ART: Elemental-FA


This group drawing of the cast of The Art of Falling is by the wonderful Elemental-FA. She did an amazing job capturing each of the characters, and I’m very honored that she wanted to take on such a feat!

To check out more of her work, visit her art blog at


ART: Painting as a Past Time

When I’m not in the mood to write or read, I find myself itching to draw. Sometimes, I’m not even in the mood to draw. That’s when I turn to painting to let go of some of my creativity.

This weekend I’m going to my friend’s house warming party. As a gift, I’m giving her a painting that I did over the course of a few days. Giving a painting as a gift has become a tradition over the last few years. It’s been a great way for me to paint subjects that I normally wouldn’t have considered, and to test my limits with new styles of painting.

This trend started with watercolor 5×7 prints that I painted for my fiance’s family one Christmas. I looked up flowers that represented the birth month of his mom, grandma, and aunts. They were quick and easy, each taking about a half hour to finish as I listened to Cover Drive on YouTube.


Then, my friends started buying their first homes. One couple even had a baby shortly after getting an apartment! At this time, I was into acrylic painting. So I asked them what they wanted for their house, and created 16×20 paintings over the course of a few days.

Next thing I knew, my friends were getting married! Of course, I offered to paint them a gift to celebrate their marriage. One even requested that I paint a canvas for their guests to sign as a guest book alternative. For another, I painted a rendition of one of their favorite engagement photos (which I also took for them.)


Next thing I knew, it was my turn to get married! Finally! So, naturally, I painted little watercolor invitations for my bridesmaids (and they said yes, of course.)


Overall, painting has become one of my favorite hobbies when I’m not deep into a book or writing. Of course, I still have a lot to learn! I know how to paint with watercolors, acrylics, and oils (thanks to several painting classes in school) but there is always room to improve.

LIFE: Shuto Con Update


Kaiden and I at our artist alley booth at Shuto Con 2017!

Last week I attended Shuto Con 2017 and had a wonderful time! Here are just a few of the highlights from the weekend:

  • I spent the weekend with my fiance, two closest friends, and a new friend.
  • I shared my booth with Kaiden, and had a blast selling our work, tag-teaming commissions, and sharing my book with those who stopped by! You can check out some of my favorite commissions from the weekend below.
  • While I didn’t cosplay, I saw many amazing cosplays (and didn’t take as many photos as I would have wishes, but that’s okay!)
  • Two photographers also came up to our booth and took photos of us, which was pretty awesome! (I wonder where some of the photos ended up…)
  • I went to the Mystery Skulls concert and panel, and had my print signed by both Mystery Skulls and Mystery Ben! I also had a photo with them and gave them each a print.
  • Best of all, I made quite a few new friends and had dozens of new readers sign up for my newsletter to stay updated with me novel! How exciting!

Overall it was a busy weekend that seemed to fly by, and I had a great time. I can’t wait until July where I can apply again and, hopefully, have a chance to sell my book at the booth!



ART: December Drawing Challenge

Happy (almost) New Year! For the month of December I decided to challenge myself to draw a picture every day. To go with the theme of winter, and to promote my novel, I chose to draw winter and holiday themed doodles with the cast. Feel free to check our the sketches below! I may one day outline and color them in, too.

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ART: Youmacon 2016

Last weekend I attended Youmacon 2016 in Detroit! While I wasn’t holding my own artist alley booth, I did commission come wonderful art from fellow artists! They drew the original sketches, and I colored them in over the week. I love how they turned out, and I’m very excited to share them with you all!

*Credit to the artists within the caption of each picture.

ART: Evolution of My Art

While my passion is writing, my first love in life was drawing. I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid – starting with copying the art styles of my favorite cartoons such as Teen Titans, Kim Possible and Danny Phantom.

At first, I used pencils and paper, then eventually moved to using MS Paint to draw digitally. When I was in eighth grade I finally convinced my mom to buy me a pen tablet and started learning how to use Photoshop.

Around this time, I joined DeviantArt, a popular art sharing website. Now, it’s been ten years and my art has changed a lot.

As you can see below, I compiled some of my best pieces from my accounts into one document where you can see the improvement in my art.

Looking back, despite how embarrassing it may be, is a great way to see just how much you’ve improved as an artist. It’s been a long ten years, but it feels like yesterday I posted my first drawing on this website.

While I may not draw nearly as often as I used to, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.