LIFE: Searching for Agents

I am currently looking for agents who might be interested in The Art of Falling. So far, I’ve sent queries to a good number of agents.

Back in August, I sent out four to test the waters. Of those four, I received two rejection letters. The other two simply didn’t respond. Ever. So those are rejections as well.

I was prepared for that (and it honestly didn’t sting as much as I feared!) I simply tweaked my query letter and sent out eight more yesterday.

Almost immediately I got a response from one. It was a rejection letter (although the title of their e-mail – “The Art of Falling” Contact Request” – was very misleading!) I’m still waiting on the other seven to respond – or not respond. I should know my answer to all of them by the end of the year.

I think I’ll continue to search for agents while I work on the sequel and finish school. Eventually, when I run out of agents to submit to, I’ll look more seriously into self-publishing or a small publishing house.

For now, it’s the waiting game!