LIFE: Searching for Agents (still)

Hey, who said that finding an agent was going to be easy? I’ve probably sent out about….well, a lot of query letters with the hopes that an agent might get interested in The Art of Falling. 

As you can see from the header image, I’ve had a lot of rejections and no-replies. I did get one very kind rejection letter from one agent (highlights in yellow) where they were interested but thought it would be too hard to sell. I can certainly appreciate that!

So, we’ll see in a few months if anything comes my way. If not, I’ll start looking into small publishing houses. I would love to have The Art of Falling published by one of the Sister 5, but small houses are just as good!

HOWEVER, I do have a warning to any young author like myself that is considering small publishers. Be careful who you sign with. Two of my fellow authors warned me about Vanity Publishers, which are publishing houses that ask for a fee to read over the manuscript.

A while back when I was first starting my search for agents, I had been contacted by a small publishing house (which I won’t name to be polite). It was after joining a Facebook writers group and posted information about The Art of Falling. Within the hour, the owner of the publishing house contacted me and was interested in having me sign up with them!

I was more than eager to jump on board at first, but I know better than running into things without research. Unfortunately saw some red flags. The first is that it’s rare for a publishing houses of any league seek our authors and contact them first. Another was that this was a new publisher, only a year or so old. That isn’t always a bad thing, but it means it hasn’t faced the test of time. The biggest red flag I saw was that they ask for $1,300 to have the book reviewed, marketed, and polished to absolute perfection.


In the end, I decided not to take the leap of faith and continue my search. I know that I will eventually find an agent or publishing house that will be a better fit for me. Until then, wish me luck!