbles is weakened.
  • Alkaid fires off several shots and Pendralar and Yulia, but the arrows bounce off them.
  • Pendralar waves a claw at Marven and a sphere of acid magic surrounds him, but he dodges out of the way before it compresses on him. He then charges his breath weapon and unleashes it on everyone. He then casts Protection from Spells on himself.
  • Marven pulls his wings in front of him to protect himself from the brunt of the attack, and he then unleashes the Breath of Velerax as his scales turn golden and his acid turns to holy fire. Dakken and Yulia evaporate, but Pendralar it still standing. With a growl, Marven activates his Belt of Battle and unleashes another blast of fire at Pendralar, who sucks it all up and heals himself off the fire.
  • Kass starts singing and boosts everyone with courage.
  • Biff stands in the circle he made and instills dread into Pendralar. He starts saying that he is the “watcher of planes, and wrecker of your shit.” A shiver goes down Pendralar’s spine. Biff then uses his Belt of Battle, as blood starts to pour from his eyes and his walking stick turns into a spear. Runes form around the circle as he chants a quick incantation, drawing sigils in the air: “The Dark God, The Ender, He of Eternal Darkness, the Ebon God, the Black Sun, the Patient One, He Who Waits, the Anathema, the Father of Elder Evils, the elder elemental god, the Author of Wickedness, the Eater of Worlds, the Despised, the Undoer, the Chained God, the Chained Oblivion. Come forth!” A red rift opens up in the air as a black clawed creature pulls himself out of the rift, chains dragging behind him. Tharzadune, the End of Worlds, emerges and Pendralar is terrified. (It’s a Major Illusion.)
  • Random magic items on the party start to stop working as Rhaegar runs up to Pendralar and starts swinging, using two of his Ancient Mountain maneuvers. With a critical hit, he slashes deep into Pendralar’s hide.
  • Basile and Ciaran unleash five eldritch blasts between them, scoring Pendralar with deep burn marks.
  • Alkaid teleports directly in front of Pendralar, and her bow charges with holy energy. She point blanks fires dragon slaying arrows into his brain, stating, “You showed us the birth of a god. I’m going to show you the apololypse of the Eternal Bog.”

As Pendralar slumps down, he growls, “you forced me to make this bargain.” He slams his hand into his chest and his blood sizzles the earth beneath him. The ground becomes covered in blood, then it surrounds them all. The associates begin to float into space as the hardened shell begins to crumble around them.

They all stand on Pendralar’s body, and they find themselves in a black void. As they turn, they see a giant planetoid man  floating in space thousands of miles away. Littered across his body they see fire and brimstone, civilizations and cities built on his back, and the rotting face of a dead ancient god lost to time.

Suddenly, everyone who has ever been a part of Neebs and Associates appears alongside the others, including Lorn, Neebs, Sbeen, H’rathen, and Skull King. Pythos thrusts his hands out, and a gear of light spins around him. A halo appears around all of them as he protects them from Lucifer’s sight upon entering Infernus.


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