REVIEW: Shattered Marbles


I left the event with two signed copies of her novel and with an inspired desire to continue the revision process of my own manuscript.

That being said, I put my own work on hold to read Shattered Marbles.

Without giving too much away, it’s about a woman named Jai Blacksmith living in Detroit who is starting to become overwhelmed by the stresses of her job, her love life, and her personal health. She believes she is on the verge of a mental breakdown when she starts seeing marbles and ominous messages like “Do you miss me?” everywhere. She thinks it could be an ex-boyfriend stalking her, but she has no proof of it. On top of that, she starts seeing a homeless man following her, but no one else seems to see him. The story follows Jai as she tries to solve the mystery, or has a mental breakdown in the process.

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ARTICLE: Alumna celebrates debut of her first published novel


Art Pacious graduated from OU in 2007. It took her five years to complete her first novel, “Shattered Marbles,” which she self-published under the pen name, ArtB.

Making connections with authors, publishers and agents is one of the most important tasks a young author with dreams of having her work published can do. Ever since transferring to Oakland University for a bachelor’s in Creative Writing, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do.

The English department does a fantastic job with planning poetry and fiction readings, Q/A sessions with publishers and authors, and creating a large community of creative writers who want to learn the business. I’ve met many authors, made plenty of friends and gathered connections for my future because of it.

However, my last run in with a debut author came from an assignment for The Oakland Post. An Oakland University alumna had recently self-published her first novel and was celebrating with a book signing and reading in Detroit. When I heard the news, I was excited to go and take photos for the Post.

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AOF: Reading Analytics


Check this out!

Ever since posting The Art of Falling on Inkitt, it has been viewed (and hopefully read) over 3,000 times! That’s HUGE! I’m so happy that this novel is getting out there and spreading.

Of course, I can’t do it alone. I need YOUR help to share this story too! If you know someone who loves urban fantasy, romance, angels and demons, or an overall great read, please refer them to “The Art of Falling!”

Tell them to google “The Art of Falling Inkitt” and it will be the first option that pops up. You can’t miss it! It has 4.9/5 stars!  Then, let them know they can get updates on “The Art of Falling” and its sequels at the Facebook page!

Thank you, everyone, for being so awesome and supportive of the series! It means a lot to me!